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Could You, Would You?

3 sexual fantasies to try on

Inspire your imagination here:

First Time Video Girls (FTV) is a verifiable behemoth with endless photos and videos of every sexy thing imaginable, from softcore solos to hardcore action: amateurs, models, guy-girl, girl-girl, 3 or moresome, toys, exotics, all doing what comes natural, and some not so natural. Excellent quality, enormous quantity, exclusive content and frequent updates is why FTV is consistently rated one of the best adult sites. And, there's enough freebies to float your boat.

Kink network of sites dominate the market when it comes to well-produced kink, fetish, and BDSM. Kink directors are dedicated to a safe, sane and consensual environment for their performers. Their active social community, kinky events, & education allows members to safely fulfill their fantasies without hesitation or shame. When you enter a Kink site, you're watching real people play the way they like to play.


From San Francisco Femme
1) In Real Life: I'm extremely bi-curious so I'd like to have sex with a truly sensual woman, have her be a patient lover who's willing to teach me anything and everything about woman-to-woman lovemaking, someone who's willing to educate me all the way from deep kissing to fisting.
2) Under Certain Conditions:  Finding a bisexual male mate to develop a healthy and satisfying relationship with, then finding another male-female bisexual couple for a long-term committed true sensualist lifestyle, where every hole and every opportunity is open for play. So while the boys are giving each other blow jobs the wife and I are pegging them then she and I are 69ing while they enter us from behind with their natural pegs.  I'd love it if we could rent fantastic homes around the World for vacations and take our lovemaking to new heights and new places.  Imagine a vacation in Greece, a balcony overlooking the sea, couple's massage and then lovemaking for four under the sun until it sets and then under the stars. 

3) Only in my Fantasy: See #2 - is it just a fantasy or could my dreams really come true?   This is, quite honestly, how I'd like to live the rest of my sexual life but I don't know where to begin finding those mates.

From Robert
1) In Real Life: I would like to see my wife masturbate and bring herself to an orgasm using her fingers or a dildo. I would then masturbate and shoot cum all over her tits.
2) Under Certain Conditions:  To give my wife oral sex on the beach and then have her return the favor before enjoying full intercourse. I would even like it if someone caught us and took a peek at our fun action.

3) Only in my Fantasy: To do some swinging with our friends. We enjoy going to their house and climbing in the hot tub with them and she wears the nicest skimpy bikinis I have ever seen. She doesn't mind showing off her body and it is very nice. I have had some fantasies of taking her and enjoying her nice body. He has started to wear a thong in the hot tub and I catch my wife checking out his ass when she has a chance. I know he has a nice cock since we go to the gym together. I think my wife would love the feel of his cock in her pussy and I would love to watch him fuck her and shoot his cum in her pussy. It is so hot for me to think of them together. 

From Mark
1) In Real Life: I would like to see my wife bound, ankles to wrists, and then I would spend an hour or more giving her oral sex, making sure that she has many orgasms before I fuck her, cathing all on video.

2) Under Certain Conditions: Bring a female friend into the bedroom and have sex in the doggie style position with her while my wife licks her clit, then sit back and watch as my wife takes care of the creampie I leave in our friends pussy.

3) Only in my Fantasy: Public sex with a group, my wife being the center of attention and being taken by three at a time.

From Jon
1) In Real Life: Go to a motel and give my wife oral sex at the hot tub and then have her give me a blow job sitting next to the hot tub.

2) Under Certain Conditions: Go to the beach or park and fuck with my wife.

3) Only in my Fantasy: We have some friends, Dave and Susan, that we both find attractive. It would be fun to watch them have sex and also have them watch us. Susan has a great set of tits and I would love to titty fuck with her before tasting her pussy. I would love to bury my cock in her and feel how good she would be. I would also like to watch my wife suck on Dave's cock and watch him fucking my wife. I think it would be so hot to watch his cock pumping my wife's hot pussy.

From Raven
1) In Real Life: My husband and I occasionally engage in some light BDSM. He likes to tie me to the bed and fuck me, or bend me over his knee for a good spanking. (And yes, I enjoy being tied up and spanked!)

