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Anal Sex

So what's the big deal?

For a bit of backdoor fun:

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From Michael
In reply to the comments below about how women do not get direct sexual pleasure from anal sex.  I would say that a man does not get direct sexual pleasure from performing oral sex on a woman.  However there are other pleasure gained.  Like emotional pleasure from knowing you are giving your partner something you know they enjoy and are themselves getting sexual pleasure.  Also there is the pleasure gained from the simple physical contact involved in preforming the act.  This does not make it abusive as has been mentioned below, any more than a man performing oral sex on a woman is being abused.  If it is abuse then someone is committing a criminal act and that's a different subject.

Myself I have only one real example of having a lover with whom I had anal sex, my ex wife.  It was not a regular event, but was there were numerous times during our relationship when we had anal sex.  Also on a number of these times my wife initiated the act herself, without any mention or asking from me.  Simply because she knew that I enjoyed being able to fuck her in the ass.  As a side point we indulged in anal sex many more times than she performed oral sex on me.  Because I knew she put simply hated doing that.  Surely this must show that she did like anal sex, as she would be aware that I would have not have wanted to do something with her that she did not like.  While I am not saying all woman like anal sex, but she did.  Quiet possibly for the very reasons I said above.  We never actually discussed why she liked it, I just know that she did.  Hell she actually had an orgasm during it once.

From Dave
I've never had anal sex, giving or receiving, but I've fantasized and written about it. I would like to try it sometime, just so I can get a better idea of the sensations involved. Unfortunately at the present time, my wife is not very interested in sex of any kind and I have no desire to cheat on her. I've thought about getting myself a dildo to play with, but somehow it just doesn't excite me. I think it would be interesting to be taken that way and I believe it enhances the relationship.

From Mikey
Anal sex is the best, once you go back door you just want more and more, I find after fantastic love making and making your girl so so happy she wants to please you and what better way than to offer up your ass as a way of pleasing your man, she gives me unfettered access to her ass, she says she loves it every time and is also into the little bit of pain but something more than just tight and hot its psychological as well. I agree. we both feel naughty and slightly wrong and kinky and it's a bit of an extra erotic twist. No worries with anal sex, no contraception, and my cock is always still hard and I want seconds, it's amazing. It's like the anus muscles squeeze it out of me and leave you wanting more. Squirting hot cum into her arsehole is the best feeling, I love it.

From Eric
I am a 25-year old male who has never performed anal sex.  None of the women that I've been with have been into it , including my current.  We have a very active sex life , but haven't yet explored the final "frontier".  Every time the subject has been brought up (by me) , it was met with a sense of disinterest (by her).  To say I am curious about it would be the understatement of the century, and I will continue, albeit subtly, to pursue my fantasy.

As of late, I have employed some subtle tactics.  We enjoy showering together, and the last time we enjoyed each other's company I tried something new.  With her in front of me, facing the shower head, I was positioned directly behind her. With my penis fully erect, I took my cock into my hand and placed it on her scrumptious ass cheek.  I gently rubbed it up and down in a circular motion, even slightly "penetrating" her with my swollen head.  Up and down, side to side, in and out.  This continued for a good 3-4 minutes, and not once did she turn away, or inquire as to what I was doing. I will employ this "plan of attack" from here forward, as I'm at my wit's end and don't know what else to do.

From Louis Vega
Anal sex started slowly with my wife.  As our comfort level grew with each other regarding sex we gradually introduced things.  I had never thought about anal sex, but one night it just happened.  Normally I would rub her back and this would get her pussy wet.  I normally stop at her lower back as my wife never seemed interested in having anal sex.  This one night I was extremely turned on and she was more active than normal.  I decided to work my way to her voluptuous ass.  As I rubbed her ass she began to moan more.  She started to spread her legs. 

I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks apart and began to kiss her softly.  Slowly I worked my way to her hole.  The first time my tongue touched it she moaned then lifted up her ass so I would have better access to it.  I proceeded to suck her ass for what seemed like an hour.  Her pussy was sopping wet and she was begging me to suck her ass while playing with her clit.  She climaxed hard that night.

From She
I agree with Anonymous [see entry below] A finger is one thing, but a dick? No thank you. I know there are women who enjoy anal sex and of course that's all fine and good. But I wonder how many women feel obligated to enjoy anal sex because it's high profile in the porn industry.

The porn industry is making millions off anal sex because it was finally something new to bring to the screen, and as an added bonus, it's something that had a bit of a taboo attached to it. The sex toy industry enjoyed a huge jump in bucks as butt plugs suddenly became a hot item. So the sex industry is making a bundle on anal sex. Got to love that.

From Anonymous
I'm open-minded, so the one and only time anal sex was ever suggested by a lover, I was willing to attempt it, though I couldn't commit wholly to it. It was a "let's see how it goes" process. Needless to say, it didn't go very far. I don't even think he got past putting the head in before I felt like I was being torn apart. It was quite painful, so I asked him to stop. (For the record, I do think that I might be a little tighter anally than the average person). He obliged. We were just experimenting anyway. A finger is one thing, but a dick? No thank you. To each is own, but sex for me is about pleasure, not pain.

When it was first brought up as "something to try", I told him, "Sure, I'll let you fuck me in the ass if you let me fuck you in the ass first." He was very adamant that he was not interested in having his ass penetrated. So I asked him, "So why do you think I would be?" He told me that it just seemed more "natural" for women. ( I guess his line of thinking was that women are already used to being plugged.) My response, "More natural for women?! I already have a hole made for fucking!"

Nevertheless, I was still willing to try. Who knows? I might enjoy it, though I suspected that probably wouldn't be the case as indeed it wasn't.

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