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Erotic Lactation

erotic lactationLast week I started this adventure and would appreciate some feedback, encouragement, suggestions. My husband had always been a 'breast man' and after some rather intense sex eight days ago, I (yes, I) suggested that I start pumping my breast to stimulate milk production. Needless to say, he is all for it and a supportive participant. I don't know...there is something about erotic lactation that really excites the both of us.

A part of me does not care what other people think about this, but that small voice inside craves support and acceptance. Is there anyone out there who finds erotic lactation interesting? Anyone thought of doing the same?A red faced, but not quitting... —Dawn

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From Jennifer
Oh my god just reading the stories almost makes me come. I've always wanted to suckle a woman's breast and have my titties suckled on.  Breastfeeding my son was the most erotic experience for me, but sadly I was single so never got to fulfill the fantasy. I'm now seriously considering methods to start lactating again and then on the prowl for a guy (or girl!) who wants to participate.

From Jack
The first time I saw that lead picture I was stricken. It should be the first picture in a volume of awesome breasts.

From Anonymous
I am a 27-year-old virgin. In our culture, premarital sex is prohibited. However, when I am alone with my boyfriend we have non-penetrative sex. Recently, I have been having this fantasy of breastfeeding my boyfriend. The idea got hold of me and I had no idea where it came from. Maybe from the exquisite feeling I get when I put my breast in his mouth with my own hand. First, I thought something was wrong with me, but when I googled it, I realized that ANR is natural and even common.

We were once together and he was lightly sucking and licking my nipples and I told him how much I wish that milk would come out of my breasts. He got aroused and I could see it in the bulge in his pants, but he never commented. Now I want to start lactating, but I don't know how he will react to actual milk dripping from my breasts. There are also two more problems:
1- I am a size B and he loves my size. He says that he loves how one breast can perfectly fit in his mouth. It's a perfect fit for him :D. I am not sure whether he will like them when they get better or not!
2- We don't meet that often due to his work schedule, and I heard that I cannot solely depend on breast pumps to lactate or to empty my breasts.

I really want to nurse him. The thought of my milk in his mouth gets me wet all the time. I hope it works out after all!

From Mansa
My husband has always been very fond of my breasts. I am short but have large breasts and prominent nipples. He would often put his hands under my shirt, pull my breast out of bra cup and pinch my nipples. Since it was always a hassle to adjust bra again, I quit wearing it at home. This habit developed into him laying on sofa with head in my lap. He would first play with my breasts, then pull my T shirt over his head and pull my breast to his face. I would lean to allow him easier access and my arm would go under his head to support him. He would just suckle a few minutes at each breast but he did this often.

Then I had a baby but baby did not nurse much, probably nipples were too hard. My husband loved drinking milk and my breasts became source of ready supply. He would not have sex without my nipple in his mouth. After orgasm, he would continue sucking my breasts and take a nap. During night, I wore nursing gowns since he liked to nurse off and on. I always felt wet in my pussy during his sucking, and at times we would have sex while he continued to suck my breasts. Sometimes that would not satisfy me and he would suckle on my pussy till I had good orgasm and then went back to nipple.

I feel our bond is stronger due to his nursing. I feel rush in my chest when we meet after work, my breasts leak in anticipation. I feel better and loved after he takes his feed. I love watching rhythmic movement of his lips on my breast and nipples have grown much bigger to fit his mouth better.

From Leslie
I am shocked and a wonderful way mind this site. I have actually had this site saved in my computer for years. I have a breast fetish, obviously. I am a black woman who most of her life has dated women. I am so attracted to beautiful breasts and large nipples, its crazy.

I have always fantasized about being a dominatrix. Wearing my tight black outfit with my breasts exposed. Leading around men and women on a leash and demanding and forcing them to suck my nipples. If I were lactating, I would make them lap it up or drink from me until dry. Sick huh? Yeah well.. what do ya do? lol...anyway, I also fantasize about meeting complete strangers (clean and disease free, lol) who want to take me into a room and hold me down as they suckle my tits. Yeahhhhh I feel a bit shy right now after that last sentence. Jeeze. Strangers on my tits....odd, crazy? Disgusting? A turn on.

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