2) Under Certain Conditions: We are friends with another couple who are active in The Lifestyle and we have a standing invitation to be their guests at the private swingers club they belong to, anytime we are ready. To be honest, I am not interested in swinging with them; they're just not my type. But I am intrigued with the idea of going to the club, just to see what it's like.

3) Only In My Fantasy: I want to be a sex slave for my favorite band. They'll keep me fed, cleaned and clothed (well, some of the time) and in exchange, I must allow myself to be fucked, in any and every hole, by any of them, or all of them, anytime they want. And if I refuse, or try to get away, I will be punished...

From Debra
1) In Real Life: I've only been married a few years and things sexually are getting a little boring. I know we need to expand things and try something new and different to add some excitement. Last weekend I surprised my husband by wearing a short skirt and a nice blouse which isn't too uncommon for me. The surprise was the fact I didn't wear any panties or bra. I unbuttoned a few extra buttons when we were out for drinks and it gave him a nice look at my tits. I also made sure he noticed my no panties by giving him a few nice flashes. What was nice was I noticed a few other men stealing glances and I was excited to flash them also. One the way home, we parked the car and had sex in the car. We hadn't done this for years and it was more than just the fingering or hand jobs we used to do. He and I were totally naked enjoying a nice fuck. 

2) Under Certain Conditions: To have sex outdoors somewhere. I would like to try a picnic at a park or at the beach and if it was secluded enough, to have him fuck me from behind.

3) Only in my Fantasy: I kind of enjoyed flashing the other men in the bar and I started to fantasies about doing some more flashing. I got so horny thinking about meeting one of these men as I came out of the bathroom and he complimented my on my nice pussy. I would give him another look and he starts to finger me making me all wet with one hand and has his other hand on my tits. I return the favor and give him a nice hand job. When I get back to my husband, we leave and I fuck him right in the parking lot because I am still so wet and horny. 

From Lara
1) In Real Life: I am a bridesmaid for a friend of mine in a few weeks. I showed my dress I'm wearing which is shorter than my normal dresses. I modelled it for my husband without any panties on and asked what he thought. He told me it looked hot but I should be careful since I gave him a few nice shots of my pussy and ass. I was glad he noticed since I was showing off for him.  I told him I had some nice panties to wear, but now want to  surprise him by going commando and flashing him at the wedding when I get a chance.

2) Under Certain Conditions: Before going home, I would like to go out to a bar or dinner and wear this bridemaids dress again. I plan on being less reserved and want the dress to ride up so my husband has a great view and see if other people notice. I'm hoping I can also give some nice flashes of my ass to some other men around and to have my husband finger me under the table.

3) Only in my Fantasy: I would like my husband to get so turned on fingering me, that when I go to the Ladies room, he follows me and fucks me in the hallway or Ladies room. Even when someone else comes along, he just keeps pounding his cock in me and we give them a nice little show. I don't think he or I could really ever do this, but it would be nice to be so horny that we would do this.

From Anonymous
1) In Real Life: I would love to have my wife let me nail her by a lake or pond in broad daylight knowing that someone would see us and letting her peg me in the process. The idea of my wife pegging me with a dildo intrigues me.

2) Under Certain Conditions: I would love a threesome with her sister who has large tits like my wife. Just the idea of that make me horny. But it could never happen for a lot of reasons.

3) Only in my Fantasy: Tto be able to take one woman after another for a sexy all night sex party with my wife and two other women over and over again every way, every position and every act. but ain't gonna happen.

From Veronica J.
1) In Real Life: I am dying to have a woman urinate all over me and let me drink her urine. I do not frame this in any kind of BDSM context at all--I just think peeing is insanely hot.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a female partner who agrees with me. 

