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fDinner Party (1994)
Cast: Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, Kylie Ireland, Misty Rain, Steve Drake
Director: Cameron Grant
Studio: Ultimate Pictures

1995 - AVN - Best All-Girl Sex Scene

Dinner Party was designed for couples and Cameron Grant did a terrific job of tying both the story and scenes together to bring this epic world of fantasy together. Steve Drake hosts a very intimate and elegant dinner party for three couples. The gathering of these couples, who do not know each other, is set in a very expensive, rich and elegant mansion. So that they can get to know each other better host Drake has each couple reveal a sexual fantasy. When they are revealed eyebrows are raised and surprises abound among these couples.

The sex scenes are some of the hottest to be put on film and the performers take each scene to the edge and over the top. It is also nice to see a performer in their very beginning (Jenna Jameson who is billed as Daisy) or Asia Carrera as her natural self before enhancements or Kylie Ireland before all the tats. With all of the fantasies revealed in this elegant setting the final scene is a wild orgy that takes place between the three invited couples. It is a fitting end to a very explosive film that will have couples totally and completely turned on and thinking of their own fantasies they have held on to.

The settings and production values have a very rich feel, the cinematography is impeccable with some great close up and wide angle shots that capture the moment. Grant’s direction is fluid from start to finish and the performances by the cast, whether delivering lines or sexually are delivered in top notch classic form. There is no question that not only is “Dinner Party” one of the best from the 1990's, but one of the best to come along since the porn boom began in the early 70's and why it is  a true porn classic. —Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

Dinner Party is available at:

Farmer's Daughters, Classic PornFarmer's Daughters (1975)
Cast: Gloria Leonard, Susan McBain, Nancy Dare
Director: Steve Harris
Studio: Gourmet Video Collection

Farmer's Daughters – 1975 – An offbeat, but interesting film about a farmer, his wife and their three daughters. The daughters love spying on Mom and Dad having sex and have their own pleasures with humiliating a local boy. Things change when three escaped convicts come to the farmer's home and take over with a lot of hard driving sex between everyone. The boy who was humiliated returns, this time with a gun and to save the girls and family, but does he? I won't spoil what takes place except to say the sex scenes are hot, hard, intense and showcased Gloria well as she appeared in four sex scenes. Check around and see if you can find it as "Farmer's Daughters" has been converted to DVD and is a great way to get introduced to the talents and persona of the one and only Gloria Leonard.

Farmer's Daughters is available at:

Double Feature, Classic PornDouble Feature (1980's)
Cast: Serenity, Randy Spears, Sana Fey, Herschel Savage, Shanna McCullough
Director: Jonathan Morgan
Studio: Wicked Pictures

The film won a bevy of awards and quickly became a classic in porn. It opens in typical old movie fashion with snippets of coming attractions starring players like Rick Rockwell and Suzy Cheesecake and films with title like Gang Bang Zombies, Death Rides a Rubber Horse and Attack of the 12 Story Dildos. These are all filmed in black and white, to give that authentic old B-movie feel. You are also quickly made aware that this is going to be a movie that not only spoofs those old serials and films but there is going to be plenty of wild sex taking place.

Once the coming attractions are over we get the first feature. Attack of the Bimbos from Outer Space, a spoof of '50s sci fi movies. It's about a UFO that lands on earth with three female aliens and it is cleverly played over the top and with these ladies screwing and sucking every man they can. There are a lot of sight gags, some very funny lines that make this "feature" a perfect spoof. As the story in this film carries on, there is no lack of sex scenes and no lack of humor and over the top performances. The cast pulls off a great takeoff of what these films were like back in the day.

The second feature is The Man Made Beast, which is a take on the popular Frankenstein monster movies. Serenity is a crazed scientist, Dr Shelley with a monstrous sexual appetite. She is left completely unfulfilled by her Latino lover. This also done in black and white until the sex scenes, which are in glorious color. In this feature Dr. Shelly can't find a man to satisfy her, and that produces some sexy, but funny moments. So Tabitha, a female Igor, suggests she try a woman and she describes an encounter that took place a long time ago and it is a very good scene with a nice twist to it.

