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Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T. D. McKinney & Terry WylisKissing Sherlock Holmes by T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis
Amber Quill Press, August, 2011; ISBN-10: 161124949X

'My dear Watson, how does one go about kissing a woman?'... Sherlock Holmes' question leads to a lesson Watson never expected to teach. And feelings he never thought to explore. A single kiss alters Watson's world while the announcement of Holmes' upcoming marriage sets an odd fear in his heart.

Amidst the beauty of an English country party, the greatest detective the world has ever known searches for a traitor. Somewhere among the glittering nobility a sadist lurks, using blackmail to destroy lives and endanger a nation. Only Sherlock Holmes can save an innocent man and bring the traitor to justice. It's a search that could cement the greatest friendship of all time into something far deeper and stronger...if the hunt doesn't end Watson's life first.
Available at:  Amazon

Show-Offs: Gay Erotic Stories by Richard Labonte (Ed)Show-Offs: Gay Erotic Stories by Richard Labont´┐Ż (Ed)
Cleis Press, May 2013; ISBN-10: 1573448176

Some men like to watch, and some men like to be watched. Some men are real Show Offs.The universe has a way of balancing things out, doesn’t it? We’re not talking sidewalk cruising here, that natural inclination for one man to appreciate another man’s body in passing, perhaps leading to full-on sex, perhaps fueling, once he’s alone, a climactic fantasy. No, the stories in this collection are more furtive: the desired body savored voyeuristically through a window, through a crack in the closet door, through a camera lens, sometimes from right across the room; the body desired flaunting manly wares while bathing in a river, playing in a bathhouse, wearing a leaving-nothing-to-the-imagination thong.

Forget “like”: some men need to be watched; some men need to watch. These are their stories.

Available at:

Beach Bums: Gay Erotic Fiction by Neil Plakcy (Ed)Beach Bums: Gay Erotic Fiction by Neil Plakcy (Ed)
Cleis Press, June 2013; ISBN-10: 1573449288

There’s something so sexy about a beach—and the men who hang around it. Whether it’s on the ocean, a lake, or a New Zealand river, beaches mean water and sunshine and handsome guys showing off what God or genetics gave them. Pick any beach around the world, and you’re bound to find excellent eye candy. These gorgeous guys are the stuff of gay fantasy—from sleek swimmers to muscular surfers and boarders to sun-worshipping naturists. Their skins are toned golden brown, and their bodies shimmer with droplets of water.

The stories in this collection showcase those Beach Bums. From a Massachusetts winter to a hot Oregon summer, tropical St. Maarten to Venice’s Muscle Beach, sweethearts and strangers meet for love, seduction and sex to the accompaniment of the crashing surf. A hog ridin' horn dog heads for San Francisco's Ocean Beach looking for action in Rob Rosen's "Rules is Rules' while a water polo champ turned lifeguard has everyone jumping in his pool in Dominic Santi's "Mix and Match," A sexy silver-haired surfer intrigues and attracts in the fun "February Fantasy." Younger guys, older guys, beach volleyball players and bodybuilders—they’re all hot and they’re all here. Here’s hoping they inspire your own beach dreams!

Available at:

fSteambath: Sweaty Gay Erotica by Shane Allison (Ed)
Cleis Press, July 2013; ISBN-10: 1573449326

Steamy encounters in the bathhouse have been the stuff of erotic legend for centuries, just ask Spartacus! Shane Allison turns the stereotype on its ear in Steambath, a rollicking romp of pretty boys and dashing daddies doing it. From fresh faced twinks to to silver foxes and beautiful bears, Shane delivers sensational stories where every man is naked all the time!

