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by William S. Dean

Passionate Fashion: An Interview with Tilly Greene

Tilly GreeneMost authors are pretty happy to have a (as in one) publisher, but mention the name Tilly Greene and a handful of eager publishers, hardcopy and e-books, raise their hands claiming first dibs on her next freshly written manuscript.

Phaze, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain,, and the Torrid editions of Whiskey Creek Press all sport titles familiar to erotic romance readers by the prolific Tilly. Her novels range from shapeshifters and cowboys to the military, from BDSM themes to the sizzling sexuality found in the world of haute (hot!) couture. In fact, she almost became a fashion designer herself. As her latest book, The Gilded Cage (part of the Hot Couture series published by Phaze) is set for release as both an e-book and paperback in April 2008 (read excerpt at the end of this interview), ERWA caught up with Tilly after her recent European trip to spend a few minutes in intimate talk.

ERWA: You're a prolific and awarded novelist. What do you think are the special qualities you bring to erotic romance writing that make you shine above the others?

Tilly Greene (TG): All writers have tricks up their sleeves to make a story their own and one of mine is in the details. I enjoy delving in and showing the reader why something is the way it is and not just noting a given. The questions are standard but the answers never are. Who is that woman standing off to the side and why is he so attracted to her without a word passing between them (Ride 'em, Ellora's Cave). What does the room look like and why does it speak so clearly of him (Come, Sweet Creature, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid). Where are they when love is brought up and why doesn't it happen where the reader expected it to happen (Zandia, Samhain Publishing). Nothing should be taken for granted in putting the reader right there with the characters, caring for them and their outcome.

ERWA:  I understand you recently returned from a trip to Italy. I'm sure the settings inspired your imagination for some future writing. What were some of the most impactful sights and experiences on your trip that sparked your sensual imagination for stories?

TG: With a series based in the fashion capitals of the world visiting Milan was always going to happen, I just didn’t expect it to be so inspiring. I had no expectations which I believed allowed me to enjoy it from the minute we arrived and the sun brightened the top of the Alps through to talking with our driver on the way back to the airport about his and his wife’s last hoorah traveling around the west coast of America before their kids were born.

It’s important to me when I write a story and the location itself is real and plays a role then I would like to inspire the reader to want to see it for them self. One place that will play a part in the fourth book in Hot Couture is where I put my head down each night, the Grand Hotel Villa Torretta. This is a 15th century villa with a wealth of inspiration found around ever corner. With frescoes in ballrooms to bathrooms, a private turret overlooking the grounds and it’s own Chapel, there was plenty to stimulate my imagination. Another location I visited that pushed all my buttons was the Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte. The inside of this museum is amazing, so quiet and intimate I felt as if I was the only person there, with incredible pieces of art. Hmmm, the twists and turns to the happy ever after are bouncing around my mind, begging to be set free.

ERWA: Everyone seems to talk highly of Italian men as attentive lovers. Did you feel that in meeting the men there or is it just hype that we see in movies?

TG: Like all people from around the globe, Italian men were interesting to watch, interact with and the stereotype didn’t always apply. What I did notice is that almost every man I saw was dressed wonderfully. Being winter and cool I spent time in the cafés sipping on hot chocolate to help me warm up before heading out to see more of the sites. Let me back up a minute, I should let you know it’s a personal quest of mine to find the world’s best hot chocolate so I must visit places that sell it. Anyway, this seemed to bring out the flirtatious side to some men or maybe it was my attempting to order in stilted Italian. Either way, they smiled and were always helpful be it where I wanted to go or what they thought I should see next. In the end, I have to say the men I spent time with were all polite, thoughtful and definitely aware of being with a woman.

ERWA: Naturally, readers tend to think that authors have "lived" everything they write about. What are some of the real day-to-day experiences you have that seem to run counter to the erotic and romantic "flow" and how do you "get back on track" to feel sensually inspired again?

TG: Laundry and cleaning are my nemesis for getting work done. There are others but these two are always there, nagging at my conscious. Once the chores are finished and I’m struggling to find my way back to where I‘d been playing before they reared their ugly heads I’ll often take a bubble bath to think about where the story is stalled and where I want it to go. Another thing I’ll do is to write a short short that’s all about the sex. What’s interesting about the latter choice is that it can sometimes lead to a book. After adding twenty thousand plus word and with the distance of a couple of years, OohRah! was released at Phaze and started out as a sex scene to help me get back in sync with the story I was working on.

ERWA: Your writing range is extensive and you also seem to know a number of other authors. Do you ever share ideas or just talk generally about turn-ons with other writers or do you keep your best ideas to yourself?

