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Nina Hartley Non-StopNina Hartley Non-Stop
Cast: John Leslie, Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough, Jerry Butler, Jerry Silva
Studio: Caballero

For the millions who have a heart on for the fabulous Hartley girl, Caballero Classics presents her Non-Stop! What you'll see is Nina in her outrageous variety—trading licks with her girlfriends—getting her kicks with boyfriends - and opening wide to the toys that come her way. All in a 90-minute marathon of feverish action that will leave you limp and satisfied. Dollar for dollar Nina Hartley Non-Stop gives you more play for your pay.

Nina Hartley Non-Stop is available at:

Here Comes the Bride, Porn ClassicsHere Comes The Bride
Cast: Samantha Fox Heather Young Roger Caine Ben Pierce Paula Morton Erica Havens
Director: John Christopher
Studio: VCX

Rhonda is a beautiful and sophisticated woman with a brain that knows how to get what she wants. When she decides to marry she tells her fiancé she is a virgin, dedicated to preserving her sacred virginity for the day they wed. In addition to being beautiful and sophisticated, Rhonda is a filthy slut who craves cock. She fucks every dick that gets in range and never turns down a sweet pussy. She turns a small party into a hardcore orgy, fucks and sucks all night long then scissors with her friend before putting on her wedding dress. This bride may be a deviant liar, but she's also a phenomal actor. Watching her fake losing her virginity alone makes this movie a classic icon. Filmed in 1978

Here Comes The Bride is available at:

Behind the Green Door
Stars: Barbara Bryan, Bunny Brody, Candy Johnson, Hadley V. Baxendale, Johnnie Keyes, Marilyn Chambers, Richard Coburn, Rick Dayton 
Director: Mitchell Brothers

One of modern adult cinema's most enduring features, starring one of its most recognizable performers, directed by two of its most influential talents. Along with the early 1970s classics Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones, the Mitchell Brothers' Behind the Green Door-starring the alluringly all-American Marilyn Chambers-still stands as a landmark in pornography, and helped give rise to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Marilyn's role as the attractive ingenue works perfectly in this stylized, groundbreaking gem. It's no wonder that Behind the Green Door is still a well-known title to this day with its unforgettable fantasy act (the trapeze scene with Marilyn Chambers and Johnny Keyes) and the most enthusiastic orgy to hit the streets of San Francisco. Filmed in 1973.

Available at:

classic pornBobby Sox
Cast: Nikki Tayler, Chelsea Blue, Chloe, Jamie Gillis, et al

Winner of 2 AVN Awards: Film of the Year: 1997 & Best Director: Paul Thomas 

Hailed as the finest work of Paul Thomas' film career, Bobby Sox is a tour de force. A washed-up B-movie star unleashes the long-buried passions in a small town, result Welcome to Anytown. Where nothing happens. And everything happens! Jeremy Dayton's around to promote his latest monster epic at the last picture show. Sure he was once a major star, but these days he's a major loser, staging wild pranks to sell stripped down pictures to small town audiences. He'll even fake a kidnapping to sell a show. But when he grabs Nikki Tyler, he gets a lot more than he ever bargained for--that's for sure.

Available at:

Carol Connors DVDErotic Adventures of Candy
Cast: John Holmes, Georgina Spelvin, Carol Connors, Paul Thomas
Director: Gail Palmer
Studio: VCX

"One of the best films ever made in the Classic Era" �Delicious Decadence

This classic take off the Terry Southern novel, with shades of "The Wizard of Oz" thrown in, is one of the huge best sellers - and for a very good reason. The inimitable Carol Connors is magnificent as the big busted blonde with the heart of gold, who embarks on a sexual odyssey after losing her virginity to the gardener. Carol plays the part with remarkable, refreshing innocence. An all-star cast highlights this masterful mix of comedy and eroticism. Filmed in 1978.

Available at:

Classic PornBlonde Ambition
Cast: Jamie Gillis, Suzy Mandel, Dory Devon, Eric Edwards, Hershel Savage
Director: Jon Amero, L. Amero
Studio: VCX

An all-time classic of adult filmmaking, the Amero Brothers’Blonde Ambition is a glorious XXX tribute to the MGM musicals of yesteryear.”

