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Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire by D. L. King (Ed) Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire by D. L. King (Ed)
Cleis Press, October 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448192

She’s beautiful. She’s enchanting. She’s mysterious and unfathomable. She’s your fondest dream and your worst nightmare. She’s sweet and sublimely submissive. She’s dark and fully in charge. She’s flirty yet mysterious. She promises safety in her arms but there’s danger in her eyes. One look, one scent, one taste, one sigh and you’re rock hard or dripping wet. She’s sex incarnate.

Succub are sexual vampires, women who steal the life force from their victim, but what a way to go! Some say succubi visit their victims in dreams; others say they seduce them in the flesh. Whether your succubus is a shape shifter, has permanent bat wings or wears a mini skirt ; whether her victims are taken unawares, follow her with glee or scream bloody murder as they come, these stories are hot. As hell. 

Available at:  Amazon & Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble

Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples by Alison Tyler (Ed)Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples by Alison Tyler (Ed)
Cleis Press, November 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448214

According to statistics, men think about sex 20 times a day and women around ten. Alison Tyler thinks about sex twenty four hours a day and the result is this sizzling collection of headily sensual stories, Morning, Noon, and Night. Fortunately, noted eroticist Tyler is half of a happy couple, well matched in every way so no editor is better equipped to curate a book of erotica designed to stimulate the minds, hearts (not to mention everything else) and stir the souls of couples to enjoy each other morning, noon, and night.

From delicious trysts at dawn's early light to naughty nooners to afternoon delight and dinner in flagrante delicto and beyond, Alison Tyler is your guide to a scorching hot sex, anywhere, anytime. 

Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble

f Fantastic Erotica: The Best of Circlet Press 2008-2012 by Cecilia Tan & Bethany Zaiatz (Eds)
Circlet Press, October 2012

Review by Ashley Lister: Circlet Press are renowned for producing high quality erotic fiction. Any anthology which includes the subtitle The Best of Circlet Press 2008 – 2012 is one that definitely needs to be considered.
In the introduction to this title, the editors explain that the stories in this collection have been harvested and selected from Circlet’s most successful publications, and then vot4ed for through Circlet’s website. Tan and Zaiatz say:

The unique process we used to narrow down the finalists published here makes Fantastic Erotica the first collaborative effort between Circlet authors, editors, and readers. So it is with great pleasure that we share this book that you and others like you, helped create. Enjoy!

And there’s a lot to enjoy in this collection. With the help of Circlet readers, Cecilia Tan and Bethany Zaiatz have collected nineteen fantastic shorts that are outstanding on a variety of levels. Written by such celebrated professionals as Sacchi Green, Angela Caperton, Clarice Clique, Nobillis Reed and Shanna Germain, Fantastic Erotica is written to excite, arouse and entertain.

Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble

Cheeky Spanking Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Ed) Cheeky Spanking Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Ed)
Cleis Press, October 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448184

Nobody needs (or likes) a spanking more than Rachel Kramer Bussel. And, nobody can spot a good spanking story better than Rachel Kramer Bussel, who has achieved mastery of the genre. Ranging from naughty and nice to fabulously kinky, this set of superb spanking stories will please aficionados as well as readers new to the pleasures of paddle, crop or whip. Author of the bestselling Spanked, Bussel notes "there are an infinite number of ways to talk about the pleasures of spanking. Me? I get off just thinking about bending over for that special someone."

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies by Violet Blue (Ed) Lips Like Sugar: Women's Erotic Fantasies by Violet Blue (Ed)
Cleis Press (2nd edition), October 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448206

Read Lips Like Sugar in private or aloud to your favorite bedmate. Or turn down the corner of your favorite story's opening page and slip the book into just the right spot, where someone is sure to discover it...

Violet Blue is known for erotica anthologies depicting joyful, unabashed sex dished up without qualifiers or apologies. The stories in this volume, written by both veterans and new voices, feature women on top, bottom, and everyplace in between. Running the gamut from sweet to scintillating to downright raw, they cover just about every conceivable sexual scenario. Debra Hyde’s “Accidental Exhibitionist” explores the thoughts of corseted slavegirl Cara as she models her new fetish gear and services her master in public. Teresa Lamai’s “Idyll” finds poetry and passion in a scorching three-way set in Croatia. And Carolina John’s “The 9:30 to Edinburgh” shows just how accommodating a British train compartment can be to a group of sexually charged strangers. 

