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Porn Parodies

sexy spoofs on mainstream stuff

Titles are linked to our favorite adult movie sites where you can buy, rent, download-to-own, or watch VOD. We recommend the following sites for adult entertainment:

rTaxi Driver
Cast: Chanel Preston , Evan Stone, Lily LaBeau, Ron Jeremy, Tommy Pistol
Director: General Stone
Studio: Pleasure Dynasty Films

While the prevalence of sexual themes in Martin Scorsese’s classic “Taxi Driver” makes it easy to develop sex scenes into the movie’s storyline about a Vietnam veteran’s feelings of alienation and disgust in a world that seemingly has lost its moral compass, the movie has a status within the canon of American film that makes a parody somewhat difficult. But Pleasure Dynasty and director General Stone are up to the task, bringing the porn version to life in a fitting tribute to the original.

Tommy Pistol does a great job of portraying Travis Bickle, the titular taxi driver who desperately seeks companionship in a world where he doesn’t quite fit in. His inspired effort more than makes up for the few occasions where the pacing of the dialogue and supporting actors aren’t up to par. The videography is excellent and even includes some nice camera angles during the sex scenes.

Overall, General Stone admirably works within his limitations to create a dramatic parody that uses the mainstream classic’s sexuality to insert sex scenes in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the movie.

The sex scenes work on many levels, making sense within the context of the movie. For instance, Travis’ penchant for visiting porn theaters provides an obvious sex scene: a three-way with Aurora Snow, Chanel Preston and Tom Byron that is supposed to be a part of a porn film. The scene has been edited to look like a 70’s film (although the lack of body hair gives it away that the scene is from the modern era) but it still stands up well. The best encounter picks up where the movie ended, with Travis hooking up with the beautiful campaign worker (Lily LeBeau) that he previously found unattainable in a scene that showcases Lily’s considerable fellatio skills. —Scott Ross, XBIZ Editors Choice

Taxi Driver is available at:

Saturday Night Fever XXXSaturday Night Fever XXX
Cast: Lexi Belle, Nicki Hunter, Kristina Rose, Vicki Chase, Allie Haze
Director: Jordan Septo
Studio: Paradox Pictures

From Tony’s swaggering strut in the opening scene to the climax of the dance competition and every bump and grind in between, this parody makes great efforts to faithfully follow the storyline of “Saturday Night Fever,” the movie that encapsulates the disco era. The parody succeeds to a large extent, creating the right atmosphere with polyester clothes, the groovy beats of disco music, and a lighted dance floor where many of the movie’s famous dance sequences take place.

The script hits all the major plot points and even manages to squeeze in some of more famous one-liners — a fun dose of nostalgia that has the added benefit of hardcore sex. The parody is almost three hours long and has to tell, rather than show, a few important parts of the story to keep it from running longer (ex. the dance contest with the Puerto Ricans isn’t shown; we only see Tony complaining about winning the event because it was rigged).

On the other hand, the reason why the parody is so long is because of the sex, and the sex in this movie is certainly worth watching — especially Kristina Rose’s two sex scenes. In addition to her excellent fellatio and fucking skills, Rose also displays some acting chops in her role as Annette, the local girl with a crush on Tony. —XBIZ Editors Choice

Saturday Night Fever XXX is available at:

The Graduate XXXThe Graduate XXX
Cast: India Summer, Anthony Rosano, Raven Alexis, Lexi Belle, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy
Director: Paul Thomas
Studio: Exile Pictures

Director Paul Thomas gives the classic film, The Graduate, a makeover and added hardcore sex. Just like the original, The Graduate XXX follows the life of Ben (Anthony Rosano) after he graduates college. Ben falls in love with Elaine Robinson (Raven Alexis), but in the process gets mixed up in an affair with his parents' friend and Elaine's mother, Mrs. Robinson (India Summer).

"The cast of The Graduate XXX is perfect," said Thomas. "Anthony Rosano and India Summer each found the extra bit of humor and satirical angle when playing the iconic characters. I instructed them to make the parts their own and give them a farcical reinterpretation. I respect and love the original movie, but also feel it is ripe to poke fun of, while injecting the right amount of sex and comedy to keep the parody flowing."