A towel-snapping good read filled with sizzling porn bodies, sexy boys next door, and tastalizing tricks that fully capture the erotic dynamic of between men. Rob Rosen turns up the heat once again in his new tale, "The Key." A young detective sets out to investigate the disappearance of a young twink, but finds more than what he ever thought imaginable in Logan Zachary's "Incubus Steam." A tattooed bad boy gets taught a "hard" lesson in Eric Del Carlo's "Steam Punk." A mind is not the only thing that gets blown in Rafaelito V. Sy's "Raf's Journey." Things get hot and heavy when a college professor and one of his horny students stumble upon a European steam bath in Jarrett Neal's "The Chaperones." And who knew that sex between two randy rangers could sizzle so well in Matt Jones', "Ranger Rob?" You will get lost in lust in R.W. Clinger's "Steamopolis." Freak-nastiness is at its best in Heidi Champa's, "Showtime." There's sex in the air if not a turned up ass in Thom Wolf's, "The Changing Man." C.C. Williams will make you quiver in his tasty new creation, "What I Am For." Michael Bracken will have you begging for more when you find out what happens in "Relationships." I can never get enough of gay porn veteran Landon Dixon and his story "Saunsational" is no exception. Newcomer T.R. Verten heats things up "Across the Bay." It's sex nostalgia at its best in Jimi Goninan's, " the Sauna." Dudes get nasty in Gregory L. Norris's, "The Gay Dude." Find out what's up "Arnie's Ass" in Troy Storm's new one. Shane Allison is a rising gay erotica star and proves it with Steambath.

Available at:

The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James LearThe Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear
Cleis Press, June 2013; ISBN-10: 1573449296

Dan Stagg is an ex-military man who fell foul of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Dan is in his late 30s, tall, and muscular. He had a successful career with the US Marines and rose to the rank of Major, with active service in the first Gulf War, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Since 2009 he’s been back in civilian life, and is finding it very hard to adjust. Like Jack Reacher, Lee Child's protagonist, Dan is prone to violence, always upholding what he views as justice. He has few personal ties, nearly no belongings, tries to live under the radar.

Dan gets fired from his low-paying job as a security guard at a New York City nightclub after a fight with some particularly obnoxious patrons. Jobless, living in a crappy room in Harlem, and broke, Dan’s offered a great deal of money to do a protection job for the young male "secretary" of a powerful real estate developer. The young man in question is vain, shallow and, Dan is forced to admit, very attractive—and it’s quite clear that his idea of ‘protection’ includes sex. But Dan quickly realizes that something strange is going on: he’s being used as a shield for a much more sinister operation, and is forced to choose between the easy money and sex that his new job offers him, and living up to the ideals of service and duty that he embodied in the Marines.

Why should he do the right thing—particularly when the army betrayed him? Dan finds himself playing a dangerous double game which will take all his combat skill and military training to survive. The Hardest Thing is a sexy gay mystery as only James Lear can write it: filled with lots of sexual encounters, romance, sweat, violence and conspiracy.

Available at:

Wyatt: Doc Holliday's Account of an Intimate Friendship by Dale ChaseWyatt: Doc Holliday's Account of an Intimate Friendship by Dale Chase
Bold Strokes Books, 2012; ISBN-10: 1936833034

Doc Holliday's Account of an Intimate Friendship (Bold Strokes Books, 2012) is billed as an erotic novel rather than a romance, but readers will find this fascinating historical Western by m/m writer Dale Chase amply satisfies both needs. I have classified the book as a folk tale simply because the story has become larger than life thanks to its silver screen versions. I dare say Chase's treatment is much more historically rigorous than those, even with her intriguing assertion of a romantic relationship between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. One wonders where that relationship falls in the author's disclaimer that she has "adhered to historical accuracy where it suits the story and loosened the reins where it does not."

Chase opens with the image of death as "le petit mortis"—

"Gunplay gets a man's blood up. A fellow goes for his revolver, meaning to do me harm, and as I dispatch him, everything in me stands at attention. By the time his life runs out, my blood rushes to such an extent that my dick is hard."

