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From Russ
My wife of almost 3 years has the most Luscious, plumpest ass I've seen. She is a full figure woman and when she bends over in front of me with her skirt on to pick something up it takes all my will power to not walk up and put my dick into her pussy. There is something about the way that her ass shakes and shimmies that gets me all hard and wanting to fuck from behind fast and hard. And seeing her ass bounce during doggy sex makes me come almost instantly. I just can never hold back.

So to all of you ladies out there that are still listening to the politically correct and the media... Stop now there are still men out there that love the way that ass jiggles. There is nothing more of a turn off then seeing a woman with no ass because no ass will not bounce. So keep the meat on that ass and see how many men who will watch that was as you walk by just to see how well it bounces. I guess you can say that I am more of a ass man then a tit man because the size of tits don't mean as much to me as what a ass looks like means to me.

From Mick
I am a butt hole surfer from way back. There is nothing in this whole world more tantalizing, more invigorating than a woman's ass. If the girl turns over and shows me her butt I am hard as a rock. That in combination with anal sex is just about the most perfect sex in the world. My partner and I go out a lot and have doggy sex on the beach or in the forest on a walk. So primitive and wild. I think I like the back door because it's a little impersonal and it's like a bit of a mystery. My girl says she fantasizes about it being any guy or a number of guys each time. She can't see who it is and it's wild for her.

From Rienne
Ok, I'll fess up. I have a thing for guys with a nice rear end and legs. I have no idea why, but fencer (sword fighting) butts drive me to distraction. My best guy friend knows this, and has the most gorgeous butt and long, muscular legs I have ever seen! We're part of a Renaissance/Medieval reenactment group, and sometimes he wears stretch velvet leggings, tall boots, and a pirate shirt. Those velvet tights show off his body in a way that should be utterly illegal. You can see every single cut in the muscles. Just seeing him in those makes me weak in the knees. Sometimes he wears them just to torment me.

From I Like Big Butts I Cannot Lie
I will mount my partner from behind and pump her this way for all eternity. I cannot think of a position which gives us both such joy. My partner has the most protruding butt on this earth. I could stack some books on it when she stands. I love holding her at ques or concerts and just nestling up to her. When she lies down I climb onto her butt. I am arse obsessed.

I am the luckiest man alive I have the girl with the million dollar behind. Every where we go I get looks and she wears soft skirts so the butt looks bigger and there is a huge distance from her leg to the cloth draped butt. I live on her behind. Sex from behind is so animal and I feel so primitive and ape like. I am behind her 100% of the time, she loves me there.

From M
I agree. There is nothing quite as exciting as a woman's ass. I don't know why but I consider it the most sexual part of a woman's body. A great ass beats a pair of great breasts. In fact, a girl with no tits but a perfect ass has nothing wrong with here in my mind.

Eating a girl's ass is the number one fantasy I have whenever I see an attractive woman. All I can think of is spreading her ass cheeks and getting a look at that dirty little hole. I love it when they're slightly discolored with a brown ring around. And that dirty smell! Mixed with a light scent of pussy there's nothing like it. It gets me hard instantly. It's like you're uncovering this private place that was supposed to be hidden from you and getting as intimate as possible with it. Then when you stick out you're tongue and push it inside and that dirty, bitter taste hits you...HEAVEN!

I do it to my wife all the time and one of my biggest fantasies is to do it to her friend Stacie while my wife sucks my dick.

From Marc
I despair sometimes when I see the TV and billboard ads that tell women to be skinny and flat. WHAT?!! How about an ad that celebrates the fullsome, gorgeous, irresistible, fun-time, edible, pleasure-to-look-at-and-better-to-bite CURVY HANDFUL figure? Don't be intimidated by those ads designed by pea-brains and aimed at losers, ladies!

From Ass-obssessed
I am very glad I found this forum, because truth be told I'm an assman, a serious assman. It all started in high school, I stared at girls' bums. It's like I'm under a spell when I see a big round ass. My love for big asses became stronger after I had anal sex with my girlfriend.. (me and her had it more times than I can remember). I confess I'm in the street and I see a girl's big ass and all I'm glued to her behind. I don't care about race black or Asian, married single or engaged. It makes no difference to me...even at the mall I'm constantly looking at girls' asses especially the big meaty ones. 

I prefer girls in tight jeans and stretch pants or even shorts just seeing that bum jiggle as she moves puts me into a hypnotized state. At times too some girls have caught me looking and believe it or not most of them loved it . I'm thinking of even maybe one day getting like a video camera to record some of this footage of course the girls have to consent (excuse me people if that's an extremity) but I'm just an ass maniac (if being an assholic is a diseases then I don't need the cure). 

Coping a feel on a female ass is an very nice thing but if she grinds her juicy ass on your privates that's very very nice. I've been grinded on a number of times at parties even at my job. It feels better if the girl has a juicy bum. I'll round it up by saying this .. I don't understand girls that complain about their bum being too big. If it's big, girl keep it like that. Big bum girls are more sexy than bony ass girls and that is a fact.

From Detroit Dre
As far back as I can remember, I've liked butts. really big ones. This is why I like "pear shaped" women. Not obese and not fat, but a sista around 200 pounds with some wide hips and a huge butt. It's the way that the ass jiggles when she walks that just put me in a trance like state. I could care less how big her breasts are just as long as she has that big butt.

Cause I like my women
shaped like pears
small upstairs
Big Derrières

From Anonymous
I adore women's asses. I'm always patting my wife's, and I love to see her from behind, naked or not. I love kissing her butt cheeks and her cute little hole as well. She thinks her bottom is unattractive, too flat and small. It's fine by me. I do appreciate a bubblier bottom, the sort I collect photos of on porn web sites (I have thousands of ass shots -- always looking for ones with the woman's bottom lifted up, and anus visible, and her pretty face looking back at the camera). But my wife's bottom is all I really need. Wow! She's the best.

