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Corvidae is a relatively new comer to ERWA. However, it didn't take long to reconize a kindered spirit—her enthusiasm for reading and writing erotica caught our attention, and of course we put her to work as editor for ERWA's erotica gallery. It's an alliance made in perfect harmony.

Corvidae's gallery picks are in the Erotica Gallery.

About Corvidae

For as long as she can remember, Corvidae has been captivated by the sensuality of the written word. At an early age, she devoured her way through the juvenile sections of the library and soon moved on to the adult ones, reading books supposedly well-beyond her reading level. As she grew older, she began to wonder about the hidden lives of the characters in these stories; specifically, the sexuality that is often implied but occurs off the printed pages. Her work today draws upon such daydreams and playfully explores the intersection between sex and story.

Although she spends a lot of time creating stories in her head, her real life keeps her busy as well. She is a biologist whose research has focused primarily on birds (including the genus from which she derives her pen-name).  Her hobbies include dancing, hiking, yoga, and gluten-free cooking. She is polyamorous and is active in her local kinky communities. She is a vocal proponent of sex-positivity, both in the real world and the stories she writes. Other favorite themes include science fiction/fantasy, BDSM, and various flavors of open relationships.

She is proud to be a regular contributor to the ERWA. When she has time, she blogs at She can also be reached directly at

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