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Movie Review


Fallen | Wicked Pictures porn video

Jessica Drake stars as an angel who gets her wings clipped and is forced to live as a human in Director Brad Armstrong's Fallen, an impressive and surprisingly moving adult feature from Wicked Pictures.

As the opening credits roll, we find young lovers Keith (Brad Armstrong) and Denise (Jenna Haze) enjoying each other in the movie's opening sex scene. Keith wants Denise to stay the night, but she decides to return home, leaving Keith holding the engagement ring he hoped to propose to her within his hand. Sadly, Denise never makes it home and is killed in a freak elevator accident. Her guardian angel (played by Jessica Drake, whose character's name is also "Angel") wasn't there to protector Denise, and Angel is banned from Heaven as a result—forced to live among the humans, as a human.

The movie then jumps ahead four years in time, and we see Angel has been experimenting with her sexual side, going to sex clubs to participate in orgies (in Scene 2 we get to see Jessica double penetrated) and allowing the neighborhood cop (Randy Spears) to have his way with her on a regular basis. She even gets off watching others, making it a habit to watch a local hooker (Jennifer Dark) fuck her various "johns".

Then one day, perhaps by accident, perhaps by fate, Keith (who owns his own company, but enjoys being the delivery boy for it) bumps into Angel and accidently knocks coffee onto her shirt. Angel is immediately drawn to him, not realizing that he was the boyfriend of the girl she wasn't able to save.

The two eventually start dating, although Angel still can't resist experimenting with sex on the side—including blowing a cabbie (Herschel Savage) in exchange for allowing her to ride on the roof of his car (it reminds her of when she had wings); and going to a sex club to get off with one of the performers (Angie Savage) on the other side of a glass booth.

On the morning after Angel and Keith make love for the first time, she discovers who he really is and is freaked out by it—cutting off their relationship. However, when she realizes that she's in love with him, and then saves him from an armed gunman, Angel finally tells Keith the truth. The two go off to spend a romantic weekend together camping outside of the city ... but a tragedy soon follows that forces Angel to try and make a deal with the God she feels has betrayed her.

For a featured geared mainly toward the couples market (where things are often on the "tame" side), the sexual action in Fallen is sizzling hot. Not only do we get to witness Jessica getting a DP, but several other of the cast members get double penetrated as well, and many of the scenes contain anal. Even though Jessica's encounter with Randy is only a one-on-one, she has a night stick up her ass while he fucks her missionary; and Jessica also gets a cock up her behind in her first of two sex scenes with Brad. All in all, Fallen contains nine sex segments, and there's not a loser in the bunch.

Disc 1 of this 3-disc set (not counting a fourth sampler disc that's also included) also gives viewers an interactive option: allowing the viewer to "Choose Angel's Destiny" in the movie, which will lead to one of three endings—one of which is the ending actually used in the non-interactive version. One will have the choices of "Happy," "Afterlife," and "Vengeance". I won't tell you which one of those three Brad Armstrong decided to go with in his cut of the movie, but I will say he made the best choice of the three.

The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen (at about the 1.78:1 ratio) and comes with a 5.1 Dolby Digital track, along with the options to listen to a 5.1 Music Only track or a 5.1 Sex Only track. Both the video and the audio are top-notch for an adult title. Oddly, Wicked has not opted to record an audio commentary track for Fallen (nor did they for their other big fall movie, The Wicked, which makes me wonder if they're permanently moving away from such commentaries—let's hope not).

Disc 2 contains all of the various featurettes created for this release. These consist of a 38-minute Behind The Scenes segment; a 4 ½-minute bloopers reel; an 18-minute look at the stunts in Fallen; and 12-minutes worth of interviews with some of the cast where they're asked about their own belief in angels. Also on Disc 2 is a look at the box cover shoot; Jessica's taxi cab ride in the movie; the (thankfully) fake tattoo that her character gets in the film; a segment on the various rooftop footage shot; plus photo galleries, star bios, trailers and promotional information—including access to a digital copy of Fallen for your iPod or portable device. All of the Fallen-related featurettes are presented anamorphically with 2.0 Dolby sound.

Disc 3 includes two deleted scenes from the movie. The first is a 14-minute one-on-one between Jessica Drake and Barrett Blade; and the second is an 8-minute blowjob-only scene between Gianna Lynn and Brad Armstrong. Also included is an interactive selection entitled "The Sex Booths" in which viewers can pick a girl (the choices are Alektra Blue, Hunter Bryce, Jenaveve Jolie and Angie Savage) and then are treated to a POV scene with that girl where "you" are on the phone on the other side of a glass booth and the girl is performing for you. Using the angle button on your remote will allow you to see two different views of the action.

Also on Disc 3 is an extended version of Fallen's orgy scene that clocks in at a whopping 40-minutes. The disc also includes separate interviews with Brad Armstrong (19 minutes) and Jessica Drake (14 minutes); as well as a pair of bonus scenes taken from two other Wicked titles. The first of these is a lesbian threesome between Alektra Blue, Kristen Price and Lexxi Tyler from Cockstar; and the second is Jenna Haze and Steven St. Croix encounter in Operation: Desert Stormy.

As noted, current versions of the Fallen release also include a 2008 Wicked Sampler disc. This disc contains an additional five bonus sex scenes, taken from the releases of Black Widow, Candelabra, Coming Home; The Craving and Just Between Us.

Fallen is one of the best DVDs of the year and should be a strong contender in the categories of Best Feature, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director and Best DVD Extras when awards time rolls around later this year. It would simply be a sin not to own this great release.

Adult DVD Empire
November 2008

(Wicked Pictures; Brad Armstrong, 2008)
Available at Adult DVD Empire

"Coming Attractions" © 2008 Adult DVD Empire. All rights reserved.

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