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Out of the Toy Box

by Kyra Saunders

Eroscillator 2 Deluxe Vibrator


Erocillator VibratorI’ve been very interested in trying out the Eroscillator vibrator since I first saw it and heard a few testimonials. The lovely people at Good Vibrations were willing to send me one to review and I think I squealed when they told me the Eroscillator 2 Deluxe set was on the way. Maybe more than once. Loudly.

When the Eroscillator arrived, I tore into the shipping box and then the Eroscillator’s own box to find the following included in my set:

  • Motor handle
  • 12’ long power cord
  • Five tips
  • Golden Spoon
  • Seven Pearl of the Orient
  • Grapes Head / Cockscomb Head
  • French Legionnaire’s Moustache
  • Cup Head / Ball Head
  • Plastic storage Pouch
  • DVD

Now, being impatient as always, I didn’t watch the DVD. In fact, I still haven’t managed to do that. Soon, I promise.

The Eroscillator is a sort of bronze/gold color in a hard plastic and the tips are the same color but in a more rubbery silicone-coated TPR. The vibrator itself is easy to assemble with the power cord plugging into the base of the handle and turning about Eroscillatora quarter turn to lock it in place. At that point there is a cutout in the base of the handle for the cord so the vibrator can stand on its base with the power adapter plugged in. A nice touch!

The tips push into the top of the vibrator to attach and they are nicely secure. Each tip came separately wrapped and the French Legionnaire’s Moustache tip had a plastic guard over it to make sure the brushes stayed intact and didn’t get bent or warped; another nice touch that speaks to attention to detail.

I gave the Eroscillator and its tips a nice bath in soap and water, only externally with a damp cloth for the vibrator handle itself, and set it out to dry in the “toy drying area” (under one of the bathroom sinks in the no-child-allowed bathroom) and then had to contain my curiosity for a few more days due to annoying situations beyond my control.

A few days later, my partner and I actually had some time to plug in the Eroscillator and explore it. Good thing it was already clean! The first thing we were really grateful for was the length of the power cord. Many plug-in toys have six or eight foot power cords and I end up having to hunt up an extension cord for them. The long power cord of the Eroscillator made it easy to reach the bed and gave us a lot of freedom to move around. Good thing, too.

Since it was my review item, I got to be the recipient of my partner’s attentions with the vibrator. Sucks to be me, huh? I’m sure my partner thought so at the time but he got some attention later, I assure you.

The Eroscillator has three speeds, controlled by a sliding bar on the shaft of the vibrator. The sliding bar is easy to manipulate, even with slick fingers. When my partner attached the first head and turned it on low, I was surprised at how quiet it was. It sounded (and looked) like a big electric toothbrush. I guess this makes sense since it uses some of the same technology. The other thing I noticed is that the handle of the Eroscillator didn’t vibrate nearly as much the tip did. Maybe it wouldn’t make my hand go numb as some vibrators do.

The Eroscillator doesn’t have the same motion as a standard vibrator. Instead of the motor moving in a circle and providing vibration by thumping down on your tender bits, it moves back and forth in a side-to-side oscillation. This means it’s supposed to be less prone to causing the dreaded “numb clit” while still providing a lot of sensation. I’d heard really good things about the difference but I needed to find out for myself – and for you, of course! I’m always thinking about my loyal readers, after all.

EroscillatorMy partner started out with the Ball Head / Cup Head tip on the Eroscillator and the power on the lowest setting. I think I might have forgotten to breathe for a moment there. Wow – the movement was definitely different and really good. The Ball Head has a couple of small nubs on it that did a nice job of rubbing and because they are relatively soft, rubbery PVC, they didn’t hurt. The cup side looked like it would be a lot of fun wrapped around my clit but my vertical clit hood ring interfered with that plan.