Paul Thomas is one of the most awarded directors in XXX history.

The Graduate XXX is available at:

This Ain't Ghostbusters XXXThis Ain't Ghostbusters XXX
Cast: Alec Knight, James Deen, Evan Stone, Raven Alexis, Joslyn James, Alexis Texas, Ron Jeremy
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Hustler

It's likely that everyone reading this has seen the classic comedy-horror film Ghostbusters, and it's even more likely that any of those viewers with a sexual bone in his (or her) body has wondered what it would look like to see, say, Bill Murray having hot supernatural sex with a demon-infested Sigourney Weaver-or even what Harold Ramis was "looking for" under Annie Potts' desk. Thankfully, Axel Braun is here to answer some of those questions—and in 3D!

Beyond the terrific sex, though, we have to say a few words about the special effects, which are just fabulous. Nearly all of the buildings (not to mention a couple of gargoyles and the New York Library's lion) are rendered in perfect 3D CGI, and little bits of business like the books floating from the shelves in the library, and Sarah and Jeremy turning into dog demons at the end, couldn't have been done better by a mainstream production house. Likewise, the 3D camera work is flawless, and even the script has more actual laughs than we'd have expected. All in all, it's a nearly perfect 3D XXX experience. —Mark Kernes, AVN

This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX is available at:

The Silence Of The Lambs Parody adult dvdThe Silence of the Lambs Parody
Cast: Kagney Linn Karter, Riley Evans, Isis Taylor, Tanya Tate, Alexa Nicole
Director: Gary Orona
Studio: Zero Tolerance

2011 AVN Award winner for Best Actor - Tom Byron

Writer/director Gary Orona's sendup of Jonathan Demme's Oscar-winning thriller Silence of the Lambs is one of those rare adult re-imaginings that goes down easy. Green screen glitches aside, the film looks great and creates nostalgia for the original. Its biggest strength is in its inspired casting, namely Kagney Linn Karter as FBI cadet Clarice Starling, Ben English as Hannibal Lector, and Mark Wood as serial killer Buffalo Bill.

Karter, a true dramatic find (for porn), mimics Jodie Foster's lisp and ticks to great effect, giving the character a very sexy vulnerability. Her enhanced tits are pretty nice too. English has always had intensity to his face - like a soccer hooligan ready to slit throats with a bottle of Guinness - that, along with his British accent, works wonders in capturing Hannibal's quiet menace. But, most surprising of all, is Wood's fearlessly flamboyant performance as homicidal transvestite Buffalo Bill-and, yes, he does do the infamous tucked-in-wiener dance. Orona rewards Wood's commitment by granting him the film's only anal scene, a balls-out fuck with bratty abductee Riley Evans.

Karter and her mouthwatering giant boobs (You'll want to eat them with a side of fava beans and ... well, you get the picture) turns in two of the film's hottest scenes: a girl-on-girl romp with Isis Taylor, which includes some sexy dual-dong action, and a enthused go with Anthony Rosano, as FBI agent Jack Crawford.

The Silence Of The Lambs Parody is available at:

Big Lebowski Adult DVDThe Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody
Cast: Tom Byron, James Deen, Keni Styles, Kimberly Kane, Kristina Rose
Director: Lee Roy Myers
Studio: New Sensations
2011 AVN Award winner for Best Actor - Tom Byron

From New Sensations, the studio that brought you the AVN Award winning sex-comedy, 30 Rock: A XXX Parody, comes a spoof of one of the biggest cult films of all time - The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody! It is an XXX parody that dares to bring the world a dirty spoof that is better than good and thorough.

The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody was featured on the ABC News program "Nightline" (adding to what was a year full of mainstream media nods to the movie), the spotlight was part of a larger segment revealing the cult status of the Coen Brothers' 1998 movie, The Big Lebowski.

