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Titles are linked to our favorite adult movie sites where you can buy, rent, download-to-own, or watch VOD. We recommend the following sites for adult entertainment:

  • Wasteland is a darkly elegant and fully loaded with kinky content
  • Sssh - Ladies, are you ready for something totally different?

Real Housewives Of South Beach adult dvdReal Housewives of South Beach
Cast: Joslyn James, Valerie Fox, Jewel Jensen, Emanuelle London
Director: Dana Dane
Studio: Pleasure Dynasty Films

Pleasure Dynasty is proving to be a formidable force in the parody market. The Florida-based upstart has already impressed with its hot and clever takes on Martin Scorsees's Taxi Driver and Antonie Fuqua's Training Day. Now it's ready to spoof reality TV. The target: The Real Housewives of Miama. The Bravo reality series about rich trophy housewives and bitchy business women living in Miami, is rich for parody and gets a proper send-up from director Dana Dane, working from a very funny script by Dick Chibbles.

The Real Housewives of South Beach introduces us to six very wealthy and very crafty women. Christy (Bebe Mends), for example, is in real estate ... sort of. She describes herself as a "self-made woman" and "successful house keeper." She explains, "After five divorces, I've kept every house." Having acquired her fortune, Christy has no need for men, but does keep a staff of male servants around for entertaining company, such as her BFF Marysol (Joslyn James), who samples the black butler (Jack Fantasy) during a visit.

Even better than the real thing! —Guy Smith XBIZ Premiere

Real Housewives Of South Beach is available at:

Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody
Cast: Peter O'Tool, Xander Corvus, Capri Anderson, Ash Hollywood, Brooklyn Lee
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid Entertainment

2012 AVN Award Winner for
Best cinematography
Best parody - drama

Casual fans of the Spider-Man franchise might not have intimate knowledge of the characters named and portrayed in this parody, but that won't stop them from enjoying everything from the storyline to the hot sex scenes.

Drawing heavily on the comics for source material, Spider-Man XXX pits the webhead, played remarkably well by Xander Corvus, against Electro (Dick Delaware), who has teamed up with The Kingpin (Peter O'Tool) to wreak havoc on the city. Die-hard comic fans will love the inclusion of not only Mary Jane (Capri Anderson), but also Peter Parker/Spider-Man's first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy (Ash Hollywood), and even another crimefighter, The Black Widow (Brooklyn Lee).

The story is solid enough to keep the audience interested throughout the entire movie, but the sex scenes, some of which are a geek's wet dream brought to life, are what they are really looking for.

The one nod director and comic fan Axel Braun makes toward the movie versions of Spider-Man is the upside-down kiss: In his version, it's a 20-minute upside-down blowjob. (Major kudos to Corvus for being able to pull that scene off.)

And while the blowjob scene is worthy of attention, to see Corvus in costume fucking Brooklyn Lee from behind before flipping her over to give her a proper railing that has her begging for more and climbing on top for some anal is the highlight for us.

Braun does a great job of bringing comic book heroes to the XXX screen without insulting die-hard or even casual fans. And thankfully he was smart enough to throw in some plot points that leave us breathlessly awaiting a sequel. What's more, an original XXX comic book is included with the DVD that will appeal to the avid fan of Spider-Man comics. �Sherri L. Shaulis, AVN Editors Choice

Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody is available at:

Star Wars XXX: A Porn ParodyStar Wars XXX: A Porn Parody
Cast: Aiden Ashley, Kimberly Kane, Kris Slater, Kylie Ireland, Lexington Steele, Marcus London
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Vivid

2013 AVN Winner for Best Screen play (Parody), Best supporting Actor (Tom Bryon), Best Art Direction, Best Director (Axel Braun), Best Selling Title of 2012

As with any great porn parody the quality of the sex is as high as the parody. With 6 sex scenes you get a lot of fuck for your buck and a good variety of sex scenes which fit into the narrative and delicious detours. The sex here is top notch and Vivid hasn't softened it down at all with a solid amount of anal action. The best of the scenes are the orgy in Mos Eisley's Cantina and the Wookie Sex Scene.

Casting in Star Wars XXX is a maasive part of why it works so well: Allie Haze is fantastic as Lei, Tom Byron is amazing as Obie Wan, Rocco Reed a great Han Solo and Seth Gamble is a ringer for Like Skywalker. The only role which didn't work was Chi Ch LaRue as C3PO, but with so many amazing performances it's hard to complain about one role.

