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Winter Wonderland
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Bound to Love
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Experience Preferred
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Three Union
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Man Crush
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Some Day My Prince Will Come
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Vintage and Modern Erotic Classics

The titles listed on this page include underground classics from the 19th century (Man With a Maid) and modern novels destine to become enduring favorites and possible future classics (The Story of O). Titles range from hardcore bondage, spanking and contemporary swinging, to passionate love stories and all the lusty varieties in-between.

For classic entertainment we recommend:

The Marketplace Series by Laura AntoniouThe Marketplace Series by Laura Antoniou
Various publishers, 1993 - 2015

Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. The Marketplace series describes "an elite and secretive world organization,dedicated to the auctioning and overseeing of the world's finest lifestyle slaves... a world so vivid in sequel after sequel, it takes on a reality of its own, one that's visually hard to let go of once the reader has put down the book." (Libido Magazine). Book Six, "The Inheritor," was just published in February 2015. She has also published a series of short stories based in the Marketplace, entitled "Scenes From The Marketplace," and edited a fan fiction collection, entitled "No Safewords."

Available at:

The Devil Inside (Black Lace Classics)by by Portia Da CostaThe Devil Inside (Black Lace Classics) by Portia Da Costa
Virgin Books, August 2014; ISBN-10: 0352346779

When the usually conventional Alexa Lavelle suffers a minor head injury while vacationing in the Caribbean, she unleashes a devil inside of her. In order to satisfy her strange and voluptuous new appetites, she is compelled to seek the enigmatic and sophisticated doctors at an exclusive medical practice in London. Their specialist knowledge of psychosexual medicine takes Alexa into a world of bizarre fetishism and erotic indulgence, and one particularly attractive doctor has concocted a plan which will prove to be the ultimate test of her senses.

About the Author: Portia Da Costa is one of the most internationally renowned authors of erotica. She is the author of Continuum, Gothic Blue, and The Tutor.

Available at:

Story of O by Pauline ReageStory of O by Pauline Reage
Ballantine Books, Mrach 2013; ISBN-10: 0345545346

Before Fifty Shades of Grey there was Story of O, the notorious novel of dark obsession that introduced the world to erotic fiction.
How far will a woman go to express her love? In this exquisite and taboo novel of passion and desire, the answer emerges through a daring exploration of the deepest bonds of sensual domination. “O” is a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer, determined to understand and prove her consuming devotion to her lover, René, through complete submission to his every whim, his every desire.
It is a journey of forbidden, dangerous choices that sweeps her through the secret gardens of the sexual underground. From the inner sanctum of a private club where willing women are schooled in the art of subjugation to the excruciating embraces of René’s friend Sir Stephen, O tests the outermost limits of pleasure. For as O discovers, true freedom lies in her pure and complete willingness to do anything for love.

Available at:

The Embroidered Couch: An Erotic Novel of ChinaThe Embroidered Couch: An Erotic Novel of China
Arsenal Pulp Press, October 2013; ISBN: 9781551525310

A book that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows, The Embroidered Couch is the first English translation of an erotic novel originally published in the early 17th century, attributed to Lu Tiancheng (b. 1580). Regarded as a notorious classic in Chinese literature, it has long been banned in China, and never been available in English.

Available at:

erotic literatureVenus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
Virgin Nexus (December 9, 2008); ISBN-10: 0007300468

First published in 1870, the author defined—and unwittingly gave his own name to—that sexual proclivity we know as masochism in this understated, charged erotic classic.

Severin is a young Galician nobleman with a secret; he can only love a woman with a ruthless heart, who will rain her whip upon him in a shower of bloody kisses. When he meets Wanda, the wealthy and beautiful widow living in the apartment upstairs, he wonders if she might be the one to help him realize his darkest desires. But Wanda is better than she ever dreamed possible at domination—and soon Severin realizes he is powerless to escape what he has begun. Here, fantasy and reality writhe together in a ceaseless, fraught embrace.

Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch was an Austrian writer of fiction and short stories whose masterpiece inspired a famous song of the same name by The Velvet Underground, and continues to be referred to as a defining work within the realm of erotic literature.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon (Kindle Edition) | Amazon UK (Kindle Edition)

classic eroticaVenus in India by Charles Devereaux
HarperCollins UK (November 2009); ISBN-10: 0007300425

Captain Devereux is posted to India, far away from his beautiful young wife and child, and at first is devastated at the parting. But when he comes across Lizzie Wilson, the wife of one of his fellow officers, her ample bosom and open thighs prove more than enough consolation. And when her husband objects to their dalliances, no matter—for the regiment Colonel's three young daughters, Fanny, Amy, and Mabel, are more than eager to be initiated into the ways of adult love!Set in colonial Hindustan, each sinuous line in this tale provides proof that tropical heat and erotic lust are perfect bedfellows. Also known as Love Adventures in Hindustan, this story was originally published in Amsterdam in 1889.

About the Author: Captain Charles Devereux is a pseudonym, and is thought most likely to be that of Major Crommelin Henry Ricketts.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon (Kindle Edition) | Amazon UK (Kindle Edition)

Fanney Hill classic eroticaFanny Hill by John Cleland
HarperCollins UK (November 2009); ISBN-10: 0007300417

Fanny Hill is a blushing country maiden until tragic circumstances force her to seek a new life in London. She is taken in by the motherly Mrs. Brown, but on her first night she receives a rather unorthodox welcome from one of the young ladies in the house—and swiftly gains a much more explicit idea of what is expected in her new role. Fanny takes to carnal pleasures with gusto, and she vividly recalls each lusty encounter and every thrusting conquest, in her saucy, voyeuristic, and thoroughly irresistible memoirs. Scandalizing thousands of Victorians with its vivid descriptions of sexual pleasure, this book landed its author in court a year after publication on charges of "corrupting the King's subjects." This only heightened its allure—and today it is still hugely appreciated as a work of true erotic and literary merit.

About the Author: John Cleland wrote Fanny Hill, also known as Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, in two installments while serving time in prison for debt. In 1749, he was arrested for obscenity, yet denied responsibility for the novel. The book was not officially published again for 100 years. However, it continued to sell well and was published in pirate editions.
Available at: Amazon | Amazon (Kindle Edition) | Amazon UK (Kindle Edition)

The Gift of ShameThe Gift of Shame Sarah Hope Walker
(Virgin Black Lace, January 2009; ISBN-10: 0352342021)

Sad, sultry Helen flies between London, Paris and the Caribbean chasing whatever physical pleasures she can get to tear her mind from a deep, deep loss. Her glamorous life-style and charged sensual escapades belie a widow's grief. When she meets handsome, rich Jeffrey she is shocked and yet intrigued by his masterful, domineering behaviour. Soon, Helen is forced to confront the forbidden desires hiding within herself - and forced to undergo a startling metamorphosis from a meek and modest lady into a bristling, voracious wanton.

"[The Gift of Shame] is a fantastically decadent book, released originally in 1994 and I must say it has certainly aged well. ... The sexual encounters in this book are hot, there are no sex scenes in this book which could be called dull, not by a long chalk! Unlike some erotic novels, each encounter seems to really have a place in the story to move it on. " —Victoria Blisse, Erotica Readers & Writers Association
Available at: Amazon

classic eroticaThe Pearl by Anonymous
HarperCollins UK (February 2010); ISBN-10: 0007300387

Follow the story of Beatrice in Volume One, Lady Pokingham, where sordid adventures in the sexual underworld are commonplace, and virginal fantasies, flagellation, and Catholic guilt manifest themselves as streams of erotic poetry. In Volume Two, La Rose d'Amour, a young man is influenced by his lusty young cousins, who invite him to join an illicit club of debauchery and brandy-saturated orgies, where pearl necklaces and see-through negligees are the only dress codes required.

About the Author: These stories are taken from The Pearl (A Magazine of Facetiae and Voluptuous Reading), which was published between 1879 and 1880, and which across its 18-issue lifetime reveled unashamedly in its reputation for salubrious gossip from the upper echelons of society.
Available at: Amazon

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