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For naughty stories, and sizzling images, try...

I Feel Myself is a voyeurs delight, an intensely erotic experience of watching women masturbate to orgasm. This is the real deal, the orgasm sequences are absolutely genuine and unscripted. The results is intimate and incredibly erotic.

Wasteland is a darkly elegant, exotic site, moody and mysterious and so fully loaded with erotic BDSM content that it is impossible to cover it all. Watch thousands of hours of bondage and fetish films and pictures. Enjoy live BDSM video chat, an active fetish community and so much more.

Smutnetwork VOD

From Suzan
I prefer reading erotica to seeing pics/images. But there are two drawings in Boris Vallejo's book "Mirage" [available at Amazon].....each with a woman in the embrace of a male creature who is not entirely human.....OMG, I love those (and the poetry that is with them).

From Anonymous
I would have to agree with Allie [see Allie's entry below] that when I'm alone I prefer erotic pictures/video. Being a female who is comfortable with her sexuality and relationship I love looking at images of women. I love looking at images from my husbands perspective, wondering what turns him on. When I see pictures of men and women together I envision that it is him and another woman. At times I enjoy hardcore pixs and movies, the raunchier content the better.

When intimate with my husband nothing gets me going more than listening to my husbands sexy voice telling me what he fantasizes about and what he wants to do to me. In return he loves to hear me talk dirty and tell him what I like while I stroke his cock.

Btw, I love this site. Its nice to hear from very normal sounding, intelligent, well spoken people. Thanks to all.

From Allie
Female, 29, committed - I would have to say that both naughty pics and sexy words do it for my libido. I like to use the pics when I am masturbating, especially if I'm in a hurry - it gets me where I want to be in a real hurry. I want sexy words from my lover. it makes me feel closer and sexier when I'm told I have a sexy, curvy ass or have big, bouncy tits. I would say a perfect intimate time would include both pics and saucy words. why not have it all, if it's available and wanted.

From Candy
Someone mentioned that with pictures, you only get one shot, while you can engage and use your imagination with words. That's true, but I really like putting faces to the characters in erotic novels I read. More often than not they're gorgeous celebrities or people I know or have seen. The best for me is a combination - hot pictures, both generic (nude, so I can see everything), and the people in the act, and the story that accompanies it.

From ~Val
Pictures or words... pictures are good for that image, the single moment of inhibition. Words describe so much more. With words one can convey not only a defining image, but also show passion, feeling, meaning, motion, emotion and soo much more. This I guess could exist in may forms. Cyber, letters, email, notes left for that loved one, oh and poetry the champion of all, a well written poem that invokes the passion a desire within is a thousand times more erotic than any picture. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking pictures, but I'm a words man myself.

From Subtle Talk
I have read a lot of the comments that were posted and I have to agree whole heartedly with both. For me the site of a gourgeous woman is incredible but when the picture is of an unnatural setting or position then it is more difficult for me to think that it is for real. On the same line. If the written word is done correctly then I am deep into the story but if it clumsy or too far from what can truly take place in the real world then I am just not interested.

Now, take both...very well done and put them together with the story line. Then I am all yours! Also, as a side note. I wanted to comment about another posting that was placed about sounds. I must admit listening to sexual and erotic sounds is a great turn-on. I have found myself on more than one occasion being in a hotel room listening to a couple enjoying each other. When it is so close then you feel like you are right there with them finding yourself releasing at the same time.

From Just a Fan
I read it all now. I started a while back when my boyfriend turned me on to erotica. It just ballooned into a habit or rather a daily routine for me. Shadow Parker or Miller or well all of the writers seem to speak to me and me alone. I really don't read it with my boyfriends but rather do it alone. I set the mood with candles and a drink and start opening my ebooks I have just bought. The first or second page seem to set up the idea. I take another sip of my wine and read some more and just start to feel it. Wet and sliding into myself taking turns reading and touching. It just happens I cant seem to help myself. Do I dare tell anyone else about this? I don't in fear that I will have to share my glory. This is my secret and won't be shared with anyone. My feel good time. Parker thank you, you unleashed me too.

From Neither Words Nor Pictures
Just to stir the honey pot, lemme suggest an even sexier third alternative sound. In terms of instant arousal, nothing gets a flaccid cock out of the starting gate quicker than an breathy "ooooohhhh" or "ahhhhhhh or "mmmmmmmm." Believe me, somebody is going to be very rich one day, when he or she decides to put out a CD of nothing but the sounds of women coming. Words. You gotta love 'em. Pictures. You gotta love 'em. But sounds. The most primeval adrenaline buzz of all.

From Jill
I think it depends on the visual image.... Last week a friend sent me an erotic greeting card with a photo I couldn't take my eyes from. The people were not model quality, but attractive (at least the woman was). I truly believed these were "real" people who were enjoying sex with each other, although the setting was obviously intended to be photographed. The way they kissed and the way she was touching him was so real I kept going back to it and looking at it.

I went to that site that the card came from and there were no other photos that struck me that way. But there was a tremendous, sensual quality to their coupling that I couldn't deny. In fact, I almost wrote a story about it, but just didn't know where to take it.

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