Starring Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon, and featuring the finest of New York’s golden age porn actors including Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards, George Payne and Richard Bolla, the film recounts the exploits of the beautiful Kane Sisters, one of the worst Vaudeville acts in show business, as they aim for the big time in the Big Apple. With song and dance numbers galore, a porn version of Gone With The Wind, countless comedy routines, and a climactic scene in a New York leather bar, Blonde Ambition is unlike any any film you’ve ever seen before. In the words of its directors “If you loved Deep Throat and Singin’ in the Rain, you’re gonna love Blonde Ambition”. Video X Pix is proud to present a re-mastered version of this film together with an extensive collection of extras – including the first commentary that legendary director John Amero has ever recorded.

Available at:

Little Girls Blue
Director: Jack Williams and Joanna Williams

VCX is proud to release the twin disk set of Little Girls Blue available in this handsome gift sleeve! Hailed as two of the most ground-breaking, free-spirited releases on film in the classic era of adult entertainment, Little Girls Blue showcases a bevy of fresh faces who turn their boarding school on its ear in this ode to natural bodies, uninhibited sexuality and classic 70's film making.

Part 1:
It's a fresh take on the boarding school theme. Don't worry, the girls still engage in lots of sexual shenanigans with each other, their college faculty and staff, but this movie has something the others sadly lack: an IQ well above room temperature and a wit sharper than the high heels its stars are constantly slipping out of. Made in 1977, this title is a true classic and many of its stars will now seem like fresh new faces. A time capsule of 70's utterly care-free sex and totally natural bodies.

Part 2:
Released for the summer from the confines of a strict boarding school, a bevy of young finishing-school lovelies are transplanted to a summer camp full of randy counselors and shady thickets perfect for brushing up on human anatomy and comparative sexual analysis. The girls quickly work their way through the team of counselors. The sex is sleazy, free, fast and loose - and brings back a time when the only people who even thought of using condoms were those whose girls weren't on the pill. Featuring the seldom-seen but fabulous, Barbara Cloud.  Filmed in 1977.

Available at:

Deep ThroatDeep Throat
Director: Gerald Damiano 

With the release of Deep Throat, 1972 marked the year Bible thumpers and porn freaks ate popcorn and dug porn without shame. Deep Throat's rumored mob ties, the infamous Linda Lovelace, and a $600 million gross would change the world forever. And what's it all about?

Poor Linda Lovelace, she isn't enjoying sex as much as she'd like. So, her room-mate throws an orgy for her, but even this doesn't get Linda off. Next, Linda's friend talks her into seeing a sex therapist, Doctor Young, played by Harry Reems. He examines her and discovers that her clitoris is in her throat, deep in her throat. Dr. Young teaches her the art of deep throat to stimulate her clitoris. This gets her bells ringing. Doctor Young enlists her talents as his outcall sex therapist and we follow her adventures until finally she finds her true love... a really hung guy who can ring her bells and untangle her tingler.

Three decades later, Deep Throat remains the most profitable film ever made and a cultural turning point in American history. Filmed in 1972.

Available at:

Barbara Broadcast Barbara Broadcast
Director: Henry Paris

Annette Haven stars as Barbara Broadcast, a celebrity hooker and internationally renowned sex-expert. C.J. Laing plays Roberta, the hot blooded reporter who arranges a rendezvous at the Olympia Ballroom - an exclusive New York eatery where the waiters and waitresses serve more than just food. From the appetizer to the main course, to dessert, Annette and company serve up a veritable orgy of sexual feasting.  That night, after some carousing on the town, the interview continues at the Olympia Discoth�que. There, to the throbbing jungle rhythms, Annette and Robert succumb to each other's beauty and passion, igniting the disco with their own particular dance style. A departure for director Henry Paris, Barbara Broadcast is a skillful blend of raunchy sex and sophisticated erotic interludes. Filmed in 1977.

Available at:

Debbie Does Dallas

Sweet, Virginal Debbie (Bambi Woods) wants to head to Texas to claim her spot on the "cowgirl" cheerleading squad. But the trip costs money and her parents aren't willing to help. With the aid of her cheerleading girlfriends (including Arcadia Lake and Georgette Sanders), they devise a plan to raise the funds themselves. Initially, they all take odd jobs. However, they quickly discover there's a lot more money to be made by baring their bodies and providing sexual favors for horny men.

