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Female Ejaculation

Penis envy or truth?

Here's two hot spots we enjoy:

Adult FriendFinder is the wildly popular worldwide adult personals with sex chats, webcams, swinger action, group sex, and friends with benefits. Turn your wildest fantasies into reality at Adult FriendFinder.

SexArt means movies — erotic, sensual, big budgets and high style. The stars of SexArt are actors, not pornstars. SexArt isn't a race to the finish, it's a journey into erotic pleasure that is as satisfying as the natural, spontaneous, and intense orgasms you will witness here. SexArt is premium site for discerning adults.

For the Girls

From Anonymous
Tough question. While I've never actually seen 'squirting' occur when I come, there is usually quite a wet spot after sex and very evident as far as volume on my vibrator when I'm done. To put it simply, I guess it is some form of 'ejaculation' due to the amount of fluid I produce during my orgasms, I'm not sure that it occurs the same way (projectile, if you will), as with men. The volume is definitely greater with G-spot or combination orgasms, than with just external manual stimulation, though. Either way, I'm not complaining.

From Michael
I have been wondering about this topic for a little while now. My current girlfriend and my past two all do it. I have been wondering if it was actually female ejaculation though. It definitely doesn't squirt like in those fake seeming porn episodes, it's more of a flow...and a big one! For all three women it happens when she was on top and riding me pretty hard. So much liquid comes out, that they all worried that it was pee. It comes out and literally runs down all over my stomach and hips and usually soaks the bed! Also interesting is that with all three girls, it never happened during an orgasm, it was always a few minutes before. It's a clear, watery liquid as well in all three women.

I have a feeling that this ejaculation has something to do with the size and/or shape of my cock. Reason being is that all three women have said that they had never had it happen before. I guess I must just hit a spot somewhere that opens the flood gates.

From Susan
There was an earlier posting about experience/cessation of ejaculation post hysterectomy. In my experience, I did not begin to ejaculate until after I had had a hysterectomy! Possibly because I was suffering from endometriosis before my op, I really don't know. The first time I experienced a gush of fluid, I thought I must have peed without realising it! However, I now know that is not what happened. It only happens for me when my G spot gets stimulated and then....whoosh a river appears to gush!

From Dian Lunne
I for one thought every one was crazy when I herd about Female Ejaculation, I thought only men had the goopy stuff coming out their snake hole. Man, was I surprised with my ex lover. He was the first guy I had that was well endowed, he was also hot! So before we worked it in the bed I was already wet and turned on just by the sight of his body. Unfortunately he didn't start off to good cause he thought he would hurt me. So I had to get him past that. I can talk for hours about the magic he worked on me that night... it was going well until I had my first experience with the Female Ejaculation. I was so embarrassed. I thought I was moaning so loud that I had peed on myself and him. But it wasn't the same sensation and didn't have the same consistency. So I talked to a friend of mine about it and she told me what it was.

He and I experimented with it for the next year we tested how far I could shoot, how many times and how much. Sadly he lost weight and was no longer the large teddy bear I once knew, (who would thought getting a six pack and a toned body would make some one so shallow?). But it is ok. I got married and my husband loves the fact I ejaculate too. Granted at first he was jealous cause I came more than he did and it wasn't that icky phlegm texture like his, but after he got over it things have never been better. So give it a try gurls.... you will never feel any thing like it!

From Cathy
Penis Envy? What? I love my cunt and that I can ejaculate has nothing to do with a penis. It amazes sometimes how if guys don't understand something or the how of it they twist it around. Ah, that felt good to get that off my chest. Now to the Real stuff.

It seems that most of my sexual knowledge and fun didn't happen until my forties. One evening this man I was dating were sitting on the sofa having an old fashioned make out session. His fingers started doing this dance inside me, but it felt different this time. I told him to stop (why do us girls tell guys to stop when it feels good?) and he didn't. It was sorta irritating then it changed to Big time hot. It gushed out all over my sofa and I was upset. I thought I had peed. He laughed and since then I try to enjoy that as often as I can.

Since then I have taught 4 men how to do that for me and others I'm sure. The only thing that bugs me is I can't do it to myself! I also think that it is the strongest of the orgasms we can have. Us girls are sooo lucky.

From Rick
I've only slept with a handful of women in my life. I could actually name every partner I've had in the time it took to type this sentence. I have had the pleasure of 3 women who ejaculated. It is an amazing experience to bring a woman to that intense an orgasm. Two of these women could only do it with oral sex while I used my fingers along their g-spot. The last partner I had could ejaculate while we had penetrating intercourse. All of these women were worried about whether I'd be turned off, or worse disgusted by what had happened. As I've told each of my amazing partners with this talent when I was with them, it's natural, and it's very erotic.

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