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Call for Submissions

Tonight She's Yours - Cuckold Fantasies 2

Stupid Fish Productions

Please tell editors/publishers you read their guidelines on the
Erotica Readers & Writers Association Website

Questions? EMail:

Title: Tonight She's Yours - Cuckold Fantasies 2
Contracts: Nonexclusive rights
Submission Deadline: May 30, 2017
Word Count: Up to 5,000 (strict)
Payment: $50.00 (US) and 1 copy of the book (90 days after publication)
Editor: Rose Caraway
Publisher: Stupid Fish Productions

*Please note that Publisher, (Stupid Fish Productions) has the final right of refusal on all submissions. No simultaneous submissions. Please do not submit a story that is being considered elsewhere.

The Call:

Stupid Fish Productions is seeking to create another anthology that represents the best in highly-erotic storytelling.

Elements of Focus; Eroticism. Plot. Character. Tone. Setting. Conflict. Dialogue.

*Writers are highly encouraged to seek Beta Readers before submitting.
Check out The Slush Pile:


“Tonight, She’s Yours: Cuckold Fantasies II” will feature stories of cuckolding that focus on…

1) The Cuckold

2) The Hotwife

3) The Bull/s.

*M/F, M/M & F/F couplings are encouraged. The Cuck, Hotwife, and Bull/s “roles” are not gender-locked, they can be whatever gender the author wants them to be.

Stories should closely examine the desire and fantasy of cuckolding—the care and mutual benefit of this specific dynamic of sexual play. From first-timers to the well-experienced, all characters should thoughtfully explore their motives. If your characters are well-versed with this play dynamic, creatively explore their depth of trust—their evolved preferences, now that they’ve gotten their toes wet.

Trust and Communication are essential. If this is a couple’s first time and the husband seeks a strong humiliation scene; explore how the wife finds her voice. How she fulfills her husband’s specific requirements. By its very nature, cuckolding explores the husband’s humiliation, but the level/degree of degradation is up to the author. The range of humiliation (For example: forced bi-sexuality and come play) can be from light and playful to intense.

Notes on the “Cuck”

Typically the cuckold takes on the submissive role, but that isn’t always the case. The husband’s kink is his wife’s pleasure. Feel free to explore the following:  How is it that the husband is willing to share his wife? Express his feelings of sexual inferiority or dominance. Examine the husband’s submissive/dominant role as he is the voyeur or participant. This is the cuckold’s greatest gift to his wife, but he reaps many benefits—how…why? Does he get to orgasm?

Notes on the “Hot Wife”

The wife must get off. Feel free to explore the following:  Is she the initiator or no? How much pleasure is the wife deriving from this arrangement? How much better does she orgasm with a “Bull?” What are her thoughts about having sex with another man? If this is her first time, consider any trepidations she may experience—her concerns of looking/feeling sexy to her husband and/or the “Bull.” Does she prefer to get to know the “Bull” or does she want to remain anonymous? How does she prepare mentally, physically? If she’s experienced, thoroughly show her prowess at satisfying her husband in this role—perhaps she’s ready to play with more than one “Bull.” Reflect how perfectly she pleases/humiliates her cuck. How does she implement the ultimate humiliation or turn on for him?

Notes on the “Bull/s”

Feel free to explore the following:  What is the “Bull” getting out of this situation? Why does he do this? Is his role an anonymous one-off or an on-going relationship? Is being a “Bull” a consistent fixture in his sexual relationships? Does he keep this part of himself secret or is he cavalier about it? Is he a professional? How did he get into this lifestyle?” If the “Bull’s” role is to dominate, degrade or humiliate, consider boundaries, motives, and techniques. Be creative with the “Bull’s” superior ability over the husband.

How to Submit:




To:  Rose Caraway
Subject:   Submission


Please submit your COVER PAGE and FINAL WORK as follows:


§  Your full contact information (legal name, *pseudonym, email address and current physical mailing address) *If you are using a pseudonym, indicate clearly which name you want to be credited as.

§  Payment Preference:

For PayPal, provide appropriate PAYPAL email address.
For Check, indicate “who” to make check out to.

§  Provide Official Website, or Blog link, or Email that you want readers to be directed to. (Only one please.)

§  Provide a fun/interesting bio of 75 words or less, written in the third person.



§  Word document with all pages numbered. (.doc or RTF)

§  Use double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point, black font, *US punctuation/spelling

§  Up to 5,000 (strict) word count.

§  Indent the first line of each paragraph

§  Do not add extra lines between paragraphs

§  Only submit the final version of your story. *Did you find Beta Readers? *Did you read your story out loud?

*Confirmation emails will be sent out approximately within 72 hours
after receiving your submission.

*Authors will be notified of official inclusion/exclusion of their manuscript from the publisher within approximately 30 days AFTER official SUBMISSION DEADLINE, via email.

Questions? EMail:


  E-mail this page

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