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody has it all. As a parody of Star Wars it's fun and silly, as a porn there's enough great sex to enjoy and watch over and over, with production values that are more than top notch. Ultimately this is a Star Wars Fanboy wet dream, a porn fan's treat and a porn parody fan's penultima flick. This film plays out scenarios I'm sure even the most rabid fans have never quite imagined. This is a great adult film, a super parody and clearly an XCritic Pick. — Christopher Thorne

Star Wars XXX is available at:

rTaxi Driver
Cast: Chanel Preston , Evan Stone, Lily LaBeau, Ron Jeremy, Tommy Pistol
Director: General Stone
Studio: Pleasure Dynasty Films

While the prevalence of sexual themes in Martin Scorsese’s classic “Taxi Driver” makes it easy to develop sex scenes into the movie’s storyline about a Vietnam veteran’s feelings of alienation and disgust in a world that seemingly has lost its moral compass, the movie has a status within the canon of American film that makes a parody somewhat difficult. But Pleasure Dynasty and director General Stone are up to the task, bringing the porn version to life in a fitting tribute to the original.

Tommy Pistol does a great job of portraying Travis Bickle, the titular taxi driver who desperately seeks companionship in a world where he doesn’t quite fit in. His inspired effort more than makes up for the few occasions where the pacing of the dialogue and supporting actors aren’t up to par. The videography is excellent and even includes some nice camera angles during the sex scenes.

Overall, General Stone admirably works within his limitations to create a dramatic parody that uses the mainstream classic’s sexuality to insert sex scenes in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the movie.

The sex scenes work on many levels, making sense within the context of the movie. For instance, Travis’ penchant for visiting porn theaters provides an obvious sex scene: a three-way with Aurora Snow, Chanel Preston and Tom Byron that is supposed to be a part of a porn film. The scene has been edited to look like a 70’s film (although the lack of body hair gives it away that the scene is from the modern era) but it still stands up well. The best encounter picks up where the movie ended, with Travis hooking up with the beautiful campaign worker (Lily LeBeau) that he previously found unattainable in a scene that showcases Lily’s considerable fellatio skills. —Scott Ross, XBIZ Editors Choice

Taxi Driver is available at:

The Graduate XXXThe Graduate XXX
Cast: India Summer, Anthony Rosano, Raven Alexis, Lexi Belle, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy
Director: Paul Thomas
Studio: Exile Pictures

Director Paul Thomas gives the classic film, The Graduate, a makeover and added hardcore sex. Just like the original, The Graduate XXX follows the life of Ben (Anthony Rosano) after he graduates college. Ben falls in love with Elaine Robinson (Raven Alexis), but in the process gets mixed up in an affair with his parents' friend and Elaine's mother, Mrs. Robinson (India Summer).

"The cast of The Graduate XXX is perfect," said Thomas. "Anthony Rosano and India Summer each found the extra bit of humor and satirical angle when playing the iconic characters. I instructed them to make the parts their own and give them a farcical reinterpretation. I respect and love the original movie, but also feel it is ripe to poke fun of, while injecting the right amount of sex and comedy to keep the parody flowing."

Paul Thomas is one of the most awarded directors in XXX history.

The Graduate XXX is available at:

This Ain't Ghostbusters XXXThis Ain't Ghostbusters XXX
Cast: Alec Knight, James Deen, Evan Stone, Raven Alexis, Joslyn James, Alexis Texas, Ron Jeremy
Director: Axel Braun
Studio: Hustler

It's likely that everyone reading this has seen the classic comedy-horror film Ghostbusters, and it's even more likely that any of those viewers with a sexual bone in his (or her) body has wondered what it would look like to see, say, Bill Murray having hot supernatural sex with a demon-infested Sigourney Weaver-or even what Harold Ramis was "looking for" under Annie Potts' desk. Thankfully, Axel Braun is here to answer some of those questions—and in 3D!

Beyond the terrific sex, though, we have to say a few words about the special effects, which are just fabulous. Nearly all of the buildings (not to mention a couple of gargoyles and the New York Library's lion) are rendered in perfect 3D CGI, and little bits of business like the books floating from the shelves in the library, and Sarah and Jeremy turning into dog demons at the end, couldn't have been done better by a mainstream production house. Likewise, the 3D camera work is flawless, and even the script has more actual laughs than we'd have expected. All in all, it's a nearly perfect 3D XXX experience. —Mark Kernes, AVN

This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX is available at:

The Flintstones Adult DVD The Flintstones: A XXX Parody
Cast: Anthony Rosano, Brooke Lee Adams, Dale DaBone, Hayden Winters, Hillary Scott
Director: Will Ryder
Studio: New Sensations

Will Ryder’s loving take on America’s favorite Stone Age clan is among his best work. Sets and costumes nail the cartoony look, and there’s some great green-screen work that makes the characters appear to be in cartoons come to life. And the cast is first-rate.

Peter O’Tool, a fine actor, seems to have a sub-career going as a John Goodman parodist. He is wholly convincing as Fred Flintstone, and though non-sex, his performance is the glue that makes the movie come together.