—and death haunts the story throughout as we know from page one that Doc is dying of tuberculosis. Yet the story moves too fast to ever be morbid. There is plenty of the type of action that will leave lovers of Westerns drooling. Chase's language is blunt and unsentimental and the couplings between the sexually adventurous Doc and the upright and married Marshal Earp have the stark urgency of men who need to shoot first and ask questions later. Doc's persistent cough adds a tragic poignancy to their relationship, but Chase works by understatement and she packs more pathos into a four line epilogue than some writers do in entire novels.

It's hard to believe that this confident and entertaining book is Chase's debut novel. I will be looking for more by Chase at —Dick Smart, Lambda Literary

Available at:

A Volatile Range by Andrew GreyA Volatile Range by Andrew Grey
Dreamspinner Press, February 2013; ISBN-10: 1623803330

Since mustering out of the Marines, Gordon Fisher has been off the grid and out of money, so when a group of ecoterrorists promises him big bucks to set some mistreated animals free, Gordon agrees. Unfortunately, the animals are Wally Schumacher’s large cats, and one of them decides to take a chunk out of Gordon.

Still hurting from a breakup, Mario Laria finds Gordon and escorts him back to Dakota's ranch at gunpoint, only to have his heartstrings tugged on when he discovers Gordon is living out of his truck.

With Dakota doctoring, Wally wanting Gordon gone for good, and Mario falling in love, Gordon hangs on for the ride. But what looms on his horizon threatens to tear apart what little hope he’s found. No one knows Gordon’s past keeps him up at night, and the military wants answers he just can’t give.

Available at:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Best Gay Romance 2013Best Gay Romance 2013 by Richard Labonté (Ed)
Cleis Press, February 2013; ISBN-10: 1573449024

Best Gay Romance 2013 has both heat and sweet. These stories of meet-cutes, first times and long time loves are tales well told with relatable characters you root for from beginning to end. Cream-of-the-crop editor Richard Labonté gathers the very best in gay romance each year for a collection that runs the gamut from hearts and flowers to down and dirty. In Best Gay Romance, the chocolate you may give to your lover will likely be used in many other creative ways! What Labonté does best is represent gay men of every age and every walk of life experiencing every kind of love. These heady, head-over-heels, heart-pounding stories of gay romance make for inspiring bedtime reading!

Available at:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Tricks of the Trade: Magical Gay Erotica by Jerry L. WheelerTricks of the Trade: Magical Gay Erotica by Jerry L. Wheeler
Bold Strokes Books, January 2013

Magicians are undeniably sexy—strong, sensuous, masterful, and magical. Who wouldn’t want to succumb to one? Be levitated? Be sawed in half?

Imagine being called from the audience by a dark man in a dark suit, his cape swirling like a scarlet-lined dream, wrapping his strong arms around you while binding your wrists, his heady cologne enticing and arousing you in front of a theater full of people as he leans in close and whispers some last-minute instruction. Or invitation. He holds out a box carved with ancient symbols and asks you to put your hands inside. What you feel is soft at first, but grows harder. Then, it vanishes. Was it real? Illusion? All you know is that you want to reach inside again. And again.

Well, here’s your next chance—fifteen of them, to be exact—to grab the object of your desire. But hold on fast or it might disappear….

Available at:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Bent by Sean MichaelBent by Sean Michael
Torquere Press; ISBN-10: 1603704353

Marcus knows Jim is his minutes after meeting the snarly, jumpy ex-professor at the local bookstore. He thinks Jim is a natural submissive, someone who needs order and discipline in his life to help with Jim's anxiety and bad health habits. So Marcus decides to pursue Jim relentlessly, because even if Jim's mouth is saying no, his body is saying yes.

There's a lot more to Jim than meets the eye, and Marcus will have to be careful. Jim knows what it means to lose everything, knows what it's like to be without friends or family. Jim feels broken, and knowing that he likes the kinds of weird things Marcus wants to do to him only makes him scared that he's losing his mind.