2) Under Certain Conditions: I would love to masturbate with a group of women, but it would have to be the right group.  I remember reading years ago about a sex therapist who gave workshops to women who struggled with achieving orgasm.  All the women were exposed and masturbating in a room together as the leader instructed and guided them.  *That* is the kind of group I'd be looking for--something wholesome and supportive and polite and respectful, not just random people off the street.  I'm not so much interested in the exhibitionist/voyeur element, as the presence of all that female sexual energy in a room.

3) Only in my Fantasy: Coprophagia. I'd never actually do it, because it's entirely gross, but I do fantasize about it. I think this urge stems from emotional wounds, not sexual desire, so I will leave it in the realm of occasional fantasy.

From David
1) In Real Life: let my wife peg me.  We've played here, come very close but it has yet to happen yet.  Looking very forward to it, not sure it will live up to the things I think it will but sure looking forward to finding out.

2) Under Certain Conditions: I'd like to try the glory hole thing.  Oral sex on a man focused only on the cock.  I know I'm not emotionally or physically attracted to the male of the specie however I would like to experience sucking a cock.  If only there was a vaccine for STD's life would be a whole lot less complicated.

3) Only in my Fantasy: But gee what a dark side I didn't know was there.  Tie me up, put a hood on me and fuck me every way but silly no matter what gender.  Whip me beat me make me write bad checks, spreader bar and the works.  Anne Rice as a nom de plume.  There is an odd part in the back of my head that wants to wear the collar. 

From Matt
1) In Real Life: To capture my wife masturbating on video. She has just recently been willing to give me a show as I watch her stroke her pussy with her fingers. She gets nice and wet and it isn't long before she inserts two fingers and starts to rub her g-spot. It is just so exciting to watch her pleasure herself and I would love to record it and be able to watch it at other times. I would hope this could also expand to video us having intercourse. Getting the camera set-up to record it all would take some practice to record what we would like. It would be nice to find someone to hold the camera and record the session, but right now, we don't know anyone we could trust to do this.

2) Under Certain Conditions: Trade our video tapes of her masturbating and us having sex with other couples. I would love to know that other couples are getting turn-on watching our tapes. It would also be nice to watch other couples fucking each other as we were fucking also.

3) Only in my Fantasy: My wife has a friend that is a cheerleader at our university she attends. When we go to the football games, I enjoy watching her and have a fantasy of her coming over after the game with us in her cheerleading uniform. She is ready for some fun and we start to undress her from her uniform. Slowly exposing her bra and panties she has on under her skirt and sweater. My wife unfastens her bra and her tits are exposed with nice erect nipples. She lets my wife suck on her tits and then move down to her panties. Her panties come off as my wife kisses her pussy and begins to eat her nice pussy. We then all get naked and start to fuck and suck each other having a great threesome with these two beautiful women.

From Tim
1) In the Real World: Go to a club with my wife and enter seperately for a night of acting single again. She has a very sexy body and I would enjoy seeing her show off her stuff in a nice stretch top and short skirt. I would also insist she wear either thong panties or no panties at all. When dancing she would be free to grind and enjoy it all she feels comfortable with. I would even sneak a few dances with her myself and let her skirt slid up exposing her ass. I also think it would be hot to watch some other guys feeling her ass and tits as they dance and her grinding against their hard cocks.

2) Under Certain Conditions: Invite another person into our love sessions. We both have interests in a threesome and would like to give it a try. We just haven't found the right person or situation to give it a try. She would like to taste another woman's pussy, and I would love to watch her enjoy that pussy. Having a different pussy to taste and fuck would be nice for me too.

3) Only in my Fantasy: To go clubbing and to have sex on the middle of the dance floor. It gets out of control and another guy starts to fuck my wife and I turn and fuck his girlfriend. Before long there are multiple people sucking each other cocks, eating pussy, and fucking on the dance floor with a big audience watching.

From Debbie
This is an interesting topic and has me thinking nasty thoughts to come up with ideas.

1)In the real world: My husband and I are going on vacation and I want to surprise him with a new bikini. I purchased a very small bikini hoping to get up enough courage to wear it on vacation. I tried it on and it felt so sexy to wear it, but it sure doesn't cover much. I have a brazillian wax scheduled just before we go to be able to wear the thong bottom without showing any pubic hair. I also found the top to not always hold things in, but I'm going to let my tits slip out when I get the chance.

