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Books in the Spotlight

By Emme Rollins
He's Big, Bad & Only Wants One Thing
Blood Courtesans: Reborn
By Michelle Fox
Blood Courtesans Series

Paws & Claws 4
Paws & Claws 4
99c Excite Spice
Shifter Boxed Set

 Swap Meets 1
Swap Meets V1
99c Excite Spice
Hotwife Boxed Set

By Piers Anthony

Sybian Club
The Sybian Club
By Selena Kitt

Mrs. Desario
Mrs. Desario & the Nanny Whore
By Penelope Street

Sometime Somewhere
Sometime, Somewhere
Brooke Adams

Wingless Fairy
The Wingless Fairy
Wynter O'Reilly

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Erotic Anthologies

Collections of Sexy Short Stories

If variety is the spice of life, our eclectic list of recommended erotic anthologies is very spicy indeed. Selections include new releases and enduring favorites that range from pleasantly steamy to edgy kink.

Looking for online reading pleasure? We recommend:

Spring Fever Excite Spice BundlesSpring Fever ~ Selena Kitt (Ed)
Excessica; ASIN: B01DHKEPPU

Spring has sprung! This 13 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you all the tender new beginnings that return to us every spring. After a slow, gradual thaw, the melting of one season into the next, always comes the bright renewal we all look forward to every season.

Inside you will find thirteen exciting, passionate tales of the season, bringing you the bloom of love, youth, new life, second chances, and all the rituals of re-birth. You get over 100,000 words that bring you the wistful longing of human connection and re-connection, and the sweet bloom of love in full flower.

So let April’s showers bring May’s flowers and lose yourself in this sensual, seasonal boxed set that brings you the best of all things sexy in the spring!

Available now at:

Thrill RidesThrill Rides ~ Selena Kitt (ed)
Excessica; ASIN: B01DI4WT9E

Buckle up for a thrill ride!

This 10 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you a spellbinding array of exciting encounters between good girls who have a penchant for getting into trouble and bad boys who like to walk on the wild side. You get over 160,000 words of breathless, page-turning drama so hot it might burn your fingertips!

Nine of the genre’s hottest authors will take you on an exhilarating journey full of peril and mystery, when you never know if relationships just might explode with dynamite intensity.

So take a risk, strap in and get ready for the wildest ride of your life!

Available at:


Strokes, Vol. 3Strokes Volume 3 ~ Delilah Devlin
Amazon Digital Services; ASIN: B01B88TRCE

"From New York Times bestselling author, Delilah Devlin, comes her third naughty collection of bedtime stories--enough for a week's worth of sexy inspiration! Included in this volume are...

Big Brass Buckle -- Caught in a sudden thunderstorm on a lonely stretch of Texas highway, I pull into a dingy little diner to wait out the rain, never dreaming the cowboy of my dreams would follow me inside...

Pitch Black -- Passion lights the way for an ex-marine corrections officer rescuing a female CO trapped in a prison block during a blackout...

The Pleasure in Surrender -- After the lady of the keep bars her gates to the barbarian the king commands she wed, the half-Viking knight scales the walls of her heart...

One-Track Cowboy -- After tracking two lost hikers, a park ranger and a local rancher lose themselves to a wild passion...

How to Train Your Skjaldmaer -- A Viking jarl tricked into marrying a shieldmaiden sets out to tame his fiery bride...

Johnny Blaze -- A firefighter moonlighting as a male exotic dancer gives a librarian a birthday spanking she'll never forget...

Red Dawn -- A colonist living on a lonely Martian plain receives her new mate, a man culled from among the newly transported convicts..."

Available at:

Bound to LoveBound to Love ~ Selena Kitt (ed)
Excessica; ASIN: B018SK8XRU

Get ready to be tamed… This 14 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle is ready to tie you up in knots and make you beg for mercy!

You get over 100,000 words that will hypnotize and command your senses. That’s right, fourteen painfully pleasurable tales determined to bring you to your knees.

It’s time to surrender to fourteen masters, some of the genre’s hottest authors, guaranteed to dominate you—body, mind and soul. 

Available at:

Experience PreferredExperience Preferred ~ Selena Kitt (ed)
Excessica; ASIN: B018SK8XRU

Sometimes you just need the right teacher... This 10 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle combines the innocence of youth coupled with the experience of an older generation gladly willing to teach their proteges all the naughty things they want to know.

Here eager pupils will dive into their lessons, learning skills only the mature and experienced can teach. You get 80,000 words of pristine, untouched youth exploring their heart’s desires with sensual, skillful lovers that will leave you breathless and aching for more.

