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Out of the Toy Box

by Kyra Saunders

Vixskin Mustang Dildo


Mustang DildoI’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with dildos made from non-hard materials and some of the “realistic” dildos have made me cringe. I don’t think it’s the appearance as much as the texture. I’m a very tactile and kinesthetic person and texture has a great deal to do with my aversion along with smell and taste. Add to that the fact I can react badly to some silicone toys and I’ve not actually bothered to buy or experiment with a realistic dildo in a long while. Then I started hearing the buzz about Vixskin and how much people like them, even some people like myself – those not usually NOT enamored of this kind of toy.

When I had a chance to request a new toy for review, I decided to give the Vixskin Mustang a try and, let me confess, I’m glad I did. It far surpassed my expectations and I really, really liked it.

Oh – and I should point out that this month I’m trying out the idea of taking my own toy pictures for you in addition to any photos from the manufacturer or retailer. While they may not have the true “studio” quality, I’d really like my readers to be able to see things like the packaging and toy sizes in my hand. I hope they help.

The Vixskin Mustang comes in three colors: vanilla, caramel and coffee. Tasty colors. I chose coffee because, well, I AM a coffee addict.

Mustang packagingThe “coffee” colored Vixskin I chose came packaged in a lovely clear tube. While this may first seem a bit of an odd packaging for those of us used to boxes or cases, this actually works wonderfully for Vixskin’s creations because it’s not only unusual enough to stand out but makes perfect storage for the Mustang. The toy’s materials can tend to make it a dust, cat hair and debris magnet (as with all silicone toys) and this provides a dust-free environment you don’t have to scream curse words at while you try to get the toy back into it.

Yes, I’ve been known to scream a few choice words at packaging designers. Haven’t you?

When I opened the tube, One of the first things I noticed about the Vixskin Mustang was the complete lack of odor. I’m used to many silicone toys having at least a vaguely chemical odor but not this one. I eased the dildo out to investigate it more closely. (Okay, I confess, I eagerly upended it and shook it out like the last  chocolate in the house when I have writer’s block.)

After pulling an errant cat whisker off the Mustang once I’d stopped juggling it, I couldn’t resist giving the head a full, slurpy lick and discovered, to my delight, it had NO taste. None. No mold release, no chemically flavor. Nothing to interfere with my enjoyment of the Mustang.

Mustang Dildo sizeThe Vixskin Mustang is advertised as a dual-layer toy. Although it’s all silicone, it has a stiffer inner core with a softer, more pilable and realistic layer as skin. This has a great advantage in that it provides the stiffness and rigidity many silicone or jelly toys completely lack while having a feel that’s pretty natural. Fondling my coffee-colored Mustang had a very realistic feel to me. There’s a little less slide of the skin over the core than with a real penis but it’s pretty close. The Mustang also possesses great details in veins and shape with a curve that really intrigued me. Remember that I’m highly kinesthetic so I’m a fondler.

As for size, the Mustang is 6 ½ inches long and 1 ½ to 1 5/8 inches in diameter, depending on where you measure. It’s not a hugely long or fat dildo but it’s more than average and I love the girth on it. I’ve included some pictures of it next to my hand and then one each of my fingers encircling its tip and its base.Mustang Dildo Girth

A nice warm bath in some toy cleaner and water and then I was ready to ride the Mustang. Despite my preconceived notions of realistic dildos, I loved it. I’m a fan of larger toys and the girth was perfect. I could feel and enjoy all the texture of the shaft and the pronounced head along with the curve meant it was right on my g-spot with almost no work on my part. I did have to remember to apply a generous amount of water-based lube – I tend to get a bit … forceful … and my vagina does not like rubbing on anything less than really slicked up surfaces. Being non-porous, the Vixskin Mustang didn’t get gummy or sticky at all, instead allowing me to thrust away as I pleased.

Mustang Dildo BaseAfter a bit of a recovery from my first orgasm – or two – I experimented to see if I could set the Mustang upright and ride it. It’s actually made more for a harness (it has a base flanged out to keep it in a harness) than for being set stationary andhas no suction-cup or other attachment. It wasn’t a true success until I made my partner hold the base for me. Histongue proved really useful too, I admit.

When I caught my breath and could think again, I admit that one of my first thoughts was “why did I wait so long to try this one?” I loved it and it’s a definite keeper for me. That’s saying a lot from someone who is leery of realistic dildos in generaland often unhappy with silicone or jelly toys flopping about.

The Vixskin Mustang cleaned up beautifully with another bath in toy cleaner and water and I tuck it into its tube, waiting until it had air-dried to secure the lid. Because the Mustang is silicone, only water-based lubes should be used and you should store it alone in its container to prevent the chemical reactions that can occur and ruin your toys if they are stored touching each other.

Mustang CoffeeIn summary, the Vixskin Mustang is a terrific toy for those who like a realistic texture and feel without floppiness orlimpness. The Mustang’s girth is a plus to many but if you would like a different size, Vixskin produces other models in both larger and smaller sizes. The Mustang’s length is very nice but not super-long so it would be a great match for someone who likes good penetration but not necessarily somethingslamming in too deeply. The curve of the Mustang is a terrific g-spot stimulator and I highly recommend it for that.

If you’re looking for a dildo to wear with a harness, the Mustang would be a terrific choice and is designed in part for that purpose. The base has a nice layer of silicone cushioning so it won’t be uncomfortable for the wearer either.

If you’re looking for a dildo you can suction cup down or secure, the Mustang may not be your best choice unless you have a mechanism I’ve not seen yet. There’s just no good way to attach it to something other than a harness.

If you’ve been wondering about a realistic dildo and thinking they are all floppy, smelly, foul tasting or just icky – try the Vixskin Mustang. It may be the dildo to change your mind. It’s not cheap and is a “premium” toy but should last a long time and is well worth it.

Mine is now living in the headboard of the bed.

Material:  Silicone
Powered by: N/A
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. Can be heat sterilized by boiling.
Recommended Lube: Water-based
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use.
Good Vibrations Buy Link:

Kyra Saunders
September 2010

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Good Vibration Coupon

© 2010 Kyra Saunders. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewer:  Kyra Saunders is a published author who loves to play with an explore new toys and found a way to do both while giving people her opinion at the same time! She and her partner (and their Toy Box) live in the Pacific Northwest and new plain brown boxes on the porch make every day seem like Christmas, at least to the person whose name is on the label. Suggestions, comments and requests can be made at Kyra's Toy Box.

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