It is a total fun experience and definitely worth getting hold of and enjoying from start to finish. —Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

Double Feature is available at:

I Like to Watch | Golden Age of PornI Like To Watch (1982)
Cast: Bridgette Monet, Lisa DeLeeuw, Little Oral Annie, Herschel Savage, Mike Horner
Director: Paul G. Vatelli
Studio: Caballero Video

I Like To Watch– Caballero Video – 1982 – This was the debut for Bridgette Monet and would make her a star. The title says it all as Laura (Bridgette Monet) peeps on her aunt Leticia Patricia Manning) and her lover Phillip. Leticia, who is a Fashion designer asks her protege Kim to call a plumber. Then we have the maid Gretchen peeping on Kim with plumber Mark, Kim shows the maid it can be better with a woman. Laura is peeping on them frustrated her boyfriend Michael doesn't want any sex. She is comforted by Leticia's client Linda. Initially peeping, Linda's husband Montag eventually switches roles with his wife. Visiting Laura, Michael is jumped by models Honey and Cinnamon. Leticia's fashion show finally gets underway but meanwhile, as Michael's experience restored his passion, he finally offers himself to Laura.

This is a very hot, very erotic film with some exceptional performances. There is Little Oral Annie at her talented best and the electricity that happens between Lisa DeLeuuw and Bridgette Monet is off the charts as they are being watched by Lisa's lover. This is definitely a film classic I highly recommend finding and enjoying. —Review by Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

I Like To Watch is available at:

Insatiable 30th Anniversary EditionInsatiable 30th Anniversary Edition
Cast: John Holmes, Marilyn Chambers, Serena, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco
Director: Godfrey Daniels
Studio: Dynasty Group

Dynasty Group presents one of adult’s true all-time classics. Insatiable – starring timeless superstar Marilyn Chambers. Insatiable, an AVN and X-Rated Critics Organization award winner that’s consistently at the top of must-have lists, is one of the most recognized and celebrated movies of adult entertainment’s golden age.

Legendary and award winning adult actress Marilyn Chambers stars in her most memorable role as Sandra Chase, a wealthy heiress and actress with an insatiable and depraved need for sex. Insatiable, considered to be the best movie in Marilyn Chambers’ 35 year career by many critics and fans, also features a who’s=who of X-rated celebrities from the ‘80s: Jesie St. James, Serena, John Holmes, John Leslie, Mike Ranger and Richard Pacheco.

The Insatiable 30th Anniversary Edition is re-mastered and presented with the most in-depth interview with Hall Of Fame Marilyn Chambers ever filmed, commentary from Chambers as well as commentary with adult historian Gloria Leonard. Additional extras including bonus footage and outtakes from the film’s release party, are preserved in the 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition for the true collector of adult films.

Insatiable is available at:

fPirates (2004)
Cast: Jesse Jane, Kris Slater, Steven St. Croix, Teagan Presley, Tommy Gunn
Director: Joone
Studio: Adam & Eve

These lusty pirates explode with gun-blazin' action in Adam & Eve's stunning adult movie. Carmen Luvana teams up with Jesse Jane and Evan Stone to hunt down the pirate captain who kidnapped her lover, Kris Slater. Along the way, they have to fight off animated skeletons and search for long-lost treasure — when they're not having wild, no-holds-barred sex! Packed with red-hot romps, humor and a terrific story, Pirates is adult's all time best selling feature and already a legend in adult film making.

There is no doubt that down the road Pirates will be considered one of the greats of porn production. Pirates, filmed on location throughout California and Florida, is a swashbuckling sex tale that combines deadly swordplay against digitally mastered skeleton warriors, cannons firing off the bows of realistic wooden warships and intense offshore battle scenes, offering all of the production values of any Hollywood box office film while still encompassing the erotic feelings and sexual mores of an adult film. This is most definitely a must see film, destine to be classic.

Filmed in 2004, Pirates XXX was winner of 11 AVN Awards, including Best Adult DVD, Best Video Feature, Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Best Actress and Best Actor. Named Adult Title of the Year by the Video Software Dealers Association, and ran a record-shattering 52+ weeks on AVN's top weekly sales list!

Pirates is available at:

Aunt Peg's Fulfillment adult dvdAunt Peg's Fulfillment (1980's)
Cast: Juliet Anderson, John Holmes, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Suzy Reynolds
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

2011 AVN Award winner for Best Classic Release

Close on the heels of Aunt Peg, the most overwhelmingly successful erotic film of the year, this continuation of the story of Hollywood's hottest (take it both ways) female producer scales even more dizzying heights of erotic discovery. With Juliet Anderson again in the title role, "Aunt Peg's Fulfillment" does indeed fulfill her need for power and sexual domination. Behind the Scenes of major motion picture studios she conducts fantastic orgies and sexual couplings of every possible kind. Brilliant photography and stunning sexual performances combine to make this big-budget X-rated film one of the most outstanding in Erotic-film History! "The enticing Juliet Anderson does for onscreen sex what the Boston Tea Party did for America: She's a one-woman revolution."

Aunt Peg's Fulfillment is available at:

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