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For sexy breast and nipple play...

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erotica for women

From Alice
I am a woman in my early fiftys and noticed for years that a heck of a lot of women are interested in other women's boobs! We live close to a popular beach and I go there often and find myself admiring women's breasts and have seen women staring at mine. I will admit that even though I am happily married, I would love to have a special lady friend with a cute shape to have a relationship with. In my fantasies, I have a young lady with huge breasts and spend hours sucking her and her doing mine! I wonder what is going through these other girls minds when I catch them staring. Maby one day I will work up the nerve to approach a girl and make close friends.

From HugelySensuous
I am in my 60's.  I'm straight and love playing with my breasts, pulling them out of my bra and subtly wearing a t-shirt or somewhat shear top to entice.  It is a fantasy of mine to have a woman who is as or almost as endowed  make love to me.  Bucket list...just thinking about it makes me hot!  Don't care if there's a husband who watches...I just want to feel the softness, rub my oiled nipples against another's and fulfill this hot wish.

From RJ
Hands down, I am a breast man from the word go! Pussies, clits, wet, dry, large, small, lose, or tight have little or no impact on me. Watching some well hung stud stroke a woman's snatch just has never been much of a turn on for me. But racks, tits, breasts, hooters, boobs, busts, knockers, call them what you want, I am sooooo mentally obsessed with them that in 53 years, I have never grown tired of staring, gawking, and mentally undressing a woman at a night spot, in church, or at the beach. Tops come off as I fondle, tweak, pinch, teeth, and suck them.

There appears to be a direct link between a pair of all natural, beautiful breasts and my cock. Instant erection. I was never into the freaks of nature, DDD's, EEE's, GG's, but just nice well developed melon's to rest your head between. If she is petite and has a nice rack that does not appear to make her look top heavy, I can spring to life. Average size lady with a pair of D's, she'll be topless within my head within seconds. Wives of friends of mind are not immune. I dated a lady fourteen years my senior who upon our first intimate encounter, she turned in the bedroom and said, "God, you are hard already and we haven't even touched." After a spectacular night of lovemaking and out for an early morning coffee, I grasped her from behind, springing to an erection. I played with them every chance I got; at home, in public, in the car, or just trying to get dressed to go out. I am in every sense of the word or phrase "A Breast man."

From Eric
Every single inch of a woman's body fascinates me: beautiful eyes, luscious lips, sexy smile, long, toned legs, flat tummy, mouth watering pussy.  It's all good. That said, nothing catches my eye, or gets me more aroused, than a woman with nice breasts. Nice , NATURAL breasts  The bigger, the better. Huge is nice as well.  I just like what I like. I hope I'm not developing into a shallow, superficial moron, and I would definitely date any girl I found attractive, physically and mentally.  It's just that if said girl happens to be blessed with huge, full breasts, saucer-size areolas, and "gumdrop" nipples, that's just a teeny bit of a plus for me.

From GB
Count me in as one who's thrilled to have found this site. I'm an absolute big breast fanatic. The sight of a pert or big pair of breasts gives me an instant erection. I'll drive around the block just to get a second look at a mature woman with a big bouncing pair.  One woman told me she never had a man pay so much attention to her boobs.  Another said I'm that way because I've never been weaned, which should give you an idea of the kind of non-stop breast foreplay I like.  I could care less why.

To this day, and I'm 83, I've been fortunate to have women in my life who crave my breast worshiping as much as I enjoy giving it, using various positions for great breast sucking such as finger-fucking, side by side masturbating, woman on top, head in lap and  more.  But my favorite is when my busty girlfriend asks me to lie on my back at the end of the bed.  She then stands at the foot of the bed and leans over me to dangle her boobs onto and across my face until I capture a nipple in my mouth to greedily suck on.   She then reaches down to stroke my hard-on which by now is straining up and rigid while I continue to suck her nipple deep into my mouth.  I keep sucking and she stroking until I shoot a geyser of cum high into the air....pure heaven!

From Louise
I have come across this site purely by accident, and have spent the last hour or so delighting in its contents. But one thing is for sure, the discussion relating to breasts, either lactating, nipples, puffy, big or small is really turning me on. I am in my early 40's married with no children, and have only ever been with men, but to be honest, the older I am getting the more I enjoy the female form. I have a wonderful sex life and he is aware of my fascination, while making love he talks to me about what I would do with a woman if I could have one. This is truly wonderful.

The trouble is I find myself looking at most women, wondering what they would look like naked. I work with a woman who is 52, she is quite small in build and height, and always comments that she has to wear a padded bra, sometimes her neckline is quite loose, I often call her over to check something that I am doing, or go and stand behind her to check something, from these angles I can see down her top and into the cups of her bra, her small puffy nipples can just be seen, and I find my clit throbbing with joy.

When I go to the gym or the pool I have more enjoyment getting changed, I often strip naked while drying myself (people don't mind showing themselves if you don't), I just adore the pregnant woman, with her dark nipples, or the older lady with her graying pubes and heavy breasts, or the 40/50 somethings who still take care of their bodies. The longer the nipples the better and although I am fully shaved, for some unknown reason I love to see a full hairy bush between the legs and under the arms. I really don't know what is wrong with me (if anything) it does make for a brilliant sex life though. Am I the only one? surely not.

From Luxurious
If loving breasts is wrong then I don't want to be right! Finally ..... I'm home, I love this forum. Great masturbating material! Just thinking of the words breasts, nipples, 'puffies' or tits sends me over the moon... Instant orgasm! I love my own breasts and other women's breasts too. I've always loved tits, and I played with my own budding nubs ever since I was a young girl, then when my breasts developed in adolescence and later on as an adult. I even masturbated my tits, when I was hugely pregnant, they were enormous and very sensitive, it was heaven. And now, in my mid-50's I still find breasts the biggest turn on.

I've never thought of myself as a lesbian, I love men and making love to them, even though I'm single at present. However, I'd love to find a woman with whom I could indulge in my girl-on-girl breast play fantasies. I'm curious about women, but I haven't yet had the pleasure, I'm a bit chicken to declare myself and put myself 'out there'. I'd like to stroke and suckle a woman's breasts and nipples and have her do the same to me in return....Mmmmh. Or, how about a woman on either side of my tits with each of my erect, long, dark brown, juicy and succulent nipples in their mouths. Up until now, merely a fantasy. Or, sensuous erotica featuring women pleasuring each other with breast and nipple play....Mmmmh.

From Me
My husband loves to arrive home and find my breasts teasing him through a sheer blouse. He puts down his briefcase and pulls me close to him. He kisses me slow and slips his tongue in my mouth, while his fingers brush across a nipple. He holds my breast in his hand and caresses my nipple with his thumb. I feel it stiffen and he slides his tongue deeper in my mouth. He unbuttons my blouse and guides me to the couch. He lays my down and uncovers my breasts and he kisses each nipple. He will hold me close to him and suck for hours. Eventually dipping his fingers into my pussy and wetting my nipples with my own juices. He loves to lick if off my nipples. My favorite is when he releases his cum on my nipples. He plays with me every night. My breasts are well loved.

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