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Jeremy Edwards

Erotica Readers & Writers Association
Guest Author


Jeremy Edwards

For one reason or another, it took me a long time to bring the erotic to the forefront of my creative life. And yet for many years I’d written other things—songs and prose—in which it mattered a lot to me to believe, in my own mind, that the characters would ultimately be having delicious sex—whether I said so outright or not. Implicit sexual chemistry and implied sexual fulfillment were important elements of what I appreciated as a reader or listener, and what I cared about as a writer.

Every now and then, I’d discover and explore literature that was erotic first and foremost. Some of it I responded to. (Erotic sensibilities are nothing if not individual and particular, and as an individual my tastes in almost every area have always been eclectic—or perhaps narrow is a more accurate word.) Eventually it occurred to me to sit down and emulate what I enjoyed in the erotic writings of others, by taking my own writing in an overtly sexual direction, and drawing, of course, on my own particular turn-ons—not only the sexual turn-ons, but also things such as the types of personalities I find appealing as characters; the types of environments and situations that I find stimulating, promising, and entertaining; the types of interactions I love seeing, before the characters even get to the bedroom; and the types of language and style that resonate for me. Meanwhile on the reading side, as I found my way to more and more of the kinds of erotic literature that excited and inspired me, I learned a lot about the things that make erotic writing work.

I was lucky, as an author, to be in the right place at the right time, with websites such as ERWA, Clean Sheets, Oysters & Chocolate, Erotic Woman, and Ruthie’s Club . . . editors like Maxim Jakubowski, Alison Tyler, and Rachel Kramer Bussel . . . Xcite Books and Coming Together . . . Lust Bites and Sex-Kitten . . . Forum and Scarlet . . . The world of erotic literature was flourishing when I finally joined the party in earnest in 2006, and new voices and new perspectives were welcomed. (And it seems to have continued to flourish, despite the impact of recessions, market and business-model paradigm shifts, and bouts of corporate censorship.)

In my erotic short stories, I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate and relish what I love: banter and laughter, friendly vulnerability and offbeat intimacy; empathy and intelligence, camaraderie and compassion; chemistry-charged friendships that veer or evolve or explode into a sexual connection. And in my erotocomedic novels, I’ve fulfilled an additional dream: marrying the comic novel and the erotic novel, in books where the farcical plot and verbal sparring are as important as the passion and sensuality.

Thank you for joining me here at ERWA this month. It’s an honor to share some stories from my catalog that I’m especially sentimental about. Interestingly, these three pieces all, in turn, break into threes:  “The Same Fifty Taxis,” my homage to Manhattan, is told in three parts over the decades. “Slightly Ajar” is also a triptych—here I take the reader’s consciousness from husband to wife and back again, as she opens a particular door to him, both literally and figuratively. Finally, in “Ménage à Denim,” three parts that were already a whole become even more integrated, before our eyes.

Thank you for reading.
Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Edwards is the author of the erotocomedic novel Rock My Socks Off (Xcite Books, 2010), the erotic story collection Spark My Moment (Xcite Books, 2010), and most recently The Pleasure Dial: An Erotocomedic Novel of Old-Time Radio (OC Press, 2011).

Though he is aware that most of the planet’s sentient species manage to enjoy copulation without ever putting on their reading glasses, Jeremy personally feels that a judicious turn of explicit phrase can be worth its weight in primal bliss. His lascivious prose embodies an enthusiasm for sex in its sunniest form, as he strives to blend the sensuous and the playful, lighthearted laughter and erotic urgency. Jeremy writes heterosexual and lesbian erotica; his stories revolve around sensitive, cerebral, sexually self-aware women (some of whom take greater than average pleasure in peeing), and the men and women who adore them.

Jeremy’s libidinous literary efforts are well represented at many of the erotica scene’s online venues, and his stories have appeared in over fifty anthologies. His work was selected for The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, vols. 7, 8, 9, and 11. A popular guest on the Web circuit, Jeremy has been seen or heard such places as Cult of Gracie Radio, Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice, Erotica Readers & Writers Association, 4-Letter-Words, LiberatorOoh, LoveHoney, and Lust Bites. In the nonvirtual world, he has read his work at the In the Flesh, Essensuality, and Ravenous Nights series in New York; the Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia; and (via telephone) In the Flesh: L.A.

Jeremy’s greatest goal in life is to be sexy and witty at the same moment—ideally in lighting that flatters his profile. Readers can drop in on him unannounced (and thereby catch him in his underwear) at


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