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Books in the Spotlight

By Ashe Barker
Bound, Naked on Her Knees

Taking the Lead
Taking the Lead
By Cecelia Tan
Rockstar Seduces Uptight Heiress

Lips Like Ice
Lips Like Ice
By Peggy Barnett
Alien prince requires her submission

Ed. Rian Darcy and Jennifer Levine
Gay erotica fairy tale anthology

By Lauren P. Burka
Fantasy... rent boy meets shifter dom

Capturing the Night
Capturing the Night
By Delilah Night
Lost love rekindles in Cambodia

By Lola White
Enter the witching world

Savage Possession
Savage Possession
Margaret Tanner
Hot, strong, no sugar

Red L. Jameson
Maybe they could all be mine

Their Sub Switch
Their Sub Switch
Tonya Kinzer
Sondra switches roles with her masters!

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Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance by Kristina WrightSteamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright (Editor)
Cleis Press, October 2011; ISBN-10: 1573447218

Steamlust is romantic erotica that reflects the excitement, fantasy, and rebellion of steampunk. Not sure what steampunk is? Think Victorian elegance and aesthetics meets futuristic invention and exploration. The genre of steampunk has transcended the Victorian (or Edwardian) eras — in Kristina Wright's inventive anthology, it can be any time period, real or imagined, that blends elements of science, history, fantasy, and technology.

Steampunk erotic romance is shiny brass and crushed velvet, mechanical inventions and romantic conventions, sexual fantasy and kinky fetish. It's steam powered sexy romance! Editrix extraordinaire Kristina Wright creates a lush and fantastical world of women-centered stories and romantic scenarios, a first for steampunk fiction. Fetishizing the wardrobe, language, fantasy and rituals of steampunk, Steamlust includes alternate histories, second worlds, time travel, and contemporary settings.
Available at:  Amazon

Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples by Violet BlueSweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples by Violet Blue (Editor)
Cleis Press, July 2011; ISBN-10: 1573446653

Violet Blue is simply the best in the business when it comes to erotica for couples. She edits with both a sharp eye and a knack for what lovers are looking for - sweet and surprising scenarios. In Sweet Confessions, the lust-inciting fantasies include spanking, exhibitionism, role-playing, three-ways, and sexy adventures that will inspire real couples to reach new heights of passion.

In Violet Blue's own words, "The stories I've chosen are explicit, well thought-out, cleverly crafted, and arousing as hell. Trust me. I tried it at home."
Available at:  Amazon

eroticaGotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, March 2011; ISBN-10: 1573446475

Review by Jean Roberta:  These diverse stories, each under 1,200 words, get right to the point. Each includes one sex scene and a surprising amount of background and characterization. Although many are about first-time encounters, quite a few focus on still-hot sex in long-term relationships.  In "Time" by Cecilia Tan, a woman on the eve of her twentieth wedding anniversary asks how to measure time when "you don't feel it passing" except in "the ticktock of heartbeats, and "the pendulum swing of thrusts." There are stories here from a dazzling lineup of other famous and lesser-known erotic writers, including members of ERWA.

Most sexual orientations are represented in these stories, and there is a range of intensity from sweet romance to BDSM. Most of the scenarios are realistic, but there are some notable exceptions: a fanciful relationship between a female first-person narrator and King Kong, a female librarian who dishes out spankings in a private room for too many late returns. This book would be ideal to slip into a carry-on bag for episodic reading in airports, bus stations and en route except for the cover image. A playful photo shows the bare legs and feet (still in shoes) of a man and a woman, apparently in the act, while a cat nonchalantly ignores the humans in heat. It would be hard to mistake the meaning of this picture, so if you read this book in front of strangers, you might want to cover it up. It’s worth the inconvenience, since this is a book you will want to keep.
Available at:  Amazon

Dream Lover, Paranormal erotic romanceDream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance by Kristina Wright (Editor)
Cleis Press, May 2011; ISBN-10: 1573446556

Review by Victoria Blisse:  I love anthologies because you get a pick and mix of stories and Dream Lover certainly offers a great deal of variety. It is filled with paranormal creatures, those you only dream of and believe you me when you read this collection of sexy stories  pulled together by Kristina Wright you’ll find some of the characters invading your dreams.

