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I feel myself

From SmokyBear
My partner's name is Sally. On our first night together she named my penis Harry ... you know, as in "When Harry met Sally"?

Then of course there are the group of friends that I scuba dive with. As we dive in very cold water, the running joke when we're changing clothes at the end of a dive is that all the guys have "Mangina's".

From Nikki
I call hubby's cock 'function' and he calls my pussy 'junction' so when he's in the mood for some nookie he'll say something like, 'are we going to have a function at the junction?' When I feel like it I'll say 'think the junction needs a new function'. 

From Don't Remember
All my friends call all of it Pendulum, because I have 3 balls, and my penis name is King-Kong.

From Bradley
I call mine "Big Andy." That was my nickname for some reason and then my girlfriend started calling it that so I went along with it.

From Sue
A guy I knew had a scar across the middle of his member, and it kinda' drifted of to the side. So We called it Franken-penis. "It's Alive!"

From Tom
I named mine OZ, because of the wonderful things it does.

From Don
A girlfriend named mine "Monty Python". My guess is that she hadn't seen all that many cocks.

From Anonymous
My husband named my breasts Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from Dr. Seuss). We had two young kids a the time of the naming....lots of Dr. Seuss books around and on the brain.

He named my clit vibrator Data (from Star Trek Next Generation).

From Jack Maxwell
My penis is nicknamed "tick-tack" beccause it is small. All my friends tease me about it. I am the almighty bean Dick!

From Lilu
My boyfriend's is called Junior, he usually says "Junior is awake."

From Tbyrde
I call my penis "Hank", because he's always "Hankering for some action!" My wife likes to yank my Hank for all its worth.

From Anonymous
I call my partners penis Fatty as it is 9 inches long and 5 inches in girth. He in turn calls mine Pooh because he says it's his honey pot.  

From Spider
I call my penis Beaver Cleaver, and for my wife I gave her an Indian name "Bear With Wide Canyon". My wife didn't like that, so I called her vagina a "Cum Receptacle." She's still wasn't happy, so a gave her a new name "Slimey Fortress Of Stabitude" know at first she was mad, but when I told her I was going to storm it with my "Fantastic Four" she cooled down. She knows I lover her. Okay were are my balls?

From Becky
Hubby's a movie buff so calls my tits Kramer versus Kramer (yep, we're that old!), and my pussy he calls x-or as in The Exorcist. A bit predictable, I named his cock Nightstick many moons ago and an old friend we occasionally indulge with has an impressive hampton we originally nicknamed Coffee-n-Cream, now shortened to just Coff (our friend's black).

From Bobbie
I am sorry to say that my pussy hasn't been named yet, but my tits are Guns N Roses. More a reflection of my personality than my shape or size. I don't think I have ever dated anyone with a name for his penis. I had to name my ex-girlfriend's tits for was something ridiculous like Thelma and Louise.

From Swollen Ostrich
Hubby calls his the "cheerstaff". Mine is "lasagna". A kid at his work used to say "hot fagigna" when he saw a picture of a lasagna in the ads. Great laughs!

From Victor
I have two names for mine. My wife is Greek so she calls me "Testicleese" and her last name, well I can't say but it most often referred to as "The U.S.S. (and then her maiden name) "Dive Dive Dive" (ha ha). She calls her hot box "Gina" and "Kookla"

From Anonymous
I named his Frankie, I thought it was a cute name. He wanted "Rock God" so depending on the state of it, the name changes. We just call mine china...(va-china).

From Rob
I call mine "little richard", because that's its status MOST of the time! Not that I'm overly small, a solid 6-1/2", just as a nudist its not erect all the time.

From Mike
My wife named mine Mr. Dick, so I started calling hers Ms. Pussy.

From William Randolph Hearst
I call my friend's clitoris 'Rosebud' because it is shaped like a sleigh.

[For those of you who don't get it: In the classic film, Citizen Kane, Rosebud was the name of Kane's sleigh]

From Anonymous
His penis had a scar soo...we named it Scarface

From Anonymous
My sweet lover's name is Sylvester, so it just seemed natural to call his member, Sylvester Jnr like the loony tune character's son. 

His name for my whole package is B&B (boobs and bush). He says he knows a great B&B where he loves to spend the weekend. Sylvester is such a polite and respectful lover that he has never called my body parts anything smutty or downright crude and I adore him for that.

From Richard
Many years ago I named him Bruce. No particular reason.

