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Below is a listing of Rock and R&B music recommended by our website visitors. Have suggestions that will rock our world? Follow the Participation image below and we'll post your suggestions  (be sure to include CD titles, not just the song titles).

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KatyD recommends "Work Me" by the Black Keys off the Chulahoma EP. I only recently discovered this band; they play rock 'n' roll with a bluesy, down 'n' dirty edge that is sorely missing from most of today's rock bands. It's music that's pretty much tailor-made for fucking someone on a sweaty, sultry summer night, and this song in particular gets me hot. The first time I heard it, I wanted to drag my boyfriend into the bedroom and do all sorts of unspeakable things to him...and I did!

dj says: The music for The Hunger ... wild, dark lust to start out with Bauhaus song "Bela Lugosi's Dead", but then the rest is beautiful classical music, lots of piano and cello.  the movie has a great sex scene between Susan Sarandon and Katherine Deneuve; and David Bowie gets the bi-side of me going too.

Shannon recommends: So for something kind of dark and very sexy, I LOVE She Wants Revenge. The debut album is also called "She Wants Revenge" I especially love track 11: "Tear You Apart." so good! Another great sexy song: Muse, "Undisclosed Desires" off of The Resistance. Nice!

Elizabeth S. says:  Great suggestions here. My list of songs to write to include: This is Hardcore by Pulp from the album of the same name. Almost anything from IAMX, but especially This Will Make You Love Again (album: The Alternative), Naked but Safe (album: Kiss+Swallow), and My Secret Friend (album: Kingdom of Welcome Addition). Then, there is I Love the Rain by Lenny Kravitz (album: It is Time for a Love Revolution). Also, check, out Skin by Rihanna (album: Loud), Bilingual by DJ Jose Nunez (album: Subliminal 2012 Mixed) and The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove by Dead Can Dance (album: Wake). Finally, E.T. by Katy Perry (album: Teenage Dream). My song list is over a 100, but those are just a few to add to this growing list!

Cwade says:  I can't believe no one's mentioned Prince. He would be a good artist to shag to. When I hear his songs, I want to fuck the nearest living human.

Don says: Phoebe Snow.The album that got her into legal difficulties for mentioning the name of a deceased lover. The whole album. Start to finish. No accounting for taste but this one is definitely mine. And my lover's.

DuncyLou says: Prince has always worked in our bedroom, lots of them have a dirty innuendo, try Cream for example [available on the Diamonds and Pearls CD].  At the moment though Nickelback are a band to romp to, try Animals or Something in Your Mouth [both available on Nickelback - Greatest Hits]

Eric says:  Justify my love by Madonna and Lenny Kravitz does it for me. The Heat of Heat by Patti Austin or Sweet Dreams by the Eurhytmics also ranks for me.

Faded501s says:  For soft, sultry nights, nothing beats Dark Side of the Moon, from start to finish.  I also find Mike Oldfield's music incredibly sexy, and if you're into something hot and heavy then crank Rob Zombie's More Human Than Human and lose yourself in the music...

Texadelphia recommends:  Kings of Leon. Their newest album, Only by the Night, has growling bass lines and a yelping, gravelly voiced singer that I can definitely feel in all the right places. Of course, songs like "Sex on Fire", "Crawl", "I Want You", and "Closer" don't hurt.

R.M. says: Nothing sets the stage for me quite like Type O Negatives's October Rust CD.  "Love You to Death" I shutter at the very thought of Peter Steele's deep tone, very sexy.

Sixela says:  Inkubus Sukkubus is a great Brit rock band. The band bears the name of sexual demons, how can it not set the mood. My favorite songs:Vampire Erotica, Erotic Angel, Beast with two back, Vampyra, and if you're snack pagan OK the Wytches, which is great because you want to reach rapture by the end of the song. Best over all album is the Beast With Two Backs!

Speedo says:  I agree about NIN "Closer"  When that song plays, my clothes fall off, and I end up making love to anyone, even myself.

Peach says: Two words: Crazy bitch, by Buckcherry on their album, 15. A person can do a mean lap dance to that one and the whole album is as smutty as hell. I love it!