A bit later, we switched to the Grapes Head / Cockscomb Head tip to see how that did. My partner tried turning up the power to medium which was amazing but when he tried high, I just about levitated off the bed. For me at that time and level of arousal, high was just Too Much. Your receptiveness may vary, of course. The Grapes Head had a large number of little round nubs but seemed too diffuse for me as well as catching a bit on my hood ring. When my partner switched to the Cockscomb Head and ran it along the side of my clit as well as pressed my ring against it and my clit, I about came right then. Very intense.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for this review) my partner is Evil and stopped to change tips and let me simmer down a little while he attached the French Legionnaire’s Mustache. This is the tip I was most unsure of – it looked a bit like it might be akin to a slightly soft toothbrush on me and I’m not fond of that sort of sensation. Just to see, we tried it on my nipples. My nipples are not overly sensitive and I don’t tend to like vibrators on them that often – it tickles or annoys me instead of arousing me. I actually liked the Mustache tip and it felt nothing like a toothbrush because of the way the Eroscillator’s motion works with the tip. You can hold the brush bristles almost parallel to the skin surface to get a tiny slapping motion or hold it at more of an angle to get a more brushing sensation. Delicious! My partner teased my clit with the bristles for a bit, then switched to another tip – the Golden Spoon.

The Golden Spoon snuck up on me, badly. No sooner had he decided to try cupping it over my clit than I instantly came and came hard. At that point the Eroscillator was too much and I was too sensitive so it was my partner’s turn. I didn’t even have to twist his arm!

He really didn’t care for the some of the heads but the French Legionnaire’s Mustache applied on his scrotum and right below the head of his penis seemed to make his eyes cross. An important safety warning, though: the poor French Legionnaire’s Mustache has its motions inhibited when its bristles become soggy with bodily fluids. After a bit, we moved from that to the Seven Pearls of the Orient. Add in a good amount of thick lube and my partner loved me thrusting it into his anus as he masturbated. At least for his particular anatomy, this tip was not long enough to provide true prostate stimulation but he loved it nonetheless. It took no time at all for him to come too.

The Eroscillator was easy to disassemble for cleaning and I really liked the fact I could leave the power cord plugged into the outlet and just disconnect the vibrator to clean it.

I absolutely LOVE the Eroscillator and it’s got to be the best sex toy I’ve ever tried. It’s very intense without making me numb. The variety of tips allows for a lot of fun play and it’s easy to clean and care for. The oscillation motion makes this toy a must-have for me – despite its fairly hefty price tag. I’m already planning to buy the Ultra Soft Finger tip, the G-Point tip and the see if I can find the tips that come with the “for men” version of the Eroscillator called the “Ooh-la-la”.

I’m keeping this toy and it gets it’s own reserved section of the Toy Box. There are a lot of nice toys I’d give up before this one – I love it that much.

Because of the versatility of the Eroscillator in terms of tips, power level and maneuverability, I pretty much recommend it to anyone looking for incredible clitoral stimulation. It doesn’t offer a dildo type attachment but I can easily see using it with a favorite dildo if you want vaginal as well as clitoral stimulation. If, however, you don’t like vibration/oscillation that can be intense, you may not like the Eroscillator. Remember, though, that this is not the pounding of a standard vibrator but rather a side-to-side oscillation. It makes a world of difference.

Now if only I could learn to be less greedy and draw out my Eroscillator playtimes to be longer...

Material: Hard Plastic Exterior on vibrator handle, tips are silicone-coated TPR, bristles on the French Legionnaire’s Mustache are nylon
Powered by: Plug-In Power Converter, US Voltage
Waterproof: No
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. Use a damp cloth for the vibrator handle. Do not immerse the vibrator handle.
Recommended Lube: Water-based
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use.
Good Vibrations Buy Link:

Kyra Saunders
July 2010

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© 2010 Kyra Saunders. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewer:  Kyra Saunders is a published author who loves to play with an explore new toys and found a way to do both while giving people her opinion at the same time! She and her partner (and their Toy Box) live in the Pacific Northwest and new plain brown boxes on the porch make every day seem like Christmas, at least to the person whose name is on the label. Suggestions, comments and requests can be made at Kyra's Toy Box.

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