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Swing Clubs
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Clit Notes

Playing It Her Way

Clit playWomen, how do you like your clit played with? How do you tell a lover, without making him/her feel uncomfortable, that the technique being used isn't working and to try other things? Some of my lovers jingle my clit like it's a bell. It doesn't work for me. I have this theory that men often approach a clit as if it's a wee penis they're trying to jerk off.

My husband is very good at clit play. He doesn't treat mine as a bell, but rather surrounds it with two fingers, and allows me to move myself against them. I like a slow, steady rhythm. Then he puts another finger inside me and I place my little vibe on top of my clit. That works. It takes a lovely, languorous time, but it is worth it. And of course he often adds his tongue to the mix. Which is fab-u-lous. I'm just curious about how others enjoy and approach clit play.   —Amanda

For the very best in clit action, try the following:

Bright Desire brings sensual pleasures back into porn with a focus on the positive aspects of sex: Intimacy, passion, pleasure, and fun — important features of sex that you rarely get in mainstream porn. Bright Desire includes all orientations — it's for women, for men, for everyone who enjoys sexual pleasure.

Bright Desire features well-made porn that focuses on the positive aspects of sex, intimacy, pleasure, fantasy and fun. Bright Desire features a variety of adult content that includes all orientations, though the focus is on heterosexual sex — it’s for women, for men, for everyone. Bright Desire is all about bringing sensual pleasures back into porn, and that's rare in adult entertainment.

Kink Your Kindle

From Jess
Hope I can write a second time I am in my really horny mood an want to tell. Every time I have been peeing I always take my fingers and pull my clit hood to the root. Even if I don't masturbate for a quick one release at that time I love to feel between my legs and it never fail that I become horny and erected even from some light touches. May I say or call it that I feel so very much alive. I feel happy to what I got and with a smiling face I leave the bathroom. That makse me so horny and at home I drop my clothes just to feel the air around my naked body and in front of my big mirror I love to watch when my clit stiffen up and stick out between my swollen labia. There is no other way then join my bed for a real good sejour of masturbating. Caressing my stiff nipples and my butt and front to my arousing clitoris. Pulling at my little clit hood until no way back....I simply adore and love a sweet good orgasm..even by myself.

From Jess
I have to admit that I love my clit. It like to be touched by another person, and to be honest, mostly girls who can be more careful. And I don't mind at all to touch myself. I often use a mirror a small hand one or even my big dressing room mirror, wish I can stand in front of (and with a little shyness)I can tell how much I love to see myself become horny cause my large clit is then step by step slowly filling its little body with blood. Gradually even my labia swells and my clit stick out. And as more aroused I am as taller it get and this clit skin hood can no way any longer cover my clit gland. Oh so much I like this.

It must be quite self-absorbed to look in a mirror and admire what I got down there between my legs. When I see this stiff little creature poking out between my labia I can't keep my fingers still and I have to masturbate. I pull my clit hood as far in to the root until it hurt but in a good way and I am telling the mirror like it was a real person I was showing myself to "look honey how tall it is" I even masturate in front of the mirror until my orgasm hit me so hard and I almost past away and find myself at my knees soaking wet...but so very much relieved. I am crazy and I am a horny girl. Now I'm blushing but what the heck.

From Anonymous
My wife of 37 years is a connoisseur of clitoris play. She taught me precisely what she enjoyed, and it has never failed us.  When she was dating, many of her boyfriends went down on her, which was pleasurable for her but didn't result in orgasm.  (She hadn't had any orgasm thus far.) but she knew something was supposed to happen.  Her boyfriends benefited greatly, because she became very skilled at giving oral in return for their efforts.

Finally, when she taught herself to masturbate to orgasm, she could teach her guys what she needed. And when I got together with her, she taught me what she needed.  When I go down on her, unfailingly she comes 4 to 8 times with my tongue... Hard, thrashing, claw-at-the-sheets orgasms.

And it's not just me:  occasionally we play with other couples, and I've seen her, after a few words of instruction to the other man, come with his tongue just as much and just as powerfully.

Men who listen to their partner, take instructions, and focus on her pleasure, will please her.

From Anonymous
My clit needs some time. Use long, languishing strokes on my lips until I'm squirming and moaning. Then and only then, touch my clit. And please don't tongue it - suck it. That's the best thing for me. Same with my nipples - don't tongue it (why do guys always want to tongue things?) - suck it. It is so much more pleasurable!

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