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Toy Talk

by Mr. and Mrs. Toy

Double Delight Vibrating Anal Beads


fThis month’s toy combines two of Mrs. Toy’s favorites, anal beads and clit vibrators, into one. The Double Delight Vibrating Anal Beads we received from our friends at Good Vibrations is an 8” string of silicone anal beads topped off with a 4” ABS plastic vibe sporting no less than 10 different speeds or pulse patterns. The Double Delight is also water proof so safe for some shower or bath play.

Power is produced from 3 included watch batteries, which I am sure helps with making the toy water proof, however the battery life is unknown. The beads are not very large, making this a friendly toy to those who are new to anal play, and the length of the beads as well as the stem which leads to the vibe are flexible making it a comfortable fit. Changing the speeds is accomplished by pushing the small button on the end of the vibe repeatedly.

Mr. Toy:

I like any toy that makes it fun getting Mrs. Toy off, and this one certainly fits the bill. I was worried at first that it would be too flexible, making it hard to insert, but that worry proved false, just hold it close and it will slide in fine with enough lube. I did find that the “neck” that connects the beads to the vibe was a bit long for Mrs. Toy’s anatomy, however she is petite so more averaged sized women will likely fit the toy better. That said it was easy to bend it and make her clit sing with sensations.

This is not however a toy you can use hands free, unless you want to wear it under some tight clothing. The toy tends to straighten meaning one of you has to hold the toy in place or move it around while using. Mrs. Toy did report feeling the vibration through the length of the toy though, so when I got too turned on and dropped the vibe to enter her myself, she said she could still feel it through the beads as we proceeded to our mutual climax.

Mrs. Toy:

How can you improve a multiple speed clit stimulator? Answer: Attach some anal beads it and you have one sweet toy. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy it if you have a partner willing to help. Mr. Toy was willing. This could easily be used on your own due to the light-weight flexible nature of the material it is made with. The beads aren't very big but that was fine. As long as they stay in place that is all I care about so these passed the test.

I do wish the section between the beads and the stimulator was a little longer so it could reach around Mr. Toy so the clit stimulator could still have been used when he decided it was time to move on from playing with toy to using his toy as well. It made for some nice evenings and will for more in the future.


Ultimately this is a simple toy, or rather two simple toys combined into one. The Double Delight however is a perfect example of having your cake and eating it too! It’s a great little toy and we can easily recommend it to anyone who likes the idea of having some anal beads inside while using a vibrating clit massager at the same time!

Our Pro’s: Simple, easy to use, good size, water proof, 10 speeds, flexible

Our Con’s:  Can’t use hands free, would prefer it be rechargeable

Go to Good Vibrations and check it out today!

Mr. and Mrs. Toy
July 2013

  Read more of Mr. and Mrs. Toy's reviews in ERWA 2012 Archive.

© 2013 Toy Talk. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewers:  Mr. and Mrs. Toy are a married, professional couple in their late thirties, living in the Pacific North West. We are both very open sexually, and love to use and talk about sex toys. We have such a large collection in fact that we have had to purchase a large locking office cabinet to store and organize our collection. We consider these items to be a great aid in keeping our sex life active and interesting.

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