From Rose
My vibrator's name is Carlos. Sometimes I can't come if my clit is over sensitive, so my man or I will get the idea to "go get Carlos". 

From Hollie
My ex boyfriend called my tits "Pinky and Perky"

From Pearl Jones
Random bit of useless information for the person who had no idea why "tallywhacker."

Tallywhacker, tallywacker: n. This regional dialect word means, first, any big stick; secondary definition, one who handles a big stick. Colloquially, it refers (1) to a man’s penis, (2) to a man over-fond of playing with his. Origin? Depends on who you ask. 

That second definition likely comes from the import trade, spec. bananas, where a tallywhacker was the stick used by the tallyman to count off bunches of fruits, and the man who used it. 

The first definition, and the one I heard more in the northern US than I do here in Texas, is probably direct from England, where the Tallies originated in medieval times—used by the British Royal Exchequer, these notched sticks were large and cumbersome (often over six feet!) and no money would be paid by the Exchequer without the sticks. This practice was formally abandoned in 1834, but the ritual burning of the remaining sticks in a furnace caused a fire that burned the House of Parliament down. 

So, a big stick you could get money for but is difficult to carry around and hot enough to burn?

From Joe
I'm half Mexican and half white, but I was raised by a white family, so naturally, I had a white name. But I'm naturally tanned and my wife didn't want to name it a white name. My friends call me the Mexican, so my wife called my member "Jose". She just always liked that name. And I named hers "Zoey", she always liked that name. Her breasts are "Mt. Everest" and "Mt. Fuji", the tips are always hard on both of them. And my balls are named "slapnuts", because my Wife feels them slap.

From Stacie
The name for my hunks fandango is Long John Silver and then on the other hand there's Mount Stacie since, let's face it I claim that land, why not name it after myself? And my jugs are named Chichi and Chacha because...they make him to the conga? I don't think I'll even know.

From Gary
I started calling mine Freddie (after my middle name) when I was about 13 or 14... Have always called him that and never think of him as an "it". He is always a "him" named Freddie. He seems to appreciate the name since he reacts when I talk to him.

From My Penis is my best friend
I named my penis Wooly, short for Wooly know, huge and hairy. But don't worry I tame the jungle.

From Rod
Believe it or not, I have Vitiligo, so half my cock is pure white. So I call it the white snake.

From Herman
Always called my dingling Herman. Never thought about naming my wife's tits. Perhaps if I ever would name them, I would name them Marty Feldman. Marty's eye went east and west. Never in the middle. My wife's tits are the same way. They both tend to curve and go off towards the sides with her nipples facing east and west.

From Bebe
My breasts are called Pancho and Lefty, and my pussy...well we call her Chloe.

From Kickie
My vee has always been known as pusshy cat (pussycat) or PumPum and my boyfriend's bit is known as 'Bundles' coz he always used to say 'goodnight and bundles and bundles and bundles and bundles and bundles and bundles and bundles (X infinity) of love just before I named him Bundles but my boyfriend before that, I named him Ready Freddy (simply coz he just couldn't get him down one day!!)

From NoName
My boyfriend doesn't have a name for his thing, but he calls my upper half A's. He says that boobs should be on a scale like grades, opposite of bra size. Someone flat-chested would have D's. Pamela Anderson would be Double A's. get it? haha We get a kick out of it anyways.

From Courtney
Actually, when my fiancé and I had gotten together we were like jack rabbits. It was so often that we had sex that I started calling his penis ''buddie.'' So now it's like, ''does buddie wanna come out and play'' haha. And for me, his name for my special part is missy. Yea. it's a sexual thing for us. But it's funny to most our friends.

My fiancé's friend said he named his Rumplestiltskin. I can only wonder why.

From Angie
My husband calls them his bits and pieces to which we named mine my knooks and crannies.

From William Scape
I picked the name "deep six" because that's how long it is (measured yesterday) I was looking at my ruler, hoping and praying it was longer than five. I'd have to name it the "five finger discount."

From KL
My then-girlfriend named mine Jake. My balls are simply called "The Guys". So, I came up with Muffy for her pussy. I guess not very original, but it works!

From klittykat
My husband calls his "Schming-a-Ling"

From Anonymous
My wife named mine Herman.

From Anon.
At our college newspaper, we had a computer file that listed various euphemisms for masturbation. One of them was "Playing tag with Little Elvis." Struck me was hilarious then, still makes me smile. So, I've referred to my penis as "Little Elvis" since then.

