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Call for Submissions

Storm Moon Press

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Call For Submissions

Storm Moon Press

Storm Moon Press is a royalty-paying publisher that produces quality GLBT and alternative lifestyle fiction. We also have our imprint, Wild Moon Books, that seeks out and produces quality heterosexual fiction. We are entering our fifth year, and we're looking for new and established authors to work with!

We are currently seeking gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans* romances and erotic romances 20,000 words or longer in length. We are looking to acquire in all genres. We're particularly looking for novella and novel length lesbian, bisexual, and trans* manuscripts, and those will be given preference in our editorial queue. While we're happy to look at and acquire more gay titles, we see a distinct lack of lesbian, bisexual, and trans* titles, and those are areas within the GLBT market that we would like to see more of. We're also aggressively pursuing submissions of polyamorous (multiple partner) and BDSM romances and erotic romances.

Right now, submissions that include the following are fast-tracked in our queue: Angels and demons, well done BDSM, full-figured heroines, older heroes and heroines, speculative fiction, dystopian and post-apocalyptic, sci-fi and aliens with strong world-building, high fantasy, erotic horror, and polyamory.

We are not willing to look at manuscripts that include bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, scat, golden showers, or parent/child incest.

Our imprint, Wild Moon Books, is actively seeking mainstream romance and erotic romance submissions over 20,000 words. This imprint is specifically for mainstream, heterosexual romances and erotic romances. We have a number of anthology and line calls as well as accepting general submissions for this imprint, and so we would love to see some authors who could contribute to this new imprint.

Our contracts are for four (4) year terms with no right of first refusal or non-compete clauses and seek worldwide first English rights. We offer 40% cover on digital titles sold through our online storefront and 30% net on digital sales through third parties. We pay via check or PayPal. All titles over 65,000 words are made available in print as well as digital. You can find all our submission guidelines at:

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