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Call for Submissions

Ai Press

Please tell editors/publishers you read their guidelines on the
Erotica Readers & Writers Association Website

Call For Submissions

Ai Press

We're looking for well-written erotic romances that are both erotic and romantic. This means:

The story must meet the definition of a romance novel: the primary focus must be on the development of a romantic relationship, and there must be an emotionally satisfying, committed ending for the main characters. A "happily ever after" ending is not essential. "Happy for now" is acceptable.

Aside from being erotic (with a higher number of erotic scenes), stories must have strong characters, interesting conflicts and an engaging plot.

The story must include abundant, explicit sex and sexual tension, starting early and continuing throughout. Sex scenes must be described in graphic detail with explicit wording, not delicate euphemisms or purple prose. Both kinky and vanilla sex are okay.

However, the sexual relationship must be integral to and an important element of the plot and character development. Sex scenes should further the plot, affect the romantic relationship or advance character growth.

Do not mix content genres. For example, if a book is M/M, the sex scenes should be exclusively between men. The same goes for M/F.

At this time we are currently acquiring M/M, F/M and ménage in the following subgenres: contemporary, BDSM, sci-fi, steampunk, cowboy and Western, multi-cultural and paranormal (vampire/werewolf/psy). All kinks are welcome except where noted below. We also accept young adult fiction.

Length: 40,000 words and up. We will consider shorter works only if they are in a popular subgenre such as vampire, werewolf, M/M, BDSM or ménage.

Manuscripts must be clean and need very little editing. Always have a proofreader or beta-reader look over your work before sending.

Heat level: No "sweet" romance. Stories must have a high and explicit level of erotic tension and content, though that same content need not be kinky. It can be "vanilla sex" as long as the emotions are strong between the characters and the eroticism flows naturally from the developing romance. No sex thrown in just for show.

Dark Sins line ­ can be pure erotica ­ no need for romance or HEA. Heavy BDSM allowed. However, the same rules apply in regard to the writing. Solid characters, interesting conflicts and sex that flows naturally from the storyline.

~We do NOT accept F/F at this time. This isn't because we dislike lesbians, but F/F just doesn't sell.

Send an email to Managing Editor Sue Swift at with attached .doc or rtf files, as follows:

~Put Ai Press submission in the subject line of your email. Otherwise it may be deleted as spam.

~ brief professional cover email (genre and length of story; one or two paragraph blurb; previous publication credits. No personal information or anything unrelated to the story or your writing career.

~ detailed synopsis (2 to 4 pages describing setting and main characters, conflict, full plot and resolution)

~ the first three chapters and the final chapter of your manuscript. (If it is a short story of less than 15,000 words, send the full manuscript).

Note: We are a publisher of electronic books (although most of our titles are also eventually issued in print). We do almost all our work electronically; we do not accept paper submissions. Communication is via e-mail. Editors and authors exchange electronic files of the manuscript at all stages. No paper submissions, no paper edits, no paper galleys.

Please be sure your submission has been thoroughly self-edited (and we highly recommend having frank critique partners look at it!), and has been proofread by someone other than yourself. It must be free of typos and grammatical errors. We suggest using one-inch margins and a variable-space, easy to read font (such as Times Roman, Arial, Book Antiqua), but we do not reject stories based on formatting.

Previously published authors: We will only consider your out-of-print books if you hold exclusive rights. Please send a copy of your reversion letter with the submission.

What we won't buy:

No manuscript will be considered that is in any way demeaning to an individual or group of people. Villains are okay, but no haters allowed.

Although the line between erotica and pornography is oftentimes a fuzzy one, here are the big no-nos that we don't feel fuzzy about in the slightest:

No pedophilia.

No incest. The only exception is twincest which has popularity as a genre, especially in M/M erotic romance.

No adultery. If a character is married, the marriage portrayed must be along the lines of an arranged marriage in which the spouses have not developed romantic feelings for each other or some other configuration in which the spouse who is not part of the romantic couple is not emotionally damaged. Perhaps they really care about each other as friends and provide a front of legitimacy to the world.

We do not consider ménages to be adulterous as long as both partners participate or are informed. Polyamory is okay but cheating is not. Cheating is not romantic.

No rape as titillation. Rape may be used as part of the plot action, especially supporting character development, but may not be presented in a positive light or with the intent to stimulate erotic excitement or pleasure. The hero may not be a rapist.

No bodily functions as sexual activity (e.g., "golden showers").

No necrophilia with the exception of vamps, zombies and other supernatural creatures.

No guns, knives or other weapons stuffed in various parts of the female/male anatomy.

No bestiality. This rule refers to animals indigenous to Earth mating with humans. It does not apply to paranormal creatures such as aliens, shapeshifters, and sentient otherworldly humanoid animals in sci-fi or fantasy.

Submission Tips—or, a Little Friendly Advice

Professional cover email. This is our first impression of you and your writing. If the cover letter is riddled with errors or sounds very immature, we will assume the story is also.

Clear synopsis. We want to know before spending the time reading the submission whether the story meets our guidelines and is appropriate for our market. It need not be long.

Correct grammar and word usage; no typos.

Consider: Is this something I would buy to read for myself?

Believable and likable characters, though villainous antagonists are okay.

An emotional connection between characters, and the sensuality worked into the development of the romantic relationship.

Good blend of dialogue and action. Avoid info dumps and long stretches of narrative that slow down the pacing.

Intriguing and believable plot, no major holes, no "and a miracle occurred" resolutions.

Originality: not the same plot elements and character types we can find in a hundred books.

Clear POV, no head hopping.

Before submitting your work, consider reading either Write This, Not That or Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. Take the lessons in these works to heart and apply them before submitting to us.


50/50 on digital and 10% on print. All titles 50k and over are eligible for print based on initial sales.

We look forward to reading your submissions.

Thank you for considering Ai Press.

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