When some horny thugs almost drown Jeffrey Lebowski in his own toilet and leave some splooge on his new VHS porn tapes (the tapes that really tied his porn collection together), it sets off a sexy and funny chain of events. You will absolutely get to see coitus, in and out, the physical act of love, fuckin' A, and some orgasm-achieving from one of the biggest Lebowski's you have ever seen!

What will happen in The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody? Will you finally get to witness the true version of logjammin', hardcore the way it was meant to be seen? Will you get to see this horny dude get his gutterballs drained? Will The Dude accept Bunny's offer of oral coitus? Will Brandt watch? And will that cable repairman finally fix the cable? A resounding yes is the answer to these and other questions in New Sensations' The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody!

The Big Lebowski is available at:

Superman XXX: A Porn ParodySuperman XXX: A Porn Parody
Cast: Ryan Driller, Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Evan Stone, James Deen
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid

They don't call him the Man of Steel for nothing! A doomed airliner heads nose-down to the earth. Until a mild mannered Clark Kent quietly pushes past the mayhem to the back of the plane, tears off his business suit and becomes Superman, holding the plane aloft by its damaged wing and safely escorting it back to the ground.

It's Vivid latest superhero spectacular Superman XXX: A Porn Parody! With all the adventure, excitement you always enjoyed, and all the sex you ever imagined. With the hottest Lois Lane ever, doing things Lois never dreamed of, and villains like Alexis Texas and Zoe Voss at every turn! With the crime-fighting only stopping for three ways, anals, and pounding galore! It's The hit-making team who brought you the biggest parody of 2010, taking on the man of steel and his tool of steel in Superman XXX: A Porn Parody!

Superman XXX is available at:

The Flintstones Adult DVD The Flintstones: A XXX Parody
Cast: Anthony Rosano, Brooke Lee Adams, Dale DaBone, Hayden Winters, Hillary Scott
Director: Will Ryder
Studio: New Sensations

Will Ryder’s loving take on America’s favorite Stone Age clan is among his best work. Sets and costumes nail the cartoony look, and there’s some great green-screen work that makes the characters appear to be in cartoons come to life. And the cast is first-rate.

Peter O’Tool, a fine actor, seems to have a sub-career going as a John Goodman parodist. He is wholly convincing as Fred Flintstone, and though non-sex, his performance is the glue that makes the movie come together.

Hillary Scott, in a rare appearance, shows she’s still a knockout and a champion sex performer in a fiery scene with Dale DaBone — although she’s really no hotter than drool-worthy Misty Stone, as Fred’s boss’s secretary. There are dinosaur poop gags, pet rocks, Brontosaurus burgers. Anthony Rosano is very funny as Barney Rubble, the idiot neighbor, and Brooke Lee Adams plays his giggly wife Betty.

As always with Ryder movies, the soundtrack, with its spot-on parodies of ’60s TV themes, rocks. —XBIZ Editors Choice

The Flintstones: A XXX Parody is available at:

The Sex Files | Adult DVDThe Sex Files II: A Dark XXX Parody
Cast: Kimberly Kane, Anthony Rosano, Dani Jensen, Rocco Reed
Director: Sam Hain
Studio: Digital Sin

In the Revolution X/Digital Sin follow-up effort to their masterful original “Sex Files” spoof, writer/director Sam Hain delivers another smart story that comes to life through superb cinematography and commanding performances by lead actors Kimberly Kane (Scully) and Anthony Rosano (Mulder).

This time Mulder and Scully set out to investigate a series of fire-related deaths in the Eastern Virginia area that may be linked to some extra-terrestrial activity. Could it be the controlled release of a black oil-like virus called “purity” by an entity not of this Earth? “I don’t believe in aliens,” Scully says. So we watch as she and Mulder inch closer to danger in an attempt to crack the case while the sexual tension between them builds.

The natural screen chemistry between Kane and Rosano propels the action, which looks cinematic in every way from the tight editing to the seamless transitions to the moody lighting that fits every scenario. Kane and Rosano leave hardly anything to the imagination in a fantasy shower scene that pops up at just the right time. It even includes Kane, who is the reigning XBIZ Acting Performance of the Year winner, doing reverse cowgirl anal.