Their chemistry is so real, so genuine, that Jim lets Marcus wear him down, lets Marcus take control. Eventually, his trust grows, allowing them to enter into the BDSM lifestyle together, learning about each other every day, with every scene. Jim is still uncertain sometimes, though, and he thinks Marcus might just want him because he's cracked. Can this top and bottom pair find a way to understand their wants and needs, and make a life that works for them alone?

Available at:
Torquere Press | Amazon (Kindle)

Paperboy by Geoffrey Knight Paperboy by Geoffrey Knight
Stiff Rain Press, Septermber 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448958

Welcome to Perfection, California. The year is 1961. The picket fences are white, the lawns are green, and the sprinklers are shiny and new. But they’re not the only things spurting high into the summer air. Because behind every closed door in Perfection, there’s a perfect ass, including that of Clark, Perfection’s 18-year-old paperboy, who on his last day in town before leaving on a Greyhound bus for Harvard, delivers more than just the news...
—thanks to the help of the town’s dashing, silver-haired dentist and his retractors—
—followed by the town’s handsome Chief of Police, his Deputy and a pair of handcuffs—
—followed by the burly, bear-hugging owner of the local hardware store who, with the help of Clark and a few other close buddies, gets to test out that new swinging contraption in his workshop.

Yes, this paperboy is destined to leave Perfection... with a smile on his perfect face.

Available at:
Stiff Rain Press | Amazon (Kindle)

Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories by Neil Plakcy (Ed) Sexy Sailors: Gay Erotic Stories by Neil Plakcy (Ed)
Cleis Press, November 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448222

Seamen: from mariners on huge yachts to competitive sailors in races like the America’s cup to recreational boaters, the combination of men and water is irresistible. Whether they’re wearing Speedos or slickers and handling megayachts or windsurfers, these guys can set sail right to our heart.

Neil Plakcy, the editor of Hard Hats, Surfer Boys, Skater Boys, The Handsome Prince and Model Men sailed the high seas and gazed through many a porthole looking for stories of navy men, yachtsmen, and even a pirate or two and the fun they get up to, on land and on sea. These naughty and nautical guys will turn you on with their large masts, from fresh-faced tan youths to the rich yachtie with silver flecks in his hair. Imagine watching those muscles work as they grind winches to set and control sails, steer from the helm, or tack a sailboard. 

Available at:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies by Shane Allison (Ed)Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies by Shane Allison (Ed)
Cleis Press, September 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448168

GAYBIE award-winning editor Shane Allison has cooked up some hot plots and even hotter action in his bold new book where boundaries blur. Gorgeous guys who can get any woman (or guys) they want and know their power. Allison has curated a heady mix of fiction and true life stories about the sex lives of straight guys when nothing is what it seems, when it’s never just black or white.

Straight Guys range from husbands on the down low to boyfriends sneaking away from their girlfriends for late night trysts with other men. to sudden encounters where you just can't say no, Allison and his contributors don't shy away from new erotic territory in this exploration of one of the foremost gay fantasies — sex with Straight Guys.

Available at:  Amazon

Wild Boys: Gay Erotic FictionWild Boys: Gay Erotic Fiction by Richard Labonte (Editor)
Cleis Press, September 2012; ISBN-10: 1573448249

Bad boys and the men who love them are the subject of this uninhibited set of stories, Wild Boys. Richard Labonté unleashes fierce fiction depicting lives lived in defiance of the rules. These independent wild-at-heart boys fascinate the men who tame them and we also have tales of the man whose heart, and body, those wild boys tame. A one-night stand turns into committed romance; a Daddy subdues a recalcitrant son; a relationship-shy guy is brought to the altar; a wild boi seduces the fellow who fears him; a bully is called to account; a teacher teaches a cocky student a lesson. 

Wild boys is is a rowdy read filled with street kids, rockers, hustlers, jocks, porn stars, smartasses, gang members – young men living life on the wild side get their comeuppance.. They look like trouble and we like it!