I was instantly impressed with the very first story by Justine Elyot. "Love Resurrection" set the tone for the rest of the book and showed me the kind of excellent writing I could expect. I was pulled in by the clever plot, the endearing characters and the steamy action it contained.  I was not let down by the stories that followed either. I loved how many different imagined beings were included in the pages, some I would never have thought of, especially not in an erotic way.

I have to say I enjoyed all sixteen stories and that is rare, usually I find a few stories in an anthology to be not to my tastes, but all these are winners.  I especially loved the raw sexuality of Saskia Walker’s "Where the Heart Is."  It is a tale of hot, animal lust out of the wild, windy moors that has you breathless with excitement from the first line.  I really enjoyed the quirky humour and hot sex in "Succubus Comes Home" by Lucy Felthouse. She seems to specialise in writing rough and wild men you just want to dig your teeth into and Antony is by no means a disappointment!

You get a bit of everything here, which can be a plus and a minus. If you like one particular kind of paranormal creature or type of story you might find this collection to be too broad for your liking but if you’re open to all kinds of dark, erotic, fantastical beings then you will be spoilt with the wonderful range of expertly written erotic tales in this collection.
Available at:  Amazon

Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica by D.L. KingCarnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica by D.L. King (Editor)
Cleis Press, May 2011; ISBN-10: 1573446548

Review by Ashley Listers:  Steampunk is that delightful blend of contemporary science-fiction with the discipline of Victorian values.  As a genre it lends itself to being erotic. The heroines are corseted and delightfully proper (or delightfully improper). The heroes are overtly formal and the technology is pure imagination.

Which is why I would say Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica, is a title that should have any sane reader champing at the bit in eager anticipation of good, saucy erotic fun. And, when you consider the glamorous cover, possibly one of the most striking to come from Cleis (and Cleis have produced some remarkable covers) that’s another good reason to consider making this purchase.

However, if you’re only interested in the quality of the writing, you still won’t be disappointed. D L King has selected some of the finest erotic fiction authors on the current market to produce steampunk that is worthy of this collection. The quality of the writing is superb.

Seriously, if you enjoy the imagination of steampunk this title will not disappoint.
Available at:  Amazon

Coming Together Robert BuckleyComing Together Presents: Robert Buckley, Edited by Lisabet Sarai
Coming Together, March 2011

Review by Ashley Lister: Wait for a moment whilst I climb to the top of the building.  Remain silent, please, whilst I clear my throat.  Be patient whilst I produce the sheet music and draw breath for the first note.  I am now ready to sing the praises of Robert (Bob) Buckley from the highest rooftops.  Feel free to join in with the chorus. 

Buckley, as you may or may not know, has been a familiar presence at ERWA since the days before the internet was available on computer.  His standing as a celebrated author, editor and general literary jack-of-all-trades has never been in doubt.  However, for those who may have wondered about his abilities, proof of his genius is now available in the anthology: Coming Together Presents Robert Buckley.  This is Bob’s second title of collected erotica. 

Those of you familiar with the Coming Together titles will be aware that, as well as showcasing the work of talented erotica authors, the series also support charitable endeavours.  Proceeds from Buckley’s title go to benefit Multiple Sclerosis Association of America ( 

But, as always, it’s the content of the book that is of most importance to anyone considering making a purchase, regardless of the worthiness of the recipient.  And I think it’s fair to say that the quality of the content in this title is superlative.  Buckley admits that the content is darker than his previous work – moving from erotic romance to an edgier style of erotic noir.  Nevertheless, the writing remains in the same high calibre fashion and the focus is always on well-written narratives, combined with strong characters and incredible prose. 

If you’re only going to buy one anthology this year: make sure it’s Coming Together Presents Robert Buckley.
Available at: Coming Together Presents

erotic fictionPassion: Erotic Romance for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, November 2010; ISBN-10: 1573444154

Review by Kristina Wright:  Prolific editor Rachel Kramer Bussel explores the romantic side of erotica in her collection Passion: Erotic Romance for Women.  The anthology includes stories from some of erotic romance’s most popular authors, including Portia Da Costa, Delilah Devlin, Teresa Noelle Roberts and Saskia Walker, as well as some familiar names in erotic fiction and a couple of newcomers.  It is an exciting collection of stories that combine love and sex in the most enticing ways, with several notable mentions among a collection of gems.