Meanwhile, two welcome surprises come in the form of Dani Jensen and India Summer. Both shine in brief supporting roles, exuding serious screen presence and ratcheting up the sizzle in their boy/girl scenes enough to leave us wanting more.

To his credit, Hain gives the audience what it’s wanting during the unexpected climax. The mysterious director goes for it with a grandiose payoff that represents a triumph in adult special effects worthy of the ambitious title and enough to seal this show as one of 2010’s best. — Dan Miller, XBIZ Editor's Choice Review

Available at:

Top Guns Adult DVDTop Guns
Cast: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Tommy Gunn
Director: Robby D.
Studio: Digital Playground

This film, Top Guns, is most obviously a parody of the biggest selling Air Force related film of all time, Top Gun. And while this one doesn't feature the acting chops of Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer the actors chosen for these roles really shine beyond belief. In particular Tommy Gunn, who seems like he is in EVERYTHING lately, stands out as someone who could actually make it in Hollywood WITHOUT having to fuck everyone. The man is a genius, and while his demeanor at times can be both mysterious and aloof, it only adds to the role he is trying to portray. Watching this film you feel convinced that if Tommy himself wasn't in the military, he at least grew up with someone who was as he looks and feels so much like a soldier it is uncanny.

The girls, the real sellers of the film, are flawless with Jesse Jane looking cute as a button as always while still laying down some heavily dramatic acting and the taut Stoya showing the world she also is more than a pale skinned pussy and a beautifully tight ass. The film is HEAVY on dialogue, so those who came into this looking for a straight sex film may leave perplexed, but those of us who wanted to see a sexy cinematic experiment that is also heavy on the action will feel like they definitely got their money's worth. ...

... In short, Top Guns is a landmark achievement in porn cinema and goes above and beyond the title of a 'parody film' that may be laid upon it. More correctly this is a work of art in its own right and not a simple sexual joke. Top Guns is an instant, modern classic and it deserves your undistracted viewing tonight. —WrightWilliams, Adult DVD Empire

Top Guns is available at:

Porn Parody DVDOfficial Jersey Shore Parody
Cast: Lexi Love, Lisa Ann, Ann Marie Rios, Melanie Monroe
Director: Spock Buckton, Brian Bangs
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Big hair, bad attitudes, gold chains, tight dresses, silly accents, douche bags, guidos and guidettes are what make Jersey Shore must see TV. But let’s face it, we watch it to see Snookie, Jolie and JWoww and fantasize what crazed, sexual animals they must be in the sack. Zero Tolerance totally remains true to the show by featuring virtually ever major and minor character, confessionals, opening credits, even Kristina Rose as Snooki getting punched out make the Official Jersey Shore Parody hard to tell apart from the original series.

After the cast arrives, everybody starts hooking up. Lexi Love’s JWoww is convinced anal ain’t cheating so she takes Mike Butders’s cock up her ass to get her freak on. Annmarie Rios’ Jolie, like the real life Jolie, faces eviction if she doesn’t show up for work, but manages to suck off her boss, Mick Blue to convince her to stay.

Wonder if the real life Jolie ever did that. Snookie wants to do everyone but nobody wants to do her so she runs to mom Lisa Ann, who tells her to be more aggressive. She does when James Dean’s Pauly D and Anthony Rosano’s Ronnie show up to bang both mother and daughter. A must see group sex session ensues, one we would like to see the real life Jersey Shore girls take part in. Maybe the best parody of the year! —Rob Perez, XBIZ April 2010

Available at:

porn parodyCheers: A XXX Parody
Starring: Alexis Texas, Evan Stone, Monique Alexander, Mr. Pete, Sara Stone
Studio: New Sensations

Welcome to the bar where everybody's glad you came! A clever recreation of the long-running sitcom. This parody breaks from the gate fast, with the Norm character entering to laughs and applause and a characteristic back-and-forth with Woody before taking his place at the bar with Cliff. Cliff tries to pick up a woman at the bar, strikes out, and Sam (Joel Lawrence) steps in for the save. Then the action begins. Sam starts relinquishing his stuff to show Diane that he's not superficial, and the guys get the benefit of Sam's castoffs, with Frasier using Sam's car to get his way with Lilith and Cliff using Sam's cologne to nail a passing stranger (Katie St. Ives) in the back room. Of course Diane isn't buying it, of course Sam and Diane still hate each other, but of course get horizontal anyway. The gang's all here, and the witty script hits all the right notes including Carla's wide-eyed adoration of Sam between drive-by putdowns and Cliff's ongoing soliloquies involving obscure "facts."