Fortunately, she likes mine too, and likes to bend me over the way I do her. She's knows how to pleasure me with her tongue and fingers in my most private place. She tells me it's her turn now and goes wild on my ass. Just thinking about women's asses or a woman pulling my pants down the way my wife does and being as much of an ass freak on me as I want to be on her . . . that's my idea of heaven.

From Tsopkc
A nice round backside is a definite turn on for me. A great rear can make an ordinary skirt look simply s-e-x-y! I can just imagine myself putting my arms around you and letting my hands drop down to caress your ass!

From Michael
Always. It probably started around 6th grade. It is the first time I remember focusing on a particular backside, My Teachers. When she would walk up and down the aisle, hand out papers she had this very womanly ass in tight pants....the spark!

Wow. Ever since, like other contributors here, I CAN'T(!) not check out a females behind anymore. It is just like morning coffee to me. That may sound sarcastic, but I mean that to be serious. It feels like an animal instinct. Everything about a woman helps to make her beautiful. But without a doubt, nothing, for me, can beat the sexy eroticness of a beautiful bottom.

From Esoteromuss
When my boyfriend and I go places, I walk behind him just so I can stare at his ass. He knows I do it too, so he usually puts on a little show for me.

From Rick
There a lot to be said about a beautiful woman's ass. I used to think it was just for looking and touching. I met Co for the first time at a wal mart. We has been chatting on the internet so we knew something about one another. When I first saw her, she took my breath she was so beautiful.

We met to go motorcycle riding and so we did. I stopped at a park and we kissed and decided to walk out in the woods a short ways. We started kissing and one thing led to another. I had told her I would like to lick her ass on the internet, but I didn't know I would really do it. While kissing, she turned around and pulled her pants down and slightly bent over to show me her tight little round hole. I was drawn to it. I got on my knees and kissed and licked it. It was the hottest thing I thing I had ever done, to be doing the ultimate no-no.

Now, I have a fixation with her ass, and I love eating such a beautiful thing. We do it as often as we are together.

From Rocket Man
Along with her boobs and face, I really first noticed my wife's hot ass when we first met. On our first date, we went out to eat and played putt putt. I purposely did not wear any underwear or jeans so I could rub up against her hot ass while helping her putt on a few holes. She told me later this did surprise her particularly since I'm a pastor, but she sure enjoyed it. My wife has often told me like many other women have said that I have a cute ass.


From Anonymous
Big butts are so juicy and inviting. I just love it when a girl with a plus-sized, round, fat bottom, manages to squeeze into an incredibly tight pair of jeans. I love to also watch a girl's beautifully big round bottom wobble from side-to-side in a miniskirt made of flimsy material that could burst at any time, should she bend over too often! It makes my willy feel close to bursting point when I either think of it, or see it for real..

From R.D.
knew I was an ass man when the I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that a dream of watching a woman with the most perfect bottom walk down the street made me come in my sleep. It was incredibly erotic. It was nice and firm and shaped like an apple. Not real big and certainly not too small. Over the years I have come to appreciate all shapes and sizes. 

I'll never forget picking up a woman one night a while back. I convinced her to break a date to come home with me. I began undressing her to give her a massage and was left absolutely breathless when I pulled down her panties to reveal the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen. My lips were drawn to it like a magnet. It had that nice apple shape. I probably spent the next 20 minutes kneading, licking and kissing her cheeks and running my tongue up and down her crack. 

Ever since then, my lover's asses were something I just couldn't stay away from. Every time I see a woman with a nice ass bend over, I imagine myself on my knees anointing it with kisses. I once had an old business partner who once got annoyed with me and and told me to kiss her ass. Without hesitation, I said, "Okay, come over here and bare it." I think she thought I was kidding, but I got her in bed several months later and she got the picture. 

It was with my wife that my addiction reached the point where I slipped my tongue into her ass. The nice thing is she is as into it as I am. She has a talented tongue, and sends me into orbit when I feel it dancing in and out of my bottom. After I fuck her, she put on her strap-on, bangs me in the ass, and we both have a terrific night's sleep.

From Lukbuk
Thank god...I've finally found a place where I belong, for I truly love beautiful asses. Not any old ass; I'm actually pretty picky. But a voluptuous, protruding and shapely bubble ass (with hips to match) gets me hypnotized each time. I particularly love to see such an ass in a short, flared skirt (e.g., cheerleader's; catholic school girl's) so that I can pontificate on how it's just a small amount of fabric separating me from seeing the most beautiful ass. 

I've worshipped ass for hours, on my knees licking and kissing in and around it. My fantasy is for the bearer of the most beautiful ass to talk dirty to me (even demean me) while I worship her ass and declare myself her booty slave.

From J
To me, a woman's ass is the most erotically charged part of her body. I am often turned on when I see a woman with a nice ass in tight denim jeans or shorts, and it is an enormous kick when my lover realizes the power that her gorgeous rear has over me. My lust level goes through the roof when she rolls over and offers it to me to kiss and lick. The scent, taste and texture of woman's anus is delicious, so exotically different than her pussy. 

It's an even bigger charge when she hasn't showered, and it feels like the ultimate intimacy to have my tongue in such a private and forbidden place. Her pleasure at being rimmed is the ultimate reward, and I've made my lover come simply from licking and deeply probing her anus with my tongue while I caressed her butt. I never knew such a thing was possible, and neither did she. I could stay there in that glorious, warm valley for hours.

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