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Female Ejaculation

Penis envy or truth?

Here's two hot spots we enjoy:

Real Lesbian VOD specializes in authentic lesbian content with plotlines, high production values, and female performers who are bisexual or lesbians. There's plenty of hot chemistry between the women, and the story lines are entertaining. Real Lesbian is heads and shoulders above the ubiquitous 'fem/fem for men' porn. Real Lesbian VOD films are made by and for lesbian, bi-, and bi-curious women.

Senior Friend Finder

From Lisa
Of course female ejaculation is REAL. You said you have seen it and seeing is believing isn't it? (ha ha ha, yeah just like everything the porno stars do is real, right?) Okay, I'll get serious now. Speaking from my own personal experiences here. I too, became curious about the claims of female ejaculation and looked up everything I could about it. I looked to the library, the internet, asking my girlfriends, asking some guy friends, and totally dug and dug until finally I took everything people had told me, put it into action and tried it. First of all let me say that my first attempts with my partner yielded nothing. Okay, well maybe not nothing but female ejaculation was not experienced.

My next attempt was during masturbation. While using my favorite little helper, bob the bullet, I got myself good and wet. Let's say half way to orgasm. Then I stood up from the bed, using my other hand and started to really pump my g spot. I was about 2 minutes away from orgasm and bob was doing a great job on the highest setting. I felt my g spot swelling just prior to peek of orgasm and instead of tightening everything inside myself up trying to prolong that peek, I just relaxed it all in there and to my surprise I literately let about a half cup of fluid on my bedroom floor. Let me add that was one of the best sexual experiences I had had in a long time.

All those videos and statements from those who had experienced female ejaculation now had a ring of truth to them. No, I did not spurt like a fountain like in some of the porn vid's, but I did make quite a mess and put a fan on the bedroom floor to dry the carpet. The trick is basically, let it go.

Now, some may claim that it's no more than peeing. Let me tell you know, that's a lot what it feels like because you have to relax those same muscles to let it go, just like if you were peeing. However, I wanted to test this out myself just to make sure it wasn't really peeing. I used the toilet one morning just prior to my daily shower. I made sure I squeezed out as much pee as I thought I could, then took my shower and this time without clitoral stimulation I simply stuck my fingers 'in there' and started to massage the g spot. Starting at a comfortable pace and working my fingers into a freaking frenzy. It's the frenzy that does it. To my surprise my little node got hard very quickly and although this experience was NOT as pleasurable as an orgasm I soon felt an ample amount of hot liquid streaming into my hand and it was not urine.

Since that time I have learned to relax more during intercourse and found that, yes, female ejaculation is also possible a partner as long as I allow myself to let go and just enjoy it. Another helpful hint is to make sure that you are well hydrated. On days that I haven't drank much the g spot still swells but the liquid that comes out is very little. So my advice to you is PLAY. Free your mind and relax those pc muscles when you feel that swelling sensation and let it flow. Oh, and put a towel down too, just in case it does happen. 

From Quiverdance
Ok, here I am on a bright snowy Tuesday morning, dissecting the best sexual experience of my life. In my experience it did not squirt out and shoot my man in the eye. It came like your own lubrication comes, but it is thinner and waterier. IT DOES NOT SMELL LIKE PEE...thank god! It is definitely clear and dries on the sheets without a stain...but it's far too wet to sleep on that spot so you are changing them anyway...or getting a towel. I don't recall the taste especially, I guess because it gets mixed up with all the other forest aromas and tastes of sex...and because my mouth was probably somewhere else. I believe that it is related to the G-spot but I am not certain on this, except that it was only when I experienced a vaginal orgasm that I ever had it at all.

From Anonymous
I thought I was broken, I've never orgasmed during sex, even if it was great sex. I got a toy that I use to play with my clit and I almost thought I had peed myself. However I used the bathroom before playing. When "it happens" it doesn't take long just hold that toy right there and I can "ejaculate". Strange and a little bit embarrassing, but if that's how its done that's how it's done, and I did this several times in a row.

From Anonymous
It's real, let me tell you. I was teasing her clit with my tongue and using two fingers in her pussy. I was definitely getting the g-spot. When I felt the dampness on my chest hair, I thought it must be sweat, cause we were really tearing it up. But then I felt it in pulses and it was getting on me, not coming from me. I thought she had lost control and was peeing on me, so I was surprised and a little offended, but then I could tell it definitely was not urine. Then it dawned on me at how lucky I was to be experiencing a squirter. She was a little embarrassed, but after gulping down some of it and smearing a lot on my face, neck and chest and smearing it all in her inner thighs with my face, I reassured her it was a treat for me. 

Let me tell you, that woman can soak the sheets. Its a mess, but its the most rewarding aspect of sex I know of. I like getting a facial and drinking her nectar more than I like squirting my semen all over her face and boobs, since she tends to gag and spit when I ejaculate into her mouth.

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