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Provocative Soundtracks

Below is a listing of Provocative Soundtracks recommended by our website visitors. How about you—does sexy, arousing soundtracks set the mood for a night of passionate delights? Don't be shy, let us know what you're listening to. Follow the Participation image below and we'll post your suggestions (be sure to include CD titles, not just the song titles).

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Kim says: The soundtrack to Cruel Intentions is exciting and dark- for when you're in a "dark" sensual mood!  Also, many of the songs on the soundtrack to Brokedown Palace have a sensual, earthy, sound to them - that's easy to have sex to!

Glen says: Some of my favorites for seduction are : Cat People - Begins with a cool cut "Putting out Fire With Gasoline", then proceeds with a mixture of sensuous jazz and jungle atmospheres that drove women I played it for crazy. Vangelis "La Fete Savauge" also follows this pattern in interesting and provocative ways.

Sonnet says:  The problem I find with a lot of soundtracks is that while there usually is one or two good songs/scores to it there is also a lot other music that, while appropriate to the film, might not set the tone for love making, or if it does it's a single tone with little variation. Michael Nyman proves this does not always have to be case. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) has everything—there is slow make-out music, freaky get-your-thing-on pieces and even that post-coital hold-on-while-I-try-to-catch-my breath a cappella. 

Some might consider the soundtrack too classical for their tastes but if you're trying to set a mood that goes beyond candles and wine this is the soundtrack for you.

Anonymous suggests La Femme Nikita soundtrack - The track Hanging On a Curtain by Morphine is hot hot hot.

Kimberly recommends: Desperado. The Soundtrack has "The Strange Face of Love" - very sensual.  "The House that Love Built" from the same album is a good one also. I also like "El Amor" and "Mental Picture" from the soundtrack to The Specialist.

Lily recommendsBatman. It's dark, and it's passionate. And the movie has Christan Bale in it. That's gotta be the whole package right there. Except for maybe....Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Lea recommends:  For me, that best music that puts me in the mood is the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, and the song "closer" by Nine Inch Nails. I know its a classic.

Anonymous says:  The soundtracks to my favorite love-making are: Tristen & Isolde Soundtrack, and Native American Music (especially the flute) - purchased mine at Target.

I enjoy music that takes me to another place. There seems to be nothing so romantic as escape and these two CDs are my perfect escape.

Nicole says:  I love the Twin Peaks soundtrack and the Red Shoe Diaries soundtrack. These songs have crept beyond the bedroom and after listening to them for more than 10 years, I still have not tired of the sensual, romantic, and haunting music.

Stacy says:  My absolute favorite soundtrack is Two Moon Junction. All of the songs on there are so erotic and amazing! I also love Revenge with Kevin Costner, Sliver, (Carly's Loneliness) 9 1/2 Weeks - Eurythmics (This City Never Sleeps), Get Carter - Moby (Memory Gospel), Indecent Proposal - Theme, and Message in a Bottle - Dear Catherine is so beautiful! Enjoy!

Anonymous says:  Most of the music listed so far by others, although beautiful, instrumental and smooth, doesn't do it for me. I tend to like whatever the main song is playing during the love/seduction scene from a movie. Zero 7's "Destiny" from the movie Blue Crush, "6 underground" by the SneakerPimps from the movie The Saint, "Don't let it bring you down" by Annie Lennox from American Beauty, or "Why can't I fall in love" by Ivan Neville from Pump up the Volume's soundtrack. These are just a few.

Erotic says:  Song "Mon Manege A Moi" by Etienne Daho, off the soundtrack of the movie Irreversible. This song is totally in French, that caveat aside, it's a great song. I can't explain it, you'll just to have listen for yourself.

Piper says:   Both the Queen of the Damned score and the Interview with the Vampire soundtrack are quite erotic, as is the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack; the first two being more romantic and the last being far more intense...

BD says:  Great website! I found it by searching for music from the movie Unfaithful. I have one suggestion, the song by Wasis Diop - Everything (...Is Never Quite Enough)... from The Thomas Crown Affair. It's a really groovy song! Similar to the one from Unfaithful! Look into it!

Cal says: Try theme from Woman on Top, and YES this is the mane of an actual movie. The music the Brazilian based and as in the movie is great for making love.

Lee says:  The sound track from Strange Days featuring Ralph Finnes and Angela Bassette is a very good mood setter especially the song from the last scene. Also the interpretation of "Roxanne" in Moulin Rouge I think can warm things up! Oh, one more Track 9 on Traveling without moving by Jamiroquai is sure to let your partner know what you have planned for the evening or to keep things going.

RonanM says:  Whale Rider-Lisa Gerrard. Passion-Peter Gabriel. Both are the perfect albums for extended sex!

Nouha says: I Love the songs from Unfaithful. The song "Ai Du" is THE song that brings your senses to a higher level, listen to it, and enjoy.

Anonymous says: The soundtrack to Sliver (Stone/Baldwin), track number 4. It's a great song.

Tessa says:  Mmmmm, under any and all circumstances...romantic, Theme from Picnic...[Wm.Holden & Kim Novack] "Moonglow" does it for me. I'm swept away on a sensual cloud that makes me breathless. This is a goody.

From Anonymous: If you haven't heard the soundtrack to the movie Spirit you are missing a great opportunity to get things going. There are also great slow pieces to ease the moment. The lyrics and music together just seem to pull it all together for me. My favorite piece is..."Get off my Back". It gives me a slightly rebellious, kick ass attitude that makes me want to take on ANYTHING!

Mike says:  One of the most sensuous soundtracks I've ever heard is Last of the Mohicans (the one starring Daniel Day Lewis). Certain pieces give the impression, depending on your mood, of going into battle or lovemaking. The pieces start slowly, with a faint degree of tentativeness. The music progresses to a higher level of intensity and concludes with a sense of finality and accomplishment. Very passionate. Very stirring. Very moving. It's easy to imagine yourself battling the foe or kissing one of the Monroe daughters.

Jenny claims:  The soundtrack to Rent is probably my favorite for writing to. It takes some getting used to at first, but after that, it can be tons of inspiration.

Anonymous says:  The soundtrack of the motion picture Wild Orchid starring Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis, portrays a wonderfully atmospheric and sensual variety of South American sounds. The movie is set in Rio de Janiero, and I thought the music definitely dominated this movie and made it what it was. Hot and tropical.

Prttywmn says:  I find the soundtrack of the movie Body Heat can create the mood for me every time. There's something so sensual in that music! It's as if each piece awakens a new sensation.

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