2)Under Certain Conditions: I want to have sex on the beach or at the hot tub. If we find ourselves alone at the hot tub, I will remove my bikini and let him finger me awhile, then I want to climb on the side and let him kiss and enjoy my sweetness between my legs. I want to trade places and suck his mr. happy. I don't know if I want to finish him giving oral or let him do me doggy style before we head back to the room. I will just have to see how it goes.

3) Only in My Fantasies: To trade partners with my friend from work. We talk about sex and I've found my panties getting wet while we talk and she tells me about some of what she does with her husband. Her stories are great and I wonder what it would be like to have her husband take me and do some of the things she talks about, especially anal sex. I have never tried it, but I am warming up to the idea and suggested it to my husband. He doesn't show any desire to give it a try. But I think my friend could teach my husband some new things and then try them on me.

From Enki
1) In the real world: My lover and her sexy business partner conspire together and surprise me one night by "coming onto me" in the hot tub, where we often cavort - until this point always regrettably well behaved - over wine. They start by snuggling up on either side of me, then begin suggestively running their hands up the insides of my thighs, stopping just short of Mister Happy ... then my lover pops the question I've been longing to hear.

2) Under certain conditions: Only with total secrecy and confidentiality would I consider the same sort of sordid skullduggery with another man as the third party. This would be the ideal threesome, especially at our age (we are in our fifties) as I believe a woman's lasting power would be equal to the sum of at least two men.

3) Only in my fantasies: I arrive home from work on Monday and find out my mother-in-law is completely fed up with all the shenanigans in the hot tub and has moved out to her own apartment.

From Neil
1) In the real world: Have erotic photos taken with my wife, where we make out and masturbate together on camera.

2) Under certain conditions: Go for a couples erotic massage with my wife, where her masseur uses his hands to give her an orgasm and my masseuse does the same for me.

3) Only in my fantasies: Encourage my wife to participate in a threesome with two other men.  The event is filmed and I am watching her coming as one man enters her pussy from behind as she sucks the other man's cock.  I am watching her intense pleasure and masturbating as the second man comes in her mouth and on her breasts.

From Danielle
1) In the real world: Make out with an attractive woman. I only have sexual experience with men (so far) but have met several women I felt attracted to. Nothing's ever come of it because of all sorts of reasons - wrong place or time, already in a relationship, etc - but I'd really like to ... expand my knowledge.

2) Under certain conditions: Harder to decide. Two main ones I think, so I'll give you both: Use my hands - and perhaps mouth - on someone in the train and/or have that other person do the same to me in the train. In the Netherlands, train travel is quite public and respectable so no dark corners, just rows of seats that anyone can pass by. The thrill of other people maybe noticing what's going on, without being sure they do, turns me on immensely. Also, I'd like watch while a couple have sex, people I know well, that I feel comfortable with, just be an open voyeur and maybe afterwards cuddle up with them.

3)  Only in my fantasies: For what I fantasize about but would never do, read "The Story of O" (Pauline Réage, "L'Histoire d'O"). Although I like 'light' BDSM, I wouldn't enjoy some of the sexual acts described there and the submission taken to the extreme. Doesn't appeal to me.

From Chris
1) In the real world: If my wife offered to masturbate in front of me, but only on condition I masturbate in front of her I would definitely do it and probably take notes.

2) Under certain conditions: If my wife offered to masturbate me in a public place but only if I also masturbated her in a public place I would definitely do it, but only if conditions made it likely we wouldn't be discovered. Say, the back row of a movie theater, or in the car or bus in a traffic jam.

3)  Only in my fantasies: I would love to inhabit the genuine physical body of a woman for one day only, to explore how a woman experiences the world physically and emotionally, especially including sex and how a woman experiences her orgasm compared to how a man experiences an orgasm.  It be wonderful to explore a woman's body, compare her sensations and release of pleasure as well as her sexual feelings towards men.