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Spank Me Again, Stranger by Lisabet Sarai Spank Me Again, Stranger by Lisabet Sarai
Books We Love Ltd, September 2012

Spank Me Again, Stranger offers ten sublimely perverse tales of power and pain, desire and surrender. A long-married couple recaptures the twisted passion of their youth. A neglected slave turns the tables on her inattentive master. A Domme volunteers her devoted pet for demonstrations at a kinky toy store. From a light-hearted public spanking on a woman's thirtieth birthday to the intensity of blood sports, Lisabet Sarai once again shares her lush visions of dominance and submission.

"Sarai's approach to 'kink' or BDSM can only be described as ecstatic and profound. Her descriptions of bondage, blindfolding, spanking and whipping manage to be hot yet dignified and respectful of everyone involved, conveying an insider's knowledge." — Jean Roberta, The Dominant's View,

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle Edition) & Amazon UK (Kindle Edition)

Cowboy Lust: Erotic Romance for Women by Delilah Devlin (Ed)Cowboy Lust: Erotic Romance for Women by Delilah Devlin (Ed)
Cleis Press, August 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448141

There's a reason Western romance novels never go out of fashion. The cowboy is an iconic figure embodying the dichotomy of the fiercely independent, earthy alpha male crossed with the male as a nurturer and protector. Cowboys take care of their women in every possible way. Wild and wayward women are gentled by the scent of horse and cow and the sight of sun-kissed skin, the feel of work-hardened thighs and arms, and the sound of a deep-voiced Texas drawl.

Contributors at the top of the Western romance genre, including Charlene Teglia, Randi Alexander, Cat Johnson, and editor, Delilah Devlin, have corralled strong and memorable characters ranging from ranch hands to cattle barons, to a rodeo star and a feisty female gunslinger. Traversing romantic settings from Montana, Texas, California, Mexico, and the Outback of Australia, the stories in Cowboy Lust are risky and risqué, full of studs in spurs hot enough to send you to a vacation on a dude ranch!

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire by Mitzi Szereto (Ed)Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire by Mitzi Szereto (Ed)
Cleis Press, September 2012; ISBN-10: 157344815X

Thrones of Desire is a place where lust and legend abound, and adventure, passion and danger entwine. Think mystical lands and creatures, kings and queens, knights and renegades, heroes and villains, warlords, maidens and princesses. Think battles and danger, honor and dishonor, good and evil. Most of all, think hearts filled with passion and secret desire. This is a place where romantic chivalry is alive and well, but so too is romantic wickedness. This is a place where the good do not always win, and the bad are often more captivating and desirable than their altruistic counterparts.

In these lush and timeless landscapes, the battle for flesh can be as important as the battle for power. Intrigue, sorcery, revenge, lawlessness, dark secrets and mysterious elixirs; entanglements with supernatural beings — everything is possible in these magical mythical landscapes. Inspired by Game of Thrones these imaginative steamy tales transport the reader to fantastical realms.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Best Erotic Comics Volume 3Best Erotic Comics Anthology, Volume 3
Last Gap, September 2012; ISBN-10: 0867197366

The acclaimed adult comics anthology series enters its third year! From the poignantly sweet to the enticingly strange, with work by Ellen Forney, Molly Crabapple, Joe Shuster, Eric Drooker and more, Best Erotic Comics Vol. 3 offers a cornucopia to tickle the libido and the mind, with the sexiest, smartest, nastiest, most breathtakingly beautiful work in today's erotic comics—plus some original unpublished work and a handful of vintage Hall of Fame pieces.

Best Erotic Comics Vol. 3 continues the series' tradition of lavish sexual variety, catering to a wide assortment of erotic preferences and aesthetic tastes: kinky and vanilla, loving and outrageous (and sometimes both!), straight, lesbian, and gay. Includes work by Ellen Forney, Molly Crabapple, Joe 'Superman' Shuster, Eric Drooker, Jim Mahfood, Justin Hall, Skip Williamson, Rebecca Migdal, Robin Bougie, Howard Cruse, Steve MacIsaac, Frederic Boilet, Niki Smith, Sibylline, and more.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless
Sweetmeats Press, May 2012; ISBN: 0957003781

Review by Ashley Lister: This is an awful lot of fun. I grew up in an era when I was supposed to go to bed with a fairy story and enjoy the fantastical tales of other worlds and the creatures that lived therein. Named and Shamed helped me recapture those fond memories but from the perspective of an adult who also enjoys the erotic titillation of characters exploring their hedonistic natures.