The cover of Passion provides a delicious illustration to go along with Donna George Storey’s “Big-Bed Sex,” which opens the collection.  An enormous bed in a luxurious hotel inspires a writer and her husband to enjoy the most decadent of sexual role-playing.  It’s a story that is as sweet as it is sexy for the interplay between the characters.

The connections between characters, whether long-married or newly made, are what make the stories in this collection so intriguing.  In “The Silver Belt” by Lana Fox, a fashion accessory binds as well as releases a woman’s pent-up sexual desire.  An encounter with a stranger who knows her better than she knows herself leads Maya down the path of marital infidelity, but into the arms of the sensual release she craves.

Charlene Teglia’s reunion story “Third Time’s the Charm” puts a different twist on the sex in an elevator fantasy.  When a couple in the midst of a breakup accidentally get trapped in an elevator, it doesn’t take long for their issues to bubble to the surface. What could have been a trite cliché is a charming story of second (or third) chances between a man and woman who are meant to be together.

One of the most complex stories in the collection is Emerald’s story, “If.”  Like many of the women in Passion, Emerald’s protagonist Valerie is caught at a crossroads in her romantic relationship. Choosing hot sex with a stranger over committed intimacy with her long-term boyfriend seems the easiest way out, but finding a way to combine the two might just be worth fighting for.

All of the stories in the collection are enjoyable reads, deftly balancing the erotic and romantic elements successfully.  Rachel Kramer Bussel has done a beautiful job of compiling an anthology that appeals to both the emotions and the libido.  Passion proves to be a terrific addition to the erotic romance genre.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic fictionSmooth: Erotic Stories for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, October 2010; ISBN-10: 1573444081

“These are not stories about body image or learning to love your curves,” says editor Rachel Kramer Bussel in describing her new erotica collection Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women.  “These are sensual tales in which women and men celebrate the joy of being carnal, lusty, hungry and animalistic; stories in which the urge to get naked, in the literal and figurative senses, drives women to boldly go where they haven’t before.”

Thus we have the premise for a collection of luscious erotic tales focusing on naked vulnerability of the body and mind.  Body image does come into play in several of the stories, but in unique ways that create conflict and resolution for the characters.  The stories in Smooth are a pleasurable blend of thought provoking erotica and sensual escapism, with several standouts among the collection.

In the opening story, “Löyly” Angela Caperton creates an intimate setting in a sauna where heat and steam provide the catalyst for an erotically charged interlude between strangers.  The connection between Andie and the visiting professor from Finland is a sensual feast.

Elizabeth Coldwell tackles the subject of a woman who has had a series of skin grafts following a horrible accident in “Her Brand-New Skin.”  This is an exceptionally well-written piece as it not only combines the emotional and physical scars of healing, it handles body image within the context of a group sex encounter that is loving and empowering.
Empowerment is also the name of the game in “Adornment is Power” by Teresa Noelle Roberts.  In this sweet and kinky reunion story, Roberts demonstrates there are different ways to be comfortable in your own skin.  For Mara, tattoos and piercings give her confidence and power, enough to seduce and dominate the ex she never forgot.

Bussel’s own offering for the collection is the shiveringly erotic “Chilly Girl.”  In an attempt to please her lover’s unusual kink, the protagonist finds herself naked in a bathtub of ice cubes. Erotic heat in the midst of so much cold makes for an interesting and unusual contrast.

The stories in Smooth are loosely connected by theme of physical and emotional exposure and the end result is a lovely erotic feast of flesh and fantasy. —Review by Kristina Wright
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic short storiesJust Watch Me: Erotica for Women by Violet Blue (Editor)
Cleis Press, September 2010; ISBN-10: 1573444170

Just Watch Me is a sassy selection of the very best erotica by women, for women. Hand-picked by Violet Blue from the Best Women's Erotica series, these stories should be read nice and slow so that every outrageous scenario can be savored. Sydney Beier's "Reading to Horst" follows an American woman living in Germany who conducts foreplay by reading aloud to a tourist from Anaïs Nin's Little Birds. In Alison Tyler's "Four on the Floor," a pair of lovers hunt for and conquer another couple. And Elizabeth Coldwell's "Heat" describes the fierce affair between a barmaid and her brutish boss, a man she doesn't even like but who sets her heart pounding.