TG: I’m very lucky to be able to get together with other authors on a fairly regular basis. Writing has extensive solitary moments and being able to talk with someone else who knows exactly what you’re going through is key to keeping the sanity in check. When all the frustrations, concerns and life happenings have been aired it turns in to a free for all and beware any who are sitting around us listening in because more often than not the subjects are sexual. I remember there were two of us at a town coffee shop during the lunch hour talking about m/m positions. We forgot about everything around us until my friend’s lawyer came over to say hi. What a laugh!

ERWA: Are there ever any scenes you begun and had to scrap because they were just too wild, too erotic, or kinky to bring to the page successfully?

TG: No way! Is that possible? Seriously, it’s a dance and like any choreographer I tinker with the steps until the lovers and their interaction flows beautifully across the page, ending only when everyone is satisfied. I like to challenge myself to write something that will encourage the reader to step out of their comfort zone to look at something they have a preconceived notion about and try to see it in a new way. What can I say, I’m an author who enjoys coloring outside the traditional romance box by making the path to happiness full of pleasure and unpredictability.

ERWA: What are some of your upcoming projects, readers should be looking out for in the future?

TG: I’m very excited because this April Phaze will release Hot Couture, three of my passion for fashion and bondage as a collection. This will include the previously released The Leather Bride and Taming Marie Antoinette, and the debut of The Gilded Cage. Later Ellora’s Cave will release my shape-shifter erotic BDSM romance called Hamish’s Secret. I have more than a few books on my work-in-progress list and all of them are shouting at me to finish them immediately. We’ll see who has the loudest voice but let me tell you it’s difficult to choose between sexy shape-shifting brothers, the devil and an angel, and a woman who demands equality for all. Either way it should be an interesting couple of months, full of heat despite the chill outside.

Visit Tilly’s website:
Tilly’s blog:


“Who is that?” Max Stephenson nodded toward a busty blonde who stood a short distance away. She was nude, relatively speaking. All she wore was a half mask covering her eyes and nose, and a pair of black tight to mid-thigh ridiculously high stiletto boots. His gaze raced over her curvy form and paused briefly on her big breasts, bare mound and pretty pink cunt. An enchanting package to say the least.

“Ahhh, that’s Cassandra.”


“No, she’s been a member for maybe two years, but she only comes two, maybe three times a year.”

“I see she’s not wearing a collar, is she free?”

“Oh yeah, very free. There’s a note on her key that says no attachments wanted.”

“You’re kidding me, sounds like a dream come true. Someone sexy and gorgeous to play with and fuck without worrying they want to take it further.” This woman sounded like he needed an introduction, and if his dick was anything to go by, it had better be quick. It’s been a long time since he’s been turned on by someone’s looks alone. He wanted a bit of feminine fluff who was intelligent, with a body made for pleasure, and had a life of their own. As far as he’s found, this is an endangered species.

“You don’t know the half of it. I’ve had her for a couple of sessions. She’s a real live wire who’s in to some seriously good kink. Trust me, she’s here strictly for the sex.”

Tonight he and Shane Carmichael, friend and partner, were sitting at a corner table, watching the crowd, as they caught up on business. He wouldn’t mind if she diverted his attention for a couple of hours. When she looked their way, Max took the opportunity to crook his finger and bid her to come to them.

“There’s nothing prettier than an eager and horny woman.” He said, never looking away from her as she made her way over to them.

“Especially one who gave me one of the best blowjob I’ve ever experienced.”

“Really?” He couldn’t get that idea out of his head as she stopped beside his chair. For the past couple of years, work made him an infrequent visitor to Succulent. As a silent partner, he knew the rules and, if she was willing, he wanted to indulge himself with her.

“Hello, are you with anyone this evening?”

“No, Sir. I’m free to play.” She lifted her hand so the key dangling from her wrist was presented for him to peruse to see if they were sexually compatible. He didn’t immediately take it in hand because he was caught up in the pull of her dark eyes. The lighting was dim, but he could still see they were pools of black ink, intriguing. After a moment, he blinked and looked down, carefully reading what sex acts she’d listed on the basic white card he held. There was no stopping his smile when he read the final notation. May come back for seconds, but no outside relationships. This statement left no doubt where she was coming from. Fine with him, his hard-on supported the physical attraction between them and from her key, it appeared they were of the same mind when it came to sex.

"The Gilded Cage" © 2008 Tilly Greene

William S. Dean
March 2008

"Erotic Hot Spots" © 2008 by William S. Dean. All rights reserved.

About the Author: William S. Dean is Special Features Editor and Graphic Artist for the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, Associate Editor and Graphic Artist for Clean Sheets magazine. His fiction, articles, and poetry have appeared in Literotica, Dare Reader, SOMA Literary Review, Slow Trains Literary Journal, Venus or Vixen, Hoot Island, Satin Sheets, Suspect Thoughts, and other websites. His works in anthologies include Desires, Tears on Black Roses, From Porn to Poetry, and CREAM: The Best of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association.

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