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From Anonymous
Shortly after starting secondary school, I became best friends with a rather confident, precocious girl. Sometime during the first year of that friendship, she told me about the clitoris, and how if you rubbed it you would orgasm. I do remember once having a masturbation session where she suggested we moan, which I seem to remember we did a little. After that first orgasm I was hooked and developed various methods.

My favourites, apart from basic fingering, was the running water method by detaching the shower head, and tying up a few socks, placing them in another sock and using a scarf to firmly attach them to a teddy or pillow, I would then ride this hard bump (usually wearing knickers to avoid too much friction). Those were very intense orgasms. I introduced another friend to masturbation, just as my friend had done for me.

From Rocky
I was thoroughly enjoying a fresh shower at the age of 12 or 13 when I discovered that my under-carriage really enjoyed being cleaned. I must have lathered up and gently stroked my enlarging penis a dozen times before I hit the point of no return and noticed the burst of sperm. I had never heard about anything like this before and I was sexually naive enough to believe that I had discovered a truly wonderful secret of the universe that could help advance science and thrill humanity! I'm quite fortunate that I started asking a few questions and doing a little research before I approached my algebra teacher to tell her about my remarkable discovery!

From Gary7
I was 11 and for about a week when I took my bath every night I would get into the bath and then stand up and cover my entire body with slippery soap.I noticed that certain parts of my body when rubbed with soapy hands felt really good. I also noticed that my cock would get very hard and it felt extremely good to rub that part of my body. I didn't really understand what masturbation was from 6th grade sex ed. I did this every night and really liked it but I hadn't experienced ejaculation yet.

I went in to take my Sunday evening bath and as usual soaped my self up real good and started rubbing all over but this time for some reason I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and began to stroke it up and down. This was a much intense pleasure I never really experienced before. I gripped it hard and stroked the shaft from the base to the tip. With every pump of my fist I felt a wave building deep inside my loins. Faster and faster I jerked, and it seemed the faster I went the better it felt.  my body started twitching and I felt my cock explode. A stream of cum jetted from the tip, then another and another. I was overtaken with pleasure and slid into the bath water and rinsed myself off. I wasn't sure what had occurred but I knew I liked it. For the next hour I noticed a steady discharge from my dick and wasn't sure what it was. I had discovered something that I would do a lot.

From Horny little boy
I remember my very first orgasm came when I climbed our backyard clothes line pole. I used to like to climb our clothes line and hang from the cross bar at the top. One day as I was climbing up I started to get a tingle the I felt in my little cock and as I kept climbing it became stronger and stronger until I reached the cross bar. My little dick was rock hard and sending such pleasure through my body that I kept pressing my dick against the pole and sliding it up. The sensation kept getting stronger and I had to spread my legs wide, press my cock against the pole and slide up. My body starting to shiver with each contact with the pole. Spread my legs wide press my cock against the pole and slide, doing this over and over until my poor little stiff dick couldn't take it anymore and started throbbing and jerking uncontrollably in my jeans and I wrapped my legs around the pole and humped it as all this pleasure washed through my shivering shaking little body as I held on for dear life enjoying the feeling going through my body. I was hooked. From then on I had to find time to rub my dick against anything I could find and have an orgasm.

During my junior high school year we had a little ottoman in our basement and I spent hours humping that ottoman as I watched Gilligan's Island or I Dream of Jeannie, rubbing my hard cock against it as I tried to look up Jeannie's Minishirts or Mary Ann's legs. Those shows helped me through my teenaged year and I must have shot many gallons of sperm watching them. Another show I loved to watch and jackoff to was The New Zoo Revue. Emmy Joe in her miniskirts would make me come every time.

From Porn Pro
Growing up in a video store with an adult section was a great experience. By the age of 7, I had seen my first porno. In a big city like Detroit, it made sense to provide that type of an outlet to the customers. It was a little section in the back of the store that I had to walk through to get to the offices in the back. Being so young, I would often be ashamed or afraid to sneak peaks at the box covers on display. On a couple of occasions, I got caught staring and drooling, stuck in one spot. Some may think that I had terrible parents; I thought it was awesome.

On one Friday night, I was looking through some tapes in the family living room, hoping to come across a nasty tape. As soon as I saw it, I knew by the name that I had hit the jackpot. Play Me Again Vanessa would provide me with images that would change my life. I planned it all out. The next morning I would wake up early like I did most Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. My parents would usually sleep late on weekends, so I was free to roam until about noon.

I took a pillow off of my bed, went to make sure my parents were sound asleep and then snuck downstairs to do the deed. I was so careful and quiet about every thing I did. Putting the tape in the VCR seemed to make so much noise. I pressed play and feasted my eyes. It was a beautiful busty actress who I would later come to know as Taija Rae. She wore make- up and jewelery, and had a beautiful behind and creamy plentiful legs. She was riding some black guys dick so good. I had never seen anything like it. Her butt moved and jiggled so well that I couldn't take it anymore.