Lawrence replicates Sam Malone's easygoing charm, Evan Stone nails know-at-all blowhard Cliff and Alexis Texas is excellent in a turn as the cool-on-the-outside-steamy-on-the-inside Lilith. Extras include outtakes, behind-the-scenes, a bonus scene, popshot recap, a 90-minute "party version," a down loadable MPEG version of the movie, a slide show and trailers. —Tod Hunter, XBIZ Review

Available at:

Scrubs ParadyScrubs - A XXX Parody
Director: Lee Roy Myers
Studio: New Sensations

After the success of The Office - A XXX Parody, New Sensations decided to transform another hit TV show into a porn: Scrubs - A XXX Parody which received spectacular attention from the mainstream media, and set the blogasphere abuzz with the spot-on casting. XXX Scrubs' DJ James Deen is a deadringer for Dr John Michael "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff).

The direction by Lee Roy Myers is expert. The camera setups and framings, the jump cuts and sfx gags, are spot-on imitations of the constantly surprising “Scrubs” style. And he clearly knows how to get the best out of his actors — there’s not one wrong note. This parody, in fact, looks so much like a real sitcom that it sets one to musing about what an actual TV show with hardcore sex would look like.

Available at:

The Office porn movieThe Office: A XXX Parody
Director: Lee Roy Myers
Studio: New Sensations

It's the must see XXX TV parody of the year, when a huge all star cast (that's what she said!) stars in New Sensations' hilarious hump-fest, The Office: A XXX Parody. The splooge and jokes fly with Ashlynn Brooke, Jenna Haze, Stephanie Swift, Alexis Texas, Gianna Michaels, Faye Reagan, Dahlia Denyle, Codi Carmichael, James Deen, Dane Cross, Ralph Long, Rocco Reed, and Mark Wood.

When Michelle (Ashlynn Brooke) is caught with her foot in her mouth, her boss, Jen (Stephanie Swift) swiftly replaces it with her dripping wet pussy and forces Michelle to teach the employees about sexual harassment first hand! Today, the employees of Dinder Muffin will experience data entry, overhead, accunting, and dicktation like they've never experienced before! This is one office where nobody gets laid off but they all get laid!

"It may still be early in 2009, but The Office just might be the best adult comedy we'll see this year, and one of the best releases too." —Spooky, Adult DVD Empire

Available at:

Not Bewitched MovieNot Bewitched XXX
Director: Will Ryder
Studio: Adam & Eve

Created by the company that made Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewitched XXX is an adult spoof of the 1960s television show Bewitched and shows many of the same early warning signs that forecast success for the Brady Bunch sex parody.

The movie tells the story of Darren and Samanthas big problem when Aunt Clara cant undo a spell cast on Tabitha that accidentally turns the sweet little toddler into an 18-year-old sex kitten. With her first birthday party looming, all hell breaks loose when nosy neighbors, the boss and even the police arrive.

Wild sex, dirty witchcraft, perfect tits, ass and pussy abound in this hilarious XXX spoof of the 1960s classic TV show. "Jenna Haze and Mike Horner are pitch-perfect as Samantha and Darren, and Teagan plays Tabitha with the right mix of naïveté and knowing, innocently exploring her new body—and not-so-innocently conjuring up a vibrator to explore it some more. ... The supporting cast is excellent, with Nina Hartley transformed into mother-in-law Endora and Ron Jeremy appropriately hammy as Dr. Bombay." —Tod Hunter, XBIZ Premiere (November 2008)

Not Bewitched XXX is available at:

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