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sex art

From Dave (UK)
I had just started watching this really good porno on DVD and I was going to get myself off on this lace black bra I had acquired which belonged to someone I knew and fancied like hell but was totally unavailable to me. When there's a knock at the door, to my horror I answered the door to a female friend I have known for years, purely as a friend. Despite my best efforts to put her off she could hear the DVD and wants to see I'm watching. Of course she comes in sees the bra, puts two and two together, I have to explain where it came from and admit what I was going to do with it, result I'm totally embarrassed. Now she is happily married so what happened next was a real shock, she says she can't go to bed with me but If I want to she will wear the other woman's bra for me, she's about the right size, and then she will wank me off so I can come on it.

At first I refuse, I don't want complications and she's not really my type, but when she puts my hand on her blouse I begin to change my mind. I watch as she removes her blouse and her cream bra and admire her breasts before she replaces her bra with the other woman's black one. She kneels in front of me and starts to get me off with her hand, my cock pointing at the bra, but then she sits back, moves forward and opens her mouth to take me inside, I can't believe it. I'm standing  watching the porno will she kneels with my cock in her mouth, the first time I've been given a blow job, I'm looking down, looking forward to soaking that lacy black bra she's wearing. I'm getting near when she stops, she tells me I don't have to do it on the bra, I can come in her mouth or on her face. Now after all the years how could I resist, and I'll always remember her, head back eyes closed as I sprayed all over her, the most erotic thing I've ever experienced.

From The Gray Mouser
Waaaay back when I used to have orgasms in the presence of another person, I would only deposit it where the lass wished it. Much of it depended on the current position in play. Typical target zones were between the buttocks and up the center of the back or the belly and bush. Once or twice I've ended up in her mouth if she so chose. At least one of those was followed by a quite ravenous kiss. Whew. Those were the days...

Internal (unprotected) shots were extremely rare. Based on the number of kids I've got, my hit percentage was abnormally good, leading to frequent gags about my turbocharged ninja Marine sperm storming the beachhead and not taking prisoners.

I've never gone for the face. Just seems terribly rude unless she asked for it. Closest I've come (pun? where?) to a face shot was during one particularly <ahem> energetic session when I launched a stream that landed up past her shoulder. Surprised both of us, it did.

Nowadays when I erupt, I'm aiming it with both hands and no bystanders are harmed.

From Tim
This is a great topic which really gets me off. Spraying cum on your partner is so erotic. I am lucky that my girl likes it to. She will suck my dick but does not like me to come in her mouth so when I am ready I will fuck her between her bare tits. When my horny prick is ready to explode I'll pull back and jack off until the hot come shoots out and I will spray it all over her chest. She loves to admire my cock and this way she can see it while it is rock- hard, huge and spraying all over right in front of her face.

She also has a gorgeous ass. I will rub my horny prick all over her naked ass cheeks and hump her groove until I am ready to explode. I don't know why but she loves it as much as I do and gets a really good feeling when I get off on her ass. I will spray my cum on her back, all over her nude ass cheeks and sometimes I will aim right for her cute little puckered butt hole!

From Cervo
I would have to say that spraying a woman with jizz is perhaps the last of my passions or near to it. I tend to want to spray them with kisses especially after a lengthy spanking. If she likes the stuff that might be another matter, but it gets cold, sticky and pretty yucky quite fast when it is not blasted into the usual firing chamber.

From Jim
I can still remember the first time my wife, then girlfriend, gave me a hand job to completion. She had never handled a cock before we started dating. She had felt my cock under my clothes by rubbed it with her hand and of course laying on me. One night she got horny and bold as we were standing kissing each other. I felt her hand move down to my cock and start stroking it through my pants. It wasn't long before she had the zipper down and her hand reached through the fly of my shorts, and found my nice hard bare cock. I was extremely wet and so it was nice and slippery.

She first rubbed with the palm of her hand and then started to grasp it and stroke it up and down. It wasn't long before my cock started to release streams of cum into her hand. It surprised her as she stopped stroking and felt each squirt against her hand. When it stopped erupting, she released and wiped her hand on my shorts. I zipped up my pants and gave her one last kiss and left. That warm sticky feeling in my shorts was so nice all the way home.

From Anonymous
I'm of the opinion that it just looks sexy. You're having sex with someone whom you feel something for, or just think is sexy to begin with. Now, they're worshiping your dick and yearning for what's inevitable. Then, as you erupt in pleasure, you get to see your passion all over her pretty face. It's not demeaning, it's just very sexy for guys to see their mate with their fluid on her face.

From Anonymous
Lovely discussion, very interesting! It's not something I've ever even wanted to do to a woman, but if a lover asked me, then I would. I've seen quite a lot of "porn" which features face-jobs, but I generally find them rather repellant, except where the young woman featured is smiling. Obviously I have left a deposit on lovers at times, usually on their abdomen, and cleaned this up quickly.

From Mary
What in the world is so sexy about cum dripping off breasts, face, getting in eyes, hair, whatever. Honestly, it's like the slap-stick comedy - you know, cream pie in the face while the entire audience laughs hysterically. Maybe it's a left over boyhood 'food fight' thing. 

Some women say they encourage their men to come on them when they just want to get it over with, like alright already I'm done let's get you done also and this will do it like nothing else (porn dream come true, or some such). They say it's also better then a mouth full, or vagina full if their going out and don't want to drip. Personally speaking, I'm a little appalled at that type of thinking, but to each her own. 

From Husband
My wife definitely enjoys watching me ejaculate, and loves the feel of my warm come on her body.  Others have already written about how it cools off, and that is true- she doesn't care for cold semen on her body so she wipes it off before it cools, and she is mildly bothered if it goes in her hair("got to wash my hair again!").

She says she likes to see "the little hole" being pulled open each time my hand or hers pulls on the back stroke on my cock.  I think the anticipation really turns her on.

We've been married for 35 years, and she has jacked me off or watched me jack off, on her body or in her mouth since we dated.  She gets off looking at men's erect cocks and seeing them come in porn movies.  She told me that she always had enjoyed watching her boyfriends spurt before we got together.

From Veronica
I love to see a man ejaculate--it's cool because it's something my body doesn't do and it's exciting because it's a clear demonstration of his arousal and pleasure.  So I definitely don't object to having a man ejaculate on my body.  It's a definite turn-on.  Not on my face, though--that's messy and unpleasant.

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