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Big Clits versus Small Clits

Does clit size determine pleasure?

Here's two sites sized just right for max pleasure...

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From Ruby Red
I think the size of the clit is as useful as the size of the boobs - in other words it's just a visual size - some men or women love big boobs and some don't, but the size doesn't seem to affect the arousal of the person owning them - that is down to the person doing the arousal...

From J. Corvo
Well, seems to me that this thread has given a damn fool premise a lot of weight. It has always seemed to me that a woman's orgasm is the coming together of a great many factors, none of which are related to size. For starters there are desire, excitement, ovulation, comfort, discomfort, health, age, relaxation, stress, probably about thirty different kinds of chemistry at the cellular level, freshness of the relationship.To limit the entire experience to the size of a clitoris seems to leave out the rest of the woman where the orgasm really happens.

From Annabelle
Whoa, Unohombre "Small clitted un-horny females"?! No, no, no. [see Unohombre's entry below] I have a teeny, tiny little clit and I am far from a 'un-horny' female. Same with the other small-clit ladies who have responded here. I may have a small clit but sex is on my mind what seems like all day, every day and I have orgasms nearly every single day. News flash everyone--It's Not Just Size! In all aspects.

1. Small clits do not equal low sex drive or response.
2. Large labia are not a sign that a women has had a lot of sex (like that would be anyone's business anyway.)
3. A large penis means very little unless the owner knows what to do with it.
4. A small penis is not the end of the world.

Size...jeez, are we ever going to get over it?

From Unohombre
Hello all, I hope not to offend. I do not mean to be "a bio-nerd" or a "scientific-sexualist". But clit size may matter more than most of us think. Here are some possible reasons: First, a key hormone to make our clits and penises erect and horny and come is testosterone. Yes women and men both have a certain amount of this hormone. Men may have more. Also, testosterone is the hormone that makes the clitoris and female genitals (male genitals and penises) grow larger when we are juveniles and adults. Therefore, some of the ladies who have more testosterone may in fact end up not only with a larger clit but also with more testosterone in their system; which may make them hornier.

You may notice more things, such as noticing that sometimes a larger clit is on a more muscular female who may also have strong looking hands or that a lady who is more forward and more aggressive sexually may surprise you later with a large clit. (testosterone is also an "aggressive" hormone) Finally, since testosterone is a key component to make us orgasm, bigger clits and more testosterone may work hand-in-hand to make a lady who is gifted in this area seem more sexy to men and women.I therefore have to say, I prefer a larger clit because since I am a man I would gamble that a lady with a larger clit is hornier and a relationship with her more in synch with male libido and more close in desired frequency. In addition I would think a female who has a very low testosterone level and is not horny or cannot understand male horniness and they end up thinking men are really from Mars. 

This all starts to make sense if you envision that men are from the planet Testosterone and we are glad some ladies join us there, and we wonder what planet those small clitted un-horny females are from, but we are all human and sex is only one part of our total lives and beings. When we die we are rarely remembered for our sexuality or testosterone level.

From Casy
Hi every one who take part of this lovely site. Mr Wintergreen confirmed that girls with small not visual clits can be as horny as one with a oversized one. [see Wintergreen's entry below] I can agree with him there, that a horny brain is quite good to be equipped with. But I believe that are you equipped with a horny brain and mind and further on with a oversized clit, I am able to think that when it comes to sexual habits it will be an extraordinary excitingly experience nearly without an end. I talk about myself, and I can't have enough. Every day to me is a horny dreaming day to satisfy. With a oversized clitoris sticking out it's just to do what I have to do. Masturbate!

From Wintergreen
I'm a male in my 60's.  The sexiest woman I've ever fucked had a tiny clit.  As far as I could tell, she never got an erection.  I know for sure she didn't when I gave her cunnilingus.  She was a blond with small, pink nippled tits and a pretty little pink pussy.  This delightful woman really liked sex, and could easily have multiple orgasms, and a hair trigger.  Her pussy lips also didn't swell up when she was aroused.  She had a small, tight cunt, which felt wonderfully snug around my 4+" girth.  I know what you're thinking.  She was just faking for my benefit and was never really aroused?  That's possible when I fucked her because a cock is basically a blunt instrument and can't feel a woman's orgasm.  But I doubt it.  Why?  When I ate her, I could feel her tiny hidden clit pulse against my tongue when she came and her tight cunt contracting around my middle finger.  So she wasn't acting.  Far from being under-endowed.  She was just a very hot woman, over-endowed with a sexy brain and a big appetite.  For both females and males, it's the size of the imagination that truly counts.