Anonymous suggests: La Mer de Noms by A Perfect Circle - Magdalena is about a stripper, Thinking About You is about masturbation.... and the rest is melancholy loveliness. Era Vulgaris by Queens of The Stone Age: Make It Wit Chu. Enough said. Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails: The lyrics have nothing to do with getting some, but it's the least aggro of the albums I think, with great melodies. And Trent Reznor cooing a lot. Good ones are The Beginning Of the End, Me I'm Not, The Good Soldier, God Given. Apocalypso - The Presets. Electro-rock. Now, an album that apparently is about getting some. This Boy's in Love, If I know You and Anywhere. Talk Like That is about messing about behind the dad's back...

Disintegration - The Cure. Because Lullaby is a se-xay song. Treasure - The Cocteau Twins. Shoegazing shimmery loveliness. You can't make out what the hell she's on about, which can help if you're trying to get lucky and don't want any distractions.  Future Perfect - Autolux. Bringing back the My Bloody Valentine shoegazing wall-of-sound.

Anonymous says: There's two indie rock/metal bands out there guaranteed to curl your toes and get you off,whether alone or with that special someone...these bands' music has been well known to bring on auto-orgasms! Skumlove out of Hollywood...and Dead Rites from Winston,Georgia...both have sexy male vocals with dark erotic lyrics.

SV says: I too have a sexy playlist that I keep for when I need the mood. I would like to submit Blaqk Audio, and the album Cex Cells. 'Where Would You Like Them Left?' is especially sexy, but the whole album is hot. Pretty When you Cry by Vast is very sexy. Chris Isaac did Wicked Games. Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly by HIM, Dark Light Album. Black, Black Heart by David Usher's Morning Orbit, oooh that voice... Red Hot Chili Peppers have Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik, which I think is the name of that album. And Alannah Miles sounds way hot with Black Velvet. And I have to mention Pain by Three Days Grace on the Album One-X.

Anonymous says: Somebody mentioned Morcheeba.  Their song Undress Me Now has to be the absolutely hottest thing ever. There's a video that's pretty well matched, too. The album's Charango.

Lindsey says:  I'm surprised no one's mentioned Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Every time I'm writing a scene with some hot, rough sex that's the song I listen to!

Melissa says: If I'm in a rough play mood, nothing suits me better than Rob Zombie's Past Present & Future. But on those long sensual nights, I put Collide's Vortex on loop and just go with it.

Emerie says: Aerosmith has to be the best at evoking raw sex in songs. Everytime I play the album Just Push Play I get very warm! The songs "Pink" and "Sweet Emotion" from other albums are awesome too. Let's not forget Foreigner's Hot Blooded and most Duran Duran songs. Most notably"Girls on Film" which has to be the sexiest video ever made!

Sara says:  I have a playlist on my itunes called "sexpot classics". It started as joke among friends, but I do play it- as often as possible. Massive Attack, Air, Nina Storey, Portishead, Beck, Beth Orton, Brazilian Girls, Cat Power (oh the arousal from her voice!), Fiona Apple, Flunk, Groove Armada, Smoke City, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Kid Loco (Grafitti Artist!!), Les Nubians, Thievery Corporation, Morcheeba-every damn song!, Sade, more Sade, Sneaker Pimps, St. Germain, Tortoise, Tosca, Zero 7. I went a bit overboard. most of these bands are of the same oovy groovy nature, but worth shagging to.

Rita says:  OK, here are my favorite rock albums to get it on to: Pump by  Aerosmith; Rid of Me by PJ Harvey; To Bring You My Love by  PJ Harvey; 10 New Songs by  Leonard Cohen.

Anonymous says:  I really like some songs from the album Life is Full of Possibilities by Dntel. Their songs incorporate a lot of neat sounds, pulsating beats... I like that it's soothing and not too overwhelming. My favorites are "The Dream of Evan and Chan", "Why I'm So Unhappy", and "Fear of Corners". All in all a surprisingly sexy, yet subtle album.