Debbie Does Dallas was an absolute sensation when it was released in 1978. It was a the height of Dallas Cowboys fever and in the wake of the 'porno chic' era of the early 70s. Today, Debbie Does Dallas is considered one of the world's most famous erotic films, spawning numerous sequels, knock-offs and even an off-Broadway musical. VCX and Raincoat Theater are proud to bring you the definitive presentation of the classic film - and it's never looked better than in this digital restoration. Filmed in 1978.

Available at:

The Devil In Miss Jones
Director: Gerald Damiano

Frustrated spinster Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) has led a boring, lonely life. Seeing no other solution, she eventually decides suicide is the only escape from her miserable existence. But instead of a blissful ascension into the afterlife, she finds herself in limbo. Destined for hell, Miss Jones is offered an opportunity to return to life on earth so that she can truly earn her entrance into eternal damnation. She seizes this second chance by deeply exploring her inner sexual depravity.

Following up his massively successful Deep Throat (1972), director Gerard Damiano unleashed what many regard as the quintessential erotic film. This bold, daring and eye-opening exploration into one woman's sexual dark side exposed the artistic potential of the adult film while maintaining the highest level of eroticism. "...dissolves the distinction between sex films and art films" —Newsweek. Filmed in 1972.

Available at:

classic pornCotton Candy
Starring: Ron Jeremy, Kimberly Carson, Peter North, Sahara, Tony Martino
Director: Jack Genero
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

 Sahara always loved COTTON CANDY, because it melted in her mouth. So did her favorite stud Dennis (Peter North), till he left her as high and dry as her name would imply. Jimmy (Tony Martin), who worked on the pier, soon found an oasis of lust in Sahara, but this did not prevent him from pouncing on her girlfriends, Kimberly Carson and Erika Fox, whenever he could. The three girls weren’t fussy about getting their rocks off. They were proud to do it to each other, even if it did create a sticky mess! Because that’s what eating COTTON CANDY is all about. Does Sahara find her sheik in Ron Jeremy, the horsey-hung carousel man? Or does she continue to pine for the stud who got away? All is revealed in the flesh drenching climax!  Everyone who's a fan of Ron Jeremy must see Cotton Candy, he's in peak performance. Filmed in the late 1970s.

Available at:

classic pornEruption
Studio: Cal-Vista Classics

In the long list of unforgettable John Holmes classics, Eruption may be his finest work. Notorious for his gigantic member, people often overlook his sincere and talented acting ability.

Hired by a devious sexpot played by Leslie Bovee, Holmes kills her husband for the life insurance policy that will make them both rich. The murder goes off with out a hitch, but when a persistent investigator causes trouble, the Hawaiian islands grow increasingly treacherous.

Eruption is a glimpse into the art of John Holmes. His extreme facials and convincing acting matched with a big budget film noir story make for one of the greatest XXX films of all time. That's right ... a MOVIE! Complete with scripts, multiple cameras, on-location shots (in Hawaii, no less), and all the sex necessary to qualify as porn. Holmes even does his own stunts, scaling walls and repelling down ropes. By today's standards the sex scenes are short - but that's because there's a story to tell! Bovee doesn't need to fuck Homes on the beach (think From Here to Eternity) for 45 minutes. We get the idea when they're done in a more realistic 10-15 minutes and on their treacherous way. Another big difference from today's POV style is the au natural hairstyles. Beards, backs and crotches all sport flowing locks. A perfect choice for partners to enjoy. Filmed in 1977 " —Steve Pone, AVN January '09

Available at:

Satyr MovieSatyr
Director: Michael Zen
Producer: Wicked Pictures

22 AVN Nominations
AVN 1998 Winner- Best All-Girl Sex Scene

Jenna Jameson plays Fawn Deering, a shy co-ed in search of a good interview for her schoolwork. You see, she's writing about mythology and sexual behavior, and she came to the right place. Scheduled to interview Asia Carrera (Dr. Jade), Jameson bites off more than she can chew. But with all this plot and dialogue, one might ask, does the sex get lost in the mix? Absolutely not! The steamy scenes are captured exquisitely on film, with professional lighting and camera work. Jameson travels to the dark, sensual world of Satyrs. Half-beast half-human, these immortals thrive on lust…and plenty of it. From Missy's (Sophie) voyeuristic fantasies of fucking Jameson with a glass dildo, to Chloe getting her ass reamed by Mark Davis (an XRCO award winning scene!), Satyr delivers the goods. Overall, this film was fluffy enough to grab the lightweights, yet raunchy enough to pump up the hardcore fans. It satisfies on every level. There's a reason this film was nominated for twenty-two AVN awards…quality. — MasterB, Adult DVD Empire