From Rose
Well I'm so glad to have found this site. I'm kinda worried that I have a large clit, it made me self conscious about how it would look and what my partner would think of the way my genitals look. I must say my clit is really sensitive and I wouldn't like to reduce it surgically, because that would change the sensitivity, I guess I should be happy with what I have. I see that big clits are common and mine isn't as big as some of the ones commented here. Thank you so much for sharing , your comments made me feel so much better about my looks

From Anonymous
I have a very small clit, and I have wonderful orgasms. I'm able to squirt on my own with clit simulation alone. Size doesn't matter.

From Dr Di
Well surprise, surprise ladies, didn't you know? You all have a big clit! How so? You are talking about the glans clitoris which is that lovely little (or big) nub of pleasure, but the clitoris itself actually extends both sides of the vulva, and surrounds the entrance to the vagina. The clitoris proper can therefore extend up to, wait for it, 9 inches! Penis envy? I don't think so! And the so- called vaginal orgasm is actually clitoral in origin! So enjoy, whatever size you are. Oh, for the record, I have a lovely large, responsive glans clit!

From Marie-Jean
Does clit size determine pleasure? I don't necessarily think that it works that way. The main thing is what kind of gene we are equipped with. If we are a person who easily become excited and have horny feelings and interest don't need a bigger clit "but" it can be a lot easier for pleasuring when your clit stick out. I met once a guy who have a horse big cock but wasn't that horny because of the size. As I am bi I had the opportunity to make love with a girl wish clit was quite ordinary in shape and she was a very horny girl that for sure. The brain is the horniest thing in our bodies I believe. But a over-sized clit is quite exciting and nice as well to suck at and masturbate.

From Sunshine4u
Hi there everyone, I am glad that I found this site. I am a woman with a large clit. I have always been self conscious of it until a few months ago. I have been married a few times but my husbands never seemed to enjoy it. Recently, I visited a new ob/gyn doctor for my yearly physical and she was amazed at my clit. My left lip turns in slightly too. She looked at it, pressed on it, and even asked me did it hurt. I said no. Then she called a couple of other people in the room to look at it. I was really embarrassed then.

I am only 5"4. My friend introduced me to a guy she worked with who is 6"7. We hit it off and started dating. He is wonderful. We decided not to do the penetration thing but we would sway oral favors until later. He began foreplay and he got my clit all aroused and erect. Anyway he got me all excited and it fell into his mouth and he had a fit. He jumped up and turned the light on and said "what was that? I snatched the covers up and said nothing. He pulled them away and opened my legs and looked at it. He immediately started again. Well he told me that I was just perfect and I cannot keep his lips and tongue off of me.

From Lore A
I am so glad for this proper authority for Big or Small Clits. I can see from reading other participants that there are a lot of girls with oversized clits. I wondered how so many at the same time. But I think just going to myself. As many other it's quite common to be shy or insecure what people say or think about bigger ones. I think we all have been in such situations. Therefore it is very good to have a place like this were openhearted declarations about oversized clits or small ones can bee seen. After reading the participants and had the honor to see my own words in this site. I will say have been much more secure about my big clit and from earlier shyness I have moved to bee proud of my big clit and I don't hesitant if I am at public bath or such to freely walk through. We all have what we are born with. Big or small.

From Maria A
My clit is different, large and protruding (my hood does not cover it up) and as a teenage, I was very self conscious of my boy-ish figure (narrow hips and extremely small breasts). But, it was my extremely large and unique clit that worried me more as I headed off to college. My dorm was originally built as a men's dorm and had large open showers with about a dozen shower heads, so there was little privacy, and I had this big thing sticking out for every girl in the shower to see.

I liked to masturbate rubbing against things. My first favorite was straddling the arm of our couch and rubbing my clit - when I started to come, I would squeeze my legs together tight. I had my first lesbian experience in college with a girl in the room next to mine. We would get into a scissor position, puss to puss and grind till we had multiple orgasms - rubbing our juices on each other. But, her favorite was going down on me. I was very self conscious at first but I loved the feel of her mouth sucking my clit and her warm lips caressing my erect clit. She would make me come really quick, but kept sucking and kissing it till I could hardly stand it and I would have a huge dripping O that lasted, it seemed, forever. I now consider my extra large clit as a major benefit to my lifestyle.

