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Inside the Erotic Mind

This Month's Hot Topic

Age and Sex
Like fine wine or vinegar?

On-Going Forums


Blasphemous Fantasies
Why are they so titillating?

Could You, Would You?
3 fantasies to try on

Forced Fantasies
Right or wrong?

Men's Fantasies
Men dare to reveal

Women's Fantasies
Women dare to share

Your Fantasy 3some


Masturbation Memories
First experiences

Your Masturbation Aid
Books, videos, toys...?

Taking Care of Business
On the sly...or so you think

Oral Pleasures

Oral Sex for Her
Talk with your tongue

Oral Sex for Him
How to blow his mind

Swallow or Spit
What's a person to do?

The Taste of Cum
Yummy or icky?

Orgasmic Pleasures

Cum Shots
Cupid's liquid darts

Describe Your Orgasm
How Does it Feel? Don't be Shy...

Faking It
Why the deception?

Harnesses & Dildos...Oh My!
Pegging your partner

Oral Sex or Intercourse?
What is your preference

Remember Your Best Orgasm?
Tell us about it

Keeping Abreast..

Breasts & Nipples
Do they drive you wild?

Erotic Lactation
Your thoughts?

Male Nipple Play
Men, are you into it?

Relationship Woes

Browsing for Cupid
Online love or heartache?

Why Do People Cheat?
Is the grass really greener?

Younger/Older Relationships
It's complicated...or is it?

The Daily Grind

Horny at Work
What's a person to do...

Swing Clubs
What goes on at these places?

Masturbation Memories

Do you remember your first time?

Masturbation MemoriesMy mind was wandering and I found myself thinking about masturbation memories. Do you remember the first time you masturbated? Did you stumble upon your 'hot' spot by accident or did you know what to expect? Were you surprised at your first masturbation orgasm? Was it an exploratory exercise for you? I'm just curious... —Megan

Start a few new masturbation memories

Wasteland is a darkly elegant, exotic site, moody and mysterious and so fully loaded with erotic BDSM content that it is impossible to cover it all. Watch thousands of hours of bondage and fetish films and pictures. Enjoy live BDSM video chat, an active fetish community and so much more.

Cams is a premium live video chat community with thousands of registered women and men waiting to fulfill your wildest fantasies. What are you in the mood for today? Would you rather control the action or are you in the mood to discover the sexual fantasies of online cam users? Like variety? On Cams you'll find many categories to choose from: Solo girls, couples, men...the list goes on.

I Feel Myself

From Anonymous
I was about ten, had been spanked on the bare, and left nude. to cry it out. my penis was hard, I began to rub it, the feeling became intense, and I had my first orgasm. it wasn't till I was 13 that I began to ejaculate.

From Doug
That was longer ago than I like to think.  At that time I, like my contemporaries had no idea what the word "masturbation" referred to if we had even heard that word.  The previous summer at camp one boy showed us all what his older brother had taught him, how to jack off and make white stuff come out.  We were all quite impressed.  And most of us were unable to duplicate his amazing feat.

The following summer I still hadn't managed to jack off.  I was in the shower and noticed that I got a boner that just wouldn't quit and the spray from the shower felt awful good.  It was a very small stall shower and I just couldn't get a good spray on the head of my penis.  We had a barstool in another room of the summer cabin. I carried that into the shower and stood up on top of it.  Here I am, standing on a barstool putting my penis up by the showerhead.  It was shiny varnished wood, quite slippery and being sprayed with water. 

I adjusted the water strength and aim and sensations I'd never had before started pouring through my body.  I had found several intense trigger points. It felt like I was plugged into an electric socket, balanced right on that "hot pee" feeling that keeps on getting more and more intense, stuck right on that hot point.  Then a steady hard contraction from the base of my penis and all the way up.  That held incredibly long and suddenly started to pulse strongly.  It was all I could do to hold myself up on the structure of the stall standing on this slippery none too stable stool while I ejaculated wildly.  It was great and scary the whole time.  

From Ernesto
When I was 11 or 12, I found a blue book on my bed called Boys & Sex.  This was probably from one of my parents, meant to educate myself on sex.  Well it really covered every aspect of sex and had a few illustrations, too.  I was noticing changes in my body , especially frequent erections so this helped explain things. 

So one day I was reading the section on masturbation while sitting on the toilet  and was getting very horny.  My cock was very hard and standing straight up.  I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started pumping it up and down slowly at first, then faster as the pleasurable sensations increased.  It was starting to feel so good and I was breathing hard and thought I was going to burst! Soon my white cum started spurted out in gobs all over my hands and belly.  I was so excited and just felt ecstatic.  I couldn't believe how great this felt and it was only the beginning of a lifetime of exciting solo sex!

From Sabine
I was aware of my clitoris from quite an early age as it was already then quite large, not abnormally but big enough and kind of pointed out in away that I could not avoid discovering it. I only remember feeling sexual pleasures around 10, before that I would occasionally touch it and feel it when I washed, but around 10 it started to become very sensitive and stiffened  when I massaged it. It felt good and I liked to do it in bed at night. I also some times got aroused just because of the pressure from my jeans.

Even with frequent arousals, several times every day, it took me until I was 12 to reach orgasm for the first time. I was home alone in the afternoon and decided to play with it in a very serious way with my fingers and also pressing some objects like a marker and some toys on it. Eventually I rubbed it with a plastic ball until the sensation grew stronger than I had ever made it before. I had my first orgasm and it was very strong even at that time, making my body very stiff before the climax and then spasms of my body, even anal contractions. After this I had my "play time" as much as I could (at least once at night in bed and a long afternoon session when I was alone) and learned to do it in many different ways.

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