Written by the incredibly talented Janine Ashbless, illustrated by the stylish and talented John LaChatte, Named and Shamed is pitched as a ‘Dark and Dirty Fairy Tale’ and this succinctly describes the content.

The basic premise is that our heroine, Tansy, has stolen a manuscript relating to her studies into the magical worlds of mythical creatures. Tansy is a wonderful real-world heroine and her story in this magical world is an absolute delight.

From the vivid description, through to the strong characterisation, through to the plot that makes you want to stay awake into the early hours of the morning – Named and Shamed is one of the most fun reading experiences you will have this year.

Meet Tansy, follow her adventures, and look out for future Janine Ashbless titles.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Mammoth Book of Erotica presents: The Best of Donna George StoreyThe Mammoth Book of Erotica presents: The Best of Donna George Storey
Robinson UK, July 2012

Maxim Jakubowski released a series of ebooks called "Mammoth Presents the Best of…." which are collected stories from his excellent Mammoth Book of New Erotica series. The volumns explore the extraordinary variety of the erotic experience and explicit sexual drama in all its forms from some of the best writers in the field.

There are are nine volumes released in July, including collections by Maxim himself, Donna George Storey, Alison Tyler, Kristina Wright, M. Christian, Thomas Roche, Lucy Taylor, Michael Hemmingson, and Marilyn Jaye Lewis.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Anything for You: Erotica for Kinky Couples by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Ed) Anything for You: Erotica for Kinky Couples by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Ed)
Cleis Press, August 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448133

Rachel Kramer Bussel is at the top of her game in BDSM erotica and now shares the pleasure in a one-of-a-kind book, custom-made for couples. Anything for You is stimulating reading, both for experienced players and those just discovering the joy of tying up your lover or bending over for the one you love These explicit stories of obsessive desire unlock the door to a world of obsessive desires, the passion that lies just beneath the skin.

Bondage is the stuff of fantasy for a shockingly large segment of the population and true happiness is discovering what makes your partner tick. In this case, it might well be the tickle of rope on naked skin, or a firm paddling. Rachel Kramer Bussel's is a guidebook to great sex, told story by delicious story of uninhibited, adventurous sex sure to keep the home fires burning Each boldly wrought tale shared with your lover is another door opened into the erotic mindscape.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

fStretched - Erotic Fiction that Fondles the Imagination by Tinder James (Ed)
Rubicund Publishing, March 2012; ISBN-10: 0984371435

Review by Ashley Lister:  This is a wonderful collection of short stories. The anthology promises to stretch the imagination of readers and, personally, I’m not sure how it can go about fulfilling that sort of claim. But I do know it contains a wealth of first-rate erotic stories from some highly talented writers.

Ordinarily I’d cherry-pick my way through a collection like this, discussing stories from some of my favourite authors such as Robert Buckley (brilliant), Jeremy Edwards (exceptional) and Kristina Lloyd (marvellous).
However, because this collection features authors I haven’t previously encountered, I thought I’d just mention one from a writer I’ve only just discovered.

‘Of the Glabrous Flesh’ by Bernie Mojzes is as intelligent as any other story in this collection, perceptive in the way it describes intimate detail, and blessed with the level of background detail that one would expect from a writer who is used to working in fantastical genres.

“There are, of course, the lips, perhaps the most prominent of the glabrous flesh. Certainly the most often presented for display, the most decorated, the most visible and the most expressive.”

One pair, parted slightly, is glistening full and red against a white background (a flicker of fluorescent light). The gentle swell of their surface is a topography rippled with minute creases; this close, they are mountain ranges, river valleys. The air that breathes across this hot, and tastes of life.

‘Of the Glabrous Flesh’ is a fun story from a fun collection that’s intended to stimulate the brain as well as other parts of the anatomy.  Buy this one and enjoy having all your favourite organs stimulated.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, June 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447900

Suite Encounters features hotel erotica in all its forms, from honeymooners having sex on the beach to loving couples on vacation to coworkers heading downtown for secret quickies, not to mention exhibitionist thrills (and chills) of getting it on in the pool on the roof at The Standard Hotel in front of everyone! The award-winning editor of the Best Sex Writing series, among many others, Rachel Kramer Bussel knows the winning formula of stories of sex in every possible setting — luxury hotels, seedy motels, spas, SRO's and everything in between.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright (Editor)
Cleis Press, May 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447870

In Lustfully Ever After, classic fairy tales are reimagined for an adult audience with twists (and kinks) to keep readers entertained. In Michelle Augello-Page's romantically charged BDSM tale "Wolf Moon," Little Red Riding Hood is the big bad wolf, while Kristina Lloyd rewrites "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" as a scorching hot MFM threesome in "The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces." Shanna Germain's "Mirror Mirror" shows the sensual Sapphic side of Snow White's stepmother and Andrea Dale pens a contemporary version of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" in the poignantly erotic "Steadfast."

