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lips to die for...?

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Good Vibrations

From Susan from Canada
I just stumbled upon your website and I am so glad I read it. I too have felt self conscious about my rather 'meaty' labia. After reading your column though, I have to thank your male contributors in particular. The gentlemen who said they were so 'turned on' by very obvious labia and clitoral viewing made me feel that my private parts are indeed very sexy and sought after by more than just a few of the male population.  Personally, I have always loved a man wanting to spread me wide open to get a better view and then taking in a mouthful. It was great to read some of you find it sexy. I will never feel 'less than' ever again.

From Don
Chuckling here. I am blown away by the messages on this string from women indicating that their lips are so big that they are: hard to manage, visible bulges in swim suits or tight pants.

Ladies, if you see that as a problem try managing a full cock and balls. I never even worried about it until I saw those messages. Gad! Should I opt for cockplasty to make it more manageable and less visible? I think not. Gosh I do wish all you women would learn that you are all beautiful just the way you are.

From Sonia
I think a lot of men form these negative views on large female genitalia because they look at too much porn and don't have enough sexual experience. I also think this is probably a view of my generation. Just as small breast were found more attractive during the twenties, etc.

From Anonymous
I too am blessed/cursed with larger inner labia. I actually think it may be that my outer labia are just small. I have never really liked the way my labia looked for as long as I can remember. I am now 40. After having 2 children they seemed to have gotten a little bigger. I have seriously thought of having labiaplasty. However my fiancé says if I do he will leave me. 

I have never had any man complain about them but I also haven't really displayed them. Before my fiancé I was pretty much a sex in the near dark kinda girl. He says he loves the way I look down there and that I should be happy with what God gave me.

From Bill
Hi Everyone. Firstly, let me say, what a fantastic site! Absolutely brilliant! I am in the UK, and can honestly say that there is no bigger turn on than a pair of large pussy lips, the bigger the better. For me it is the ultimate in sex appeal.

From Succulent
Wow, I'm soooo glad I found this site. My exposure to most porn mags, and pics on the internet (which I look at to see what a man's ideal is) feature women with perfect little lips. As I compare myself, I feel flawed. I was shaving today and it was so frustrating to keep those damn lips out of the way! My labia minora is small (I keep trying to stretch it to cover my full majora lips!) and the inner lips protrude. I found myself thinking, "yuck!", but I know this message of hatred toward my body is wrong! 

My vagina gives me SO much pleasure - I can have an orgasm from the stimulation any outer part of it from the clit, to over the opening, to the middle, to the sides - and they're all slightly different. Why does the media try to put women into little self-defeating boxes - let's free and enlarge our your pussy!

From Ginger Anne
Frankly, what I want to know is what asshole decided what constituted a "pretty" vagina? I will bet he has an ugly penis! So there! And, how many people are really going to see it anyway?! It is not as though any of us live in a society where we walk around with no pants and our legs spread open! I have larger labia. I love them. They are soft and full and both my boyfriend and I enjoy playing with them. Really. Haven't our insecurities gone too far at last?

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