From Anonymous
Russel The Main Mussel!

From Anonymous
My boyfriend's balls are his lucky charms...heh I don't know why but we haven't gotten around to actually naming his penis or any of my parts.

From Zion
The lady calls mine John Holmenstien.

From Spider
Mine is called humpy. My gal says its always humping.

From Buttercup
My husband, a Brit, calls mine Tater. Don't ask me why. I don't have a name for his, although his mirth at the Hampton jokes on Benny Hill had me bewildered at first. He never gave my boobies a name, or at least I never heard him use it. He is 78 I am 75, second marriage for both of us, he widowed; me, divorced. We ain't slowed down in eleven years and if we had married back in the forties we probably would have had fifteen kids.

From Anonymous
Before we honeymooned in Scotland my husband and I had not named any of our body parts. But we got the idea that naming my husband's member an appropriately Scottish sounding name would be fun.

Claymore and broadsword were a few choices, but we finally decided on William Wallace. If you ever see the Wallace Monument I am sure you will notice what we noticed. It looks like a giant hard-on...or maybe that's just our perverted natures...

Sometimes I call him William for short...does William want to play?

From xangelx
My mounds are called left and right, not very good names but after reading all this I am gonna have to ask my boyfriend if he has a pet name for his member and if he doesn't, well I need to make one up...

Thanks for the good chuckle.

From Jass
My girls are The Twins... not too original, but I made up for it in naming my kitty Lucy. Brings many thoughts to mind, right? But it makes sense... middle name, middle part of the body... and Everybody Loves Lucy, right? But my son's father refused to call her anything but KFC cuz she was finger-lickin good!

From TDShamrock1
After 27 years as an Infantry officer, I refer to my frisky appendage as "my entrenching tool."

From Bumblebee
People do the funniest things, don't they?

My husband's is called Peter. No idea why. Made it v awkward when friends called their new baby by the same name!

Along the same lines, my breasts are referred to as Sugar and Spice. No danger of the same problem there then...!

From Anonymous
My penis is named Walter. I don't know he just looks like a Walter type of penis. He gets me into trouble all the time. My wife doesn't have a name for her vagina. I haven't named it for her. We've gotten older and now it's too late.

From Momcat
We have two fairly simple names for our tool of choice�Mr. Happy or Mr. Lucky�depending on the circumstances. My corresponding port is usually termed "Home" as in "Welcome Home, Mr. Happy." Well, I guess you had to be there...

My rather sizeable chest appurtances are called "The Ladies"�"Do the Ladies want to come out and play?" The answer is always a resounding Yes!

Now, when you put this all together and when used according to instructions, the Ladies and Mr. Happy/Lucky eventually end up in what we call "The Bahamas," a hot and humid experience. Our friends think we're constantly asking each other to go on vacation.

From Jenn
For some strange reason I can't remember, my boyfriend's is Mr. Winky. And one day he randomly asked if Priscilla wanted to play, so I guess that's mine.

From Smood
We named my boyfriend's Damien because he's always up to trouble. Mine is Sheryl.

From Eastern Mystics
We are both Hindus from India. Being a secular country, we have given Islamic and Christian names. Rose Marie and Anna Maria for the breasts (Rosie is ever ready and errect, Anna is more devout and takes a lot of persuasion), Becky for the Pussy ('becko' is CAT in local language) and Abdullah for the little man.

From Mark
Only one of my partners ever actually named my penis. She would call it "my little brother..."

From J
I chuckled when I saw the intro to this and the first name was "Oscar", because that's mine. I truly can't remember the where, when, who or how the name came about. Over the years, I've been fortunate to have more than a few people tell me that my member was deserving of an award, so I guess the name is appropriate.

From PoleGal
Mine is called the Kunahana, an exotic name for an exotic fruit.

From Rachael
I named my sweetie's member....Maxwell , as in Maxwell House...Good to the last drop, It was either that or Snickers, because it really satisfies!

From Yesiam
His is named Dr Dick. How and why I have no clue.. we just got it at the same time.. Funny thing is we are seeing a marriage counselor.. whose name is Richard.. and the temptation to call the man Dr Dick is just so GREAT!

We are happy.. and so is the Dr.. both of them!

From U don't wana know
When I was small my mother would always have to remind me to zip up my pants after I came from the toilet....She finally said if I didn't zip it up!! "lil Johnny" would run away.....years ..and lots of child support later....I should have let him!!