Hillary Scott, in a rare appearance, shows she’s still a knockout and a champion sex performer in a fiery scene with Dale DaBone — although she’s really no hotter than drool-worthy Misty Stone, as Fred’s boss’s secretary. There are dinosaur poop gags, pet rocks, Brontosaurus burgers. Anthony Rosano is very funny as Barney Rubble, the idiot neighbor, and Brooke Lee Adams plays his giggly wife Betty.

As always with Ryder movies, the soundtrack, with its spot-on parodies of ’60s TV themes, rocks. —XBIZ Editors Choice

The Flintstones: A XXX Parody is available at:

The Sex Files | Adult DVDThe Sex Files II: A Dark XXX Parody
Cast: Kimberly Kane, Anthony Rosano, Dani Jensen, Rocco Reed
Director: Sam Hain
Studio: Digital Sin

In the Revolution X/Digital Sin follow-up effort to their masterful original “Sex Files” spoof, writer/director Sam Hain delivers another smart story that comes to life through superb cinematography and commanding performances by lead actors Kimberly Kane (Scully) and Anthony Rosano (Mulder).

This time Mulder and Scully set out to investigate a series of fire-related deaths in the Eastern Virginia area that may be linked to some extra-terrestrial activity. Could it be the controlled release of a black oil-like virus called “purity” by an entity not of this Earth? “I don’t believe in aliens,” Scully says. So we watch as she and Mulder inch closer to danger in an attempt to crack the case while the sexual tension between them builds.

The natural screen chemistry between Kane and Rosano propels the action, which looks cinematic in every way from the tight editing to the seamless transitions to the moody lighting that fits every scenario. Kane and Rosano leave hardly anything to the imagination in a fantasy shower scene that pops up at just the right time. It even includes Kane, who is the reigning XBIZ Acting Performance of the Year winner, doing reverse cowgirl anal.

Meanwhile, two welcome surprises come in the form of Dani Jensen and India Summer. Both shine in brief supporting roles, exuding serious screen presence and ratcheting up the sizzle in their boy/girl scenes enough to leave us wanting more.

To his credit, Hain gives the audience what it’s wanting during the unexpected climax. The mysterious director goes for it with a grandiose payoff that represents a triumph in adult special effects worthy of the ambitious title and enough to seal this show as one of 2010’s best. — Dan Miller, XBIZ Editor's Choice Review

Available at:

Top Guns Adult DVDTop Guns
Cast: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Tommy Gunn
Director: Robby D.
Studio: Digital Playground

This film, Top Guns, is most obviously a parody of the biggest selling Air Force related film of all time, Top Gun. And while this one doesn't feature the acting chops of Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer the actors chosen for these roles really shine beyond belief. In particular Tommy Gunn, who seems like he is in EVERYTHING lately, stands out as someone who could actually make it in Hollywood WITHOUT having to fuck everyone. The man is a genius, and while his demeanor at times can be both mysterious and aloof, it only adds to the role he is trying to portray. Watching this film you feel convinced that if Tommy himself wasn't in the military, he at least grew up with someone who was as he looks and feels so much like a soldier it is uncanny.

The girls, the real sellers of the film, are flawless with Jesse Jane looking cute as a button as always while still laying down some heavily dramatic acting and the taut Stoya showing the world she also is more than a pale skinned pussy and a beautifully tight ass. The film is HEAVY on dialogue, so those who came into this looking for a straight sex film may leave perplexed, but those of us who wanted to see a sexy cinematic experiment that is also heavy on the action will feel like they definitely got their money's worth. ...

... In short, Top Guns is a landmark achievement in porn cinema and goes above and beyond the title of a 'parody film' that may be laid upon it. More correctly this is a work of art in its own right and not a simple sexual joke. Top Guns is an instant, modern classic and it deserves your undistracted viewing tonight. —WrightWilliams, Adult DVD Empire

Top Guns is available at:

Not Bewitched MovieNot Bewitched XXX
Director: Will Ryder
Studio: Adam & Eve

Created by the company that made Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewitched XXX is an adult spoof of the 1960s television show Bewitched and shows many of the same early warning signs that forecast success for the Brady Bunch sex parody.

The movie tells the story of Darren and Samanthas big problem when Aunt Clara cant undo a spell cast on Tabitha that accidentally turns the sweet little toddler into an 18-year-old sex kitten. With her first birthday party looming, all hell breaks loose when nosy neighbors, the boss and even the police arrive.

Wild sex, dirty witchcraft, perfect tits, ass and pussy abound in this hilarious XXX spoof of the 1960s classic TV show. "Jenna Haze and Mike Horner are pitch-perfect as Samantha and Darren, and Teagan plays Tabitha with the right mix of naïveté and knowing, innocently exploring her new body—and not-so-innocently conjuring up a vibrator to explore it some more. ... The supporting cast is excellent, with Nina Hartley transformed into mother-in-law Endora and Ron Jeremy appropriately hammy as Dr. Bombay." —Tod Hunter, XBIZ Premiere (November 2008)

Not Bewitched XXX is available at:

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