Available at:

Dream Quest
Director: Brad Armstrong 
Studio: Wicked Pictures

Winner At The 2000 AVN Awards for Best Cinematography

Empire Review: It's hard to find a good storyline in porn these days. After all, there's only so many ways to plant innuendos and seduction in between bone slapping sex scenes. So it becomes harder and harder to keep things fresh and interesting. Most studios have given plots the shaft altogether (pun intended). Of the remaining few who still dabble in plot lines and production value, Wicked has risen to the upper echelon, providing quality product consistently. It doesn't hurt having the hottest names in the biz at your disposal.  What emerges is some of the steamiest, well-thought out features ever produced. Dream Quest stars the world-famous Jenna Jameson as Sarah-an average girl longing for romance and adventure to whisk her away from the small town doldrums. Her dreams come to life as Stephanie Swift and Felicia (who play heavenly faeries) come to take Jenna away on a quest to save Fantasy from the grips of the dastardly dubious Vladimir (played by Hershel Savage). Filmed in 2000.

Available at:

Beautiful porn movieBeautiful
Director: Michael Raven
Producer: Wicked Pictures

Michael Raven has taken the classic Snow White story and given it a 1930's film noir twist in Beautiful, a great DVD from Wicked Pictures that fans will want to make sure to add to their adult shelves. The period costumes that the actors wear and the visuals are just stunning; and seeing the characters move around and spout out dialogue as if they were in a Raymond Chander novel is a real treat to watch. The sex is steamy hot, the DVD quality is excellent, the story is intriguing, and you just can't go wrong with porn from Wicked Pictures, Michael Raven (director), and a cast of sexy women (Stormy Daniels) and men (Steven St. Croix). Beautiful is top-shelf porn everyone (including couples, and women) will enjoy. Filmed in 2003.

Available at:

Dark Garden
Director: Michael Ninn 
Producer: VCA Pictures 

AVN 1999 Winner- Best Video

Empire Review: Unlike most porns, Dark Garden manages to effectively combine hot sex scenes with a good feature. While not quite as good as Ninn's truly fantastic Shock, this film noirish paranoid thriller is, well, thrilling. The techno soundtrack rocks. The visuals are great from the opening credits on (the credits remind me of the credits in Seven).  This is porn genius at work, far above any other porn I have ever seen. It is visually inventive, and the sex is inventive as well. You will find nothing formulaic here. There are eight sex scenes, all of them good. It's a bit incoherent, but it works like a sexual fantasy. The period detail is striking. This is as good as any Hollywood mainstream film. Both the d�cor and outfits, especially the women's, are really cool. Filmed in 1999.

Available at:

Fade To Black
Director: Paul Thomas
Studio: Vivid

Winner of 8 AVN awards, including Best Film and Best Director

Vivid Productions' multi-AVN award-winning Fade to Black, starring stunning Taylor Hayes and directed by porn institution, Paul Thomas, certainly lives up to its accolades by offering one of the best acted and written adult films I have ever seen. Borrowing the "film-within-a-film" and "blurring of film and reality" concepts from any number of sources (e.g. "The Stunt Man", "Bowfinger," etc.), Fade to Black delivers an absorbing plot (as adult films go) about a young porn hopeful (Hayes) and her boyfriend (Dale DaBone) who become pawns in a game of deception masterminded by a bored, narcissistic adult film director (Thomas). However, hardcore "porn" junkies, who want rapid-fire action to which they can spank their meat like a spider monkey with attention-deficit disorder, may get a bit bored with Fade to Black's intricate plot. Nevertheless, rest assured that the main feature has some solid "entertainment" and, with its soap-opera-like plot and less-than-hardcore action, Fade to Black would likely be a great viewing choice for open-minded couples. Filmed in 1992.

Available at:

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