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Remember Your Best Orgasm?
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What do Women Want's not size

What do Men Want rhymes with 'vex'

Age and Sex

Like fine wine … or vinegar?

You're never too old...

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From Del
I was very pleasantly surprised when I met at a computer show an old business partner for the first time in almost ten years.  She was now 45, married with children, me 67 and now divorced.  Cut a long story short we had dinner followed by some amazing sex.  We started with a 69, progressing to two very satisfying fucks. 

The pleasant surprise was her genuine appreciation for a very exciting evening, complimenting me on my ability to get a fresh erection, a large one each time, so quickly after climaxing and producing such a large amount of cum on all three occasions.  As a gentleman I said it was all down to her being so sexy and arousing me so successfully.  I also said that at 67, bald and with a paunch I wasn't totally over the hill!

From Anonymous
I am a 51 year old and the older I get, the better it gets and the experiences are mind boggling. Give me a older man any day compared to someone I have to teach something.

From l
I'm only twenty-five, so I still have a bit before I hit sixty, but I have worried that life would be sexless at that age. Thank you so much for posting your thoughts. You've reassured me! Keep it up! 

From Helen
Does age matter when it comes to sex?  I'm not sure. Yeah, my body doesn't do what it used to.  I've got lousy knees and I'm not as flexible or energetic as I used to be, but really I know it's not my age that's affecting my sexual activities so much as the stage of life I'm at - stay at home mom with two kids.  That definitely changes a gal's love life.

From Jim
Yes, sex has changed for my wife and I (we're both in our mid sixties), and I have to say for the better. The kids are gone, we're comfortable with our bodies, more comfortable talking about what works and what doesn't.

And yes, we have sex less often, but it's so much better. My wife says her orgasms are less intense but last longer. A good trade-off. And I'm not so quick to get hard and get inside and pump away. I like to play more, take my time and my hard-on doesn't feel urgent so there's no hurry. Sometimes I don't get hard at all, and at first it was un-nerving, very upsetting. But even at such times, amazingly enough, blow-jobs feel just as good. And my wife says she likes those times better because I spend more time petting, touching, playing, kissing. And she says sucking a semi-soft cock is much more comfortable in her mouth. Hey, I ain't complaining!

From Anonymous
I'm 43 and over the last several years, sex has definitely gotten better in terms of the strength and duration of my orgasms. It was always great, but there has been a definite upping of the quality of orgasm for me.

I've never been multi-orgasmic ... one was always enough for me and I got so sensitive I couldn't have continued had I wanted to. But now, and for a while now, I experience what I've seen termed "status orgasmus" or something like that ... meaning I orgasm intensely and KEEP orgasming as long as stimulation continues, for minutes at a time if I choose. My late husband enjoyed it tremendously and found it a huge turn-on.

I don't currently have a partner, but can achieve the same with masturbation easily.

From Doug
I have to be honest.  At 61 I am a much better lover than I was at 21.  I have practiced tantric and other meditative/"energy"/mystical sexual methods for several decades and have become quite skilled with them.  For me, sex is probably the best it has ever been; it's aged well for me.  It seems to be for my girlfriend too. 

These days my hip joints especially just are not what they used to be and can be a painful hindrance, occasionally ending things suddenly. Sometimes we just don't connect well, especially if too tired but enjoy the play just the same.  Now 10 pm is usually too late to start whereas it didn't used to be.  We both get tired earlier than we used to.  Whereas I think twice a week would be great she usually isn't up for more than once a week.  Age has taken it's toll in certain ways.  All in all though it is the best sex of our lives.

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