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Middle Men: Gay Erotic Threesomes by Shane AllisonMiddle Men: Gay Erotic Threesomes by Shane Allison (Editor)
Cleis Press, July 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447935

In a world where there are nearly no taboos, one of the few fantasies left unrealized for most s that of group sex. Shane Allison Middle Men will be inspiring many readers to make sure they have at at least two friends with benefits in this erotica anthology simple bursting there threesomes, foursomes, adn moresomes. Gaybie Award-winning Allison is a master of putting together a group of stories that will get your hot, grab your sense and inspire a lifetime of erotica adventures. Gay group sex stories that will grab your senses and fire the imagination. MIddle Men is bound to rise to the top in homoerotica!

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Cruising: Gay Erotic Stories by Shane Allison (Editor)Cruising: Gay Erotic Stories by Shane Allison (Editor)
Cleis Press 2012, April 2012; ISBN-10: 1573447862

Hot flings at a seedy truck stop. Homemade glory holes in the stall walls of a dorm shower. Fun and fornication at an infamous park. Steamy bathhouse trysts and other tales of public eroticism is what Cruising is all about. As Shane Allison says, "This is the anthology I have dreamed of doing for years. There’s nothing that gets the adrenaline flowing and the muscle throbbing like public sex." Filled with hot plots and even hotter characters, Cruising doesn't shy away from new erotic territory and includes several true confessions including those of the editor himself. As with all of Allison's sexy compilations, creativity and diversity of story lines are key along with the fun factor that is the hallmark if Allison's anthologies. "One Hot Baby" by Daniel Curzonperson is a wryly sweet short about an aging straight guy who stops to pee in a park and gets an unexpected blow job, which lifts his spirits.

A fierce black queen enjoys some of "New York’s Phynest" in an "arresting" erotic encounter with a hot Domincan cop in Donald Peebles Jr.'s surprise-filled story while the narrator of Rob Rosen's "Small Town Blues" gets horny in the sticks, hits on a young Indian immigrant clerk in the jiffy mart and discovers that the hicks are up for group action anytime and anywhere. Cruising moves at the highest speed and is filled with kink, sex toys, exotic locations, wild scenarios and plenty of sexual intensity.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

An Unsettled Range by Andrew GreyAn Unsettled Range by Andrew Grey
M/M Romance from Dreamspinner Press, January 2012; ISBN: 1613723296

The last thing Liam Southard expects when he flees his abusive father is to be taken in by a couple of gay ranchers. Soon he has a new job and a new perspective on his sexuality, and his life starts to turn around. Then someone pulls a gun on him.

In Troy Gardener’s defense, the gun thing was a mistake. Between his marriage falling apart and living in his uncle's isolated hunting cabin, he's been a little edgy. He wants to make it up to Liam, and once he discovers how much they have in common, he wants even more. But with Liam's father popping in unexpectedly and a mining company threatening the ranch’s water supply, the only guarantee is that life is never going to be boring.
Available at:  DreamSpinner | Amazon

Model Men: Gay Erotic Stories by Neil Plakcy (Editor)Model Men: Gay Erotic Stories by Neil Plakcy (Editor)
Cleis Press, November 2011; ISBN-10: 1573447269

Who hasn’t experienced a pang of lust or longing at a photo of a male model? Whether a hundred times life size on a billboard or romping through the pages of a glossy magazine in his Calvins, Tommys or Ralphs, the male model is the gold standard for masculine beauty. The characters in these stories run the gamut, from the billboard-gracing Aiden in Cynthia Hamilton’s “Big Picture,” to life models in drawing classes, to runway models, to ordinary guys immortalized in a catalog shoot in T. Hitman’s “When Gary Met Larry.” They hook up with artists, photographers, roommates and lovers, in locations from New York to Miami to a beach in Australia, and many places in between.