From Oxartes
1) In the real world: Recalling one of my recent stories, get buck naked with Mrs. Oxartes & do it on a desk at the office (mine or hers).

2) Under certain conditions: If I weren't married, I'd love to make love with a black or Arab Muslim woman (these themes have popped up in 4 of my older stories).

3)  Only in my fantasies: Now, I'm going tp get all enigmatic & dogmatic on y'all.  There's a well-known debate in classical Jewish sources about kashrut (the noun; "kosher" is the adjective) in which one sage said that he was proud never to have had a craving, or even a curiosity, to try shellfish, pork, etc.,because such things disgust him.  One of his colleagues said that if these things disgusted him so much that he abstained from them, where was God in that equation?  Rather, the second Sage said, we should say that we crave/are curious to try/ these things but abstain from them because we believe that it is God's will.  So, I'll admit that I am curious about certain things and might like to experiment a little but I will never indulge these curiosities because, as an orthodox Jew, I belive God has commanded me not to do so.  But neither can I deny that these curiosities exist way, way down in a small, well-concealed, deeply hidden section of my consciousness, where they will never see the light of day and are indulged only in my fantasies or in an occasional story.  Such is life & its choices.

From Alex
1) In the real world: Having 24 hours of wild sex with the woman who plays Bones on the TV show, "Bones." Why stop at 24 hours? I'd like to have her for a, a month.

2) Under certain conditions: A threesome with my wife and another woman who is from out of town and we'd never see again. This would be a one-time, no-string-attached threesome. Wait, that already happened! I need to think this question over some more. Maybe a foursome with my wife and three other women.

3)  Only in my fantasies: A gang bang with my wife on the receiving end. I would cap the number of guys at 5, including me. Just a fantasy; I would NEVER want to see this happen.

From Clare Smith
1) In the real world: have a 121 with a master/teacher to introduce me to the delights of erotic BDSM (e.g. blindfolded and cuffed - NOT the heavy stuff), but only if I could do it to him in return.

2) Under certain conditions: Masturbate the guy I was dancing with in a dark nightclub in the middle of the dance floor, providing he did the same to me during a very loud tune being played by the DJ (to drown the noise I might make!)

3)  Only in my fantasies: To be taken, standing on a bus, where I would have no way of escape, but would be shielded by the four men doing the taking and fully surrounding me so that no one on the bus knew it was happening.

From ETM355
1) In the real world: I would like to be banged in the ass by three women on the same night and get it all on video. My wife has been pegging me for a while. We get together with another couple a few times a year, and the woman has done me twice. In addition to my wife and her, I would like for my wife's best friend to join us.  She's definitely up for it. We just need to get her out for a visit. A few years ago, she did a nice grind against my ass until she came one night. Judging from how her hips moved, I'd love to experience what she could do with a strap-on.

2) Under Certain Conditions: A lot would have to fall into place for this one.  But I've thought about my wife and I meeting a beautiful transsexual and having a great time together. She enjoys being with women but wishes they had a nice package. I get totally turned on by getting boned in the ass by a gorgeous woman. I've seen some beautiful transsexuals, and often think about what it would feel like to take it up the ass with one of their real dicks.

3) Only in my fantasies: This is going to sound a little weird. I have never had the desire to jerk another guy off or go down on him.  My wife and I were once with two other couples at the same time (and the alcohol was flowing), but the thought never crossed my mind.  The strange thing is that I have dreamed on more than one occasion that I could suck my own cock (at least the first couple inches). And one of those dreams was incredibly real. I guess you could call that narcissistic, even though I've never been accused of that. Still, thought of going down on myself and exploding in my own mouth is something that I have found quite arousing. Too bad I'm not a contortionist.  FYI, this was a very thought provoking topic. Pretty cool.

From Eva St. James
1) In the real world: I would like to go to my lover's hometown and pass him on the street, just to watch his reaction. Our relationship is on the DL, very very DL, and he lives in a very very small town, where he has lived all his life. It would be interesting to see the emotions play on his face, etc.

