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Below are recommendations for Sexy Jazz and Blues from our website visitors. That's right, you too can let the world know what's sexy and hot in Jazz music. Follow the Participation image below and we'll post your suggestions (be sure to include CD titles, not just the song titles).

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Tigress says: I'm gonna play along - Oh dear! How come NOBODY recommended Massive Attack? If You like seductive jazz - there is their album "Blue lines", if you like dark sensual tones - "Mezzanine". If I may suggest my personal favorite song - Inertia creeps, baby!

John Boase says: Buy a set of Nat King Cole CDs. After a lovely dinner dim the lights and put on Nat ('Stardust', 'Walking My Baby Back Home...') Take off shoes and shuffle around the floor in stockinged feet. When the music takes hold, ladies, take off your skirts and let Nature take its course in whatever combination. We have done this many times. It always works.

Michaela D says: Bohren & Der Club of Gore, listen to their entire discography, especially, Sunset Mission. So sensual.

Gina Magini recommends "Body and Soul" by Sonny Stitt. Love it!

From Anonymous: First name, Will; last name Downing.  Anything this man sings is exceedingly sensual, particularly the following CDs:  All the Man You Need, Moods, and Invitation Only.  Do enjoy.

Lakritze says:  For me it the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Whether it is his piano or Stan Getz's sexy saxaphone or the sultry voice of Astrud Gilberto that seems to drip with erotic passion. As a bonus, there is a second generation of this music headed up by Bebel Gilberto. Ooh, does she have one hot voice.

Tony Forkush says:  If it ain't Latin, it ain't sexy! And nothing is sexier than the guitar, save two guitars. Without question, the most erotic music on the planet over the past twenty years has been performed by the hands of the two gurus of sexuality in music, guitarists Jorge Strunz of Costa Rica and Ardeshir Farah of Iran, of the World Music group Strunz and Farah. Of their more than seventeen CD's, two in particular stand out as erotic masterpieces. 1994's "Americas" on the Mesa Blue Moon label, and their 1995 outrageous "Heat of the Sun".

Anonymous is shocked:  How could there possibly be a list of great erotic music that doesn't include Michael Franks?! Songs like "Popsicle Toes" and "Eggplant" are quintessential erotic jazz. My wife and I make love every Sunday morning to his fantastic song, "Sunday Morning Here With You". I highly recommend you try it.

Windfall says:  Taking a slight turn from traditional jazz is a slew of new-age "dance" and "jazz" sub-genre's, such as trip-hop and nu-jazz. I am no expert on how to tell what genre a particular song should be in, and I do not intend to try. For a good assortment of these modern jazzy/electronic "chillout" pieces (mostly instrumental), try the 2-disk import cd "Erotic Lounge." 

Amon Tobin is another wonderful artist who fuses jazz with something darker for something more involved than just music. Check it out, you may have found a new music taste just like I did!

Anonymous says:  I can't believe no one has posted Khmer by Nils Petter Molvaer yet. The whole CD is extremely sensual. There is a remix CD (4 songs) that is especially good, but I don't think it comes with all versions of the album.

Weebit says:  George Benson's "White Rabbit" was introduced to me by a very sexy man. I then used it as background music in later encounters. Praful's "One Day Deep" has some quite interesting rhythms to work with your own rhythms, especially if you're high (from sex)!

From Jules: One glance at the cover shows how much this is for the ladies, a handsome black man, Kevin Eubanks, dressed in gold in a comfortable setting with a guitar and a cat. One of the bandleader from the Jay Leno Show's many albums, perhaps his very best. Only wordless vocals and instrumentals. His best-of collection does not top this, and it is smooth jazz that doesn't sound like every other.

Jules says:  Before Kenny G was John Klemmer, a better performer on the sensuous sax, as well as a better composer. His best single album, Arabesque, is an unrelenting series of romantic instrumentals. He had plenty of other great ones, but this proves smoother and overall more evenly served; the perfect after dinner music for any lover. Smooth jazz is in abundance nowadays. This appeared before it was so common or bland. The tunes are great, too, as well as being proper mood setting.

From Anonymous:  Smooth jazz saxophone by Edgar Wallace Jr., c.d. entitled "On The Beach". A nice candlelight dinner with this c.d. playing, will sure make for an explosive evening. I found the c.d at Circuit City, but you can find it on the web also. A must have !

Anonymous says: You can't beat Cassandra Wilson, especially her Blue Light 'Til Dawn album.

Titus claims:  All Nina Simone's songs are really right for a love or sex convention...especially Sinner Man and any song that you can find with Nina & Ella together...listening, drinking a good wine, lovin' and moving very slowely..please no lights!

Stan says:  For homey, post-coital affection it's Hoagy Sings Carmichael, with an excellent West-coast band. And as we all know, post-coital affection is also pre-coital. "Here we are, out of cigarettes, holding hands and yawning, look how late it gets. Two sleepy people, by dawn's early light, and too much in love to say good night.

Sharky says:  I spent a lot of years retailing records. When customers asked me for a record that was "guaranteed" to set the mood, my answer was always the same: Johnny Hartman, I Just Dropped By To Say Hello (Impulse)

Johnny Hartman has a smooth baritone voice and is an awesome crooner. He frequently worked with Jazz's greatest names including John Coltrane. I never had a customer ask to return this lp/cd -- I know it did the job.

From jazzasauras:  If you're looking for jazz with a erotic sound, I recommend marc antoine's "urban gypsy" CD. this cd has a few tracks you will truly enjoy. I think you will enjoy cheili minucci's "sweet on you" CD as well as spyro gyra's "got the magic" CD. there are many smooth jazz artists who have very sensual sounding songs on their albums. I suggest you go to and hear these albums yourself. trust me you will enjoy them!

From quadzo:  Check out Ike Quebec's Soul Samba on blue note records if you can (Its kind of hard to find but well worth it. It's lush, soulful bossa nova that makes you want to cuddle.

john e. says: Patricia Barber is a singer/pianist fave of mine! A very atmospheric "Winter" appears on her album Modern Cool, along with some other great tunes like "Touch Of Trash."

Patricia Barber also does covers of "Light My Fire" and (???) Paul Anka's "She's A Lady" along with a choral version of an e.e. cummings poem set to music.

Then there's the Postmodern Blues.... Good music, yes!

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