From Lilith
Small Clit, that's me. I can't say what is or isn't normal because in truth all I know is mine. I have a small clit and cannot reach climax through its stimulation. I actually had my hood pierced and this didn't, as I was told it would, help with achieving orgasm. In fact, when I went to get my hood piercing the guys, (yes their were multiple who wanted to pierce me and watch me be pierced) mentioned that my hood was almost too small to pierce. Fortunately there was just enough.

I have found that over stimulation of my small clit, can be painful and unbearable. Perhaps, I am frigid. Because I actually have to push some away if they have at it for too long. Kind of like sticking my clit in a light socket. Perhaps I don't orgasm because I don't allow them to continue but, my body will not allow me, to allow them the pleasure of torturing me, so I am at a loss of orgasms. I cannot even bring myself through masturbation to climax, in fact I have only ever climaxed through the actual act of penetration of a real penis during sex. In truth only one person has brought me to climax, and it was never a sure thing.

From Fire Girl
Have read a few of you participant out there. Funny reading! It seems me like many of you must vindicate if you are small or big lips. Some have found out that size doesn't matter. That's true! Personally I like to read you all. It excites me quite good. Am I allowed to say that? Big or small? I have a oversized clitoris. It can be frustrating sometimes. I have heard girls say when they see me in a sauna or somewhere else when the subject was coming up. (I whouldn't like to have one like yours.) Tactless! Yet they havn't seen me erected thou. But they don't know that I have a lot of fun when I'm playing with myself. Can I talk about the size? My sweet one is sticking out between my labia when erected 2 1/2 inches. I am able to pull my hood all the way over my gland. And I like it! And to be noticed is that I never have been taken any stereoids. I was born this way. We are all different. And after all. Who cares!

From Don
Gosh. I've never known there were so many clit experts. Guess I'll add my male observer comments. I've been with any number of clits. If they have one thing in common it is that they almost all responded to proper stimulation (with concomitant erection, swelling, dilation, and lubrication), and especially stimulation with my tongue. Just how they responded was quite different. In almost every case it was a learning by feedback process, i.e., asking what felt good and watching response. 

I do find big clits exciting, and I love women who can strip their hoods back leaving their clit glans open to my tongue and eyes. BUT, with proper stimulation they all come, and I have recognized no effect of clit size on number of orgasms or how fast they happen. Good technique, feedback, and patience seem to be the keys to orgasms.

From Alan
What a profound website! I'm 64, married 36 yrs the first time to a beautiful woman with a very flat chest, lots of pubic hair and a small hidden clit. I loved her because of how she enhanced my life. Unfortunately, she was terribly insecure about her body and wasn't able to be sensual and sexy and being married was a struggle. I learned to give her lots of foreplay and tonguing to bring her to orgasm, sometimes even inserting a finger into her anus, but when she did come, it was a quiet event for her. 

After the divorce and at 59, I found an abundance of women dying for sex, literally. I am not large, about 5.5", cut and of average thickness. Women would give me unasked for oral sex on the first or second date. However, I went with one lady in her early 50's who had a 3/4" clit. It was just beautiful and she knew what it did for her sexuality. I attended to that little clitty like it was a jewel and made her feel comfortable having an enlarged one. However, like men with extra large penis's.....there's more to the size. I found this woman the most difficult person to ever be with. Psycohotic, smoked to excess, filthy home, animals on the tables and counters and in the bed. She'd been physically and emotionally abused in her first two marriages and was ruined as a lover. 

I recently married a loving and sensuous woman who has a smaller clit and has orgasms with little difficulty. I've learned to use my finger, my precum or lubricant to make things more slippery. What a joy being with a person who responds. The clit size is absolutely immaterial to me. We men just adjust to whatever our lover has. Thank you

From Dyane
Wow.. at last a site worth it's name. I think I have just a bit bigger then average clit, no more no less. But I admit that really bigger one excites me quite good. However this is only my opinion. I was sauna bathing which is a regular habit for me. And last time I was really amazed from what I experienced. Right in front of me was this girl. There was only two of us in there for the moment. We chatted a little one thing and another. A few minutes later the heat was heavy but good. Then she spread her legs and leaned her back to the wall. Nothing unusual with that. But my eyes without letting her see me peeped between her legs. Her clitoris was huge! Sticking all out. The gland was half uncapped and from what I saw her clit wasn't erected. My face was probably red from the heat but that sight made me blush even more I felt.

