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Masturbation Memories

Do you remember your first time?

Make a few masturbation memories of your own...

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From Sarah
I think very early on I figured out it felt really good to put a pillow between my legs. That evolved into figuring out exactly what area of my anatomy was more sensitive. By accident I decided that the application of an electric toothbrush in the nearby area was very exciting. (My first sex toy!) I think I was about 10 or 11 when I had my first clitoral orgasm. Then I was having them several times a day. Growing up in the 'it will make you go blind' kind of environment, I was terribly ashamed to want to have orgasms all the time. I have a diary from back then talking about trying to discipline myself or wean myself off the big O. It never worked. A little time went by and I started to become concerned that I couldn't come with my legs open.

From IrvingB (Carolinas)
I was introduced to masturbation by a male cousin who told me what it was and how to do it.  I remember having guilt feelings about it.  I would sit on the toilet wacking off and worrying if I was going to hell.  I would pray to the lord and ask if it was wrong and if it was to please send me a sign.  Well, I would swear off for a few days and go back to rubbing myself to orgasm.  I never got struck by lightening or saw any other sign, so I continued to pleasure myself.  I think that may have been the basis for my current agnostic point of view.  God has bigger fish to fry than worrying about a person please themselves.  Later I found some of my father's WWII erotica and really had fun masturbating.

From Emma
I'm not really sure when I first masturbated. I used to have what were essentially bondage dreams, of a giant tying me up and planning to eat me, and I'd wake up with a warm feeling between my thighs, which felt more pleasurable when I rubbed them together. A couple of years later I would stand in front of Jacuzzi jets to get a similar kind of feeling.

From Polly
I remember the first time I had an orgasm. I was about 13 years old. I had heard about masturbation from my next door neighbour and had been doing it for a year, but had never had an orgasm. then one day, when my parents were out I was searching through their room when I found a vibrator. I didn't know what it was so asked my 'all knowing' 15 year old next door neighbour. he told me what it was used for. Later that day when my parents were still out I masturbated, but this time I used the vibrator too. It was amazing! I never looked back, whenever my parents weren't in I would sneak into their room to use it - until I was old enough to buy my own. The feeling was unbelievable for the first time - and just gets better with all the sex toys available!

From James
This is an amazing site for erotic minded people to express their erotic interests and experiences. I applaud the number of girls and women who have written about their masturbation.  My first conscious experience of masturbating was when I was in the dormitory at my prep school. The boy in the bed next to me asked me to rub his cock. To show me how, he rubbed mine.  I got an amazing tickle sensation.  I have enjoyed masturbating ever since. At about 9yrs I got my first clear emission; at 12yrs I was ejaculating fully.  I was a little  worried  the  first  time, but I didn't like to tell my mother, no harm came of me, so I guessed it must be alright. I have continued to masturbate, if less so, during my first marriage and now during my second.  Thank you all the other contributors for your accounts of masturbation experiences.

From Anonymous
I'll never forget my first orgasm. In my younger days I would ache with hard erections when I would look at a stash I had of Penthouse and Swedish Erotica magazines. One day I took a hot bath and was so horny I stood up on both knees started to rub shampoo on my dick and balls.  My young pubic hair was white and soapy and my dick was hard and slick.  I gripped myself just under the head and got a nice motion down.  My pleasure swollen head popped sperm for the first time changing my life forever . . . 

From Sophia
I was hardly sixteen when I started getting the sensation. I was in my deep sleep when I suddenly started feeling my nipples getting harder. I put my both the hands on my virgin breast and started squeezing them, it twisted my nipple so hard that I was hurting myself but was still enjoying. I removed my panty and was in search of something pointed to pierce it in my pussy. I got a banana, I simply put it inside my pussy and started squeezing my nipple. Suddenly some liquid started coming out of my pussy I was then satisfied and repeated whenever required.

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