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Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl, a long time ERWA subscriber, has been wowing us with her intense, insightful, and always hot hot hot erotica for years now. So, we figure it's about time we took advantage of her considerable talent and generous nature, and put her to work as Gallery Editor.

Amanda's gallery picks are in the Erotica Gallery.

About Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl is a libertine, firebrand, rabble rouser,  polyamorous love anarchist siren and femme fatale living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her husband, Charles. Together they run, a site which promotes local literary events and a magazine of poetry by current and former Ottawa residents, students and workers. They also run AngelHousePress, an upstart rebel micropress for poetry, prose, visual poetry and art.

Amanda is a published poet whose manuscripts have been shortlisted for Canada's Robert Kroetsch Innovative Poetry Award. She has received funding from the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council for which she is very grateful. Her poems have been published in journals in Australia, Canada, France, the UK and the USA and in chapbook form by several Canadian and American small press publishers.

Amanda's erotic fiction appears in the Treasure Chest of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association and often in the gallery. Her smut has also been published in various anthologies, including The Mammoth Book of Best Erotica (Carroll and Graff 2006 and 2007),  Cream, The Best of The Erotica Readers and Writers Association, (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2006), He’s On Top: Erotic Stories Of Male Dominance And Female Submission (Cleis Press, 2007), Iridescence: Lovely Shades Of Lesbian Erotica (Alyson Books, 2007),  Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission, (Cleis Press, 2008), Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories (Cleis Press, 2008), Do Not Disturb, Hotel Sex Stories (Cleis Press,  2009),  Swing! Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers (Logical-Lust, Spring, 2009), Surrender: Erotic Tales of Female Pleasure and Submission (Cleis Press, 2011).

After a near-death experience in 2009, Amanda is a ferocious celebrant of life. As part of that celebration, she writes erotic fiction to cause sexual stimulation in the body and the mind. Amanda defends your right to read and write whatever the hell you choose. She encourages creativity and flouts convention daily.

Aside from small press publishing, writing poetry and fiction, Amanda also composes love songs to beautiful men on the guitar, creates charmingly uneven clay pots, makes a strong pot of coffee, doodles maniacally, delights in the feel of acrylic paint on rough surfaces and keeps a home for wayward plaid.

Amanda is an altruist who believes in giving back to the community as much as she can in the form of fundraising for the AIDS Walk For Life and a local charity, the Cornerstone Shelter for Women. She is always looking for ways to show her gratitude for this life and for the loving and intriguing people who make up her world.

Please communicate with Amanda on Twitter @KikiFolle or via e-mail at You can keep track of her shenanigans at

      Note: Amanda Earl image by Charles Earl

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