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Call for Submissions

Juicy Pink Box

Please tell editors/publishers you read their guidelines on the
Erotica Readers & Writers Association Website

Call For Submissions

Juicy Pink Box

Thank you for reading the submission guidelines for Juicy Pink Box and allowing us to consider your work. Without your creativity, we wouldn't have an erotica publishing division. To submit your short-story erotica, please follow the guidelines below.

We understand you want to receive speedy news of acceptance. So we will do our best to reply quickly and personally to each inquiry. We are writers and editors ourselves, and as such, we are conscientious about responding to manuscripts promptly. But with a high volume of submissions, it may take some time to reply. Moreover, we apologize for any delay.

Guidelines at a Glance

• Series Title: Falling for Her
• Series Description: Stories about "straight" women falling in love with other women and what exactly it is like. Tone is light, romantic, sensual, sweet, "making love" themes.
• Demographic Target: 18-25 year old females
• Market: Fiction, Nonfiction
• Genre: Erotica
• Length: 3,000­5,000 words
• Reading time: Year-round, seasonal submissions accepted
• Unsolicited submissions: Yes
• Query first: N/A
• Simultaneous Submissions: Accepted. Please indicate in your email.
• Multiple Submissions: Accepted. Please indicate in your email.
• Previously Published: No.
• Book Excerpts: No.
• Submission Type: Email Only
• Media: eBook

Following the guidelines below, submit materials to:

Category Guidelines:


We seek erotica flash fiction/non-fiction and short stories. We want your well-crafted, polished manuscript that has been revised, edited, reconsidered and read by your writing group or other colleagues. We will not accept first drafts/rough/unpolished work. Your work should be a final draft.


• Two (2) short-story Juicy Pink Box-branded e-book manuscripts per month

General Guidelines for All Submissions:


As a sex-positive company, we would like to see stories with the following characteristics:
• Storylines involving women of color, but NOT as a maid/housekeeper. Women characters should have good jobs and interesting lives.
• Stories set in an exotic location.
• Luxury lifestyle themes
• Storylines about straight women struggling with sexuality.
• Happy ending required, no "suicidal" themes.
• Soft and sensual
• Really clear descriptions of sex
• Strong character and plot development
• An air of mystery
• Surprise endings
• Great love story, i.e romantic, tear jerker, etc.


If your manuscript includes any of the following themes, it will be automatically rejected:
• Rape (unless consensual, i.e. in a Sub/Dom Relationship)
• Violence/Domestic Violence (unless consensual, i.e. in a Sub/Dom Relationship)
• Incest, even if implied (i.e. stepmother)
• Bestiality
• Scat/Golden Shower/Menstrual Blood
• Underage sex (except in situation where it's a "true story" and then 15-16 cutoff, depending on the content)
• Extreme power imbalances (i.e high school student with teacher, or a much older woman and younger woman)
• Trickery in seduction (no one should be fooled or forced into sex or a relationship through fraud or coercion)


Send your queries and submissions via email, according to the guidelines below. We accept unsolicited submissions via email only. We do not accept submissions via U.S. mail. Please wait at least thirty (30) days to hear from us, but please feel free so submit simultaneous submissions. We do not accept excerpts of material from other work. We also do not accept previously published work.


Please paste your entire story into the body of your email. Please do not send text attachments. We will not open your MS Word or PDF file, as we are wary of viruses.


Your text submission should be formatted with basic black type and one font—Cambria 12 pt or Calibri 11pt work best for our site format—without strange, cute or other funky formatting. If your submission must contain strange formatting or you are otherwise unable to fit your submission into these basic formatting guidelines without losing some of its meaning, contact us with a query email for special instructions.


Strange formatting may occur when you cut and paste a document into the body of an email—especially if you have non-standard punctuation or multiple fonts used in a piece. Some of MS Word's auto-formatting features—for example, smart quotes and em dashes—change in appearance when pasted as text into an email. When we receive this type of email, the text may appear as unreadable "Unicode." Please edit your submission in the body of the email to ensure there are no smart quotes, curly apostrophes, or other problematic formatting issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask first.


Please include your name and contact information in your submission. Please share a brief biography per the guidelines for your submission category. We'd like your name, phone number and email address at the beginning of your email, along with the type of submission you are making and the number of words it contains. We will not share your contact information.

Here is a sample of how it should look:
• Title or Headline Explanation of Submission
• Series for Submission
• Number of Words
• Name
• Phone
• Email


You can help us read your email submission faster by following our conventions for your subject line. Please use your last name and a shortened version of your title. For instance, "ABC Title Erotica by J. Doe." There is no need to use something cute or strange in the subject line as this will likely cause your email to be deleted.


By submitting your work, you are confirming that you own the copyright to the material and are granting usage of the work to Juicy Pink Box. We will purchase a two (2) year exclusive license with the first right of refusal to purchase all rights or renew a license at the end of the term. Author will be paid in full once final manuscript has been accepted.


It is appropriate to provide a brief biography with your submission. If your submission is accepted, we will contact you if we need additional information to include in your bio. For example, we may ask you to provide a photograph, links to your website, etc.


If your work is accepted for publication, you will receive a one-time payment of $50 upon publication. Payment will occur within thirty (30) days of publication.


Our goal is to respond to submissions within a month. There should be no need to resend your submission—in our experience, as email is profoundly efficient. Occasionally, online technical glitches and spam filters may somehow thwart our communication process. If you have not heard back from us within two months, please send a follow-up email to the appropriate submissions category.

Thank you for your interest in Juicy Pink Box. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing your work.

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