This delightful collection of fairy tales will lead you down a magical path into forbidden romance and erotic love. You won’t need those bread crumbs to find your way home—for home is where the heart is and the authors of Lustfully Ever After know your heart’s most wicked and secret desires.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Going Down: Oral Sex Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)Going Down: Oral Sex Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, May 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447897

When you look back on the best sex you ever had, oral sex will be a part if the picture. Rachel Kramer Bussell, editor of the award-winning oral sex collections Tasting Him and Tasting Her is back with more lip-smackingly superb oral sex erotica for ALL with Going Down. The primal sense of taking in the essence, taste, smell and sexy up-closeness of a lover is a powerful aphrodisiac that affects one physically, mentally and emotionally. Once you have your lover in your mouth, the heat of desire, passion, and lust focus before your eyes and tie your arousal directly to them. These fictive fellatio stories, sizzling sixty-ninings, and talented tonguings will give readers lots of new ideas to try at home.

In Going Down, lovers both give, receive and explore the many ways oral sex can be an act of love, tenderness, devotion or pure sexual act that lets readers revel in the emotion and sensuality of it all. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy this sexy read of explicit stories to get you hot and bothered with more than a mouthful. Giving head never read so good until now!

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Bound by Lust: Romantic Stories of Submission and Sensuality by Shanna Germain (Editor)Bound by Lust: Romantic Stories of Submission and Sensuality by Shanna Germain (Editor)
Cleis Press, April 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447927

Imagine finding a partner who is just as naughty, kinky and dark as you are, a lover who wanders the hardware store with you in search of new ‘toys,’ a man who can wrangle both you and the dishes into submission, a woman who accompanies you to office parties and play parties. Think that heady combination of: sweet and sexy, dirty and romantic, love and leather.Bound By Lust is a romantic, couples-focused erotica with a BDSM slant. The couples range from newly blossoming relationships, lont-time loves and reunited flames. BDSM aspect of this is both naughty and nice — bondage, spanking, domination, submission, power-play, pain and pleasure, or whatever your dirty mind can think of. Bring on the rope and rough stuff, the dens and dungeons, the corsets and clamps and cuffs. Romance can be a little rough and still have VERY happy endings!
Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Mammoth Book of The Best of Best New Erotica by Maxim JakubowskiThe Mammoth Book of The Best of Best New Erotica by Maxim Jakubowski (Editor)
Running Press, April 24, 2012; ISBN-10: 0762444355

The very best of over ten years of the Best New Erotica series and other erotica titles compiled by Maxim Jakubowski. Stories have been taken from all volumes of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica with the exception of recent volumes 8 and 9. They have also been drawn from the Mammoth Book of International Erotica, Mammoth Book of Historical Erotica, Mammoth Book of Erotica, Mammoth Book of New Erotica and Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels.

The anthology is likely to include stories by Thomas S. Roche; Poppy Z. Brite; Alison Tyler; Lucy Taylor; Matt Thorne; M. Christian; Michael Hemmingson; Mike Kimera; Tara Alton; Marilyn Jaye-Lewis; Savannah Lee; Heather Corinna; Carol Queen; Donna George Storey; Lauren Henderson; Vicki Hendricks; O'Neil De Noux; Cara Bruce; Mark Timlin; Graham Joyce; Conrad Williams; Claude Lalumière; Kristina Lloyd; and Mitzi Szereto.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women by Rachel Kramer BusselCurvy Girls: Erotica for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Seal Press, April 2012; ISBN-10: 1580054080

From the editor of Dirty Girls comes a new anthology of steamy stories for women who don’t fit into a size zero—or two, or four—and the men and women who love them.

In this voluptuously erotic collection, editor and best-selling author Rachel Kramer Bussel showcases the sensual side of having “more to love,” from the sexiness of big butts and plus-size corsets to the irresistible allure of pregnant bellies. No aspect of full-figured female sexuality is left unexplored, whether heterosexual or same-sex, raunchy or romantic, femme or butch. Bussel also includes seductive stories featuring characters of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds, exploring how different cultures approach size and eroticism. From trysts between long-time partners to one-night stands, from vanilla encounters to kinky romps, Curvy Girls is an all-inclusive celebration of the sensuality of larger women—in all their curvy glory.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women by Rachel Kramer BusselObsessed: Erotic Romance for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, August 2011; ISBN-10: 1573447188

Review by Ashley Lister:  Obsessed is a strong word. It implies an unhealthy emotional state that is driven more by compulsion than considered opinion. Not a particularly pleasant or desirable mentality – but one with which the majority of us can sympathise to some extent.

