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Out of the Toy Box

by Kyra Saunders

Desire Vibrator


Desire VibratorEden Fantasys gave me a list of toys they’d like reviewed and I immediately zeroed in on the Desire vibrator from Evolved Novelties. While the packaging was lovely and unique, I was most attracted to the ridges and texture of the Desire’s shape. Texture is something I really enjoy in a vibrator and dildo and this looked like it could be a lot of fun. And it was blue! Beige vibrators, like beige walls or computers, just don’t do much for me. Instead my toybox looks like a funhouse (in more than one way)…. But I digress.

The packaging from Evolved Novelties is unique and durable. The Desire came housed in a metal tin with a custom-shaped clear plastic window so I could see the toy inside. The box is securely closed but has the lovely benefit of not costing a nail or two or requiring tools to open. One clip on each end pops off and the tin is open. Voila! Inside, the Desire is nestled in a foam tray which is also cut to fit its curvy form. One of the nicest packaging designs I’ve seen on toys in its price range. I’ll give you a hint, too – you can tuck at least an extra two sets of batteries for the Desire around it in its tin so it will never go hungry.

Desire VibratorOnce I was done admiring the box, I turned my attention to the Desire itself. The toy is a lovely blue (it also comes in purple, though) with a darker shade of blue on the battery door + power button cap. It’s plastic but has a velvety finish that is really nice to touch. At about 7 ¾ inches long and only 1 ¼ inches wide, the Desire is a very nice size in my hand and has a nice heft to it. It feels well-made and sturdy but is certainly not intimidating.

There was the faintest hint of a chemical smell when I sniffed the vibrator, but I think it was more the foam the Desire had been nestled in than the Desire itself. It didn’t taste of anything weird, though. (Yes, if you haven’t read my reviews before, I go the extra mile for you so… wait, why am I singing “lick it, lick it good”). Regardless, the Desire did get its ritual bath in toy cleaner before use. Once clean and dry, I added the required two AA batteries and declared it playtime!

Desire VibratorThe Desire is a relatively basic vibrator in that it has just three steady speeds and it’s operated by the single button on the base that cycles through off, low, medium, high and back to off. This makes it simple to operate though if your hands are slippery, it can result in a need for two-handed operation, especially in the shower. I think my family thought I dropped a bar of soap—and I didn’t try to explain otherwise. Though listed as waterproof, I would still stay on the safe side and not submerge the Desire, just in case. Oh, and changing batteries with slippery hands is also a trick. So maybe fresh batteries are in order if you intend to get sloppy.

Because of the velvet texture, I do recommend a decent amount of lube. At least for myself, I don’t enjoy so much friction I feel in danger of “vibe burn” and the lovely contours of the Desire do a great job of stimulation anyway.

Desire VibratorThe three speeds of the Desire are a bit more buzzy than I often prefer but it was quite strong for its size and the two AA batteries it fed on – and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact it wasn’t really very loud at all. The Desire didn’t get overly warm to the touch when used over the course of an hour, either.

Because of the soft-touch coating, be sure to clean the Desire well after each use. You can use a condom to be more certain to keep the vibrator clean and I would especially recommend a condom if you want to share the Desire or use it anally.

If you are looking for a great basic vibrator that is well made, has a good amount of power in an attractive and very texturally lovely shape, the Desire may be a great choice for you. It’s especially nice if you are seeking out an inexpensive “starter” vibrator that won’t break the bank and won’t break the first time you get a bit enthusiastic with it. If, however, you need a really thumpy vibe or a large girth, the Desire may not be up to your needs.

Desire VibratorI really liked the Desire vibrator and it’s now nestled in my keeper toy box, having pushed out an older basic vibe that couldn’t compete with the Desire’s contours, strength and lovely color.

Material:  Food grade ABS plastic with a velvety finish
Powered by: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Waterproof: Waterproof
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner, rinse well and dry.
Recommended Lube: Any
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use.
Eden Fantasys Buy Link:

Kyra Saunders
May/June 2011

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Eden Fantasys adult products

© 2011 Kyra Saunders. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewer:  Kyra Saunders is a published author who loves to play with an explore new toys and found a way to do both while giving people her opinion at the same time! She and her partner (and their Toy Box) live in the Pacific Northwest and new plain brown boxes on the porch make every day seem like Christmas, at least to the person whose name is on the label. Suggestions, comments and requests can be made at Kyra's Toy Box.

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