Intended as inspiration for bedroom adventures, this heady collection of smart, sensual erotic stories is filled with hair-raising, relatable encounters.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic fictionOrgasmic: Erotica for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, August 2010; ISBN-10: 1573444022

Orgasmic springs from a delicious idea — a book of erotica that explores every possible type of orgasm. This highly original concept could only have come from the delightfully dirty (and brilliant) mind of Rachel Kramer Bussel. Oral sensations, digital delights, tricks with toys, and the old bump and grind are all featured, along with many more imaginative ways to bring a lover to climax.

By taking the reins, one woman finds pleasure on top; an experimental lover discovers ecstasy with a remote-controlled vibrator; body and soul merge in multiple orgasms through tantric sex. Orgasmic covers it all, from the familiar to the uncharted, opening up a Pandora’s Box of scenarios and techniques to bring readers to new heights of pleasure.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic fairy talesFairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women by Kristina Wright
Cleis Press, July 2010; ISBN-10: 1573443972

Something wicked and wanton this way comes in the sexiest fairy tales ever written!

Award-winning novelist and top erotica writer Kristina Wright goes over the river and through the woods to find the sexiest fairy tales ever written. Playfully seductive, supernaturally sensual, and darkly erotic, Fairy Tale Lust showcases clever twists to classic tales and introduces new stories inspired by the ever-popular genre. Here, a walk in the forest is likely to lead to an erotic encounter with a mysterious stranger and the silver light of a full moon might illuminate an orgy of sensual delights!

Highly imaginative and downright stimulating, these stories take fairy tale erotica to the next level. Top erotica contributors deliver sizzling work, including Janine Ashbless, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Delilah Devlin, Shanna Germaine, and Saskia Walker.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic fictionFast Girls: Erotica for Women by Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, July 2010; ISBN-10: 1573443840

Fast girls don’t mind being the girl everyone is talking about, as long as all eyes are focused their way. They are wanton, daring, shameless, and bold. Fast Girls celebrates the girl with a reputation, the girl who goes all the way, and the girl who doesn't know how to say "no."

Featuring writing by Tristan Taormino, Shanna Germain, Donna George Storey, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Saskia Walker, Jacqueline Applebee, Tess Danesi, Shar Rednour, Aimee Pearl, and others, Fast Girls is a racy, provocative collection of erotica by the cream of the crop of female erotica writers. They take readers on unexpected journeys, from a bedroom with every toy imaginable, to a sex club, a communal shower, on set with a personal porn star, and more. These characters revel in their sexual excesses, boldly doing what others only dream about. Race through Fast Girls once, and you will come back again and again.
Available at:  Amazon | Amazon UK

BDSM eroticaPlease, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, May 2010; ISBN-10: 1573443891

The fortunate women of Please, Sir are not docile pushovers by any means. They make the rules and negotiate with their masters — though sometimes they also get off on being pushed just a little too far by men they know they can trust. It's as if the doms who enter their lives see the potential for submission in these women and want to arouse them more than ever before by providing an opportunity for them to let go.

The editor of the bestsellers He's on Top and Yes, Sir, Rachel Kramer Bussel has chosen 22 stories that celebrate the thrill of submission by women who know exactly what they want. The characters in Please, Sir may be doing the bidding of their dominants, but the tops are just as much subject to the will of their subs, in their own way, by making them ache, moan, and quiver. With stories by Shanna Germain, Elizabeth Coldwell, Alison Tyler, and more.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

BDSM eroticaPlease, Ma'am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press, June 2010; ISBN-10: 1573443883

Men are the ones gifted with all sorts of power in our society, but a dirty little secret is that so many of them long to strip themselves of this power, to be tied down, gagged, spanked, taken, owned. They want to ease the burdens of manliness, if only for a little while, to be "ordered" to do all the naughty things they've dreamed of. Please, Ma'am shows some of the tantalizing possibilities out there for sniveling men and the women who love them.

Bestselling erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has gathered together top voices in the genre, including Stephen Elliott, Alison Tyler, Dominic Santi, and many more. In Please, Ma'am, men willingly submit to the deliciously dominant women who entertain their deepest desires and give them the treatment they crave.
Available at:  Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic fictionSweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples by Violet Blue (Editor)
Cleis Press, March 2010; ISBN-10: 1573443816

Looking to keep the heat? In Sweet Love, sex educator and bestselling author Violet Blue creates a world of lusty and in-love couples who live out their fantasies with fantastic results. She has an eye for talent and only allows the very best erotica in her anthologies: well written, truly sensual, and always with a sexy surprise.