And it’s an ideal and appropriate state of mentality for the majority of characters in these exciting stories presented by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Obsessed is an anthology of short stories written by some of the genres most respected and celebrated erotic romance writers. Favourite authors include Donna George Storey, Justine Elyot, Emerald, Charlotte Stein, Kristina Wright, K D Grace, and many other wonderful writers whom I can’t name here for lack of space.

Available at:  Amazon

Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, February 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447625

Review by Ashley Lister: I have to admit I almost shrieked with delight when a copy of this book landed on my desk. It ticks so many boxes for my personal preferences that I’m surprised my name wasn’t in the dedication.

Primarily, the book is a collection of erotic short stories concerning couples in established relationships. As innovations go, this is something seldom approached by erotica publishers who tend to focus on the dynamics of new relationships rather than existing ones. And yet, for those of us who are already in relationships, this approach to fiction is a reminder that sex continues after the initial thrill of first meeting.

In addition, the book is edited by the wonderful Rachel Kramer Bussel – a name synonymous with quality collections of erotica.

And, finally, the book genuinely contains fiction from some of my favourite erotic storytellers in the whole world.  It’s fair to say that this whole collection is genuinely Irresistible
Available at:  Amazon

Luscious: Stories of Anal Eroticism by Alison Tyler (Editor)Luscious: Stories of Anal Eroticism by Alison Tyler (Editor)
Cleis Press, Revised edition February 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447609

"When I pick up a book of erotica," says Alison Tyler, "I don’t want to read about 'beautiful' and 'loving.' I want to read about sweaty and heart-stopping." Tyler indeed found these latter qualities, in a wealth of variations, when she collected the 27 stories for this smart, raunchy anthology celebrating anal sex.

Seasoned erotica authors explore the pleasures of every imaginable strategy for indulging in this popular but still taboo sexual activity. With feather-light foreplay, tickling, teasing, and more, Luscious is a reminder that dirty is not only not a bad word, it can also make what happens bent over a Harley, on the Appalachian trail, or in an anal sex classroom — some of the kinky locales in this collection — irresistibly arousing.
Available at:  Amazon

Red Velvet & Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance by Mitzi SzeretoRed Velvet & Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance by Mitzi Szereto (Editor)
Cleis Press, September 2011; ISBN-10: 1573447161

Review by Kristina Wright:  Keeping the tradition of Gothic literature alive, perennial editor Mitzi Szereto gives us Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance. As Szereto states in the introduction, her goal was to not only offer readers an anthology that was reminiscent of the Gothic classics, “but take things further by adding to the brew a generous portion of eroticism that’s far less restrained than what transpired between Cathy and Heathcliff.” And so she does! This scrumptious collection will thrill the fans of Gothic literature with a titillating collection of stories that inspire shivers of both desire and dread.

The best word to describe Red Velvet and Absinthe is atmospheric.  These stories are written to draw you into a world unlike any you’ve ever known and make you believe in the things that lurk in the shadows. The authors have done an admirable job of paying tribute to the Gothic masters and mistresses of old, putting a new spin on familiar Gothic tropes. In most of the tales, things are not always as they seem and the reader is left breathless with anticipation right up until thFe end. All of the stories are sensual treats and the level of eroticism varies from what you might find in a more traditional Gothic story to contemporary literary erotic explorations.

As is befitting the subtitle, Paranormal Erotic Romance, there are number of paranormal elements to be found in the stories. Shape-shifters, werewolves, vampires and otherworldly creatures are well-represented with interesting interpretations and twists.  My favorite stories in this collection include Janine Ashbless’s poignant “Cover Him With Darkness,” Charlotte Stein’s creepy “Dolly” and Zander Vyne’s shocking “La Belle Mort.” Each story is so well-written and so delicious that it’s enough to make you put the book down and contemplate what you’ve just read—and then reread it all over again.