From Tessa
When my husband was a kid his was a talywacker. Don't ask me why, but that's how we refer to our boys privates as well.

As long as I have known him they have always been Big Jim and the Twins. For me its the jugs (with a G cup size that's about how big they are) or the girls.

From K
Long ago I named my hubby's dingle �Mr. Wiggly'. For some odd reason he seems to develop this really intense wiggle just before....oh you don't want to know those details anyway, but that's the name of my favorite toy.

From Sydney Beier
My husband and I named his "Patrick". Don't ask me why, I can't even remember.

Appropriately, we named mine, "Patricia". After a while, we changed it to "Georgia". A couple of years later, I asked him to remind me why we did this and he said, "Because she's always on my mind."

From Robin
Big Ben....I swear, that's what we call his member.

Wish I could call it old faithful but it requires a little blue pill to carry that nickname off, nowadays.

Mine's Trudy......and we get a lame-o kick out of using that name when we put our reservation in at a restaurant. We think it's hysterical that when our table is ready and the hostess calls out the name, "Trudy, party of two!" betcha.

Hey, we don't get out much anymore, so little things excite us!

From Master Nage
I've had a number of names for mine over the years. The first girl I ever went all the way with called him Herbert. She also called my balls Bert and Barney.

Much later, I went with a younger woman (I was 37, she was 22) and she called my dick Paul. This caused me a problem because my best friend's name was Paul and I never accepted the name, though mischievously she continued to use it. She also called my balls Jack and Jill, which was even more annoying.

But there is an actual real and valid reason for naming your member. Why have a perfect stranger making all your decisions for you?

From D.L. Tash
I know a woman who has named hers Amanda. She says Amanda likes to be petted and kissed.

They have a very close relationship.

I think most guys name theirs, because they seem to have a mind of their own. They get aroused all by themselves sometimes (and not always at the most opportune time) and are sometimes disinterested when its owner is very interested.

As for naming, I think guys get their's named early on. Mine got called Possible (old joke A guy is in the hospital and a cute nurse comes in to give him a sponge bath. He asks how much of him she'll wash. She says:

"Well, I'll wash down as far as possible, then I'll wash up as far as possible. Then I'll give you the washcloth and you wash Possible."

He also has a few other pet names. But most of the women who know him call him Possible.

Oh, God, now everyone here is going to know my penis's name (Possible says, "Hi," by the way).

I think more women should name theirs. My wife calls her (very large) breasts "the Girls," as in "the Girls want to come out and get some fresh air." This particular airing is also called "Free the Lemmon Valley Two." That's where we live, by the way.

But she's never named any other parts.

BTW, I have a character (a Private Eye) whose penis is named Jack, and Jack is very much a character in the stories.

From Megan
I've referred to my parts as �The Girls' or �Megan's Place.' My guy calls his �Boa' or �TWMD � the weapon of mass destruction.' Not very original but they do bring us a chuckle. Here's an interesting site that has more names for privates than you would have thought possible�well�maybe not!
Tom Green's Pet Names for Genitalia

From TreSart
I happen to call mine...pussy galore. pinch and suck. Anymore questions? Ha!

From Sarah
The only named nethers I've ever come across was the very first guy I loved back in my yoot. Long before we had a wrestler named The Rock, there was a penis named The Rock.

Back then it was also pretty easy to live up to that name when you're 18...

From Beverley
Just had to respond to this one!! Try Mr. and Mrs. Happy...those are the names my husband has given his privates, and mine. "Mr. Happy wants to visit Mrs. Happy." And as far as the upper portion goes they've been dubbed The Twins or The Girls!

Funny fun stuff!

From Amanda
Sounds like a knighting ceremony. I dub thee...Sir Cumalot, Knight of the Mound Table.

Amanda never names privates... Men's actual names were hard enough to remember, never mind their penises.

From Helena
Hers and His: Gumby and Pokey. Hardly sex queen (and king) titles.

From Blix
My pudendum's special name: She Who Must Be Obeyed

From Zillah
Back in the day the name I had for my X's bit was Momar... the tiny terrorist (not really tiny, but smaller than the original Momar) he called my girls heckle and jeckle...

Ahhh youth...

From Jill
You know, I don't have one for mine. The name for hubby's? Elvis.

From Wimz
Because of the sideburns?

From Jill
No....cause he's the King!

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