Dive into these May-December relationships with ten of the genre’s hottest authors who bring you sexy stories so sinful they sizzle! 

Available at:

Letters to Penthouse Vol. 53: Horny MILFs and Cougars on the ProwlLetters to Penthouse Vol. 53: Horny MILFs and Cougars on the Prowl
Cleis Press, December 2015; ISBN: 0446583715

Mrs. Robinson isn't the only cougar in town. There are plenty of yummy mummys and flirty forties just waiting to for a stud to make them feel young again. Penthouse readers know these sexy seductresses are experienced, insatiable and they don't play games...unless they're playing their boy-toys.

Now, take an erotic journey to the suburbs where mature MILFs, wanton wives next door, and wicked widows are stalking their young prey. Just because these desperate housewives spend their time in the kitchen doesn't mean they don't someone to bake their pies too. In these sizzling pages, the mother of all man-eaters is waiting to make a boy into a man.

Available January 26, 2016 at:

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Vol 1 by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Ed)Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Vol 1 by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Ed)
Cleis Press, January 2016; ISBN: 1627781536

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 delivers risky, romantic, heart-pounding thrills. Joyful, daring, and authentic, these steamy stories revel in erotic adventure, from the sparks between strangers to the knowing caresses of longtime lovers. These stories are not merely erotic but filled with strong characters and clever narratives showing how sexual experience is different for everyone. This anthology is a glorious celebration of the finest and friskiest female erotic fiction today.

Available January 26, 2016 at:

The Big Book of Kink: Alison TylerThe Big Book of Kink: Sexy Stories by Alison Tyler (Ed)
Running Press, January 2016; ISBN-10: 0762454717

Get ready to go deep with these delightful and delicious short shorts from top BDSM eroticist Alison Tyler. Every kind of bondage is fully explored in this fun and romantic romp of kinky confections. Playful, inspirational and filled with surprises, The Big Book of Kink is a supremely pleasurable read. One of the most prolific editors and writers of erotic fiction today, Alison Tyler has assembled powerfully seductive stories of women and men in the throes of pleasurable restraint, intricately secured by ropes, locked in handcuffs or bound simply by a lover's command. From start to finish this solid collection of BDSM stories earns its kinky merit badge for its explicit erotic tales of pleasure and pain.

Available January 6, 2015 at:

Best Erotic Romance of the Year by Kristina Wright (Ed)Best Erotic Romance of the Year by Kristina Wright (Ed)
Cleis Press, July 2015; ISBN-10: 1627781137

The fourth edition in the Best Erotic Romance series delivers the sexy, sensual, romantic stories readers have come to expect from editor Kristina Wright since the first edition received a starred review and was hailed as “deeply passionate” by Publishers Weekly.

The new installment continues a tradition of excellence, with stories from some of the brightest new stars in the genre, including Renee Luke, Malin James, and Crystal Jordan.

Available at:

Letters to Penthouse Vol. 52: Dirty Girls and Sexy ToysLetters to Penthouse Vol. 52: Dirty Girls and Sexy Toys
Grand Central Publishing, September 2015; ISBN-10: 0446583766

Toys aren't just for the playroom anymore. These signature Penthousestories will confirm that almost anything can get you off with a little imagination. Whether it's solo or with a partner, a friend, or a even a Dom, our hot and helpful little gadgets will leave you with plenty of pleasure andgood vibrations. So get ready for pocket rockets, whips and chains, and all types of rubber lovers. Strap on some fun, charge those batteries, and take a slippery trip to toy land that will leave you begging for more.

Available at:

Fourth World: Erotic tales of monsters, myths and magic by Lisabet SaraiFourth World: Erotic tales of monsters, myths and magic by Lisabet Sarai
Excessica Publishing, May 2015

Enter the fourth world - a world of lust and shadows, where anything can happen.

Obsessive passion and dark ecstasy mark these seven stories of paranormal desire from eroticist Lisabet Sarai. An undead couple hunts for beauty and youth in the history-drenched streets of Prague. A sex addict meets his fate in the embrace of a seductive monster. An innocent writer offers her body and heart to a century-old ghost. A spiritual seeker succumbs to temptation in the arms of a fearsome and greedy goddess. A kinky, blood-drenched threesome unfolds in a luxurious Bangkok penthouse. These tales conjure the magic of sex, and its dangers. Expect to be unbearably aroused and occasionally terrified. Do not expect happily ever afters.

Available at:

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