One thing all the male models here have in common is sex appeal and a yen for man-on-man action. These aren’t the kind of guys who say, “look but don’t touch” — they want to be touched, and in all the right places! The authors here, some of the best writing in gay erotica today, have taken hold of the idea of the male model and run with it. Here’s hoping you enjoy reading these as much as Neil Plakcy enjoyed working with the authors and assembling this collection.

Teen twinks, fresh-faced twenty-somethings, and the ravishing runway rogues in Model Men make for a tribute to the glory of gorgeous gay men. These erotic stories explore the undeniable attraction to classic good looks, charisma, and glamour. Neil Plakcy has gathered sensational stories of sizzling porn bodies, sexy boys next door, tantalizing tricks, and sublime Mr. Right Nows. Intertwining favorite fantasies and gay lust, this collection is guaranteed to sing a siren song to those embodiments of perfection who walk among us. More then just pretty faces and heavenly bodies, the men in this volume give as good as they get.
Available at:  Amazon

Hot Jocks: Gay Erotic Stories by Richard LabonteHot Jocks: Gay Erotic Stories by Richard Labonte (Editor)
Cleis Press, July 2011; ISBN-10: 1573446629

Who hasn't been hot for a jock, or, for that matter, an entire team? Those sweat-drenched Lotharios induce lust in the heart of all and finally receive their due in Hot Jocks, erotic short stories with an athletic theme.

Trophy-winning master editor Richard Labonte has gathered a collection featuring tales of inter-athlete lust, the skinny nerd's hots for a jock, and about unavoidable links between sports and sex. Wrestlers, quarterbacks, surfers, swimmers,boxers, soccer players, bowlers, divers, and martial artists: abound. We also venture outside the stereotypical jock box: cross-country runners, MMA fighters, badminton players, speed skaters, weightlifters, archers, rowers - even cricket players can be very sexy.
Available at:  Amazon

Hot DaddiesHot Daddies: Gay Erotic Fiction by Richard Labonte (Editor)
Cleis Press, August 2011; ISBN-10: 1573447129

From hunky father figures to dominant leathermen, Hot Daddies collects stories capturing the erotic dynamic between younger and older men, their emotional connections, and the benefits of sexual mentorship. Contributors include storied master of the genre Jack Fritscher, writing about an 18-year-old's sizzling summer camp romp with both a daddy and his boy; Doug Harrison, contemplating the arousing possibility of a boy with two daddies; and Jeff Mann, exploring the dilemma of a young man torn between the comfort of his long-time boyfriend and the excitement of consensual submission. Erotica veterans Mark Wildyr, Gavin Atlas and Dominic Santi as well as younger authors Xan West, Jamie Freeman and Kyle Lukoff all celebrate the erotic charge that age and experience imparts.

This unique collection of erotic stories reveals the sexual and emotional bonds between older and younger men: from boys falling for the charms of a beautiful bear, to twinks hankering for silver foxes, to world-weary men guiding spunky lads just coming out.
Available at:  Amazon

Brief Encounters: 60 Hot Gay Shorts by Shane AllisonBrief Encounters: 60 Hot Gay Shorts by Shane Allison (Editor)
Cleis Press, July 2011; ISBN-10: 1573446645

Shane Allison has gathered together, in one volume, what comprise the very best, hottest, most creative short short gay erotica for this collection. These are not the typical one night stand stories but tales that are intriguing, thrilling, unique and always surprising! When the lights go out, a couple decides to create a sex scene of their own in a movie theater in Logan Zachary's "Back Row."In Rob Rosen's "Hot for Teacher," a student will go the distance for an "A" including seducing his studly professor. Erotica veteren, M. Christian wastes no time in getting to the good parts in his raw and raunchy blow by blow tale in "Safe Sex.

Shane Allison is quickly (pun unintended) becoming one of the top writers and anthologists in gay erotica and his anthologies are always fresh, edgy, and bold. These sixty sexy gay quickies may be short in length but are extremely long on pleasure!
Available at:  Amazon

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