Can I be free to say, from what I saw did make me feel very horny and excited. And if she wasn't erect, I can tell, right in front of her I became that way. So Big Clits vs Small Clits, it's absolutely only one way for acknowledgement. It needs to be talked about. Loved what I saw!

From Trish
I'm average-sized. I have fantastic orgasms. They vary depending on time of the month, hormonal levels, lubrication, stimulation (visual, literary, oral, auditory, or otherwise), mood, partner, etc. I can come easily, but the most deeply satisfying have definitely without a doubt depended more on one factor than anything, HORMONES. When they're 'up', I go crazy....

From Jon
I have had the great pleasure in life to experience both smaller and bigger clits. First I have with great pleasure and satisfaction had sex with a girl whose clit didn't show at all. But her pussy were conditioned with such sensitiveness and her orgasms were huge, one after the other.Two other girls I enjoyed completely had great oversized clits. But one of them was just big and seemed not to become erect and her sensitivity were more placed at her butt hole. The other girl with a huge clit and her clit got really hard when erected. It was sticking out between her labia like a little penis. About 3 inches I can say and her hood slid away from her clit. She didn't care so much to have my cock insert in her pussy. She had more and greater feelings in her erected clit and her butt. So we always masturbated together with great pleasure. She did mine and I did hers. But each of the girls had huge orgasms every time.I don't think the size really matter. I think to be opened and sexual free to enjoy what you really like is the main thing. That's mine opinion.

From Don
Can we get a grip here. The 'size' most people see, maybe even feel, of any clit is about 5% of what is there. How many ever get past the clit hood (foreskin) that hides the clit glans. How many ever stripped it back to find an even more sensitive glans. And behind that is the shaft which can go on way more than any hood or glans. How many know that the clit extends way beyond that nub of a hood, or glans, or shaft. It has 'arms' that go down both sides of the vulva and around the vaginal entrance, i.e., probably a prime cause of any vaginal orgasm your partner finds. And did you ever notice how when she "gets close' her clit seems to get smaller? It isn't. It is actually getting bigger, BUT, it is so extensive that as it gets bigger it pulls its head up.Just for starters watch Betty Dodson's "Viva La Vulva" and quit worrying about how big it is. Just know it is way, way more extensive than you ever imagined.

From Anonymous
During my teenage years, I was very self-conscious of my abnormally large clit. I knew there had to be bigger ones, and I was right. Still didn't change how I felt. I grew up wanting to have surgery on my clit. I wanted to try anything to make it smaller. When I got my first real boyfriend, we decided to have sex after a few months of being together. My heart was pounding inside my chest as he unbuttoned my pants. A few seconds later, my panties were off. I was scared that he would get freaked out and lose his interest.

Instead, he went down on me until I came. I later explained to him how I felt about my clit. He assured me that he loved it, and wouldn't want anything smaller. After that, my sex life has been great. My self-esteem has went up, as well as my ability to come.

From Gia
I, like most of the people who have commented, feel that size does not denote ability to orgasm. However, I must tell you people, I love big clits. The girl who took my virginity had a clit the size of my thumb and I have been obsessed with oversized ones ever since! My own is a bit larger than average, but not "huge". I have another lover who's clitty is about the size of a peanut M&M, and she complains about it being stimulated all the time. I think its because her hood is too small for her glans.

My own clitoris is a little bigger than a green pea, and I am not only multi-orgasmic, I am a "squirter" as well. All in all, it comes down to a visual thing for me. It gets me going to see a big one. I have lived most of my adult life as a bi-sexual, and I only came out as a lesbian last year. I always preferred men with large penises, and I will always have a thing for girls with big fatties! What matters most is to enjoy and be good to one another.

From Halo
I am tiny. My ex called me half tac because I am half the size of a tic tac, and I love it.

From Guy
I love vulvas, labia, clits of any size! I have only made love with one partner who had an outstandingly larger clit, though not as big as described here. 3" must be like a small penis, very suckable. I remember, when young , my friend used to sit on the sofa rocking her bottom to and fro. As I stood opposite I couldn't think what she was doing, if not masturbating. Later she told me how horny she often felt and in fact that is what she involuntarily was doing . When we were lovers, she came and came again every time.

My present wife is Thai, 5'5" tall with a perfectly formed slender figure many women would die for; she has a tiny vulva and clitoris, but so pretty and discreet. She is just as orgasmic as the big clit girls describe, but perhaps more vaginally aroused.

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