These powerful scenarios are recipes for romance that real couples can read and use as inspiration for memorable and no-holds-barred explorations of their own. The addictive, hot little shorts of this collection will have readers begging for spankings, breathtaking role-playing, exhibitionism, unexpected threesomes, and much, much more. Sweet Love's expertly crafted, explicit stories will really take you there.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon UK

erotic fictionBest of Best Women's Erotica 2 by Violet Blue (Editor)
Cleis Press (February 1, 2010); ISBN-10: 1573443794

Lovingly handpicked by Violet Blue, these stories are erotic gems, polished to perfection by an expert in erotica. The Best of Women's Erotica 2 is wildly sexy, super smart, and, highly readable. What makes an erotic story "best?" It has that something extra, and a good plot and characters that truly interest you and commands your interest during their trysts, triumphs, and erotic adventures.

Steamy encounters include Adrie Santos’ nervy, cautious “Paid for the Pleasure," which scratches more than one itch as a girl decides to let a man pay her—to receive oral sex. And, just when you think you have gender play all wrapped up in a nice and tidy bow, Lee Cairney’s “Cruising” takes you trolling with a lesbian late at night in a park where she doesn’t belong. What happens to her anonymously in public is as surprising as it is incendiary. Meanwhile, across town, Scarlett French is looking out her “Rear Window,” watching her male neighbor and his trick provide full, explicit service for her to enjoy. These are just a few of the carnal classics in this best and boldest of all women's erotica.
Available at: Amazon

Peep Show eroticaPeep Show: Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press (November 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 1573443700

Whether you love to watch a lover undress in person, relish peeking at the neighbors through a crack in their blinds, love to visit a strip club for a steamy show, or adore reversing the equation by taking center stage, Peep Show packs an erotic punch for voyeurs—and exhibitionists—of any stripe. These sexy stories speak to perhaps the most common sexual predilections: the wish to watch and be watched.

While the appeal of a peep show—and of being peeped at—is well documented, rarely has the subject inspired an entire collection. This book corrals several unique stories, each of which explores a different facet of these desires, ensuring that any reader will be titillated.
Available at: Amazon

vampire eroticaThe Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica by D.L. King (Editor)
Cleis Press (October 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 1573443719

Vampires have a timeless allure, mesmerizing us in every medium from books and graphic novels to movies and television shows. Immortal, eternally beautiful, strong, and sexy, these creatures take what they need, stealing the life force from those unlucky enough to cross their paths — or from those whose luck leads them to the most thrilling experience of their lives.

Edited by noted erotica writer D. L. King, The Sweetest Kiss takes readers into shadowy alleys, dark bedrooms, and more mysterious spaces to experience the frisson of terror and delight that only a vampire can produce. Mostly straight, these stories also feature bi and queer vampires satisfying their lust in contemporary and period settings. These blood-drenched tales give new meaning to the term "dead sexy" and feature beautiful bloodsuckers whose desires go far beyond blood.
Available at: Amazon

erotic fairy talesIn Sleeping Beauty's Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales by Mitzi Szereto
Cleis Press (September 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 1573443670

A traditional source of sexual titillation for adult readers, fairy tales historically featured licentious themes before being cleaned up for the consumption of children in modern times. Seasoned erotica author Mitzi Szereto restores the explicit sex in the 15 tales in this provocative book — and adds a few surprises of her own.

Here the bawdy humor of French fable meets the sublime eroticism of ancient Chinese myth as a far from virginal damsel weds a Prince Charming with a shoe fetish; Little Red Riding Hood discovers Grandma’s bed is open to any stray wolf; and a Japanese monk stumbles onto an S/M scene behind a forbidden door.

Each tale is prefaced by a brief introduction telling its history and the sexual culture in which it was originally composed.
Available at: Amazon

Spanking StoriesBottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press (August 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 157344362X

Here, we have a spanking tour de force for any curiosity, appetite, and sexual preference. And to that end, Rachel Kramer Bussel offers Bottoms Up, another delicious collection of stories that celebrates the pleasures of an inviting bum turned rosy red by hand, crop, whip, or paddle.

