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Clit Notes

Playing It Her Way

For the very best in clit action, try the following:

I Feel Myself is a voyeurs delight, an intensely erotic experience of watching women masturbate to orgasm. This is the real deal, the orgasm sequences are absolutely genuine and unscripted. The results is intimate and incredibly erotic.

For the Girls, the adult site designed especially for women, offers a heady mix of passion, romance, and hardcore sex, with a huge selection of sexy photos, explicit movies, exclusive erotic fiction, provocative articles, sex advice, humor and lots more.

erotica for women

From Erica
My clit loves to get spanked and then chewed on. I love when it gets sucked and my partner's mouth covers all that clit and inner lips, moving his head up and down clit in mouth. Licking it and sucking on it until I can't take it no more! Can I say Oh YEAH! I love to hear the munch sound when he chews on it! It turn me more on!

From Anonymous
My boyfriend always fingers me but I have better orgasms when he directly touches my clit. Wetness on my clit is amazing I do figure 8s on it or just circles and when I'm alone and horny I lay on my stomach and take my index and middle finger and rub against my clit and I do different speeds to prolong and make the orgasm 10 times better. Ky warming jelly is amazing! [other warming lube options include: K-Y Intense Arousal Gel, and Blossom Organics Warm Sensation]

From Lilith
I have found that over stimulation of my clit can be painful and unbearable. I actually have to push some away if they have at it for too long. The best head I ever received was not when the guy focused on the clitoris alone but kissed my vagina as if he were kissing my mouth. Pulling my lips into his mouth and sucking them as one does the bottom lip of their lovers mouth. Even allowing me to feel the scrap of his teeth. This I found terribly exciting and a lot better then the ABCs that men are now so fond of.

From Cindy
I love to have my clit played with a lot. I recently got some clit jewelry with beads hanging from it and love to get my clit super hard and sticking out, slide that clit clip over my swollen clit and just enjoy the erotic waves of pleasure. I either play with myself while watching porn or my husband does. I wear it during the day alone and horny. 

We both appreciate the fact that my clit not only stays huge and sticks out so much it is easily seen, but I start to come each time it is teased. Worn all day will drive me crazy, and worn in public is tricky, just walking around I am so horny. Especially in public. But I love it. The body rush is so good. The orgasm is almost too strong. Touching my nipples during the long time I am wearing the clit clip makes me throb, I think my clit thickens. It is insane, but wonderful.

From Beth
My clit is a shy thing that doesn't like to be accosted vigorously. It likes to be invited out to play politely and with restraint. Once it trusts the playmate, it enjoys a broader range of activity. My clit is very much an extension of me.

Harder is not better. If it is over-stimulated, it gets bored and goes home. This leaves the owner profoundly unhappy, I must say. If one game isn't working, I usually suggest another or take over the game myself. I have not yet met a man or woman that doesn't like watching a woman pleasure herself. It takes the pressure off a particular situation and actually allows both people to regroup and reestablish a sexual connection.

My clit likes tongues a lot. Sucking, licking, swirling. . .whatever. The nice thing about a tongue is it's gentle by nature and anatomy. Still, if someone tries to use their tongue like a floor polisher (too hard, too fast) I'll gently suggest altering the pace.

With my husband, if we are in a mood and I am REALLY ready to go, I will let him get nasty with it. . .a little whack perhaps. He is the only one who gets to do that because I trust him to know when that is appropriate. However, when it is. . .holy cow. . .blows my mind.

From Dawn
I love what was said about how men treat our clits. I love it sucked, licked and rubbed hard. I love your site. Sigh...I've had those bell ringers too. They touch it like we will break or like we are gross, while it is OK to shove their cock in our mouths. I love sucking but hey have to give too ya know

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