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Toy Talk

by Mr. and Mrs. Toy

Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator


Sqweel oral sex simulatorOn a personal level, we find it hard to resist a toy that proposes to simulate oral sex, especially since we have never really found a toy that came close. The Sqweel from our friends at Good Vibrations, despite is rather odd name, might just be that toy. The Sqweel is not a vibrator, rather it’s a sort of paddle-wheel with soft, silicone paddles which when operated is designed to simulate the feel of not just one, but 10 tongues repeatedly licking a particular body area, or for that matter any body area you desire.

The device has three speeds, 10 silicone tongues, a black ABS plastic base, and uses three AAA batteries for licking power! One side of the toy rotates a bit to open up the toy and remove the paddle wheel for cleaning.

Mr. Toy:

Being a man, and loving my wife (not to mention her naughty bits!) the first thing I did when this toy arrived was of course to use it on Mrs. Toy's naughty bits! With a moderate amount of silicone lube, I moved the toy around, changing speeds, angles, and pressure. Communication was key with this toy since we found that the toy was simply too much for her in some direction/angle combinations and became uncomfortable. That said, it was clear that when used the proper way she really enjoyed the toy, quickly beginning to rock and moan and surprisingly quickly begging me for the "real thing"! I will let her tell you how it actually felt, but I can attest that it was a great toy to bring out and really get her motor revving!

Being an inquisitive man, the next thing I did was to try the toy on myself, using it on all of the areas that were listed in the description online. Again, applying lube first I ran it across my nipples, the tip and shaft of my penis, my scrotum, perineum, and anus trying out the different speeds and pressures. I was surprised that while it did not feel exactly like a tongue, it felt far closer than anything I had tried before. I really enjoyed the sensation, and while I would not use this to get off all by itself, it certainly could be put to good use to get things going, keep them going, or just enhance what I'm already feeling while receiving oral sex. Imagine while receiving a blowjob, the feel of something similar to tiny tongues licking your scrotum or ass… mmmm!

Really, I only have two complaints about this toy. First, it is not quiet, in fact this is one toy, which I doubt we would use even behind closed doors if others were in the house. It's certainly not vacuum cleaner loud, however if you like nearly silent toys, this one is not for you. Second, while the toy is easy to open and clean the paddle wheel, the inside of the toy itself is not smooth, and I am unsure how water resistant it is. This makes it difficult to feel sure I have cleaned out all the little nooks and crannies inside of it. Take time to clean this one, and use a spray on toy cleaner.

Mrs. Toy:

Sqweel oral sex simulatorOne day I wasn’t feeling particularly in the mood for anything as I sat at home alone watching TV but since I had nothing better to do I decided to grab the Sqweel and see where it led. With the three speeds, you can start slow and work your way up, which didn’t take very long with this toy. The switch to change the speed is easy to reach and it is very easy to hold onto and move to where it feels best. For me, this toy isn’t one to get me to the wonderful, tingly, moaning feeling of orgasm, but it was enough to get me going so I could get there in other ways. I liked it better when Mr. Toy was using it on me since he could help me finish the job instead of finishing it on my own. I don’t know about you but for me when I am not sure if I am in the mood or not, give me a little oral and it does the trick. This works in just the same way, only it will not get tired or too horny to continue until you are ready for it to stop. Just thinking about it makes me want to go use it.


Our Pro’s: Closer to the feel of a real tongue than anything we have previously tried, easy to hold and direct.

Our Con’s:  A bit loud and takes some care to be sure it is clean after use.

If you are looking for a oral sex simulator, it may be worth going to Good Vibrations and checking out the Sqweel for yourself!

Mr. and Mrs. Toy
July 2010

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© 2010 Toy Talk. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewers:  Mr. and Mrs. Toy are a married, professional couple in their late thirties, living in the Pacific North West. We are both very open sexually, and love to use and talk about sex toys. We have such a large collection in fact that we have had to purchase a large locking office cabinet to store and organize our collection. We consider these items to be a great aid in keeping our sex life active and interesting.

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