I kept looking at the mirror at the bottom of the steps to make sure nobody was coming. I took off my pajama bottoms threw the pillow on the floor and got busy. It felt so good. I had humped my pillow before, but it never felt this intense. I was seeing a man plunging his dick into juicy meaty flesh. The kind like the girls from the video store. As I was pumping and watching the screen I kept looking over my shoulder at the mirror. My heart was pounding, I was nervous, excited and then an incredible sensation of burning/tingling and pressure begin to mount. I was having an orgasm. I couldn't close my mouth and my back kept arching. I immediately stopped the tape, picked up the pillow (which was bone dry because I hadn't developed sperm yet) and collected myself. It was an intense orgasm.

Saturday mornings became a ritual for me, and I eventually began sneaking tapes out of the video store. It was like a covert operation. To this day I own a copy of Play Me Again Vanessa.

From Slohand
My father began receiving a magazine called TRUE. It had been sort of a manly man's adventure magazine, but somewhere in the middle of his subscription they went in a new, much racier editorial direction. An article on truck-stop hookers remains lodged in my memory. One month they had an article with a headline something like, "The Sex Habit Nobody Talks About." It was about masturbation—a topic I hadn't much encountered in my very innocent Catholic school boy upbringing.

It didn't give a step-by-step description, but even a total neophyte like myself could get the gist of it. I must have read that article a dozen times, relishing the feel of my dick throbbing and my balls aching as I worked up the nerve to see if jacking off was all that this magazine was building it up to be. I'd experiment and play, trying different hand positions and grips, but never quite going over the edge. Too scared.

Finally one day I got carried away and exploded—almost literally. A copious shower of cum exploded shooting into the air and landing with wet little plops on the bathroom floor then running down my shaft and matting in my sparse public hair. I sat there on the toilet with my heart pounding and legs shaking. I was more than a little scared, but mostly amazed. Terrified of being caught I cleaned up, realizing all the while that I had crossed a major bridge in life.

From Alan33
I would always hump the bed and rarely stroked my penis. I had a real thing for my athletic supporter and cup that I wore as a little league catcher. I would wear it to bed many nights. The first time I had a wet dream was very scary. I would constantly have these dreams. I can still remember them to this day nearly 40 years later. I was riding my motorcycle down this mountain dirt road and there would be this beautiful scantily dressed women that would flag me down. She was a little bit older then me, long flowing red hair and beautiful tits. We would slip back into the woods and I would kiss her and fondle her tits. I was a little bit lost after this in my dream because I had never seen a women's pussy before. I had seen plenty of tits because I spent a lot of time with playboy magazines I found in my parents room. But that didn't matter.

Sometime during one of these encounters I came hard in my undies. I remember thinking I had peed the bed. However, what was in my shorts was brownish and didn't smell like pee. I can't remember what I did with my drawers but I know I hid them from my mom. My parents never talked to me about this sort of thing and I guess I wasn't secure enough to talk about it with my friends at the time. It wasn't until a couple years later that I started actively stroking and pumping my cock. I used to have a towel I hid in the closet that I would ejaculate into.

From Daniel C.
My first masturbation experience occurred when I was 11. I fell sick, the doctor ordered me to stay in the hospital for monitoring, for reasons I cannot recall. I think it was the second night when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling this weird pressure or ache in my pelvis and penis. I had a hard on, which was not new to me, but this one felt extremely hard, painful, even. My whole middle section "vibrated," if you will. I remember that my head felt dizzy and my ear lobes were scalding hot and I could feel my heart beat in my head as I had been exercising very hard. What ever I had dreamt of, I cannot recall.

I got quite scared. I thought I might be dying even, that I had really fallen ill, but dared not press the button to call in a nurse due to my painful hard on, which she would have inevitably discovered. So, instead, I turned onto my stomach and just pressed my eyes shut and wished for the ill feeling to subside or that I could fall asleep, or at least lose the erection. But that did not occur; instead, the feeling only got worse and I was having some serious pain in my pelvis and my heart was racing. I think I decided I need to call for a nurse, my hard-on notwidthstanding, but before I could do this I had what I later learnt my first orgasm, which just exploded.

I did not ejaculate at all for what I remember. Once it had subsided, my breathing was normal, I rolled at some point on my back and studied my penis, which was still hard, but the pain in my penis and pelvis had dissipated and calmness like I had never felt before came over me. My roommate was fast asleep and had not noticed a thing. I wanted to go the bathroom to further examine myself but, alas, I fell asleep as a result of the fabulous gentle calmness about me while wondering what had just happened.

From Robert
I had heard my friends talk about masturbating and releasing semen, but I really had no idea how to do it. One night I was having an erotic dream, probably was the start of a wet dream, but it was very vivid to me. I was skinny dipping with a my friends mom in their pool. I remember enjoying rubbing against her and that it was feeling really nice. I woke up and felt myself humping my pillow. It felt so good and I just kept going until I felt this great feeling. Then I released a big stream of cum all over the pillow as I tensed up and then another nice stream of cum. It felt so good and i rolled off the pillow to see a big puddle of cum. I now knew what it was like to release my cum and how nice it felt.

The next night I wanted to repeat that feeling and started to hump my pillow again and was able to release again. I had finally learned how to masturbate and how nice it felt to release a stream of cum. I started to experiment with different ways to get that nice feeling from my cock. The next time I went to my friends house and saw his mom, my cock just went hard remembering that erotic dream.

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