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Top 10 Porn Movies for Women

Compliments of Gamelink

Women -- and a lot more than you think -- watch porn for the same reasons as men: curiosity and fantasy exploration, masturbation or couple sex inspiration, education, and entertainment. That doesn't mean that we want the same things in our movies. It can be nearly impossible to find the kinds of movies that women tend to like on sites geared towards men, so we created this article to help women understand the types of porn, stars, studios and titles they might find arousing.

Football Cheerleader10. Football Cheerleader

This classic from 1979 stars some of the shapeliest sirens of the day in a blistering look at a football team's sexy cheerleading unit. This raucous romp through the world of pro football is complete with sensual shower scenes and hot locker-room boffs.

Candida Royale turns in one of her best performances here, throwing her curvalicious frame into a pair of classic trysts. She takes on Jennifer West in an extremely arousing lesbian dust-up and engages in a blistering, high-energy interracial bangtango that doesn't let up until she is utterly spent. Fans of buxom ravishers will flip for this one, filled with the natural charms of Candida, Lisa De Leeuw, and Sue Nero. It's a no-holds-barred sexfest from kickoff to the final whistle! A must see for any fan of 70's style erotic

GAMELINK SAYS: One of Candida Royalle's best performances, exploring the fantasy of sex with the football team, lesbian sex between cheerleaders, and including interracial sex. If you can stop laughing at the mullets the shower scene with the football players is one not to miss. Vintage strap-on scene between the cheerleaders is very hot.

Naked and Famous9. Naked and Famous

2007 AVN Award Nominee for Best All-Sex Release, Best Director - Non-Feature, Best Oral Sex Scene - Video, Best Art Direction - Video.

Jack the Zipper presents Kimberly Kane in Naked and Famous, a heart thumping ugly bumping extravaganza of mega proportions, an erotic blend of titties and turmoil all in the name of hardcore sex. Fierce and undaunted! A must see. Also starring Smoking Mary Jane and Lexi Love.

Dana DeArmond Does the Internet8. Dana DeArmond Does the Internet

Dana DeArmond, "The Internet's Girlfriend," wants to be your friend.
With D3TI, Dana's very own porno biopic, she delivers personal interviews and adorable reenactments; exposing the Dana phenomenon. Dana swears, "You're going to be my best friend after you see this." Casting from her Top eight on MySpace, D3TI delivers mainstream debuts from BDSM porn veterans Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna, and the foxy Reagen Maddux, whom Dana just met on MySpace.

"She was like, 'I want to be in a porno,' and I was like, you're really hot and we just happen to be making a porno!"

Things get personal when real-life drama threatens the production of D3TI and Dana is forced to roll-up her sleeves and give herself in ways no other porn star has imagined. "I knew it would be hard but I never thought it would be this emotional," Dana admits. The result is a movie much like herself, cute and innocent on the outside, but open it up and you get a lot of dirty sex.

GAMELINK SAYS: Lesbian pornstar Dana DeArmond recruits her top myspace friends to debut in her own alt porn production, introducing them to the biz, BDSM, and really dirty sex on film. There are hot lesbian scenes in this and some straight sex too and it's all got an unscripted realistic feel, with real people that don't look like plastic pornstars.

Doll Undeground7. The Doll Underground

Eon McKai's long-awaited Doll Underground, well over a year in the making, has finally arrived, and it's the bomb. Political, edgy, sharp and clever, this thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. Starring Pixie Pearl, Presley Maddox, Lexi Belle and Reagan Maddux, The Doll Underground tells the story of four angry girls who are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. They're through getting fucked by the government (if not by the boys) and they're out to wake up the world!

Easily Eon McKai's most anticipated release, The Doll Underground first surfaced virally via anonymous video clips planted throughout the Blogosphere. Their message was simple: a call for women to rise up from their homogenized suburban environments and unite against the tyranny of big business.

Inspired by the late 60s activist-turned-militant Leftist collective, The Weathermen, The Doll Underground are here to wake up our day-dreaming nation from the financial dictatorship that continues to crush it. Lead by Dorn Adorn (Pixie Pearl), these sexually charged revolutionaries take refuge in L.A.'s now entombed Belmont Tunnel. Outfitted in gothic uniforms and strapped with homemade explosives, the Dolls plot to take down the owners by any means necessary.

GAMELINK SAYS: The Doll Underground is lighter on storyline than most of Eon McKai's alt porn, evocing the story of the Weather Underground only slightly, with some pretty standard porn sex, including hot female masturbation scenes, a hot ffm threesome, and a boy-girl scene

Art School Sluts6. Art School Sluts

At night when her eyes are closed, Mia (Keiko) lives out the rush of auto-erotica, the climactic combo of smashed vehicles and petrol scented sex, but during the day she's a disenchanted art student wondering why she even bothers getting a degree.

Creeped out by her perv teacher who uses art instruction as a cum-on, she daydreams away, living out her Polaroid fantasies.
While she doesn't mind screwing her junglist friend, Trixie (Felix Vicious), and lame-porn website editor, Billy (Talon), she's definitely not into poser punks and is still searching for an uber-slacker to make her cream.
Enter Johnny (James Deen). The shy emo-boy who spends his trust fund money on mind candy is way too lazy to make art, but he's got spunk and is surprisingly well hung for a sensitive shoegazer.

