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What Is Your Favorite Masturbation Aid?

erotic books, adult videos, porn, fantasies...

MasturbationMasturbation is an intensely personal activity, and everybody does it. Yes you do! I have often expressed an interest in wanting to see people masturbate - but they can't know I'm watching. I want to know what they do to get off. I want to know if they fantasize, and exactly what is that fantasy. I have this enquiring mind, see...

So. Here's the question. What do you think about? Do you read erotica? Do you use visual aids? Movies? What? Come a buncha sports. Tell me.   �Lybbe

Need a little fuel for your masturbation fantasies? 

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Adam & Eve adult products

From Walter
In 2006, inspired by several scenes in a four hour porn compilation, I started collecting pictures of houses, barns and sail boats I found on the internet. Now I can look at a picture of a yacht and imagine having sex with a woman on it.

I took a picture of sand on a local beach with my cameraphone, took it home and I looked at it for 3 minutes, then imagined a woman laying on the sand on a towel with her top off. Now I don't even watch porn anymore, I just gather mental images of women I see around town and imagine them in the photographs on my computer and smartphone!

From Al Touchmyself
Mine is music, I play don henley's "dirty laundry" joe walsh's "rocky mountain way" foghat's "Slow ride" and fleetwood mac's "don't stop" while thinking off about the many women I see in downtown milwaukee and at bradford beach.

From Chris Williams
My aid is my imagination, my sexual imagination has a "beast mode." I often sit at Starbucks and sit where I can see all the ladies come in and I can see their lovely asses in jeans, skirts and jogging pants when they go to pick up their coffees and lattes. I have mind fucked many female Starbucks customers, and in my fantasies these lovely redheads, blondes and brunettes are wild and willing to try anything more than once!

From Jessie
There's a two-pronged answer to this: what fuels me, and what I use to get to orgasm. I'm fueled by erotica. I'm a big-time reader of erotica, as well as an erotica author, so that's no big surprise. Which I guess brings me to say that my own erotica fantasies, and fiction, are my biggest sources of desire that leads to a need to masturbate.

That being said, a certain popular wand massager is the medium, if you will. Nothing else is big and powerful enough for the vibrations that I prefer! 

From Vince
My penis recently became covered with poison Ivy and if it didn't feel so good it would be terrible. Especially running super hot water over my cock and scrotum in the shower. It's intensely pleasurable! I don't recommend having poison ivy on your genitals, but if it does happen to you, try a hot shower WOW!

From Sam
My favorite masturbation aid is, without a doubt, the Fleshlight. I use it for a quickie when my Wife isn't into sex (like when she has her period), or a prolong slow sexy session while reading an erotic book or watching a hot movie. It's the best masturbation aid ever, better then my own hand, and ain't that saying something! I have two Fleshlight toys, one with a pussy type entrance and another with a butt type entrance. One with ribs on the inside, the other with bumps. Yowie!

From Jasmina
I am a young woman and have so much more passion than I am not allowed to show. I told a girlfriend at work about my problem and she gave me a vibrator to help me. I hide it under my clothes in my closet, and when my husband is away, and I am alone in the house, I can at last let out the passion that has been hidden.

I turn on some music, close the curtains, lock the doors, undress and get under the covers. I turn on the vibrator, place it next to the clitoris, and I am surprised to feel my passion awakening so quickly. I move it to the tip of the clitoris, gently, teasingly, then around all sides in a circle.

I close my eyes and picture my husband's body, his hands touching me. I start to moan and breathe hard, but it doesn't matter, I am free to show how I feel. I am getting so wet, the vibrator is sliding around easily. I push harder on the front of the clitoris, and reach up with my other hand to massage my nipples. My back is arching and my hips are circling, I slip the vibrator along the inside of the labia, then slide it just behind the clitoris toward the vagina, the feelings are overwhelming, my thighs tighten and tingle, I hear myself yelling and feel such pleasure and release, at last.

From Shawn
Wanking conventionally before cleaning up the bathroom sink (I am a clean boy). I love standing at sink, resting balls/cock on cold porcelain sink at my moment of ejaculation, the chill makes me swoon. I lean my forehead heavily on the medicine cabinet mirror with the pleasure. 

I read somewhere about crushed ice smashed against the perinium at moment of ejaculation but never tried that, probably same effect but wetter to clean up. Gives me a good reason to finally clean up the sink, too.

From Sugar
I love masturbating. I find that an electric toothbrush works wonders.

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