2) Under certain conditions: Would like to have said lover at the same time as another man who I have an unconsummated relationship with. I wouldn't have even thought about this, but lover said once he would live up to any sexual fantasies I had, including other men. The condition would be, of course, that no one would ever know. I think this would be a condition of most fantasies, or they would be experiences instead of fantasies.

3)  Only in my fantasies: This is going to sound lame and typical and includes all the things we are told we shouldn't worry about, so disclaimer. But I would to have sex in a body that is, well, better. Not saying I'm hideous or unattractive, yada yada, but I would like to have sex in a body with a completely flat tummy, firm perky breasts and some type of ass, I have none, so anything would be an improvement. What having this body would do is to allow me to not worry about jiggling and drooping, etc. Its very neurotic and self-absorbed, but, hey you asked for it.

From Greg
1) In the real world: To spend a day outdoors enjoying each other and working up to some great sex. Just start out by teasing each other with the clothing we are wearing, eventually removing that clothing and being naked for each other. Then start some light touching of each other, moving to watching each other masturbate, and then just moving in taking turns giving each other oral, bringing her to an orgasm, but her taking me right to the brink of release, then stopping. Later on we would just start fucking each other and finally both have a big orgasm.

2) Under Certain Conditions: My wife and I joining another couple having sex. Not with them, but just in the same location so we can watch them and they could watch us. I imagine this could happen at some resort we are staying at in the hot tub late at night, or on the beach.

3) Only in Fantasy: To do some swinging. I would love to feel another woman's pussy wrapped around my cock and to figure out what turns her on. To have a new experience receiving a blow job. Then to know my wife is handling some other man's cock and experiencing it filling her delightful pussy. Her being eaten by another man so he gets to taste her sweet juices and her sucking on his cock watching him enjoy her sucking his cock. 

From Stanley
1) In the real world: Masturbation seems to be a prevalent theme in the postings that others have submitted on this topic. Maybe that's inspired me to imagine a scene that begins when I come home early from a trip. It's nighttime and I notice that there are several familiar cars parked in front of the darkened house. I sneak through the door intending to surprise my partner who is evidently entertaining some of her women friends. But when I smell a familiar herbal aroma coming from the bedroom, and hear someone moaning, I decide to remain quiet and peak inside. Although the light is dim, I can clearly see four women, in various stages of undress, all masturbating to a porno film on the TV. What would I do? I would absolutely, positively jerk off on the spot!

2) Under certain conditions: My partner and I are staying in a downtown hotel with a large window facing a nearby apartment building. She suggests that it would be exciting to have an evening of sex without closing the blinds as long as it wasn't obvious to us that someone was watching. I agree to this condition and we proceed to wildly enjoy ourselves. But the following morning we're in for a surprise. During check-out we are presented with a video disk that someone had left at the desk for us. When we get to view it, we see scenes of us in action along with those of an attractive couple masturbating together as they watch us through the window. 

3) Only in my fantasies: While vacationing on the beach, my partner and I run into one of her former lovers who she hasn't seen in years. He and I hit it off pretty well and soon the three of us retreat to a bar for drinks. I encourage my companions to reminisce about their past sexual adventures and before long it's obvious everyone is getting horny. An hour later we are all at our hotel and I convince my partner to shed her swimsuit to show the guy she still had a great body. Then he shows her he's still hung I say that I want to watch them fuck. I hold her hand and, as I caress her wet clit with my finger, I'm aware that he's slowly sliding his hard cock past it and into her. He begins to pump and I massage them both. In addition to the joys of watching them, I'm enthralled by the sensation of feeling the responses of her pussy and his cock while engaged in an increasingly urgent fuck. My fingers are a conduit that transmits their mounting excitement to my own throbbing erection.  Between his long strokes and my fingering she soon has a crashing orgasm. Next she says she wants me to have an even better view and quickly mounts her former lover. By now I have had all I can take and, at her urging, masturbate in rhythm with my partner's thrusting hips until we all climax together.

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