Has Mia met her match? Will their kinky sex lead to great art, or will they end up getting jobs working on cheesy 90's looking porn?

All we know is that Art School Sluts are easy!

GAMELINK SAYS: now a classic by the director known as the originator of Alt Porn, Eon Mckai

The Rebel Rousers5. The Rebel Rousers

Lipstick-wearing, knife-wielding street broads in tight skirts have the run of the exotic lingerie racket run by top bitch Switchblade Molly (Kimberly Kane). Business is good for the belles, and as they get a new shipment ready to hit the streets, this gang of delinquent devil-dolls realize they need some extra help to keep up with the demand from the lingerie addicted pinups in Squaresville. So they get help from evil mastermind Damon, who's breaking in a new hellcat on Tiki island. These pretty-but-deadly pinups are vicious, reckless, and sex hungry!

Get ready to get a-roused with Rebelle Rousers, the stylish new retro porn from Vivid Alt. Octavio WinkyTiki and executive producer Eon McKai serve up a pinup-style feast of tough dames, white-trash antics and hot sex in this tale of bad girls gone...well, worse. Switchblade-wielding reform school girls dominate the exotic lingerie market in Squaresville, and you won't believe how bad they can be in this story of badass heels, wheels and deals. Join pornstar pinups Kimberly Kane, Page Morgan, Mysti May and Lexi Bardot in a crazy thrill-ride that will make you wish you lived in a bad neighborhood!

GAMELINK SAYS: Octavio WinkyTiki and executive producer Eon McKai serve up a pinup-style feast of tough dames, white-trash antics and hot sex in this tale of bad girls gone worse

Stunt Girls Box4. Stunt Girls Volumes 1 & 2

Together at last, the modern XXX classics that changed the face of porn forever!

Stuntgirl #1:
Taking you on a journey through drunken seediness, mad orgiastics and red-drenched hotel trysts, this is a stylistic explosion of haunting mood music and palpable eroticism, Stuntgirl is unequivocally, a work of pure art. Not 'pornographic' art or 'artcore' or whatever term you fancy. Just plain, absolutely brilliant art!

Stuntgirl #2:
Harder. Faster. This is the sequel to the three-time AVN award winner that will leave you breathless! JacktheZipper will take you to places you never imagined in this erotic journey!

GAMELINK SAYS: Modern classic that pioneered a whole new genre of porn, often called artcore, stunning boy/girl and girl/girl scenes with similar appeal as some amateur porn in that the sex is very inspired and real, but the directing, lighting and camera angles are worthy of the term art. the lesbian scene at 1:23 captures the essence of real dyke sex between natural hotties that look like you might find at a club in SF.

Bad Luck Betties3. The Bad Luck Betties

In Downtown LA, Trouble Comes In High Heels

When four aspiring starlets find themselves in the seedy underbelly of show business, their dreams of stardom turn into a living hell. Once deemed "damaged goods", they end up fending for themselves in the margins of society.

Now hardened, restless and with an insatiable appetite for revenge and ultra violence, they take control of "Transaction Junction", the main intersection used by the purveyors of vice to supply Hollywood's demand for contraband. Their lucrative racket is at risk when the completion of the freeway bypass threatens to take away their control of their "Hollywood connection".

No one gets in or out without paying their dues!

These vixens had nothing to loose and everything to gain!

GAMELINK SAYS: Interesting plot, trippy cinematography, and hot lesbian sex in this alt flick from a photographer turned pornographer who produces some of the most visually stunning and fun alt-porn out there

Blacklight Beauty2. Blacklight Beauty

From the most dangerous director in XXX comes the most mindbending porno flick yet: Blacklight Beauty, filled with backroom gangbangs, pussy wrestling, unfaithful girlfriends, oral fixations, obsessions and randy circus acts. Jarring, rocking, hypnotic and twisted, and starring twelve of the most sexually aggressive women in the world, Blacklight Beauty is a sinematic smorgasbord - feast on it.

GAMELINK SAYS: Delicious cinematography and mind-blowing lighting make this all-sex movie from the 2007 AVN award winning director a great watch, especially if you hate all the fake-sounds that usually accompany porn. Instead a tasteful and trippy soundtrack compliments the kelidoscope of colored lights and hot sex between women and scenes with 5 men on one woman. All of the women seem to have nice smaller or natural breasts and seem genuinely bisexual. 

Morphine1. Morphine

Based on true events! Kimberly Kane paints a dark picture of a young woman (Audrey Hollander) struggling to leave the tawdry life of a prostitution and drug addiction to follow her dreams of being a Nashville songwriter.

In this world of endless sorrow and sadistic sex acts, will she make it out alive or will she be just another junkie with a pipe dream? Find out in Morphine...

GAMELINK SAYS: Beautifully shot, gorgeously edited, with a great cast and great music! Featuring sexy, busty redhead Audrey Hollander, Kimberly Kane (inlcuding a gloryhole scene that she claims is her roughest ever) and a hot lesbian scene with voluptuous hottie April Flores, this feature is well done and loaded with great fucking!

Check out 90 MORE on Gamelink now!

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