Despite the short format, each author in Red Velvet and Absinthe delivers a complete and complex erotic tale. Mitzi Szereto is known for choosing the very best of literary erotica for her anthologies, and this book is representative of the very best of the genre. With fifteen unique stories (as well as an introduction by Szereto and a foreword by paranormal author Kelley Armstrong), gans of paranormal and Gothic stories will find a few favorites among this collection—and be eager to share their opinions (and maybe copies of the book) with friends.
Available at:  Amazon

One Night Only: Erotic Encounters by Violet Blue (Editor)One Night Only: Erotic Encounters by Violet Blue (Editor)
Cleis Press, January 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447560

Have you ever had one chance - or one night - to have hot, reckless sex? One Night Only is a compendium of the most refined zipless fuck fantasies imaginable. Chance encounters, secret oral sex, frenzied public sex... The expertly crafted characters in these riveting stories gotta have it, and they need it now.

In "Subway Subterfuge" by May Deva a young woman is attracted to a hot guy on the subway; next time she spots him, they move to the back of the crowded car where we find out she's the one driving the anonymous public frisson.

"Maid Service" by Jan Darby centers on a downwardly mobile young lady who's currently working as a maid when a guest, an attractive man, catches her in the room, they flirt over the chocolate rose on the pillow, and he coaxes her into some slightly kinky sex, which she very much wants.
Available at:  Amazon

Women in Lust by Rachel Kramer BusselWomen in Lust: Erotic Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, November 2011; ISBN-10: 1573447242

Review by Kristina Wright:  “The characters in Women in Lust may vary in the objects of their lust, and how they go about acting on their urge, but what connects them is that pure impulse for a lover,” says editor Rachel Kramer Bussel in her introduction to her latest lust-fueled anthology. Impulsivity is a driving force for many of the characters in these stories—the need for a physical, and often emotional, connection that transcends their day-to-day existence. Women in Lust is about primal urges, the desires that drive women to choose sexual partners who might not always been “good” or “right” for them, but yet still fulfill something in them that no one has before.

In Women in Lust Bussel presents twenty stories from some of the most brilliant erotica writers around. Portia da Costa, Charlotte Stein, Justine Elyot, K.D. Gracce, Shanna Germain and Donna Storey, among others, deftly explore the idea of feminine lust from a variety of perspectives. Here are the stories of familiar lovers, new lovers, lovers who know more about us than we know ourselves.

Bussel is brilliant at choosing stories that ring with authenticity, from the Japanese happy ending massage story “Cherry Blossom” by Kayar Silkenvoice to Bussel’s own academic offering, “Hot for Teacher.” Donna George Storey’s “Comfort Food” is a particular favorite, with a fortyish divorcee discovering the many talents of a hot young chef. Some stories are laced with a kind of psychological tormrent that makes them all the more erotic, such as Justine Elyot’s “The Hard Way,” a delicious role playing story complete with handcuffs, Charlotte Stein’s blindfold story “Guess,” a sensuous treat for the reader who waits in anticipation for the story to unfold, and Shanna Germain’s “Beneath My Skin,” an edgy and unique story of knife play.

It’s lovely to see stories with female characters of a variety of ages and body sizes, as well as at different places in their lives. Women in Lust includes stories about twenty very different women who all say yes to their secret desires. Lust is the driving force here and it’s the thread that ties all these stories together into a beautifully edited collection.
Available at:  Amazon

Best Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright (Editor)Best Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright (Editor)
Cleis Press, December 2011; ISBN-10: 157344751X

This inaugural collection of erotic romance features the very best of the genre. In erotic romance, the sexual component is critical to the development of the romantic relationship. Each of these masterfully written tales contains the essence of true romance: a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying, optimistic ending. What sets Best Erotic Romance apart is the scorching hot sex and the happily-ever-after (or happy-for-now) ending. Award-winning romance writer and editor Kristina Wright and her cast of terrific romance writers have crafted stories that touch the hearts and minds of readers, and linger in the memory for a long, long time.

Review by Kitty Stryker:  Romance novels are known for their lurid covers, their over-complicated plots and their steamy erotic scenes. But what if you want to skip past the soap-opera stories and get right to the juicy stuff? Then you should probably pick up Best Erotic Romance, the first anthology to offer stories where the sexual and the romantic are entwined.

Many of these stories involved lovers who had been apart by circumstance, but they each injected a fresh look at reconciliation. But not all these loves were lost- some allow you along for the ride as they fall in love with each other and you fall for them, and others are long term couples keeping the fires burning. All the stories have an optimistic ending that will leave a song in your heart and a smile on your lips—the passionate, emotional encounters will leave you breathless.
Available at:  Amazon

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