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From  Lee
My cousin talked about his brother rubbing his penis and getting a "bad" tickle and "white stuff" coming out. It sounded like fun so I tried it one night. It felt kinda good but nothing came out. My cousin said keep trying. I always waited till my parents were sleeping or so I thought. Finally one night I started getting an ache in my groin area that kept spreading through out my body. I didn't know what was happening but I knew I couldn't stop.Then I got the most incredible good waves of pleasure, with cum squirting on the sheets on my PJs and running down my fingers! My bed had a squeak in it, and when I came I really got carried away. I know my parents weren't sleeping because the next day I came home from school to find a tube of gel and a box of kleenex on my night stand!

From Chris
My first wank was at age 13. I knew about sex and erections but didn't really understand the ins and outs of popping my load! I had spent every night for months and months squeezing and stroking my cock - it felt great but I never got any relief. I guess I must have been pretty frustrated but was resigned to the fact that the good feelings as I worked my cock and balls weren't going to build up into anything special. Many a night I feel asleep exhausted with a throbbing boner.

Then one night inspiration struck. I lay face down on the bed, spat into my hand, wrapped it around my cock, and started to pump. As the excitement built up, I felt the pleasure become more and more intense and delicious, until finally, for the first time, my cock pulsed and throbbed and spurted out my first ball draining load. Phew, what a relief! And what excitement I felt at the prospect of being able to do this whenever and as often as I wanted.

As I progressed into adolescence, my masturbation techniques expanded and by my early twenties I was a dedicated and expert whacker off. I enjoyed it on my back, on my front, my side, with lube and without - I really loved the different ways a guy can give himself the relief he needs. A big milestone came when I had my first fantasy about sex with another guy while I whacked off. It felt so illicit but extremely exciting, and I emptied myself of quite a load that time.

From Kat
The first time I masturbated, I was probably 8 or 9. I was lying on the couch with a blanket tangled up around me. I rolled over onto my stomach and found that a section of the blanket was rolled into a bulge beneath me. I felt a new, pleasurable sensation with the mound rubbing against my clit. I moved around and pressed myself against the blanket. I eventually orgasmed, although at the time I had no idea what had happened. I knew that I liked the feeling, though, and continued to use pillows to masturbate. Thankfully, I also came to discover the joys of water one day when I decided to use the shower head to run water over my clit. Unfortunately, we no longer have a detachable shower head.

From Gordon Haire
I had my first, frightening ejaculation in the summer of '53 on the lush foliage along the bank of Bayou Tech in Houma, La. I had stopped to pee, then noticed a tick just behind the head of my dick. It itched after I plucked the tick off. Mom had told me to rub, not scratch insect bites, so I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. It felt wonderfully tingly. And the rubbing quickly became full fledged stroking. Suddenly, it felt like I had to pee again, except that the pressure had never been that intense when I had to urinate. Thick cottony white stuff gushed out of my dick in one prolonged spurt, followed by three or four spasmodic pumps. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

No one had told me about ejaculations. I was afraid that I had injured myself, and that the white stuff was pus. I begged god for forgiveness. I was certain that the condition required medical attention, but I couldn't tell my parents how I had injured myself. I don't know how many times I promised God that I'd never to do it again. I had two more ejaculations before I got back to my uncle's house. Whenever I knew I would be alone with my cock for five minutes or more, I'd jack off. Being brought up hardshell Southern Baptist, I was wracked with guilt. I had no idea at the time that most boys my age where chronic masturbators.

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