Gary D says:  For me, Fleetwood Mac's 1971 tune "Woman of a 1,000 Years" from Future Games does it...It is a sexy guitar song, slow, romantic, long, and every time I hear it, and really the entire CD, I remember all the times I've made love listening to this song playing softly in the background...

DH says:  I'm a bit surprised no one has yet commented on that famous, banned from the '69-'70 airwaves, orgasmic, clit and penis tickling song, "Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus," by the then sizzling husband and wife duo of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Je T'Aime," as it is universally known, has melted the heart while quickening it at the same time of many a fair lass (and laddie, too).

MistyP says: I like it hard, loud and proud! When I'm in the mood for some real hard "headbanging", Tool's Aenema is absolutely the best! Check out the song "Stinkfest", with the lyrics "I can help you change tired moments into pleasure"..nothing will dig my black polished laden nails deeper into one's back then that song! Yeah Baby!

Luca recommends:  "The First Taste" by Fiona Apple, from her first album, Tidal never ever fails to make me want to climb someone, particularly when it's followed by Ani DiFranco's "A Beautiful Night" (from Revelling: Reckoning). Slow, winding, and wonderful. For something rougher, I'm a sucker for "Touch Peel and Stand" by Days of the New, from their self titled album, and "Honeybee" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, from Wildflowers.

Meg says:  To continue in the same vein as anonymous, Alice Cooper has always done something for me, too. and not just the later stuff, as you have mentioned. I like "It's Hot Tonight", best located on the box set. Also "Be my Lover" from Killer. Any Early Alice (Albums- Killer, Love it to death, Muscle of love) has raw sexuality, for those crazy nights.

If you want to take it a little slower, I recommend INXS. All INXS is good for lovin! I particularly like the album Welcome to wherever you are, and particularly "Not enough time", but "need you tonight" from kick makes me weak in the knees. Another good song is "so alive" by Love and Rockets on the album Sorted.

Stormer says:  Anything by the Smashing Pumpkins - especially "Siamese Dream" or "Gish" - is excellent for setting mood. I'm finding the Deftones' debut album, "Adrenaline", is a good soundtrack to writing particularly involved erotica.

MidnightBones says:  I have enjoyed any music by Enya to invoke erotic thoughts, writing and/or the sexual/erotic act including physical, emotional, mental stimulation-solo or with a partner. Enya and classical instrumental, top #1 for creating the perfect atmosphere for a sensual/erotic experience on Paint the Sky with Stars.

Bi-girl says:  Maxwell's "Urban Hang Suite" CD has a few songs that I absolutely love to get nasty to. The most well known is probably "Til the Cops Come Knockin'".

Juwan Udonis says:  Sean Paul has a CD titled the trinity and "we be burnin" is a sexually charged track to grind to. Pitbull has an album titled M.I.A.M.I and on it he teams up with Lil Jon on a track called "culo" it's hot! And I recommend another album by Juvenile titled juve the great he's got a track titled "slow motion" and that also has a sex based theme, tight erotic tunes, buy soon!

Michele says:  The guitarist from Megadeath, Marty Friedman, has a guitar- driven new age-type cd out called Scenes. It is absolutely amazing! Though he comes from a heavy metal band, this cd is nothing of that sort. It contains songs that are kinda chilled out, and some songs that to me, are like musical orgasms...highly climactic! This cd is like foreplay, climax, and the after-glow all in one! I highly recommend it!

ScarletWings says:  I have a little CD and list of MP3s that I like to listen to when I'm in a seductive or sexy mood. A short list includes: Paula Cole - Feeling Love - Album: This Fire and also the City of Angels Soundtrack (song plays when Meg is in the tub). Any song that has "you make me feel like the Amazon's running between my thighs" in its lyrics has to be sexy! Donnel Jones - No Interruptions - Album: My Heart. I'm ready to undress after this one. 

Chris Isaak - Can't Do a Thing to Stop Me - Album: San Fransico Days -- it really has a 50's - 60's feel to it. It makes me think of a dark room only lit through mini blinds and smoking a cigarette for some reason -- and I don't smoke. Just something sexy about the song. Zero 7 - Destiny - Album: Simple Things - It has a really sex groove to it. With lyrics like "I've gone to ground - I'm watching porn, in my hotel dressing gown And now I, dream of you" Umm, yeah, it's going to be sexy. 