Whether written from the perspective of the spanker or the spankee, those who crave discipline or those discovering for the first time how good being bad can feel, each vivid tale trembles with erotic pleasure. Bottoms Up is essential reading for those with endless capacities to have their bare bottoms soundly smacked, those who revel in delivering the deliciously ecstatic pain to a lover, or those who simply believe in turning the other cheek — over and over and over again.
Available at: Amazon

erotic fictionPlaying With Fire: Taboo Erotica by Alison Tyler (Editor)
Cleis Press (April 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 1573443484

Why should you play hard to get when you can play with fire? The forbidden has never been so appealing as it is in Alison Tyler's latest collection. In these incendiary stories that explore the taboo side of erotica, couples go about setting their boundaries aflame. Committed to each other without question, they play out their naughtiest fantasies, pushing the limits of sex, lust, and the imagination as far as they can to please each other. Playing it a bit riskier and playing it a bit more daring will send readers and their partners steaming toward the next step in sexual exploration.

Featuring new work from ADR Forte, Jolene Hui, Sommer Marsden, Shanna Germain, and others, Playing With Fire delivers enough heat to inspire readers to burn their own erotic bridges
Available at: Amazon

erotiic fictionThe Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press (April 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 157344345X

Rachel Kramer Bussel’s newest collection brings to life the popular fantasy of having sex on an airplane, from commercial jets to private planes and even aboard Air Force One. Couples and strangers alike manage to find ways to surreptitiously get each other off as they fly the friendly skies, spicing up their sex lives with a dash of exhibitionism, excitement, and danger.

In these steamy stories, readers encounter seductions by strangers, naughty flight attendants and perverted pilots, a screen star who’s hot-to-trot, a female flying instructor who takes two male students under her wing, and a couple who take advantage of the latest in in-flight technology.

Featuring works by Geneva King, Alison Tyler, Thomas S. Roche, Elizabeth Coldwell, Jeremy Edwards, and others, these authors go way beyond the crowded airplane bathroom to show just how many ways there are to get it on while onboard.
Available at: Amazon

Erotic anthologyGirls On Top: Explicit Erotica For Women by Violet Blue (Editor)
Cleis Press (March 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 1573443409

With our high-profile contributors and edgy, authentic stories, Violet Blue sets—and exceeds—the standard for women’s erotic writing year after year.

Best Women’s Erotica 2009 delivers risky, romantic, heart-pounding thrills. The stories revel in erotic adventure, from the sparks between strangers to the knowing caresses of long-time lovers. These stories are steamy and demonstrate that what women want depends on the woman. These stories are not merely erotic, but filled with strong characters and clever narratives showing how sexual experience is different for everyone.

This anthology is a celebration of the finest and friskiest female erotic fiction today.
Available at: Amazon

erotic fictionDo Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Editor)
Cleis Press (March 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 1573443441

No doubt about it: hotel rooms are hot. The minute you slip the key in the door, you want to strip off your clothes and dive naked between the sheets, whether there's a lover there to share in the indulgence or not. From luxe, five star lodgings to seedy no-tell motels, hotels offer the chance to unwind, relax and if given the chance, become someone else altogether.

This steamy collection takes readers behind those anonymous closed doors with sexy, scintillating tales of singles and couples frolicking and flaunting themselves for their own naughty purposes.

Featuring works from Alison Tyler, Shane Allison, Donna George Storey, Shanna Germain, Saskia Walker, and others, the stories in D o Not Disturb offer the sense that anything can happenand quite often it does.
Available at: Amazon

erotic fictionComing Together Presents Remittance Girl
Coming Together, February 2010; ISBN-10: 1450511902

An expat living in Vietnam, Remittance Girl  deftly captures the realities of life in Southeast Asia: the debilitating heat and humidity, the riotous energy and color and the loneliness of being an outsider. However, she's equally at home in gritty British suburbia or the beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Don’t expect light-hearted tales of playful sex from RG’s pen. Don’t expect romance—though sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish true love from satisfied desire. Be ready for tales with an edge, with a sting, and occasionally, with a moral. While many of RG’s stories are vividly realistic, some of her offerings are fables: unsanitized, old-fashioned fairy tales that retain a taste of terror.  RG’s writing strikes to the heart of the erotic. Her sex is strong and messy and real. She is not afraid to explore the darkest, rawest fantasies.  When she writes kink, it’s not fashionable sex games—it is inevitable, compelling, inescapable, cutting to the core of her characters.

Profits from this book benefit the American Civil Liberties Union.
Available at: Amazon (Paperback) | All Romance eBooks

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