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Big Clits versus Small Clits

Does clit size determine pleasure?

Here's two sites sized just right for max pleasure...

Sapphic Erotica is the absolute best lesbian site with superior pictures and videos of beautiful girls making love. No fake acting, no sleazy or insulting stuff here. What you will find at Sapphic Erotica is the real thing, passionate lovemaking, real orgasms—all hot enough to singe your short and curlies.

Bright Desire features well-made porn that focuses on the positive aspects of sex, intimacy, pleasure, fantasy and fun. Bright Desire offers a variety of adult content that includes all orientations — it’s for women, for men, for everyone. Bright Desire is all about bringing sensual pleasures back into porn, and that's rare in adult entertainment.


From Angel
I have only ever had one boyfriend because of the size of my clitoris, and I'm too afraid to have another relationship. My clitoris is about 1 1/2 inches long when excited and resembles the head of a circumcised penis, and to make matters worse I squirt when I orgasm. My boyfriend laughed at me in a kind of nervous but nasty way and looked shocked. I think I would rather be normal, whatever that is. I guess I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with a dildo for a friend as I can't bring myself to have sex with another man. Since being on the internet I've tried to find a forum for people who appreciate large clitoris's but there is nothing, only websites where the women are treated like circus freaks. I'm very unhappy and wish I could find someone who accepted me for what I am and, what I've got.

From Angela
My clit is small to start and then pops out the more it is played with. I find that the more I rub it myself, I feel it swell and then pull on it to pop it out of the hood. I have a long large hood that really swells up and then my clit sticks out at the end, but I get plenty of stimulation from rubbing the hood alone. I have been this way since I used a sucking sexual aid on my clit and it showed me how the clit pops out when it is swollen and played with more. Now my clit is my friend and I love it very much.

From Alchemist
First let me say that I have liked every clitoris with which I have become acquainted. My ex-wife had what seems like a pretty average size clit. My girlfriend's is somewhat larger. They were both fun to play with leading to plenty of orgasms. 

My girlfriend is a little quicker to get started. Is that size related? Who knows. After an hour or three of orgasms they each had sufficiency and the ten minutes difference at the beginning makes no difference at all to anybody. Visually I would have to say that I like both larger labia and larger clitoris. But regardless of relative size I am very pleased to pet the pussy until she purrs and purrs and purrs.

From Brulee
I am lesbian and my partner has a much larger clit than I do. Mine is tiny, and when I saw hers for the first time, I was thrilled. Her's is so big and juicy. It is true, she comes easily, but who is to say it is because of the size of her clit? All I can say is that large clits are incredible to look at and fun to suck. I wouldn't want a girlfriend with a clit my size.

From Mike
My wife has a very big clit and large pussy lips.  She is still a bit self conscious about it, but I absolutely adore it.  Her pussy floods when I get her clit aroused and capture it between my thumb and index finger.  I circle and pinch with my thumb and she comes loud enough to wake our neighbors.  Ladies, enjoy your large clit and lips.  They are a true blessing!

From DysturbedSoul
I beg to differ with most of the women here about clit size being unimportant. It's important to ME. I am a female who's been having sex for 25 years but I've never had an orgasm or even pleasurable feelings from my clitoris or the area surrounding it. I can't find my clitoris head so I'm guessing it's miniscule. A urologist I went to see once said it looked "shriveled." I then had hormonal blood tests done, took testosterone therapy, saw a sexologist and other therapists, but nothing has helped.

I've looked at diagrams and photos of clits but that doesn't help me figure anything out. I feel so stupid, and cheated. I never developed masturbating naturally and I hate trying to masturbate now. It just frustrates me and makes me cry out of anger. Vibrators either don't feel good or like anything, and I don't enjoy fingering myself. I have no pleasurable sensations in the region of my genitalia. I have sexual thoughts, desires and feelings, can get lubricated by  desire, love sexy men and visual stimulation, but sexual acts are just disappointing, and somewhat pointless to me.

I just continue to have sex for my husband's benefit - to make him feel loved - and he's equally clueless about how to help me out. I would love to have just an average size clitoris, or at least one I could find.  Maybe then it would work! I guess I have a little big(ger) "clit envy" after reading the posts here. It seems to me that a female clit of some detectable size (average or large) is easier to find, manipulate and work with. Many of the women here who are proud of their clits prove that point by what they wrote. Wish I were you !

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