India.Arie - Brown Skin - Album: Accoustic Soul - It's a very poetic, fun, sexy song. It has a nice groove that you can get into even if you or your lover doesn't have brown skin. George Michael - Father Figure - Album: Best of.. - When it came out I was so young it was just "a good song", but now, with experience and knowledge the lyrics can take and have taken on new meanings.

William Scape says:  I find myself beating off to the sounds of "how we do" by The Game off his "the documentary" cd. And Ludacris has a song "number one spot" from his "red light district" release.

Snoop Dogg has a song I get off to titled "lets get blown" off his "rythm and gangsta" album. And last but not least i recommend Sean Paul's "gimmie the light" off "ditty rock" And ya also might like "salt shaker" by the Ying Yang Twins you'll find that on their "me and my brother" cd!

Anonymous says:  I can't believe nobody has suggested 'Feelin Love' from Paula 
Cole's album This Fire. That's pure sex right there. It's romantic but dirty and kinky at the same time, the lyrics are awesome. And a close runner-up is Don't Stop (All Night), off of Janet Jackson's Damita Jo album. Those are good lyrics too. I swear I've listened to both of those songs hundreds of times. If those two songs don't get a person in the mood, nothing will.

Anonymous says:  "Soft and Easy," by the Blackbyrds (R&B), is the most erotic song I've ever heard. It's on The Blackbyrds Greatest Hits.

Uni says: Yay for lords of acid, Tricky, Basement Jaxxs "Get me off" and Peaches "F%^k the pain away" and Massive attack!! Im really pleased with this thread, especially the German and French selections. And Ohmigod, I totally forgot about Traci Lords. Here's some songs/albums to add to your lists.

For all you sensual folks, the song "Iambic 5 Poetry" by Squarepusher, album Budakhan Mindphone. The song " number 1" is fabulously sensual and is available on the first Queer as Folk Soundtrack album. I can't believe that no one has mentioned Delerium's album, Karma.

As for those who liked Lords of Acid, Basement Jaxx, etc., y'all should check out "I luv you" by Dizzee Rascal, album Boys in the Corner. That's some interesting stuff because it is British rap. "Come On Baby (Crystal Method Mix)" is a good song originally done by Moby, you can find it on the Come On Baby Single.

Another one that is especially hard to find (It is not at Amazon) is "Sexuality (Techno Mix)" by Gateway 2001. I found it on the cd titled "Asian Dance 2001", which I found in a random bin in Chinatown. I'm sure the Lords of Acid lovers will like it.

Jay says:  Bryan Adams 'Best of Me'. This has to be the most erotic CD of all time. Just the titles of the songs are highly suggestive. I think you could get aroused just reading the CD cover. "Lets Make A Night to Remember" and "Please Forgive Me" are two great examples. I know Canadians are not known for their sexuality but Bryan Adams can turn the heat up on a cold winter's night here in the Frozen North.

Lisabet says:  One of my favorites for a strip tease is Jefferson Starship's "Black Widow", from Winds Of Change. Meanwhile, Grace Slick's "Triad" (available on The Best Of Grace Slick, from RCA) has got to be one of the sexiest songs ever written. ("I don't really see/why can't we go on as three?")

Albiana says:  If you could combine the lush, throaty purr of a sultry torch singer, add a splash of the 
dark edginess only a goth songstress can muster and then mix it with a slamming techno beat that keeps your libido moving in pounding rhythms to a crescendo filled climax....then you'll have something like the duo known as Collide. If Evanescence and NIN had a lovechild, Collide would be it.

I simply love the entire CD Some Kind of Strange but don't miss their older ones either. Their Chasing the Ghost album is also worth checking out, if only to hear the sexiest rendition of "White Rabbit" since Grace Slick.

Trooper-S says:  For stay-at-home, good ol' fashioned romantic sex I recommend either The Trinity Sessions by the Cowboy Junkies or Portishead's self titled album. When more urgency is needed for your evening's romp then go with Aenema by Tool.

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