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Remember Your Best Orgasm?
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Big Clits versus Small Clits

Does clit size determine pleasure?

clit sizeI have not done a thorough survey of every sex partner I've ever made love with, but I have noticed that woman with the most intense and frequent orgasms, had a large clitoris. Another, who tells me she has had only two or three orgasms in her life . . . well, damn it, I couldn't even find her clitoris. What say you Ladies and Gents: true or false, does clit size determine the ease or intensity of orgasm? —Anonymous

Lots of interesting clits:

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I Feel Myself

From Emma
I never realized that I have a small clit until the last 10 years or so after my home computer allowed me to explore some really great porn.  Mine is very small but extremely sensitive. I don't think it makes a difference though I have often wondered if a bigger one made it more sensitive, how it might feel. Can't see how it could be more sensitive though so I guess that's good!  I too, don't like the hood being pulled back, it's far more pleasurable if the clitoris stays under the hood. When the hood is pulled back it's almost painful.

From Self-satisfied
You guys/girls are unbelievable.. I can't believe you're comparing your clit sizes like guys do their dicks. I mean sheesh it makes no difference unless the person is dysfunctional to begin with. I have a long yet average width clit and I can get off like crazy.. heck I am a squirter .. not a trickler I mean squirt as in projectile and oh my god big mess clean up after. Wow what a feeling... erm anyway..

From Steve
God I love a big clit on a lady. There is no reason to be embarrassed or self conscious. It is what nature had dealt you so flaunt it accept it and enjoy.

From Jenny
Hi everyone interested in Big Clits as the rubric. I have never been taking any testosterone as I have seen and understand some women does for various reasons. Mine is a big one from birth. In public places like bathhouse for women I clearly see that some girls are peeping at my big one clitoris. In school my experiences wasn't that nice all the time. Kids can be too honest and even rude. This time is over for me and to  day I am really satisfy with my big clitoris.

This (Inside The Erotic Mind Participation Form) is like a good surprise to me and I love to tell as I see that I'm not alone out there. Lovely to read! I am a horny girl and I love to masturbate and I really appreciate my big clitoris and especially when I am excited horny and I have an erection. Yes it pokes out then at the textile at my panties. It can hurt sometime as the bare clit head rubs against my panties when I walk. It happens sometimes when I am excited among people. But I simply love this horny feelings and as soon I am at my place at home I need to have my orgasm to calm down. And I love to slowly undress and in my nude even in day time join my bed for satisfaction and lovely playing and touching myself.

From Ruby Red
I think the size of the clit is as useful as the size of the boobs - in other words it's just a visual size - some men or women love big boobs and some don't, but the size doesn't seem to affect the arousal of the person owning them - that is down to the person doing the arousal...

From J. Corvo
Well, seems to me that this thread has given a damn fool premise a lot of weight. It has always seemed to me that a woman's orgasm is the coming together of a great many factors, none of which are related to size. For starters there are desire, excitement, ovulation, comfort, discomfort, health, age, relaxation, stress, probably about thirty different kinds of chemistry at the cellular level, freshness of the relationship.To limit the entire experience to the size of a clitoris seems to leave out the rest of the woman where the orgasm really happens.

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