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Blasphemous Fantasies

Blasphemous FantasiesSex with a holy person is considered sacrilegious, and yet just the very idea of blasphemous sex is titillating. What is it that makes such profane fantasies so hot, and so uncomfortable? Are you turned on by blasphemous fantasies—sex with a priest, nun, rabbi, imam, a Buddhist monk, sacred men and women? And, let's get right down to the nitty-gritty, tell us about your blasphemous fantasies. —Helen

The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex. —Hugh Hefner

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From Gary
I'm not sure if this is too explicit to be posted but if it is---I was surprised to see the post from Phil. I too am a Pastor in a small New England church. I didn't admit that until I read Phil's post. I have become addicted to blasphemy sex acts. Three of my deacons and I jerk off on open Bibles while a fourth deacon reads scripture out loud. We cum all over the pages and take turns eating it off. It is so amazing. I have never come so hard and so long before.

From Phil
I am a backslid minister and had a stict religious upbringing. I love to blaspheme God and I find it a serious turn on to pray to satan and ask him to posses me with a demon of lust and take me to hell when I am horny. I always curse and swear now and have the filthiest mouth I can't even talk without cursing I seriously wonder if hell is what we were always told? 

Maybe it's actually an awesome place. I fantisize that it is a huge eternal sex party everyone fucking each other and screaming curses and blaspheming god for all of eternity. Eternal orgies and eternal orgasms that would be so awesome! I do wish I could meet a beautiful woman that is bisexual and open with that and shares my blasphemy fetish. Fuck god fuck jesus christ and fuck the holy spirit!  I get so horny just saying these things!

From Tony (California)
I once worked at a company that had converted an old church into a working office. The church pews had been replaced with cubicles, but there still was a choir loft and an elevated level where a pastor would conduct the service. A co-worker and I who had been having an affair fantasized about doing it in the church. We nixed the plan when we discovered that security cameras had been installed.

From Alexander
Recently i've started out with my blasphemous ways. Pissing on the bible, jerking off to burning the bible or pissing, spitting and coming on crucifixes and such. Thing is, i still believe in god, though not religion. Weird indeed.

But the thought of a god being merciful is good enough, but i still get off on the thought of having sex with nuns and priests, coming on the altar. Coming on the bread and the wine.

From Damned_Soul
Wow!  It's great to see that I'm not the only one who gets off on religious blasphemy.  I was raised in a very strict Christian family, and I've discovered that combining "sinful" acts with sex is a huge turn-on for me and really heightens the sexual experience.

Over the years, I have discovered that I actually find sacrilege itself to be extremely sexy.  I have fantasies about fucking in a church, sex with a nun or a female minister, and masturbating with religious items.  At the moment, I'm particularly obsessed with the thought of coming on a woman's crucifix necklace while I curse at Christ, and even a few mildly satanic phrases have found their way into my standard dirty-talk vocabulary.  Sometimes when I'm really turned on, I actually relish the thought of going to hell for my sinful acts, and I occasionally even ask God to damn me to hell as I imagine myself coming all over a crucifix or a bible.  One of my biggest fantasies is to fuck an incredibly sinful woman who curses and blasphemes and performs sacrilegious acts during sex, and then tempts me to blasphemer with her and damn ourselves to hell as we get off.

From Kylie
I see no one has mentioned the thrill of corrupting someone! My boyfriend is(was) a devout catholic, and I have enjoyed getting him to worship me. When he is horny, he will say anything to be able to lick my pussy, and I have even made him jerk off on his own rosary (given to him by an aunt!) This turns me on terribly and I get multiple orgasms when he mumbles blasphemy at my command. Anyone else into this?

From Robert (Spain)
Over the years it became more and more exciting when I started to swear when coming. I would say things like "Oh God" "Oh Christ". Then it began to get more profane with "Oh fucking God" "Oh fucking Christ". My mind would go into melt down as I got the most exhilarating thrills from my cum. But it was essential that I get worse and worse, as I pushed the boundaries to the limit. I began then asking the fucking Holy Spirit to give me bigger and bigger thrills when coming and I would scream "Fuck the Holy Spirit". This wasn't enough and after time I was inviting Satan to take control of my wanking. I wanted the most defiled sensations that anyone could have and I got them.

I am convinced that I am possessed by a demon from Satan and that together we get the most filthy, thoughts which lead to the most extreme orgasms any man could have. I love it and am addicted to it, but I often wonder what will happen to me when I meet my God. I would love it if some readers would give similar experiences so that I can get some peace of mind that I am not alone in these fantasies. This only happens when I wank. When I have sex with my wife my sexy thoughts are pretty normal and it is enjoyable.

From remittance girl
I'm vaguely Jewish by birth, and a die hard atheist in terms of spirituality, but the whole priest thing REALLY DOES get me very, very hot. What's that about? Fucked if I know. But the idea of being seduced by a priest in a confessional is an oft employed and very vivid fantasy for me.

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