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Adam & Eve

From Anonymous
If his kiss doesn't figuratively "knock my socks off" then there's no chance the rest of my clothes will be following!  For me, nothing is more arousing and guaranteed to get me wet than a good kiss.

The first soft contact of his lips against mine just off center, almost a nibble at the corner.  Moving to press more fully against my bottom lip, mouth slightly open with the lightest touch. How he treats my lips is a very good indicator of how he will treat the rest of my body.

Worst kisser for me was the jabbing poker - came at me with his mouth wide open and then his pointy little tongue was stabbing in there like a sewing machine needle...yuck!  First and LAST time I kissed him!

From Jane Lane
Kissing is one of the most intimate and erotic things that two people can share without making love. You can chart need and desire all on the intensity, the softness of their lips and how the kiss makes you feel. Kissing energizes me, I can tell how much a man wants me from his kiss, its like climbing the steps to passion. Kissing passionately stimulates the body and mind. such exchanges of intimacy are very private.. I've always found that if I go without kisses, I feel very alone and sad, I could live off of kisses.

Bad kissers are the ones that slobber all over you- whose tongue wriggles inside of you like a fish out of water.

From Anonymous
I love kissing. I miss kissing. I would have a fling for the kissing. Honest and true. Kissing is the biggest, the best, turn-on for me - if it's done in a way that 'works' for me. Unfortunately the last two significant men in my life were not great kissers - this includes my S.O. But he has compensations. If you're into face-licking, he's your man. We don't kiss - better to stay right away from that. The guy before him wouldn't kiss at all - his standard, there. I think it was a cultural thing - you kiss your wife but fuck anything that moves. Go figure.

But seriously, the turn on is in more than the kiss itself, it's in the anticipation of it, the delivery, the execution. I've found the best kissers I've known have typically been the best company in bed, unafraid to use their talented mouths in many and varied ways. Often it's a compensation for an otherwise short fuse, but boy, what a compensation. Kiss me, (do it right) - I'm yours.

From Anonymous
Kissing seems to be a very emotionally-charged activity for me. I find that my enjoyment of kissing slides on scale depending how excited I am by the man kissing me. This is true whether he's a great kisser, or just a mediocre one. How I feel about him influences how well I'll enjoy kissing him, in other words.

I've only ever experienced one truly BAD kisser. Kissing him was like kissing a know the way they move their mouths as they swim around...that's how he moved his lips when he kissed me. We'd only had a few dates, and his bad kissing was the reason I chose not to go out with him again. I had begun to doubt it would work out anyway, so that was the final straw.

From Anonymous
My long-time partner used to be an incredible kisser. Now, he doesn't care for it. He "pecks", little dry kisses, and get's annoyed when I try to initiate more. No, I don't have bad breath and I don't try to ram my tongue down his throat. I enjoy some tongue contact, but mainly just lips and a little tongue. Mainly the tenderness and time that goes into it. Apparently too much to ask.

We still have great sex (if it can really be considered great sex minus the kissing, which I am not so sure about). He told me a while back, when I tried to draw him into a "real" kiss and he pulled away, "I just don't enjoy french kissing like I used to." HELLO! There's something in-between "french kissing/all-out dueling tongues" and a dry, perfunctory peck. Not according to him, I guess. Not anymore.

I miss it. Very much. It makes me feel unloved and sad. Makes me long for someone who will kiss me again. Sure, he'll go down on me for as long as I desire, kiss me elsewhere, but it's not the same without that slow, sensuous, "I love you and want you so much" mouth kissing. I don't know if it is some subconscious, passive-aggressive thing, that he doesn't love me as he used to or what. I'm glad to hear there are those in long-term relationships who still enjoy kissing. Don't lose it, It matters.

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